tagInterracial LoveHer Enormous Son Ch. 06

Her Enormous Son Ch. 06


Shelly wasn't really that attractive but she wasn't butt ugly. She is in between being a little bit cute and average ugly if there is such a thing. She would be drop dead gorgeous to a bunch of nerds and geeks and member's of the chest team. She was hot in a nerdish kind of way. None to less, she had some eye popping huge titties jutting from her chest inside her tight tennis shirt. I knew she had to be a virgin. It would be very sweet to relief her of it. I'm sure with some charm; I could get her to fuck me later on. That's if, we get a change to be alone and I had a hence that we will be.

"Andrew. This is my oldest daughter Shelly. She's 19 years old and a sophomore at Preston University. She's majoring in Environmental science," gloated Cathy. "My baby is going to be a world's famous scientist. She is very brilliant and her teachers in all her grade levels said she is gifted." I kind of figured Shelly was into something dorky like saving the environment. "Hi. I'm Andrew." I reach my hand out to ask for a handshake. She had a perky smile across her freckle face and skip the handshake and gave me a nice warm hug. "Mmmm," I said softly, feeling her massive soft breasts press against my chest. God she was making me horny all over again.

"Shelly. Be a sweetie and show Andrew here around the property. Have some fun while you at it. I know you need some in your life," Cathy said.

"But mother. Aren't you the one who told me to never stop working in order to achieve my goals? I must work hard to be successful in life," Shelly said.

"I know I said that Shelly. But trust me. You need it," Cathy replies. As everyone was leaving the room, Cathy walks up to me and says " Don't break her in to hard boy." She then gave me a wink and left. I guess she was counting on me to seduce her daughter and I was plan on delivering.

The first place Shelly took me was to the tennis court. Being that I'm black, I haven't the slightest clue about how to play. Tennis is very big in the ghetto. In fact, it really never exists there.

"Ok Andrew. My mom wants me to have and I shall. I need a partner to help me practice my serving for a big tennis tournament next weekend and you're just the person to help me," Shelly said smiling. "But...Lets up the anatine a little bit. For every point, a person must take off a piece of their clothing until they are entirely naked and unable to play," Shelly says with a devilish smile. Somehow this sweet and innocent girl turned into a devil's angel.

"You on," I agreed, knowing I'm about to get my kick whoop but was going to damn near try and get her at least topless.

As we started to play, Shelly took off her tennis shirt and show off her monstrous breasts, encased in a white tank top that was stretching beyond limits from her chest. She wasted no time in trying to get me naked. She scored on every hit she got, completely whooping my ass. I was embarrassed to have been beaten by a girl. A not so attractive girl and the fact that I had to take off pieces of my clothing every time she made a hit. So I was standing on the other side of the net, ass out naked, trying to cover my enormous erection from her. It became enormous from watching her enormous breasts bounce and wobble all over the tennis court. She slowly walks over to the net and asks "what you got there?" I quickly turn around so she was looking at my ass. "Ooooh. Nice ass Andrew," she teased. Somehow, I thought I would be the one trying to seduce her but it seems to be going the other way around. I just had to wait and see if I am right.

She let me put my clothes back on and we headed over to a stable full of horses. "I'm not a good horse rider," I told her. "The only thing these horses and me have in common is that we're both hung."

Shelly giggle and said "It's ok Andrew. I'll teach you how to ride." After that, she blew me a few kisses. This chick was definitively attracted to me. Either that or she was blowing them to the horse behind me. "Now Andrew. Hope aboard your horse and follow me," she said, jumping up onto a beautiful white horse. But what was more beautiful was the sight of her huge breasts taking a large leap with her. Hitting her dead on the chin and it didn't even effect her. "Damn these things. They always get in the way," she said. I snap out of my daydream and hope up on a black horse. It was crazy for me to ride a horse without the proper gear but Shelly told me that these horses are trained and I shouldn't end up like Christopher Reeves.

We gently rode the horses out of the stable. Each step her horse took cause her ample melons to bob inside her shirt. I felt my dick throbbing in my boxers; ready to unload it's children.

"Giddy up!" Shelly shouted as her horse took off jetting down the country field. Before she got far, I got to see her big tits bounce uncontrollability from her sides. "Giddy up!" I shouted to my horse that suddenly took off like a rocket.

