tagTransgender & CrossdressersHer Friend Came To Visit

Her Friend Came To Visit


Chapter One

A few years ago we had an old friend of my wife's visit us when he was in town. She invited him to stay with us and I didn't know at the time they had been an item 25 years ago. We had dinner and quite a few drinks and were sitting around visiting. She was snuggled up to him on the sofa laughing about old times. She went to fix more drinks and he went to help her. I headed to the bathroom and when I passed the kitchen door he was standing behind her with both hands on her ass. I didn't say anything because we've kind of had an agreement not to restrict each other in what we do. When I got back they were snuggled back up on the sofa with his hand on her thigh just under the edge of her skirt. I just had another drink and tried to enter in to the conversation and was pretty drunk by this time. She said how hot it was and I said jokingly "You've probably got to too much on".

To my surprise she said that was probably right and stood up and pulled her blouse off and slipped out of her skirt and sat back down saying "Oh that's better".

She has really big tits and was in a sheer bra and thong bikini which didn't leave much to the imagination. I acted as if this was nothing unusual and he blushed and said she still looked really fine after all these years. She said "Well thank you", and kissed him. I could tell she was getting really turned on and he looked at me hesitantly.

She gets that way when she's had a lot to drink. I told her she was maybe showing a little too much and she laughed and said, "It's not anything he hasn't seen before."

I gulped the rest of my drink not knowing what to say and not thinking very clearly. She told me to go fixed her another drink and she'd tell me a secret. She was getting pretty silly by now. I gulped down a big shot of scotch to give me courage while I was fixing it and when I came back in she looked at me and said "Do you know Larry has a lot bigger cock than you?"

He was speechless to. I was so drunk I couldn't reply to that. She took a big drink and undid her bra and put his hand on her tit and said "Do they feel as good as you remember?"

He was flustered and said " I don't think that we should be doing this."

She giggled and told him not to mind me because I was a sissy with a little cock. He said she shouldn't say that and she told him "No really, look and this" and came over and pulled one of my socks off before I knew what she was doing.

He could see the bright pink polish on my toenails and said "Oh."

I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. She went back over and sat on his lap and kissed him deeply. "My husband would like to be a girl" she told him and he laughed.

"You think I'm kidding" she said and looked at me and said "take off your pants and show him."

Flushed with embarrassment with having my secret revealed I started to say something and she commanded me again to stand up and drop my pants and let him see what a girl I was. Too drunk to resist I undid by belt and dropped my jeans letting him see the pink satin panties with blue flowers on them that I was wearing. "Oh God, this is wild" he gulped.

"Show him your little pussy cock" she said and in humiliation I pulled the front of my panties down showing him my small cock.

She undid his fly and exposed his huge erection and said, "This is what a real cock looks like."

He just stared at me not knowing what to say. She said" If you want to be a woman you should get used to having men look at you. Go fix yourself up and let Larry see how you like to dress around the house, maybe you'll turn him on."

With them sitting there looking at me while she massaged his big penis I was totally humiliated and went and did as I was told. While they played I sat in the bedroom and put on nail polish wondering what they were doing while I waited for it to dry. Then I put on a garterbelt, stockings and heels and then my panties back on. My wig and bra with the breast enhancers completed my ensemble. In my drunken stupor I went to the bathroom and did my makeup and lipstick trying to make myself as pretty as possible and put on perfume. Feeling embarrassment and a strange excitement I listened to the squeals of "I love it," and "that feels so good" coming from the living room. With my clit swelling in my panties I went back in to see him kneeling in front of the couch greedily licking her bare pussy with her panting and pinching at her swollen nipples. Seeing me back she pulled his face from her wet cunt and asked him how he liked her slutty little bitch whore of a husband.

Laughing he said "Your husband looks pretty sweet. What do I call you, Honey?"

"You can call her Dianne", my wife said and told me to turn around so he could get a good look at me.

He had gotten a lot bolder and crawled over and with one hand squeezed my ass and patted my pussy with the other. "You've got a bulge in your panties little girl, did you get turned on seeing me eat Meg."

