tagLesbian SexHer, and My, First Time

Her, and My, First Time

byStygian Blaze©

I'm not gay, hell, I'm not even bi but I knew I wanted her the first moment I saw her. She was across the room, surrounded by a handful of men. She was beautiful. Tall, golden blonde hair that playfully teased her chin and cheeks when she tossed her head back to laugh... a tan so deep that it accented every curve and reminded me of pale brown sugar or cinnamon sugar ... or was it toasted vanilla, at any rate ... something edible. She was tall too, which is attractive because I'm not the most delicately built woman. I'm an even six foot tall and have broad shoulders from playing rugby in England every summer while visiting my grandparents. My hair is very blonde and cut into a short, layered bob that's swept to the side, so that often I can peek at people through the hair that covers my right eye. Of all my features I am most vain about my eyes, blue with flecks of green and changing with my mood. My mouth's not bad either and I could envision it all over her luscious curves. Her New York accent was raspy and sexy. Everything about her drew me to her so like the sly bitch I am, I eased my way into the crowd and butt into the conversation.

After all around introductions I studied her brown eyes while we chatted and somewhere between first laying eyes on her and the margarita, I made up my mind to seduce her. By the end of the night the spark started, us doing girl things, going to the restroom together, pointing out good looking men, checking out women's clothes and shoes, I walked out of there with her phone number and a clit so hard it almost hurt. The cab driver had no clue I came as he took me home.

So began our friendship, shopping, lunches, dinners, phone calls, beauty days ... you know, the typical girlfriend thing. No topic off limit, no pair of heels un-borrowable. We tanned together, got waxed together, drank and danced together. It was an effortless rapport and we even flirted, though I think it was innocent on her part, we'd go out and she'd be my girlfriend when some asshole was hitting on us. Every time I would think about going that extra step to get her into my bed, something happened and after three months of wanting her I grew frustrated. Every bit of time we spent together ended with me touching myself. It became a torture.

It happened on a Saturday when we were laying out by the pool. After noon it began to rain and our plans for a day of lounging and sipping margaritas was moved inside. We both showered to get the sweat and oil off our bodies and we ended up laying on the couch, sipping drinks and doing our nails, both of us in robes, wet hair and giddy with tequila.

"So how was your date the other night?" - I asked while refilling our drinks. She was busy painting her toe nails and every so often I would get a glimpse of her shaved lips.

"Ugh!" - she said, rolling her eyes - "Total loser. His hair piece was horrible, he chewed with his mouth open and he kept looking at me like he could dip me in chocolate and eat me for days, I fucking hate that when I don't feel the same." Her blonde hair was stringy and damp, it covered her face completely as she sat, head tilting down, to watch the brush stroke paint onto her toes.

"You should be used to it by now, babe." - I said, laughing - "All men look at you that way." I idly turned on the TV and exchanged the remote for the nail polish she had been using. She began changing channels while I concentrated on painting my toes the same color. Now I'll be the first to admit how lascivious I am but I can't deny the touch of embarrassment at her discovery that I subscribed to adult channels.

"You watch porn?!" - she said through amused giggles - "Look at you, you little slut!" She laid back and started watching the TV and to act nonchalantly I replied "Doesn't everybody?". It was a good one, I had already seen it but she entertained herself watching it while I painted my toes. She watched for a long time, as long as it took for me to finish and refill our drinks, and when I settled back to watch with her, my feet on the coffee table so that the polish job wouldn't smear, she spoke.

"Real life should be that way, men with huge cocks and tight bodies that speak very little. Just bend me over and fuck me, I don't wanna be bothered with half the mating ritual shit. Most talk a good game only to fall flat on their asses at the moment of do or die. I haven't been fucked good since that guy in November ... what was his name?" - she said.

"Rob..." - I replied absently, I was engrossed watching the anal scene, I love anal scenes.

"Mmm Rob ... that was it" - she replied - "Have you done anal?"

I looked at her - "Of course, who hasn't?"

"Just checking! You like it?" - she said, grinning.

I returned her grin - "Hell yes...if you haven't guessed, I've done everything you can possibly think of." - and with that, I returned to watching the movie. I saw her look at me curiously through my peripheral vision but I thought nothing of it and since she didn't say anything I let it go and just sat there watching the porn, getting wetter and wetter.

