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Her Curiosity


My name is Marvin Stonecypher and I married Julia Smith ten years ago after meeting her at a charity fund raiser we had both attended a year before that. I was dateless and she had come with a couple of girlfriends. I was attracted to her at first sight which surprised me a little because she was missing the one attribute that got my attention first, she was flat as a board, but her super model's face, sparkling blue eyes, a small nose above full kissable lips, and high cheekbones; more than made up for the lack of a rack. She stood 6'1" tall, had full hips, a nice round ass, and those incredibly long legs and was the most beautiful woman in the room. I stood 6'3" tall, had a full head of light brown hair, my own set of blue eyes, and had been called handsome by more than one lady friend. I was twenty three years old, found out Julia was twenty one, and she and I spent the rest of the evening talking, dancing, and genuinely enjoying each other's company. She readily accepted my invitation for a dinner date the next evening as the event was breaking up.

We had dinner together and could feel the physical attraction we had for each other. Julia quickly agreed to a hotel room instead of the dancing I had planned after our meal. When we were in the room, Julia stripped off her dress and dropped down in front of me where she unfastened my belt and slacks before pulling them and my briefs down to the floor. She grasped my semi-hard dick and lifted it to her mouth, beginning to lick my mushroom head which brought me to full hardness in a flash. She placed my thick, hard cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down my shaft. She was only able to take half of it, but she was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. She swallowed my hot seed when I began to spurt into her mouth. I pulled her to her feet and began kissing her as I worked to remove her panties, she didn't wear a bra because her A cup breasts didn't need the support. I placed her on the bed and spent a couple of minutes suckling her nipples before kissing my way down her stomach to her pussy. I licked her engorged labia, and then licked up and down her slit before licking her clit. I alternated between sucking her clit and licking it until she came on my face. When I lifted up to fuck her slick, wet snatch, she stopped me and told me she was still a virgin and was going to remain one until her wedding night. She offered me her ass and had a small tube of sex lube in her purse, explaining she used her ass to keep her virgin pussy and kept lube with her at all times. She had no trouble taking my cock into her anal cavity after I had lubed it and her pucker hole with most of the tube. We stayed in the room the rest of the night where Julia let me do anything short of fucking her pussy. I believed I was in love with her from that first date and pursued her with relentless abandon. During the next six months, we would see each other a couple of times a week and it hurt when she told me she was still dating other guys. I should have walked away then but was too enamored with her to. She agreed to stop seeing other guys when I proposed.

We married a year after we met and I took her to Hawaii for a month on our honeymoon. We spent a week on each of the four big islands. Our wedding night was a new experience for both of us because I hadn't had a virgin pussy and she hadn't experienced a hard cock in her pussy before that night. Julia gave me another excellent blow job before the main event. I wanted to last as long as possible that first time. I ate her to orgasm and prepared to deflower her. I slipped my turgid rod into her until I felt resistance. I knew it would hurt from having talked to so many girls after fucking them in high school. I gave a hard jab against her hymen and held still so the pain would lessen. I pushed in and pulled out with easy strokes. It took me five minutes to bottom out within her. Julia began to show signs of pleasure within the next ten minutes of my gentle stroking in and out of her by that time wet center. I began harder and faster thrusts when Julia cried out in orgasm. She came a second time on my dick when I shot my steamy seed deep inside her.

After that night we would fuck anytime and anywhere the mood hit us. Julia was more adventuresome than any other woman I had been with. She never refused me whenever I wanted sex and we were still having sex four times a week ten years later. Due to problems with her reproductive tract, we couldn't have children and enjoyed the freedom that having no children allowed us. I thought we had the perfect marriage until one night when Julia said we needed to talk.

"Marvin, I need to talk to you." Julia said to me the day our marriage when to hell.

"I'm listening!" I replied, my voice already showing my anger.

"Why are you already angry?" Julia seemed confused.

"Oh, let's see. You called me Marvin instead of Marv! You only say we need to talk when you know you're going to hurt me. I know what's coming." I told her trying to be calmer.

"I need your help getting out of a bad situation, Marvin." Julia sat down at the table, folding her long legs underneath her chair and running her fingers through her hair. "I need you to listen and not interrupted me, though what I'm about to tell you will hurt you and make you angry. Can you do that, Marvin?"