He slapped my pantied ass and told me "I think your wife wants my cock. You can go sit down and watch if you want."

I started to say something but then stumbled over to the fireplace and sat down and lit a cigarette watching her suck his cock. She whispered something in his ear and they got up and went in the kitchen. I heard her say something like 'this will be fun' but he needs more to drink'. I had had plenty and could hardly stay sitting straight. They came back in with a tall amber icy drink in a tall glass. I can't drink anymore I thought or I'll pass out.

"We ran out of 7-up so I mixed the bourbon with something else, I hope its alright", she giggled.

I told them I didn't need anymore, but she said "Dianne, you're being a naughty girl, you need to do what you're told", told me to standup and bend over.

He slapped me really hard on the ass and it stung a lot, kind of clearing my head. They sat me back down and with her massaging his cock he pressed the glass to my lips, "Now drink this like a good little sissy husband, Dianne or you'll get a good spanking".

I took a big gulp and it was really strong and tasted kind of salty. Thats enough I told them but she told me to drink more while she held my head and he forced the glass to my mouth spilling some of it down my front. It burned as it went down as I kept swallowing. He handed me the glass now more than half empty and told me to finish it while they played.

Larry was laying on the couch with Meg greedily sucking his cock while he fingered her cunt. It was arousing in my drunken stupor to see her lips sliding up and down his big pole and I started to wish that I could see what it was like to have him in my mouth. "I'd forgotten how good your cock tastes, Sweetheart", she moaned and to me" Dianne don't you wish your little cock was as big as his so I could have this much fun sucking you off. Maybe then you wouldn't want to wear lacy panties."

As I drank more I figured out that it was pee that they had mixed with the whiskey. They laughed as they asked me if I was enjoying the drink. Now I was completely humiliated. Here I was sitting here helpless watching my wife and a guy enjoying fucking while they laughed at me drinking their pee. I drained the glass and mumbled "It was good, maybe you can fix me another.".

They laughed and said it would be a little while before they could mix another one. Seeing his huge penis sliding in and out of her and tasting their piss in my mouth gave me such a hard on that I could hardly stand it. I was really starting to feel the alcohol now and everything was hazy and realized I was massaging my tits and rubbing my clit to relieve the tension. My wife had gotten on the floor on her knees and Larry was fucking her hard from behind. She was so wet that her pussy was making loud slurpy noises as his prick slit in and out. "Look Maggie," he grinned, "your husband must like watching you get fucked, she's playing with her little clit."

All she could do was groan "Oh God your cock feels so good in me. Fuck me harder, darling. I need all of you deep in my cunt."

He kept fucking away smiling at me. "I hope it makes you happy Dianne to see my cock deep in your slutty wife's pussy", he taunted knowing that I was too drunk to move.

"Tell me how much you want me to fill your wife's vagina with my hot sticky sperm. Do you like my cock to?"

Maggie looked up at me playing with myself and "His cock feels so much better than yours in me. I love the feeling of it stretching my insides. I'm glad to see it turns your little girly cock on to see how much I love his prick. Oh God I love you fucking me Larry. I love it so much when you kiss me that it makes my pussy run. Dianne this is what you get when you want to be a sissy girl. I love you honey but his cock is soo much better than yours that it's making my pussy explode. Tell him you'd love to see him put his cock in my pussy any time that he wants. Oh GOD I'm cumming again. Tell him, tell him."

It made me feel more jealous and embarrassed hearing my wife say 'I love you' over and over to him than seeing him fuck her. I heard myself saying as I came in my panties "I love you having your big cock in my Meg's pussy. I'll do anything you want as long as you fuck my wife all she wants. I just came in my panties looking at your beautiful cock fucking her. I want everybody to know how much I love having my wife's pussy full of your sperm. I deserve to have her beautiful cunt full of other guys cum."

I was so drunk that I couldn't stop. "I'll be your pussy slave and do anything you want as long as you won't tell anybody about me and what a sissy I am and how useless my little clit is and how much I like knowing how much she likes fucking you. I wish I could be a real man like you and had your big beautiful cock. Thank you for letting me watch you fuck her. I love getting to have you see me dressed like this and be the one who knows I like being a girl. I loved feeling your hands on me. Fuck her for me you big beautiful hunk and let me see you fill my wife with your hot sticky cum."