She got up just before a two woman-one man scene came on and she refilled the pitcher of margaritas, by the time she got back, it was in full swing.

She refilled my glass before sitting down. "Have you done that?" - she asked.

I shrugged my reply and she turned to stare at me aghast.

"You have! Haven't you!" - she demanded.

Amused, I looked over at her and grinned, thinking it better to shut up about the fact that I hadn't, thinking it'd be better to let her think what she wanted to think. Instead of responding to her demand, I said - "That man does NOT know how to lick a pussy."

"She does though..." - she replied and I could tell my lack of answer annoyed her. Several minutes passed and I could see her casting peeks at me every so often until she finally decided to ask me. Very unlike her in manner she asked - "Have you ever been alone with a woman? ... Outside of a threesome I mean."

I know it probably sounds really lewd but my pussy quivered when she asked me that and I knew then and there that before the end of the night I'd be tasting her. I'm not normally a shy woman, I'm actually very aggressive, but since I had never been with a woman I had played it safe, nurturing the friendship just to keep her close. I'd have spent the rest of our time together frustrated, without making a move, had we not been watching porn that day.

"Have you?" - I asked cautiously, curiously, the sounds of fucking becoming a mere buzz in the back of my senses.

It was her turn to be vague and I knew I'd have to be in charge. It's all right, that's how I like it, to take control. I decided honesty was best. "When I was growing up I had a friend I fucked around with. Sucking tits, petting over clothes, you know, light stuff."

"I think everyone had a friend like that." - she said.

"Probably, I don't think everyone still thinks about it though. She had a great body, even at 13." - I said - "Sometimes I think about what it would have been like to taste her. We got to fingering each other but never to taste. I was too chicken to either ask or do it myself."

"Do you think you're gay?" - she asked. Her attention was now on me, as mine was on her.

"Nah, fuck that, I like cock too much to be gay and I've had lots of chances to be with women. It's just that..." - I trailed off, searching for words.

"You haven't found the woman who turned you on enough to do it?" - she asked.

"Exactly" - I said, nodding.

"Me either." - she said.

"I wouldn't know what to do." - I said.

"Me either. I would need the woman to take me." - she replied. I found this to be most interesting and I wondered how many women -had- tried to take her.

"Anyone tried to take you?" - I asked her. The tequila had made me warm but I think it was more her, watching her think about it, watching her turned on from the movie and the subject. She was fucking as intoxicating as the booze itself.

Shaking her head, she said - "Nope, not yet." - she sighed disappointedly - "We need to stop watching porn. I'm horny as hell." She started watching it again and I turned the volume all the way down but kept it on.

"Did you ever cum when you were with your experimental friend?" - I asked, watching her closely.

Again she shook her head and her golden waves swatted her cheeks, stuck to her tequila-glazed lips. "No but I used to make myself cum afterwards." Her eyes were on the TV, watching the fucking intently, but her skin was glowing, I knew exactly how she was feeling. "I think I could do girl-boy-girl with the right couple ... and the right amount of tequila." - she grinned.

"Oh yeah? I don't believe you." - I chuckled.

"Totally I would! She has to be HOT of course and femme, with curves because I can't stand skinny bitches. He'd tell me exactly what to do..."

"Like ... lick her slit up and down to take a first taste? Spread her lips with your fingers kinda thing?" - I asked. My pussy and mind were on -fire- by this time.

"Exactly! He can whisper in my ear and tell me how to finger her, maybe encourage me when I get shy and hesitant." - she replied - "I'm soooo fucking horny!" I don't really think she meant to share that last part, I just don't think she could help it.

Feeling a bit daring ... okay, okay, feeling a bit drunk on tequila I said - "Bullshit, prove it."

"Prove it how?!" - she shrieked, half giggle, half shock.

Shrugging I said - "I dunno, lemme see." - and I sat up.

I think it was more test than anything but after a "Yeah, right" look, she laid down a bit more, put her drink on her chest and spread her legs.