"I'll try." I joined her at the table, trying to keep my anger under control. I had always had trouble with my temper. "That's all I can promise."

"I had a sexual relationship with another man, Marvin. I'm so sorry!" She was trying not to cry now. I could see the tears behind her eyes as my stomach dropped. I sat, staring at her in shock as she continued. "Now I'm stuck in it and worse and don't know how to get myself out! I didn't plan for it to happen! Please, forgive me and help me, please!"

"You need to tell me everything from the start and I'll see if I want to help you or not!" I wanted to rage at her, but kept my voice quiet and calm as she started to cry. "Tell me everything, from the beginning". I took a few long, slow breaths because the violence I wanted to do wouldn't help, anyway.

"It was three months ago at the company Christmas party. We were both dancing with different people and while I was dancing with one particular man, couldn't help feeling his erection against me. It felt huge and I became curious as to how it would feel inside me after we had danced together some more. When I went to the restroom, he was waiting for me in the corridor when I came out. We went into an empty room and he showed me his cock. Marvin, you know I had a lot of boyfriends before we became exclusive; but his cock was the biggest one I've ever seen. It was thirteen inches long and so thick. I only gave him a hand job that night, but promised him more another time. I tried to back out of my promise, but he threatened to tell you about the Christmas party. He was going to lie and say we fucked that night for the first time. I gave in to him after three weeks of resistance. The fucking his big cock gave me that first time was incredible and I lost count of my orgasms. I passed out after the last one and didn't wake up until the morning. Marvin, I'm so sorry I cheated on you, but my curiosity was greater than my need to stay faithful. Please, forgive me." I tried to keep myself calm, but I was so angry I wanted to flip the table over and beat her senseless. Ten years of our marriage meant so little to her, I meant so little to her?

I sat for a moment and watched my wife cry. Her pretty face was red and puffy, her short blonde hair in disarray. She still looked much the same as she had on our wedding day. I never imagined she would cheat on me.

"Who is he?" I demanded, crushing my hands into fists as I stood up. "Why can't you stop?"

"Rueben James." My head of security! As the CEO of a very successful IT company, I got all the perks of being wealthy but all the problems as well. A year ago, my long time head of security had retired and Rueben took over. He was a solid giant of a man, four inches taller than me, built like a linebacker, and black as coal. Nobody messed with him and until that moment, I had trusted him with my company and my life.

"Marvin, it gets worse. He taped us fucking that first time and said he would show it to you if I didn't continue fucking him. He opened up my ass the next time we got together and the third worked on my mouth and throat until I could deep throat him with ease. He's been bringing three or four men in with him since then and charging them to use me like a whore. Please, help me get away from him! I'll do anything you want if you'll help me!" Julia was crying in earnest now, obviously embarrassed and frightened.

I could barely decide who to rage at-Julia, or the bastard who had ruined our marriage and my love for her. I knew I couldn't stay married-when I proposed and asked her to stop dating other guys; I also told her that cheating was one thing I wouldn't stand for. She signed a pre-nup before our wedding, leaving her with enough money to start over on her own, but with no access to my company or other assets. I had hoped that we would never need to come to this, but my jealousy was almost second nature and the thoughts of another man's cock in my wife's body made my blood boil.

I took a deep breath and grabbed her hands, roughly. "Now it's your turn to listen and not interrupt," I snarled, then tried in vain to get my anger under control. "I'm calling my lawyer first thing tomorrow morning and he's drawing up divorce papers, which you're going to sign without a fight. You're going to take what you need for the night from our room and stay in the guesthouse. Tomorrow you can move everything else of yours to the guesthouse except the furs, expensive jewelry, and the one-of–a-kind designer evening gowns I had made for you. You're going to help me set Rueben up for extortion." I felt my face get red with anger as I thought of Rueben fucking my wife. "I can't even look at you so get out of here!"

"But I don't want a divorce Marv! I still love you!" Julia yanked her hands away from me, clasping them together like she was praying, as tears again streamed down her face.