"OOOOOH SHIIIIT!!!" I screamed as my horse was running out of control. Shelly had turn around and saw my horse running wild with me on it. She commanded her horse to race over to mines. Death was certain right now as this horse was trying to kill me. I was glad my lasting imagines before I die were those of Shelly bouncing on top of her horse and her massive breasts just bouncing to the horse's rhythm.

She finally made it over to me and shouted for my horse to calm down. The horse did and it quickly tosses me off its back. Shelly started to giggle as my ass landed in a mud puddle. "Very funny," I said in an angry tone. "Sorry," she giggles. "Why don't we go over to the pool and clean you off with a nice swim," she suggested. Swimming would be a great way to see her mountainous orbs held in a bikini top. "All right," I said. Shelly reach her hand down and I took hold of it. She helps lift me onto the back of her horse. My press my chest firmly against her back. "Take hold of my hips," she orders. I accidentally or so I tried to play off, took hold of her mammoth breasts and squeeze them tight, not wanting to realize my mistake. My face looked like I had done ecstasy. My cock was intensely hard, pressing against her ass. She gasps and quickly moves my hands to her hips. " Naughty boy Andrew," she says nodding her head.

She signals for her horse to take off and it did. I attended my head over her shoulders to catch her titanic titties bouncing in all their glory. It looked like her breasts had popped out of her bra. They looked so natural bouncing inside her stretch out tennis shirt. If her boobs in tight shirts were getting me hot, then I don't know if I could handle her in a bikini.

We rode back to the horse stable and we drops the horse off. We walk back to the country club and she takes me to the back area where the locker rooms are. I realize that I didn't have anything to swim in because I wasn't expecting to swim at all. She told me to just swim in my boxers as she headed into the ladies' locker room to change. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I couldn't wait to see her in a bikini nor could I wait to see her bare breasts.

I look around the area suspiciously and slowly creep inside the ladies' locker room. I turned my head around the corner and there Shelly was. She had her bottom bikini on, with her back facing me but I could see the outlines of her huge titties. They look so creamy white from the sides and my cock was ready to rip through my jeans. She put the last piece of her bikini on, tieing the string in a knot around her neck and the other string piece around her back. She tied a third one on the very lower part of her back.

Her oversize breasts were bulging from the sides of her bikini top. As she was turning around, I got to see the tops, spilling over her bikini. She adjusted her bikini so her huge boobs fitted perfectly in the cups, thought the bottoms of her breasts show a little bit below and of course, the sides were popping out under her armpits and down her rid cages. Other then that, her enormous breasts form the shapes of torpedoes. Sloping down her chest to her ribcages and then jutting out 12 inches from her ribs. They started to bob and bounce as she was heading my way. I quickly ran back out into the waiting area.

"Ready?" She asks as she appears from the corner.

"More ready then I'll ever be," I said, trying not to share down at her enormous cleavage showing. Shelly was short so I was glad to be tall enough to look down and see what I could of her bikini-covered melons.

As we made our way over to the swimming pool area of the country club compound, Shelly's massive bra with the huge cups fell out of her bag. I quickly picks it up and read the tag.

"Holy shit! She's only 19 and sporting 32FFF!! She's bigger then her mother," I gasp.

I resume my walking and toss her bra into the bushes. I walked closely behind Shelly, never taking my eyes off her delicious watermelons as they bob up and down slightly with each step she took. Her ass wasn't that bad either thought she didn't have one really. Her breasts made up for it.

She positions her towel down beside the swimming pool. I undress and take everything off except for my boxers. "Aren't you going to get in?" I ask her.

She slips off her sandals and arranges herself onto the towel. "Not right now," she said. "I'm going to get a nice tan first. Don't you think I'm too pale?" She asks me.

"A little bit but whatever," I said. I jump into the water and make a few laps around the pool. I submerge down into the water and slowly raise my eyes up, peeking above the surface. I swim up close to the edge of the pool, still with just my eyes above the water and got a close up look at her overly large feet rubbing together. She moves her feet up to her ass and spreads her legs a little bit. My eyes zoomed up to her huge breasts, which were lying like stuffed pancakes on her chest.

She quickly sits up and I submerge back down into the water. She starts rubbing suntan lotion on her arms and legs. She blasted a huge glob on her chest and starts to rub it all over the naked areas of her breasts. I felt my huge cock slipping through the slit outside my boxers as I watch her from underwater.