The sight of her clean pussy sent mine into the throbbing frenzy of frustration and I squinted, trying to hide how turned on I was. I couldn't even look at her. "I can't see if you're wet, spread it a little!" - I said jokingly, more to see if she would than anything, more hoping she would than anything. To my surprise, she did. She slid both her index finger and middle finger over her clit, down to her hole and from the bottom up, spread her lips. I detected her tense for a moment, pause. I looked at her face and I could see that she was scared.

"Wider..." - I said, but never stopped looking at her.

She complied without a word. She was submissive with me. That's all it took to take any apprehension -I- had out of my mind.

Softly I said, as I bent my head down a bit, put the drink on the coffee table and put my hand on the inside of her left knee to push it further apart - "Look at that ... you -are- turned on. Like porn do ya?"

"Ah huh" - she answered hesitantly, and looked away, back to the screen that was flickering silently while two perfectly sculpted breasts beings sucked.

"Let me see exactly how turned on you are..." - I said and reached down. She looked at me with alarm and I hushed her softly before I touched her.

Her clit was hard and she was -soaked-. I stroked it lightly with my finger tips, teasing her clit with an up and down motion that barely had any pressure on it. With my left hand, I reached for the phone and dialed. She couldn't look at me but she didn't push my hand away. I knew she wanted more.

Two rings... "Come over," - I said - "...threesome ... use your key." Her chest was heaving up and down and she couldn't seem to close her mouth. She'd lick her lips as if she were parched and breathe through her open mouth nervously, excitedly. Two seconds later, there was a knock on the door.

I didn't even look up to see who it was. I knew. I kept my eyes on her and started to speak, her own brown eyes darting from the man at the doorway and back to me, full of trepidation.

"Lucky day, babe, looks like we're both getting exactly what we want today. Thank goodness for rain," - I said, grinning as I put the phone back into its cradle, dipped my fingertip into her pussy, only enough to tease her, and offered a taste of it to my boy toy, who stood grinning down at us both as if he had just hit the lottery.

He took my finger into his mouth and moaned just enough to let me know that she tasted as good as she looked. His key to my apartment landed on the table behind my sofa and I took my eyes off her to glance up at him. He'd been a play thing for a while now. At six five, he had the ability to treat me like a rag doll when needed. His body spoke of countless hours at the gym and the sparkle of mischief in his dark-blue eyes added to the boyish charm of his baby face. He was an Adonis of a specimen and his cock was thick and long. Some men are blessed with all beauty. He had it all. His flaw came in the way of character. He was submissive as hell when it came to me which is why he was never more than a play thing. We'd spoken many times of his want to be with another woman, to service us both. I had been trying to get him to be a bit less yielding with his obeisance, my mind worked quickly, telling myself that he and she would both be better lovers because of tonight ... if all went well, I mean.

After glimpsing the visible readiness of his cock I said - "She wants you to tell her how to please a woman, do you think you can do that? Think you can tell her how to lick me?".

Through all this, she sat petrified, horny as hell but scared shitless about crossing that line. Her face was flushed, her pussy was soaked and her eyes as wide as those of a deer in headlights, later I found out it was more fear of it NOT happening than fear of it happening.

"Oh ... absolutely, love." - he said, after he had sucked my finger clean.

"I guess there's only one thing left to do, we should all get naked." - I said, and with that, I got up, undressed and put my hand out to her. She looked at my hand nervously and he left a trail of clothing leading into my bedroom. I think somehow he knew he was just an accessory and that this was about what -I- wanted. She gazed up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and I grinned, gave her a nod of encouragement and touched her clit by gently flicking it before I pulled her up by the hand. She whimpered at the touch but it was enough to wake her up and put her in motion.

"B-B-Bbut I don't know what to do..." - she said softly.

"He'll tell you. I'll tell you." - I said, though I was as clueless as she. I've winged it before, I enter this incredibly calm state when things need to be done and no one knows how to do them. It's the only way to be if you're going to be confident. Confidence is all about appearance. If you don't know it, fake it and fake it well. I was about to fake until I had her cum all over my face. I couldn't wait.

