tagErotic HorrorHer Feast on His Flesh

Her Feast on His Flesh


Nursing her drink at the bar, she wondered why she was still there. Her friend had met someone and was long gone. Many men had sat beside her. They were drawn in by her black tight fitting outfit and the curves of her curly hair, ample ass, and bulging breasts. Her black nylon shirt fit tight against her tits and was cut very low, leaving little to the imagination.

Her dismal mood, however, quickly sent them scurrying away. When they realized a look down the canyon between her big round boobs was the best they would get from this dark brooding woman, they made their excuses and wandered off to seek other costumed candidates on this Halloween night.

Halloween, that may have been why she continued to sit. Being a crotchety pumpkin on a barstool somehow seemed a grain better than one alone at home. There was one other attraction for which she remained, one she couldn't seem to pull from.

He was sitting in a corner booth completely alone. He was dressed as a cowboy, all in black, and wore a mask over his eyes. His black beard was heavy and long, tapered thinner as it hung below his chin. He had been sitting there the whole evening, barely moving except to sip from a coffee mug.

She could tell he was tall and muscular but could not see his eyes. Nonetheless, she felt as if he had been watching only her the whole evening. All night, she had been stealing glances over at him. All night, she grew more and more intrigued by his quiet stillness.

He had done nothing, showed no interest in her, yet she felt compelled by him, and fascinated. It was like he inhabited a dark den of other worldliness amidst the noisy, drunken, boisterous crowd.

Ordering another Jack and Coke, she told herself it would be her last. Another man sat beside her, and made a clumsy obvious attempt to bump his arm against her tits. She ignored his words as the bartender brought her fresh drink. The man loudly announced he'd pay for it, and she said nothing as he passed over the money. She glanced at the man in the corner booth and he was as still and silent as always.

Half listening to the drunken, sloppy, come-ons from the man beside her, she looked into her glass and felt like she was finding courage. It was as if that man in the corner sat taunting her, challenging her to step out of her world and into his. Though he showed absolutely no indications of even noticing her, she felt as if he was there for her. To reach him, she would have to leap a chasm of uncertainty and danger.

As she tried to understand the odd yearning and fear she felt for the man in the corner, the man beside her tried to touch her tit again. She sat up and leaned away from him, and glancing at the lecherous, greedy, look in his eyes, she found the impetus to get off her stool and begin walking to the dark corner.

It was the longest walk she ever taken. At one point, she stopped to put her hand on the bar, steady herself, and shake her head a bit. She ran a quick drink history count in her head, she'd only been nursing her third.

Everything had become distant and surreal, as if the booth in the corner stood through a vast sea of foggy thickened darkness. She took a deep breath and put her hand to her forehead then ran it back through her long curly black hair.

Stepping away from the bar, she walked on, feeling as if she had to reorient herself with every step she took. Yet she walked on, facing the uncertainty, trudging ahead through her mysterious fears.

Without a greeting or invitation, she took a seat in the booth across from the man. As she sat, her mind flashed with scenes of flesh and blood and the most passionate, deepest, darkest, carnal desires.

It took her breath away. She arched her back, pushing her tits out and raised her head as her pussy clenched and a wave of pleasure rolled through her. She gripped the table with her hands, digging her nails into the surface hard, as she looked into his eyes.

She was swept away by a fantasy of pressing her hot wet pussy on his face and his tongue dipping inhumanly deep into her pussy. Both imagining and feeling herself filled by his tongue that grew longer and thicker until it suspended her in the air, and waved her around. His tongue forked, and half plundered her pussy while the other licked and teased her wet clit.

Fighting hard to keep her moans quiet, she writhed before him as her pussy lived this incredible fantasy. She came hard and her body shook as her orgasm steamrolled through every cell of her body. She so clearly saw and felt herself skewered and seduced on his immense magical tongue.

When every last lingering thrill of her orgasm seeped out through her tender steaming skin, she relaxed back into her seat and stared into his eyes. She sat silent and still, gazing at him. Her limbs felt heavy and her wet pussy remained hot and ravenous for more. She could not move or speak, lost in his gaze, waiting patiently and obediently for more.