"Well get over here and suck my tits while my sweet lover fills my pussy with his stuff," my wife yelled.

I crawled over because I was too drunk to stand and took her big nipple in my mouth as Larry stuck his hand in my pants and played with my pussy, squeezing my sticky little clit until I thought I pass out in ecstasy. He groaned "I'm cumming," and unloaded his spunk into my wife's hungry pussy as she moaned "Oh God Larry fill me up, I want all of your hot jizz inside of me, Oh God, Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh God it feels so hot and good" and she came again.

He pumped for a little while longer making his cock white with frothy pussy juice and sperm and collapsed back on the couch spent. He panted "Honey, you're as good a fuck as you ever were".

Meg lay on the floor exhausted crying. "I love the way you fuck me, my husband never makes me cum like that." She looked at me, smiled and said "Don't you wish you could fuck like that you poor sweet little slut?"

Larry leaned over and kissed me on the neck and whispered" I want to see you suck my fresh sperm out of her cunt you pathetic little slut and show her you're good for something. It's your turn to make her pussy feel good".

In my clouded stupor I put my face between her legs and licked his sticky mess from between her swollen pussy lips. When I tasted his cum I suddenly I couldn't get enough and was licking up her lovers sperm that was running out of her love hole and down the crack of her ass. I swallowed his slippery semen with relish sucking all his juice I could out of her freshly fucked pussy hole, rubbing my face in cum and loving every drop of it. When I couldn't taste anymore I raised up and started to lick his cock which was still covered in frothy cum, sucking his softening cock deeply into my mouth to clean off all their juices. I loved the taste of my wife pussy on his shaft.

"Well you are good for something Dianne", he laughed , saying he had never had anyone's husband want to suck his cock before.

My wife said "She looks good sucking your dick. Maybe she's more of a woman than I thought she was", as she raised on her elbows to watch me swallowing his cock.

"I think I'll tell my girlfriend that my husband likes to suck off the guys who fuck me. She'll never believe it."

"Please don't", I mumbled blushing beet red. By this time I was way beyond caring what anybody thought and could only think about the beautiful big cock in my mouth. To my surprise he didn't try to stop me from sucking him and in a minute he started to get hard again. As his cock grew it filled my mouth to where I could hardly breathe but I kept trying to see how much of his big prick I could swallow. I was rubbing my face in his pubic hair and licking his balls and squeezing my tits.

"I think your husband really likes my cock" he told my wife. "He's sucking me really good. You make a pretty good woman, Honey. It's too bad you don't have a pussy instead of that pathetic little cock."

My wife laughed and said "She has something that's almost as good."

She pulled my panties down. She wiped his cum which was still running out of her cunt (he must have cum a whole bunch) and rubbed the slippery stuff down the crack of my ass.

"I want to watch you make a woman out of him, that's what I think he's always wanted "she told him, "You can fuck his little man pussy".

I couldn't move and my head was swimming and I just kneeled there at her feet with my ass in the air and my pussy open to the world.

"If you really want me to Sweetheart" he said not sounding sure.

"I really do", she laughed "if she wants to act like a sissy slut, lets make her one. Do it for me Darling", she said kissing him.

In a second if felt the slippery head of his cock sliding up and down my ass and pushing against the opening of my little pussy. With his hands squeezing my ass I felt the head pushing inside my tight hole. I tried to relax to ease the pain and pushed back against him feeling his huge cock slip into my wanting cunt.

"Oh my God your pussy's tight Dianne" he groaned and he started pumping his penis deeper and deeper into my love hole.

I exploded inside as the pressure eased and felt how good it felt to have his cock inside me sliding in and out of my hole. I was all tingly inside and my clit was as hard as a rock. I was mumbling "Oh shit that feels good, I love your sweet dick in me, fuck me, fuck me, God your cocks wonderful".