I led her to the bedroom, by the hand, gently, because I wasn't sure yet if she was going to go with it. The first thing I did, after I told her to undress, was to whisper my commands into his ear. All he did was nod and stroke his cock slowly. He really was magnificent and there's nothing like the vision of a man sexually excited enough to throb in your presence. You made it that hard, the thought of you made him that hard ... that, ladies and gentlemen, is power. She complied with my request to remove her clothing and there she stood at the foot of my very large and unmade bed, shivering and flushed with anticipation.

I stood in front of her and looked down at her body, aching to touch her but knowing he would have to command it in order to satisfy her fantasy and his need to learn other ways.

"Kiss." - he said, it was more request than command but it'd do. I looked down at her face and inched forward, closing my eyes. I figure this was the moment of truth, I felt -she- had to be the one reaching up to me to let me know it was okay. I felt I was waiting for a long time and I have no way of knowing what went through her mind but blissfully I felt the warmth of her lips on mine. The felt slightly trembling and I let her lead the kiss until I felt she could let me taste her.

The moment I felt her lips part and press against mine, after the initial shock of the first touch and after a few tentative, light pecks along my mouth, I licked the center of her bottom lip and she opened her mouth for me, tilted her head back.

"Deeper" - he said "... get closer, put your arms around each other... " - his voice honeyed with arousal but still unsure of itself.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I pressed my body against her while circling her waist. She opened her mouth fully and didn't allow much exploration before she herself got curious and began to kiss me back. Slowly at first, bolder as the desire built, until together we were hungrily sucking the life out of each other. Tongues, lips and breath came quicker and quicker and to my surprise it was she who began to let her hands roam all over me. It may have been his direction but I can't remember, I was kissing her so hard. I remember her touching my breasts and I put the palms of my hand on her ass to knead it, I had to stoop down some because she is shorter but we never broke the kiss and we were both moaning into each other's mouths by this time. I'm not sure when he started saying it but a rough "Finger each other" command pierced my senses. It was shocking to me how easily I was devouring this woman. I'm sure it came from a lifetime of straightness, so to speak.

We both touched our pussies simultaneously, by this time hesitation had long been replaced by sheer need and I was too busy trying to slip my entire hand up her dripping pussy to really concentrate on how she felt fingering mine. We both kept kissing, fingering, humping each other for such a long time that my ears rang. He voiced commands, bolder now, directing each of us, and we responded, letting him be the puppet master. Touch her asshole, suck each other's fingers, suck her tit while she pulls your hair, you like that, don't you, the taste of her pussy, finger her again. Hundreds of directions to satisfy his visual stimulation, hundreds of directions that kept us girls ablaze. He stepped up to us and alternately began finger fucking us, first her, then he'd taste, then me, then he'd taste, he'd kiss us while we were kissing each other, all the while his cock throbbed and pulsed. pressed between mine and her body.

"Get on the bed" - he growled and pushed us apart. He gave me a little shove of impatience when I lingered with her kiss and added - "Spread your legs, show her that dripping little pussy of yours..."

To her he said, as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her, touching her nipples - "You want that, don't you? You wanna taste that sweet pussy better..." I was so fucking turned on I almost came right then and there. I knew he had it in him, that dominance. I had to exercise all my will power to not touch. She must have whispered her reply because he said, in a coaxing tone - "What did you say?"

"Y-yes.." she said a bit louder, and her eyes drank in the sight of my exposed, wet lips eagerly.

"Get down on the bed, on all fours, slip your arms beneath her thighs and put your chest on the bed, I want your face near that pussy ... that's it ... good girl ... very good. My God your ass looks great in that position.. mmm.. excellent."

I decided to lie back and enjoy the show, I got up on my elbows and looked down at her, licked my lips in anticipation, held her gaze.

Her shoulders were rising and falling, her eyes met mine and stayed there boldly, we stared each other down until he started to finger her and her eyes closed with delight, her small moan soft. I shifted my point of view to look at him, he was gazing at us both with a hunger only seen in people who haven't had sex for a while. He was in heaven. I reveled in it.

"Spread your lips for her, love. Good ... now lick it, take a taste, show me..."

As I complied and I first felt her tongue on my clit, I felt such a shock of pleasure that my head fell back and I shuddered. I don't know if my reaction, or maybe the taste of my pussy, set her off but she began to suck on my clit with such force that I had to put my hand on her head to stop her.

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