tagFirst TimeHer Hidden Self

Her Hidden Self

byWL Chastain©

She laid on top of the bed wearing only her navy blue cotton panties. Her shoulder length natural curly brown hair was pillowed around her face. Her gray eyes were staring up at the ceiling as her right hand rhythmically moved under her panties. Her large breasts laid flat on her chest and dipped a bit to the sides. They jiggled whenever she moved her right arm to better position her hand. Her legs were spread wide and her toes curled unconsciously whenever she hit her "sweet spot". She was quiet in her pleasure, rarely saying anything aloud. Though she did this in her room, she did not want the other occupants of the house to know what she was doing.

Her hand went faster and her breathing became ragged, quicker. And it was only the hitch in her throat that alerted the man watching her that she had orgasmed. She pulled her hand out of her panties and sucked the juices off. She didn't want to look at the man sitting at the foot of the bed watching her. But she was curious to see his reaction.

"It would have been better for me if you had removed your panties," He stated as he leaned forward in his chair and tweaked her left big toe. "But I'm surprised you allowed me to watch nonetheless. Is there more?"

"If you'd like," She responded with a hesitant smile.

"No, no, no, not like that!" He admonished. "No hesitation, no uncertainty! I not only want your agreement, but I want an enthusiastic agreement!"

"I'm sorry, I'm not used..."

"I realize that and I'm aware of your lack of experience," He dismissed her with a wave of a hand. "I'm here because I want to help you, to bring out what you hide from others."

"I don't know what you want me to do," She wiped a tear from her face. "I've read all the books, read erotica on many websites, seen a few porn movies, I know the technical stuff! But I..."

"You lack the practical experience." He sat back in the chair, his legs spread.

"Yes. I've told you before." She looked away, ashamed at being so emotional and unsure. It was hard for her to be this way when in all other aspects of her life, she was confident and successful. Yet, it was her sex life, or lack of one, that she hides. The part of her that embarrasses her the most.

"I want you to remove those panties and stand before me, placing your hands on my shoulders," He ordered. He sat up taller in the chair and stared at her.

She slid her panties off her hips and down her legs, tossing them onto the pile of clothes in the corner of the room. She stood up and walked towards him and did as he instructed. Her full breasts swayed with each step she took and lifted when she placed her hands on his shoulders. She could feel how warm he was through his long sleeve button down cotton shirt.

He brought his hands to her knees and let his fingers lightly glide up to her hips and back down. He noticed how soft she felt. When his hands moved over her thighs, he could feel her muscles tense and relax. Her musky scent permeated the air. He inhaled, taking her scent inside him. He looked up into her eyes and saw that she was watching him intently, probably wondering what he was going to do next. He knew anything he did would surprise her, for though as book learned as she was, the books left out a lot also. He grabbed her ass and clenched each globe in his hands. He kneaded and squeezed, enjoying the pain he knew she was enduring.

"Painful?" He grinned up.

"Somewhat" She answered, still with that thoughtful look on her face, as if filing away his actions for later review.

"Stop that!" He slapped her ass cheeks with both hands. "I think your problem is you're not focusing in the present. Don't detach yourself from what is being done to you."

"I can't help it," She replied, surprised he knew what she was doing. "I've always been this way."

"Then this is something we can work on," He replied, going back to stroking up and down her lower body. He then reached up and hefted her breasts, surprised at how heavy they were and how firm. "You used to be overweight, you said?"

"Yes, over 400 pounds," She replied, trying not to fall into his lap at the pleasure he was giving her as he kneaded her breasts.

"You still have the stretch marks," He examined her critically. "I'm glad you're no longer that obese. I would not be here now if you were." He thumbed over her nipples and saw them pucker and harden. He ran his thumbs over them a few more times, watching the expressions flit across her face. "If you were still obese, you'd have a hard time feeling this..." He took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suckle her. While mouthing her left breast, he continued to play with her right nipple, tweaking and pinching it.

She had a man suckle her breast once before, when she was obese and she didn't feel anything compared to what was now being done to her. The sensation was more of a twinge with a slight throbbing sensation. The feeling ran down her spins and pooled in between her legs. She had always wanted to feel what was described in the books and stories she'd read. Now she was naked, in front of a fully dressed man who was sucking on her breasts! Will wonders never cease!

"I see you liked that," He chuckled and pulled back. Her nipples were red and hard from his attention. He lowered a hand and felt her pussy. It was hot and wet. He rubbed his palm over and under her mound and pussy, watching for her reaction. He was glad her legs spread wider to accept him. He really wanted to hurry this along as his cock was hard and painfully pressed against his thigh.