Time and place slipped away as she sat engulfed by his dark seductive power over her. When he reached his hand out to grasp hers, she flinched in pain as if his fingers were daggers digging into her flesh. The pain was sharp and quick and followed by a feeling of being completely his. When she looked down, there were no blades, no blood, only his hand gently holding hers.

Riding a crest between her old world and his new one, she followed him out a back entrance of the bar. He led her into the woods and turned to face her. In a flash, his hand moved down and quickly ripped her shirt and bra from her body. She saw them laying shredded on the ground, though he used only his hand.

Her skirt and panties followed, and in only seconds she stood before him completely naked. He ran his fingers though her hair and kissed her lips tenderly. She moaned softly and took a step towards him, hungry to feel him against her. He stepped back and again began walking into the woods, she followed along naked, holding his hand.

They walked and walked and she clung to his hand. Somehow knowing that if she let go, she would be lost forever. Her pussy ached to feel him. When finally they broke through the woods, it was like they stepped out into blackness. The ground was flat and smooth, the stars burned brightly against a black sky and illuminated a low black altar.

Without being told, she knew. She let go of his hand and went to lie on the altar, face down. It felt like warm flesh and immediately excited her and made her nipples stand out hard and erect. She rubbed her hips down against it and moaned, as it seemed to embrace her. Her legs spread wide to the corners of the altar and it grasped around her ankles. She smiled and stretched her arms out wide above her and out to the corners and they too were secured down in the warm flesh of the altar.

She felt pain as her flesh opened and became part of the surface. It pushed her ass up as she felt him move in close behind her. He slowly moved between her legs, and though she could not see him with her eyes, she saw his every move within her mind.

As she lay held down and spread open for him, in her mind, she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. She pushed his black jeans down to his knees, as he kneeled between her legs. They fell into the darkness and faded away leaving only his hard thick shaft in her vision. The sight of its immensity and beauty took her breath away.

The silence was broken by his voice, deep and assertive, saying, "You may never return if you take me into you."

In her mind, with no hesitation, she grabbed his shaft in both her hands. She saw them begin glowing with heat as she pulled him into her pinned body. As soon as the thick head of his cock touched her entrance, she felt as if her whole body glowed and opened for him.

His cock powered into her hole, making her gasp out in pain, as he tore her open wide and pushed down deep into her. Without a second for her to recover, he began fucking her hard and fast, punishing her pussy with every thrust. She moaned and writhed in pain, held fast in the blackness, and torn up inside by his immense cock.

She did not struggle, or resist. She welcomed every jaw jarring thrust and took every jolting tearing pain as he fucked her in pure unbridled carnal lust. In time, that lust spread from his dark, quiet, mysterious soul and found its way between her legs. Her moans grew louder and her writhing stronger, fueled by the hottest passion and lust she'd ever experienced.

Past the pain and fear, she embraced his ramming meat and yelled and moaned out in pure pleasure. The hard deep pounding continued unabated, as her passions grew more and more hot, dark, and heightened by the forbidden. She lay in total surrender to the blackness around her, as her pussy was drilled by his huge hard rod. He fucked like a machine, on and on, pushing her to new peaks of joy and excitement.

The black flesh like altar held her fast as he drilled into her from behind. She took every last punishing thrust happily. He let out a thunderous growl that seemed to echo through the darkness from all sides of her. The altar rubbed against her clit as if answering his lust filled release.

His deep loud echoing grunts continued to ring out around her and vibrated through her body. Her clit was on fire as it rubbed against the altar as he pounded into her. The moment he thundered out a long echoing grunt and flooded her pussy with his cum, she yelled out as the most intense orgasm she'd ever felt overwhelmed her senses. It drove her beyond herself and into a world of sheer bliss and desire.

As her orgasm flowed through her, she felt as if she was plummeting back to the surface of the earth. She landed with a soft bounce and giggled, feeling so wonderful and sexually satiated. Her deepest and unknown darkest desires, had been fulfilled in abundance. Giddy and satisfied, she slowly came back to her senses.

She was sitting naked on the ground in the woods and terror rose up within her as she saw the man who had bought her that last drink, laying bloodied before her. Her hands and tits were covered in blood. She shivered with fear and confusion, and then felt him.

Looking up and through the trees into the distance, he was there. She could not see his eyes, but she knew he watched her. As she became steeped in her old reality again, she heard his laughter echo loudly through the woods and taunt her lost soul.

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