"It's been MONTHS, Julia." My voice was hoarse from shouting. "Three months? How do you expect I can keep you in this house knowing what you've done? You valued our marriage-my feelings-so little that you think I'll forgive you after you fuck other men-black men, no less-and wait MONTHS before asking for my help? I bet you liked it, you slut."

"No! I didn't enjoy it after that first night with Rueben! Isn't there something else I can give you, please?"

I stepped back, took another deep breath. "If you want my help, we're getting a divorce and that's it. Take it or leave it and get yourself out of your mess. That's all I'm offering. I'll get that bastard for what he's done even without your help!" I made my voice cold at the end, though watching my beautiful wife crying at the table was breaking my heart.

"Okay, I accept." Julia answered me dejectedly. She started to rise, but I motioned her to sit.

"When are you supposed to be Rueben's whore again, Julia?" I asked her and saw the flinch my words brought to her face.

"Thursday night." She choked out the words. "We've been together ever Thursday night from the start." Julia told me.

Thursday nights I spent at the office, in endless meetings going over payroll, invoices, and other business owner details. Julia would have been alone every Thursday night, making it easy for Rueben to keep her at his house.

"The lawyer will deliver the divorce papers later this week. I suggest you make yourself available to sign them. I'll make some calls to get you out of this mess with Rueben. Now get out of my sight!" Julia started towards me as she rose, her eyes pleading, but I shook my head no.

She packed a few things upstairs and I watched her walk dejectedly across the lawn towards the guesthouse.

I called the second in command of my security and told him to come to my house immediately, not letting Rueben know if he valued his continued employment with my company. I was hurting, angry, sad, and dismayed at what I had learned from Julia. I had always been able to function at a high level under stress and adverse conditions in the past and that ability didn't dessert me in my greatest hour of need. When the security second got to the house, I explained that I suspected Rueben of wrong doing at the company and he needed to check him out, but discreetly. I didn't want Rueben to catch wind of the investigation.

Being a major contributor to his political campaigns and a major employer as well, the district attorney took my call the next morning without delay. He and the chief of police were in my office at eleven that Tuesday morning. I explained the situation to them and they assured me that what I had in mind was not only legal, but very doable. My company's lawyer finished with the divorce papers that day also, but I told him to wait until Wednesday to have them taken to Julia. The security second with the help of our accountants found evidence of Rueben embezzling from the company. I had it delivered to the DA and asked if he would add embezzlement to the arrest on Thursday.

Julia was sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair when I got home from work. I had stopped for dinner at my favorite steakhouse, but didn't enjoy my meal. The happy memories of Julia and I enjoying time there before turned the food to ash in my mouth.

"What do you want, Julia?" I asked her, my temper rising seeing her so contrite, sitting on my porch.

"I heard you found enough evidence on Rueben to put him in prison for a long time. Do I still have to go through with Thursday night?" She was pleading, her pretty eyes begging me.

"Yes, you do! I want all those men who show up arrested for being a part of Rueben's plot!" I knew this was highly unlikely, as it wasn't technically prostitution, but I wanted to scare Julia a little bit. "If you don't do what I want, you'll be in jail on a solicitation charge as well! Now go and leave me alone!"

I again watched my soon to be ex-wife shuffle across the lawn to the guest house. It hurt me to see her like that, but not as much as the pain she had caused me the day before.

Julia signed the divorce papers and my lawyer hand delivered them to the courthouse. Without a fight and with the pre-nup, the hearing would be held in a couple of months and the lawyers assured me it would be finished quickly.

Julia met with the DA and a police officer from vice on Thursday morning. After she assured them she understood what they needed her to do and say, they put her in a motel room that I had paid for to keep her from warning Rueben. I didn't think that was a possibility, but my objections were ignored. I went to my meetings and didn't hear the outcome of the sting I had put into motion until the next day.

Julia had to endure the use of her body by Rueben and three of his friends in order for an arrest to be made. Reuben had resisted arrest and been tasered three times before he was subdued. When the police searched his house, they found tapes showing his involvement with Julia and a million dollars in cash. I had the company lawyer working with the DA on recovering the money.

Julia was still living in the guest house, because she had nowhere else to go, three months later when the divorce was final. I had a plan that would be beneficial to both of us.