He used one hand to open her pussy lips. He saw her inner pink folds glistening with fluid. Her musky scent was stronger in the air. He used his index finger of his other hand to part those inner folds so he could enter her core. He wanted to see how small she was. He wasn't surprised that he could fit his finger in, but barely. He eased his finger in and out of her slowly, stretching her vaginal walls, feeling the heat from inside her bathe his hands in warmth. Whatever she said, this woman wasn't a frigid woman. She just needed to learn to let go and to let things go their own course. Naturally, her responses might have a lot to do with his prowess as well!

"You're so tight. So hot and wet," He said as he continued to finger fuck her. He added a second finger and thrust inside her harder and deeper. Though she was tight, he could feel no virginal wall to break. "When did you lose your virginity?"

He noticed her deep blush and her eyes traveling the room. He stopped his attentions and pulled away from her. "I asked you a question."

"I never actually did, uh, by sex. I had my gynecologist break it when I was twenty-five."

Now that was surprising. "Why did you do that?" He returned to fingering her dripping vaginal cavity with three fingers now. "Why didn't you get it done the old fashioned way?"

"Because I was tired of being rejected by men so I allowed my gynecologist to break it under the pretense it would help me "severe" cramping," She grasped his shoulders and pushed against his hand, enjoying the sensations he was creating.

"Were you fat?" He lubed another finger from his other hand with her pussy juice and fingered her anal hole. "Because if you were, I can see why men would reject you. It sucks, that's true. It's unfair, that's true. But that's the way men are. We're visual creatures. We get turned on by what we see. You women however, get turned on by what you feel. Now tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor."

"Yes, I was fat!" She testily replied. "But I see fat women all the time with men, so I took it as a personal attack, okay?" She glared down at the man before her.

"You're very sexy when you're mad, you know that?" He grinned up at her and pressed his finger into her ass. He saw her stiffen and felt her sphincter clench him tightly. He pressed on until his whole finger was inside her. He pulled it out in time with his hand in her pussy and pushed it back in as well.

"Ohhhhh, that feels sooo..."She gasped and clenched his shoulders with her hands.

"Don't analyze just feel," He replied with a groan. He continued to assault her pussy and her ass until he felt her whole body shake. He could feel her vaginal walls clamping on his fingers. He could barely feel his finger in her ass from the tight hold it had on him.

When her orgasm was over and he could easily pull his fingers out, he did and pushed her back. He stood up and began to undress.

"What are you doing?" She asked, a trace of fear in her voice made him look up.

"We're going to continue, of course." He tossed his clothes on the chair and proceeded to remove his socks and shoes.

"I don't see how, as I've already had one more orgasm than I normally have in a given day" She backed up until her legs hit the bed and she sat down.

He tossed his shoes to the floor and stood straight. She took in his muscular shoulders and arms, the broad chest and the not quite a "six pack" he had. Then she looked lower and saw his stiff cock, jutting out from his body. It was thick, smooth and had a large mushroom head. It looked to be no more than 7 or 8 inches in length. A dark patch of public hair circled his cock. She tilted her head slightly to see his ball sac hanging down between his legs.

"Why don't you take a picture?" He grinned as he strode forward. He didn't expect to be this inflamed over a woman like her. Yet the way she looked at his body made him hot for her. He expected that she didn't know how she looked at this moment. Sitting there, legs splayed out, breasts pointed forward, and a hungry look of desire on her face. Yep, he'd bet she had no clue how sexy she looked.

He pushed her back onto the bed and lifted her legs wide and looked down at her. Holding her ankles in his hands, he had control of how much of her he wanted to see. She just watched him, waiting for his next move.

"Condom?" He inquired as he looked down at her wet pussy. He let the tip of his cock touch her mons and slide down her slit. "Speak now or forever raise the child."

"On the table like you asked, over there." She pointed behind him.

He let go of her legs and went to grab the box he told her to bring. Instead of taking out one, he just pulled out a handful and tossed them all over the large bed.

"So I don't have to go hunting for one when I'm ready to fuck you." He replied to her questioning look. He opened one condom and put it on and grabbed her ankles again.

He splayed her legs wide open and lowered his cock back to her pussy. He let go of one ankle to position himself and them he pressed forward until his large head entered her soft, hot and wet pussy. He grabbed her ankle again once he was anchored inside her.

