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Her First Time


Please note...although this is the second story written, it is in fact our first adventure. All of the tales written have actually happened, sometimes embellished slightly in order to help along their readability. Hope that you enjoy...

Some time ago, my wife and I were in my old hometown in South Florida for a friend's wedding. Coincidentally, my birthday fell just afterwards while we were still there. On the day of my birthday we arranged to pick up an old friend of mine. After some shopping at the local mall, we asked him if he would join us for dinner, he gladly accepted and we got back into the car for the thirty minute drive to the desired restaurant.

To give you a little background information, my wife and I had fantasized about a threesome with this particular friend on numerous occasions during sex, but she wasn't quite sure if she could actually go through with it. She did at least agree to flash him during our afternoon out, enough to get an idea of his reaction, to see if he showed an interest in her charms. To this end, she was dressed in a white off the shoulder peasant blouse, the thin cotton barely concealed her large dark areola. She also wore a denim mini skirt that buttoned completely up the front, underneath these items she wore absolutely nothing. No bra, panties, or pantyhose conspired to conceal her most tender places.

Once we were on the highway headed towards dinner, my wife, seated in the back seat of our rental car, began to rub some moisturizing lotion into her thighs, claiming that the harsh South Florida summer sun was drying them out. As she did this my friend turned back towards her to pick up the conversation and quickly realized that her actions left her legs slightly parted and her glistening slit in plain view. At the moment he was grateful for his sunglasses that allowed him to stare directly at her most private place without appearing to. The remainder of our drive was uneventful though enjoyable, when he would turn back towards her she would always manage to part her legs slightly to allow just a peek.

At dinner my wife and I began suggesting to him that there were a number of eligible women in Pennsylvania that we could introduce him to if he was interested in coming up for a visit. Along those lines I suggested that we should take a few pictures of him to show around to all of those bachelorettes.

After dinner we stopped at a liquor store for a strong bottle of wine to help my wife's courage, in hindsight I think that it was at that moment that she decided to herself that she would go through with our plan, but wanted the wine to help her keep her inhibitions at bay. She suggested that we stop at a local bar for a couple of rounds of shots to continue my birthday celebration. Once at the bar I only drank a couple of beers, preferring to savor the moment and not have it blurred by kamikazis. I did make sure that her glass was always full.

Eventually we made it back to where we were staying, I poured a glass of wine for my wife and our guest and settled down to relax, by this point it was about ten or eleven o'clock and everyone was enjoying themselves. At about midnight I suggested that we go ahead and take a few pictures of my friend for all of those eligible women up north. He agreed and we got started, he asked if he should provide some "cheesecake" poses, seeing nervous anticipation in my wife's face, I told him to take off as much of his clothing as he was comfortable with. We took several shots of him in various stages of undress until he stood before us completely nude. In spite of the amount of alcohol that she had consumed, she was still very embarrassed by the situation that she now found herself in. She would only steal furtive glances at his unclothed body, a rosy blush overcoming her cheeks. When she did take a moment to notice, she became aware that his cock was about the same length as mine at about seven inches, but that his was much thicker, at that moment she knew that she would be in for a special night of sexual excess.

After denying several suggestions to sit next to our guest on the couch, she suggested that I should remove my clothing as well. Without hesitation, I stripped and took a seat at the other end of the couch from my friend, leaving room for my wife if she should care to sit between us.

Some time passed and the situation began to stagnate, I knew something would have to be done soon to keep things moving. I got up and moved in front of my wife's recliner and again tried to coax her over to the couch. Again she blushed and her own nervousness overcame her. She allowed me to unbutton her skirt, a nervous chuckle escaping her lips as her cheeks flushed darkly, until it was completely open. She was nude from the waist down and her slightly parted legs couldn't conceal the fact that she was extremely aroused, but still absolutely embarrassed.

One o'clock in the morning arrived and she rose to go to the bathroom, I was convinced by this point that nothing more would happen that night and dejectedly took her place in the bathroom once she was finished. I continued to convince myself that the night was near it's end and I began to step out of the bathroom feeling disappointed.

As I turned towards the living room my breath was taken away by the sight of my wife and friend locked in a passionate embrace on the couch. Their lips were joined in a lasting kiss, tongues exploring each others as his free hand began to slip between her legs. Once I got over my initial surprise, I stepped up and coaxed her blouse off of her, fondling and nibbling at her hard, excited nipples. He slid down between her legs and began to tease her swollen clit with his tongue until she pulled his face firmly to her sex and came for the first of many times that night.

In the midst of her throes of passion I retrieved a handful of condoms, handing one to our guest as her ecstacy ebbed. Within moments he had it on and began to mount my wife. The thickness of his erect cock slowly stretched the lips and walls of my wife's pussy as he pushed ever deeper. Once she had accommodated his length and girth, he began a slow, driving rhythm that caused her to moan and sigh in satisfaction. Within minutes her wetness allowed her to more easily accept his desire. Recognizing her comfort he repositioned her so that she was facing the couch, on her knees, allowing him to reenter from behind, doggy style.

My delight at the goings on was unmistakable as I urged him on, telling him to "fuck her hard and well, just the way she likes it". With my enthusiastic coaxing, he picked up the pace and strength of his thrusts until she was pleading with pleasure. At that pace I knew that he wouldn't last long, so I prepared myself to take his place and shortly the spasming walls of her cunt caused him to let loose with groans of lust and a load that filled his sheath.Quickly we switched places and I started right in with a frantic pace and my wife's chain of continuous orgasm continued unabated.

Before the night ended with the three of us falling into a contented slumber, my wife had been thoroughly fucked six times, including once where she impaled her pussy onto him from above and I drove my cock into her ass from behind at the same time. All in all it was a night to remember, the few photos that I took of our debauchery always bring a smile to my face and a stirring to my crotch. One day the three of us would have a chance to relive our evening of wanton sex, but for the moment all of us had very fond memories.

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