Shelly got up off her towel and stood by the pool, yelling my name. "ANDREW!" She would shout. I remerge from the water to see what she wanted. "I need some suntan lotion on my back. Can you please put some on?" She asks in a sweet voice.

"Ok, Ok." I agreed. I got out of the water and had forgotten my rock hard dick was still flopping freely outside my boxers. I saw Shelly's eyes get wider and nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of my dick. I knew she had never either see or touch a dick in her life. Or just probably never seen one my size.

"Holy shit!" Shelly said stun. "You really are hung like a fucking horse." I quickly stuff my dick back into my boxers. "Why don't you leave it out and rub my back down with your big balls," Shelly suggested. I didn't see why. So I got totally naked and she positions herself on her back down on the towel. I spurt some suntan lotion over her back and near her ass. I straddle over her back and slowly bend down so my heavy balls were resting on her. I held my huge dick in my hands as it grew and positions my legs to her sides. I lightly started to rub my balls up and down her back, smearing in the suntan lotion in. Dragging my heavy sack all the way down to her bikini-clad ass. My dick was throbbing in my hands just moving my balls all over Shelly's slippery back. Her massive breasts bulge onto her sides, massing from her armpits to her ribs. I lightly trace my balls along the sides of both her breasts that were showing in her bikini. I could hear her deep moans as I rub my balls in circles around her back.

Shelly then turns around and her whopping breasts came jutting at me, flopping wildly in her bikini top. The bikini top did not hide the massive orbs well. The little triangle pieces only covered her nipples and areolas. Her nipples were hard beneath the triangle patches. Poking out at me like thumbs.

"Let me clean your balls," Shelly moans as she grips my ass and bring my balls above her mouth. With my big dick still in my hands, I felt her tongue softly caress my balls. Slithering all over them and in between. "Mmmmm," she moaned as she engulfs one of my giant balls deep into her mouth. Sucking on it and using her tongue to flicker at the loose skin part of my testicle. I just wanted to let my dick fling and hit her in the head. Her tongue was doing amazing tricks to my balls. She manages to suckle both my large balls into her wide-open mouth and roll her tongue around them. I felt my cum boiling in my sack. I had the urge to jerk my massive meat over her face and so I did. Rapidly stroking my dick while she devours my balls between her lips.

"I'm cummmming" I moaned. She drop my saliva dripping balls out of her mouth and slid from underneath my legs. I felt the sides of her bare jumbo jugs bush against my legs as I erupted like a volcano, gusting out massive loads of hot cum all over her towel.

Shelly was behind me, fondling and massaging my heavy balls as I unloaded five huge loads across her towel and finally started to shoot smaller loads until my balls were done emptying. She stops touching my balls and stands up behind me. I turn around and catch her smiling at me.

"Now it's my turn to massage you," Shelly says to me in a sweet female Russian voice. "Lay on your back first. Then I'll do the front.

I lie down on my stomach as she slowly pours the suntan lotion on my back. Her smooth hands spread the lotion out some before she stood up on her knees and untied her bikini top. The next thing I knew her top fall right in front of my face and I began to smile. Suddenly, a warm tingling feeling stuck the second her enormous breasts press into my back. She moved her huge tits up and down my back in straight lines. Dragging her fat and hard nipples down my vertebrae. The pillowy feel of her succulent breasts got my huge dick spring to life like Frankenstein.

Soft moans left the both of our mouths. Her mores as she was really enjoying sliding her slippery melons all over my back. I felt her fingertips at the top of my boxers and she began to drag them down my ass, pass my knees, and over my feet. I was totally naked at the mercy of Shelly and her monstrous breasts.

She straddles my ass and bends over my back, placing both her huge breasts on either side of my neck. Squeezing my neck between her orbs and bouncing them up and down on my shoulders. Soon my whole head was swallowed between her wet cleavage. I looked straight ahead and saw both her thick nipples and puffy areolas jutting straight out her massive jugs.

"Now turn over Andrew and let me massage your front," she said to me. I obey and turn over. My huge dick was poking straight up into the sky. She looked very impress by my statue as she straddles me once more. "So beautiful Andrew," she said, grabbing my huge dick in both her hands and stroking it. Covering it in suntan lotion she had in her hands. I look up and all I could see were her mountainous titties, glistering in suntan lotion. That got my dick to throb more in her small hands. She then took her fingertips and ran them up and down my thick and throbbing shaft. Moving all the way down to the base and then tracing the outside of my heavy balls.