"Well sweets, there's no going back now. I'm going to fuck you and I'm not going to stop until I'm done." He smiled and leaned over and kissed her on the lips for the first time that night. As he did so, he let his weight fall on her. His cock entered her tight canal smoothly and fully. He let go of her ankles and reached under her shoulders to brace himself. He began to piston himself inside her.

She had never been so full in her life. Not even when she ate that whole cheese pizza by herself and was constipated for a week. The pistoning of his hard cock inside her felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. Sure she had shoved a vibrator inside her once or twice, but it was nothing compared to someone else having the control. She closed her eyes and rode the wave of pleasure building up.

"Don't relax yet," He said in between grunts. "I'm.....going.....to....do....more...to you...before this...night...is doooooone." He groaned out the last word as he pistoned frantically inside her and then stiffened in his release. Sweat fell in droplets off his forehead onto her chest and meandered down between her breasts. He laid on top her for a few moments, letting himself recover. She had wrapped her legs around him and was hugging him tightly to her.

"Let go," He commanded and he rolled off her to lie on his back. "Lay on your stomache with your ass in the air."

He watched as she did as told. He sat up, removed the condom and tossed it into the wastebasket next to the bed. He grabbed another condom and stood up behind her. He placed her legs how he wanted them and pushed on her back to get the angle he desired. He took the juices from her pussy and rubbed it into her puckered star.

"No, wait, I'm not sure I want to do this..." She sat up on her knees and turned her head towards him.

"You're kidding me?" He stared down at her. "Babe, you're hot for this. Sure the first time is always a little painful, but I promise you I'll be careful and take it slow. Besides, will you ever get the chance to do this again? Would you want to?"

"I don't know," She bite her lower lip, indecisive.

"Get back into position and we'll take it a step at a time", He ordered as he pushed her body back into the desired place. With a sneer, he tossed the condom aside and used her pussy juices to lube his hardening cock. He spread her ass cheeks and spit on her puckered hole. He then bent down and tongued her ass, hoping to relax her. His technique worked, after a few moments, he could feel her relaxing, getting into the pleasure he was providing.

With a final adjustment, he stood up and centered his cock against her well-lubed hole and pressed. Encountering resistance, he rubbed the area around the anus and continued to push inside her. When his mushroom head popped in, he stopped. She groaned and sweated at his invasion. She had read about anal sex and had even tried to use a vibrating butt plug but it was too big to get in. She grimaced as she felt his cock slide deeper and deeper inside her. When she felt his pelvis resting against her ass, she sighed with relief. He was all the way in!

Before she could get used to his presence inside her, he grabbed her hips and began to piston inside her slowly but firmly. She whimpered at the burning it created at her anal ring. When he heard her whimpering, he bent over and began to play with her clit. While maintaining a steady speed, thrusting inside her and pulling out, he wiggled and flicked her hardening clit. Now she was groaning with pleasure.

"Yes, feels good doesn't it?" He said as he slapped her ass cheek once, then twice for good measure. The jerks she made upon contact bucked her against him. "Yeah, fuck me back baby, fuck...me...back!" He slapped her ass with each word said and enjoyed how she jerked against him. He continued to alternate playing with her clit and slapping her ass until he felt her shudder in orgasm. He quickly pistoned deeper until he spew hot ropes of cum inside her bowels.

With a groan of exhaustion, he fell on top of her causing her to lie on her stomach spread eagled. He was still inside her ass, but he didn't want to move. The way her body was milking his cock with her orgasm felt too good not to pull out. He lay there until her body stopped the internal spasms and rolled off onto his back next to her.

"That was great" He said. "What a fuck that was."

"My ass is sore, I hope it's not bleeding," She softly spoke. "I feel wet down there."

"Well, I came inside you babe that's why," He replied. "The condom would have torn and it would have been too dry to wear. It would have hurt you more, trust me. I felt you cum. That's four times you've cum tonight. A new record for you, huh?"

"I just want to sleep," She mumbled into the bedcover.

"Uh, babe, you can't sleep yet" He rolled over and rubbed her back. "There's still the matter of my fee."

She rolled away from him and looked at the man who gave her a true fuck session, but she also looked at him as someone who she hired. Her therapist said that this man would help her and yes he did. But boy! Is he ever expensive!

"I wonder if you're covered under my medical insurance?" She asked.

"Why?" He smiled as he traced a circled over her hip.

"Because I see myself needing to have more of these 'sessions'," She grinned.

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