Her Daddy at Last Ch. 02


"Here you go baby," he said. "Daddy's going to fee your little pussy now."

Keith began thrusting his cock over and over into her.

"Oh yeah Daddy! Give it to me. Give it to me!" she cried.

Heather was already so aroused that she quickly found her climax. Wave upon wave of mind numbing pleasure washed through her. Above her Keith climaxed too and she felt him fill her with his lovely cum. It amused her that her first time in the back seat of a car was with her Daddy.


They got to the B and B a half hour later. When they were back in their room Keith suggested that Heather try on some of the lingerie she bought earlier.

"Which one?" she asked.

"Surprise me," he replied.

While Heather went into the bathroom to change, Keith got naked and lay down on the bed. Heather emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later wearing a sheer white baby doll nighty. He could see her large pink tipped breasts easily and the nighty ended right above her naked pussy. Her long legs were encased in a matching pair of white thigh high stockings. She had put her blonde hair up in pigtails with white ribbons tied at the bases. Her thumb was in her mouth to complete the look. The Daddy-daughter role playing was going to be strong tonight.

"There's my sweet big tittied baby," Keith said, licking his lips. "Come here to Daddy."

Heather shook her head.

"No? But I have a really big present for you," he told her and rubbed his cock up and down. "It tastes so much better than your thumb."

Heather shook her head again.

"Heather you are making Daddy angry. Some one definitely wants a spanking!" he said.

Keith got off the bed to chase her. Heather ran around the large room to try to get away from him, but she let him just come within reach to grab or caress a body part. She finally ran to the bed and squealed when he caught her.

"Bad baby!" Keith said and swatted her on the ass twice. "Don't disobey me!"

He hit her ass twice more before he turned her onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. He moved his head between her thighs and started licking her pussy.

"Oh yes Daddy!" Heather cried as Keith sucked on her clit and lapped up her juices.

"You taste so sweet baby," he told her and licked her folds some more.

"Daddy I want my present now!" she demanded.

Keith sat up. "You've been a bad little girl. I don't know if I should give it to you now."

He moved up the bed and leaned back against the pillows. Heather got up and crawled to his side.

"Please Daddy," she sweetly said.

She placed short kisses on his lips, cheeks, and jaw.

"I promise to be a good girl," Heather promised.

She ran her hand across his chest and down to his rippled abs.

"I can't say no to my baby," he said and then kissed her pouty lips. "Get on Daddy's lap."

Heather straddled his hips and positioned herself right above his cock. She rested her hands on his shoulders and said, "I'm ready Daddy."

Keith took his cock and guided it into her pussy. Heather slowly lowered herself onto it.

"Daddy it's so big. My pussy is so full," she told him when she got down to its base.

Keith reached under her nighty and squeezed her generous breasts.

"Oh yeah," she moaned.

She began riding up and down his hard cock.

"This is the best present ever!'

"Only good girls get presents from their daddies," he told her.

Keith tossed her nighty over her head and caught a bouncing tit with his mouth.

"What do bad slutty horny daughters get?" Heather asked.

"Spankings, but if they are really bad they get a cock up the ass," he said.

"Really?" she said. "I think I might be very naughty soon."

"But not right now," he said and began thrusting upwards into her. "You're my angel baby and you do whatever your Daddy says."

"Yes," she moaned.

She stayed still as Keith grabbed her hips and took over.

"Lay on your stomach," he ordered her.

Heather got off him and laid face down on the bed. Keith then positioned himself behind her. He lifted her hips off the bed so that she was on her knees, her ass sticking up in the air.

He put his fingers in her pussy and spread her juices over her ass hole. She then felt him slip a finger inside her. Her Daddy was going to fuck her ass Heather realized.

He put his hands onto her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Heather then felt the head of his cock at the entrance of her hole. He slowly pushed into her and Heather cried out. Oh god it hurt so much. Her Daddy's cock was too big.

"Daddy it hurts," Heather whimpered.

"It will feel good soon baby," he groaned and pushed in some more.

God he hadn't had anal sex in such a long time and forgot how good it felt. Heather's ass was nice and tight. He thrust his cock in further and he was soon buried in her ass to the hilt. His stepdaughter was squirming beneath him. He slowly pulled out of her and then thrust back in just as slowly. He did this over and over and he soon heard Heather's cries of pain turn into cries of pleasure.

"Yes Daddy, fuck my ass," she cried, pushing herself back to take more of him.

Keith began thrusting himself faster into her ass hole.

"Daddy I'm cumming," she cried. "Aieeeeeeee!"

Keith grunted and shot his cum deep into his stepdaughter's ass. When he was done he pulled out of her and they both collapsed onto the bed.

"You were great baby," he said and slapped her bottom.

"Thank you Daddy," she said and brought her mouth onto his.

God he was such a lucky bastard, he thought as he stuck his tongue down Heather's throat. Not only did he take her virgin pussy but also her virgin ass.

To be continued...... maybe...

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