As I started to giggle a little bit, she places her index finger over my mouth, hushing me as she continued to caress my balls and bounce them in her hands. My cock couldn't take much more of her please torture. I need to release myself all over Shelly. She leans down a little bit with, smashing her arms on the sides of her mammoth tits, making them stick out like torpedoes. Her nipples and areolas looked so divine. I just wanted a taste. I raise my head up and she pushes it back down. This chick is teasing the hell out of me. My balls were still in her hands being maul and my dick is throbbing more then ever. Not to mention the breasts I couldn't keep my eyes off of were staring at me dead in the face and I couldn't do anything about it until she is ready.

After a few minutes of staying in the same pose, she lets her breasts out from her arms and flops them down on my torso. Slowly sliding them up and down my chest and stomach. When she drag her nipples over mines, she would beat my nipples with hers. Pressing them into each other. Chills when surging through my body. I swore my dick grew a couple inches bigger from our nipples touching.

My eyes were staring straight into Shelly's eyes as she expanded her breasts to her sides and smoothing both my ribcages to the sides of my abs, making my incredible hard dick, press against her cleavage. Her breasts came to a stop on my thighs and she lifted her torso up so that they were swaying against my huge dick. Back and forth like windshield wipers. Suddenly, she plunks her mouth upon my enormous cock and starts sucking sloppy on it.

Saliva drip out her mouth and down my shaft. She started to push her mouth further down my dick while stroking it in her hands. Her large hard nipples presses and rubs against my inner thighs, making my whole body quiver.

I helped her by moving her long red hair out of her face, so I could see her mouth open wide in a huge circle sucking down on my cock. Sucking down inch by inch, making her tongue slither up and down the shaft. She starts to gag and came up for air. Her hands were still wrap around my dick, giving it long and powerful strokes. She stood up causing her breasts to wobble a lot on her chest as she push down her bikini bottom, showing off her fuzzy black bush that was soak in her creamy juices. She slowly eases her creamy cunt onto my huge dick. I could feel her juices immediately after I enter. Her pussy felt so warm and tight around my dick as she finally started to adjust to my monstrous dick being inside her.

"I have never felt a dick this big in me before. Feels so good," Shelly moans. I spread my thighs and place them over her ankles, trapping her feet between my thighs. My hands grip her waist as I begin to rock Shelly up and down my dick smoothly. "Oh god!" She moaned, feeling my dick throb deep within her cunt. She leans down and places her hands on my shoulders. I start to quicken the pace and drill my dick deep into her pussy hole. Beating my balls hard against her ass. Her enormous titties were swaying on my chest and occasionally hitting my chin.

"AHHHHH GOD! SO HUGE! OHHHHHHH! Cried Shelly as my huge dick tightens hard between her pussy lips and thrust deeper and deeper inside. Her huge titties were slapping against each other and still flop up and down my chest. I couldn't take the sights of her big tits teasing me anymore. I took hold of both of them in my hands and felt how spongy and soft they were. I immediately feasted on her right tit. Cramming as much of it into my mouth as possible. Chewing and sucking on her delicious thick nipple. I had to use both my hands to fondle her left tit as it was flopping wildly out of control. I kept most of her right tit between my lips. Sucking on it for all it's worth as I pounded her pussy faster and faster.

"OOOHHHHH YES! ANDREW! SUCK MY BIG TITTIES! BEAT MY PUSSY WITH THAT HUGE DICK! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!!!!" cried Shelly as I suck harder on her right breast. Maneuvering my tongue all over the front of her huge breast.

Shelly starts to push her hot cunt down my dick. Spilling out more of her sweet juices. Dripping and soaking my huge balls as they bounce on her ass. I could feel her clitoris sliding up and down my shaft rapidly. Her ass bounce off my thighs and her slippery tit fell out of my mouth to join its buddy bouncing wildly on my udder torso. I looked up to see Shelly's face and she was in a whole New World. Her face was in an orgasmic state as we continued to thrust in unison. I could feel her cum pouring from her hot cunt all over my dick and balls.

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