He slapped my ass and "You like my cock in your little pussy, don't you, you sweet little fuckin slut."

"Oh god yes, fuck me harder, you're making my cunt feel soo good."

"I think your husband really likes being a woman", he said to my wife who was sitting playing with herself watching us; "I'm really enjoying fucking her for you. Her pussy feels almost as good as yours, Honey."

Then he pulled out of me slapping my ass again and sat back resting on his elbow with his cock sticking straight up. He had me sit facing him, on his thighs pushing his erection back deeply into my slippery cunt hole. I put my arms around his muscular back pressing my ass down against him try to get every inch of his cock inside me. He had his arm around me and his hand was squeezing my tit and pinching at the hard nipple while he started to suck on my neck. This sent electric sparks all thru my body making me gasp "God I love you Larry".

He told me to hold still for a minute "You're pussy's so tight on my cock that if we don't slow down for a little while you're going to make me cum. Honey, I've wondered what it would feel like to fuck the pussy that a 'girl' like yous has and it's more incredible than I ever imagined."

Then his lips were on mine and felt his probing tongue in my mouth and I kissed him as deeply as I could, probing his hot mouth with my wanton tongue until I couldn't breathe. The desire welled up in me and I came all over his belly.

Smiling he said "I guess you like this you little slut."

To my wife he said "You may be sorry you asked me to do this. Fucking your husband has got me more excited than I ever remember. I love fucking him more than I could have ever imagined. When he came out in the bra and panties I knew I wanted him right now. The thought of him being my pussy slave got me so turned on that I can't believe how good it feels to fuck her. Dianne I think you're almost as sexy as your wife and she's about the most incredible fuck I've ever had."

I laid back and he said "Meg help me fuck your hot little woman".

My wife kneeled on top of me rubbing her cunt in my face and he put my legs on his shoulders. He toyed with his cock at my wet opening and asked "Do you really want this Dianne, Maybe you've had enough. "

"Oh God don't stop now" I begged.

"Will you promise to do anything I say from now on?" he taunted.

"I'll be your woman from now on, oh please fuck me, I'm your slave, Darling. Oh please fuck me, please, I need to feel your cock, my pussy wants you inside me so much that I can't stand it. Make love to me and I'll do anything" I heard my self saying and was embarrassed that I was being such a slut in front of my wife, begging for her lovers cock.

He wiped my cum off his belly rubbing it into my ass crack saying, "Your little man pussy needs some more lubrication".

Sliding all his big hard cock up my throbbing pussy hole Larry started fucking my bottom in earnest while kissing my wife's hungry mouth. Sparks flew though me each time his balls slapped against my ass and I licked at her cunt while they kissed and he groaned and she told him she loved him and to fuck my little sissy cunt harder. "Your hubby has the tight pussy I've ever fucked," as he suck her hard nipples.

"Your cock feels so good in me, you guys are making me feel soo good. I want your hot cum inside me. Oh fuck you're good" I cried.

"Dianne, I'm going to fill up your cunt with all my hot sticky sperm and make you my very own sissy slut."

"Maggie my balls feel like they're going to explode. I'm going to shoot so much cum in her that his little pussy won't be able to hold it all. Oh God Dianne I'm cumming!"

I felt him shudder and I could hardly breathe my wife was pushing her cunt so hard into my face as she yelled "Fill his pussy with your sweet hot sperm, fuck her pussy hard, cum in him, cum in him, cum for me"

Though the blur I felt his cock spasming as pulse after pulse of his thick hot cum shot deep inside me filling my insides with squirt after squirt of his sperm as he groaned what a good fuck I was. It seemed to go on forever until he had emptied all his load inside me. Then he collapsed on to me. With his arms around me, his chest pressing against my tits he kissed me deeply as his softening cock slipped out of my ass. With his soft cock rubbing against mine he told me how much he liked fucking me and now with his sperm inside me I was really his woman. I was exhausted laying there with my ass slippery with Larry's cum which was oozing from my relaxing pussy as they covered me with a blanket.

As I passed out I heard my wife saying "You'll sleep well now little girl with your worn out sissy pussy full of cum."

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