"Julia, I would like to talk to you." I said as I walked into the guest house without knocking. "Will you join me in the sitting room?"

"Marv, you didn't even knock." Julia's tone was quiet but a little scolding.

"I don't have to knock to enter my own house, if you remember." I snarled. Julia's eyes widened as she took a seat in the armchair across from me. I took a deep breath composing myself before continuing.

"I have a deal for you." I started again. "I need the guest house for friends coming to visit, so I thought I'd make you an offer to move back into the main house. You'll have the maid's suite on the first floor and I'll pay you three hundred a week to keep the house clean, cook, and do laundry." She stared at me, so I kept going. "I'll pay you five hundred more a month for the same services you provided for Rueben's customers."

"What?!" Julia jumped from the chair, lunged at me, but stopped short when I held up one hand.

"Bring me a note from your doctor saying you're clean. Then I'll get to use your body any way I see fit, anytime, anywhere I want to. You can sleep in my bed but won't keep any belongings outside of the maid's suite. You'll be naked at all times when you're in my suite. I'll provide you a replacement car for the Mercedes you had when we were married but I sold over the internet. It'll be a domestic sedan and you'll need to register it in your maiden name along with the rest of your possessions per the divorce decree. You're free to date, but you're not to contract any disgusting diseases or expose me to anything. You have five days to decide, but if you reject my offer, you must leave with what you can carry and I won't let you back. Let me know when you've made your decision."

I left her still sitting in the arm chair. A couple of hours later, she rang the bell at my front door.

"I accept your offer and I already have a clean bill of health." Julia said to me when we were seated in the living room as she past me a three page document from the health clinic. "I'm ready to start."

"How did you get this so quickly?" I asked, reading over the paper work in my hand.

"The DA made me get one. If I had any signs of disease, he was going to add a charge of endangering the well fair of another to Rueben's other charges." Julia blushed as she looked down at the floor, refusing to meet my eyes.

I hadn't had another woman since Julia had moved to the guest house so I was more than ready for her services. She was naked by the time we reached the master suite and she quickly dropped down to her knees, making quick work of my clothing. She took my organ into her mouth without hesitation, deep throating it with one bob of her head. After a few minutes I decided it was time to use the rest of her body, so I yanked her up to her feet quickly before forcing her onto her hands and knees in front of me on the bed. I slammed my rock hard dick to the hilt in one thrust and found that she was wetter than I could remember which allowed her to take my cock with ease. I didn't have to worry about her needs that night and slammed her pussy as hard and fast as I could. It was barely five minutes later before I felt my balls tighten as I spurted my load into Julia's slutty body and was surprised when she had her own orgasm shortly after mine. I kept her in my bed the rest of the night, only leaving for a quick meal and regular bathroom breaks. I used Julia's body for my pleasure the rest of the evening, and slept better than I had in months.

I would bring a different woman home once a week for sex. If I asked the lady out, I would be a gentleman until the third date, after which I expected sex and would be upfront about my expectations. If I didn't get fucked on the third date, I wouldn't see the woman for a fourth. When women asked me out, which was a surprise from my last dating days, and I discovered I could have a different woman every night, if I wanted it; I began to realize that my heart still wanted Julia, even after everything. That was why she was in my bed night after night. I began caring about her pleasure when we fucked instead of just using her like a whore. I didn't make love to her, we fucked, and I made it as pleasurable for her as it was for me, but I never ate her pussy again.

Rueben was convicted on all the counts against him. A day before his transfer to the state prison, he was killed when he attacked a county corrections officer. Fortunately for the officer, a county deputy heard the attack and shot Rueben twice in the chest as Rueben stood up from beating on the now comatose officer upon hearing the deputy's footfalls in the corridor. The corrections officer was in the hospital for a month and on medical leave for another six months. He would get panic attacks whenever he was in the jail and had to quit his job. To avoid a lawsuit, the county agreed to pay him half his salary for the rest of his life. With that and his position in the security section of my company, he was doing fine. The deputy also quit and was working for me as my driver and body guard. My revenge on Rueben was complete and no one could prove I had anything to do with his death.

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