tagLoving WivesHer Horrible Holiday

Her Horrible Holiday


Mrs. Ella Jensen had a strange feeling, it must be a dream, a real nightmare, it can't be me, how can I, a Scandinavian middle class wife and the mother of two children be involved in something as mad as this. But it wasn't any dream. She was stark naked, laying on an air mattress on small hidden sunny beach in Greece. Surrounded by four naked Greek men, three in their early twenties and one in his mid thirties. The three young men had penetrated all her holes and were involved in intensive fucking and giving her the first threesome in her life. The fourth man, her gigolo since yesterday was taking close up pictures with a video camera.

The story had began two weeks ago when Ella's friend and neighbor Karen had asked her to join her for a bargain priced holiday week on the Greek island Crete. Karen could not forget Aggelos, a lover she had met last time she had been there with her sister. Aggelos had continued to be in touch with her and used to send her e-mails in which he begged her to visit him again. Karen wanted to go, but her sister could not join her and going alone had been too suspicious to her husband. Therefore she had persuaded Ella and promised her a romantic date with a handsome friend of her lover.

Ella, who had one holiday week left from the last year, was up to the idea. Her husband had got an increasing interest in sport. Ella had accepted his interest for the local soccer team but now he had even got a burning interest for speedway, which had got to be very popular again and her husband had even bought a satellite receiver to their new huge wide screen TV and spent an increasing time watching the "Eurosport" channel. Not much time left for doing things together with Ella and the children. Even their once in a time great sex life had turned to be on a poor level which had got Ella feel neglected. They had several quarrels about the sports but nothing could get him back to be an average husband again.

Therefore she had, after many doubts, decided to go with Karen and once again feel herself desirable and admired. Though her thirty-six years Ella was still a very attractive woman. Tall, slim, blond and with sparkling blue eyes she knew that she had no problem getting Mediterranean men to be hot and horny about her. The only problem was that her husband had heard rumors about Karen cheating around and feared what Ella could do if she went to Greece together with a slut. He had been in Greece and knew that a high percent of those women who went there without their men usually forget all thoughts about sense and moral when they got off the flight at a southern airport. Therefore he did his best to stop Ella's plans and even promised to cut down his interest for sport if she skipped her trip but he didn't succeed to change her plans.

One week later, a Sunday afternoon the two wives had arrived to a cheap pension in the small town Rethimon and after some rest they dressed up and went to the town to see their dates. They met them at bar with Greek music where they had chosen a discrete both behind some big flowers in a corner. Karen had immediately begun necking with her old lover Aggelos. Ella sat next to his friend Mikis, a very good-looking man in his mid thirties. After less than one hour Karen and Aggelos had got too horny to remain in a public place so they left the bar for his apartment. Mikis persuaded Ella to take a walk with him and soon they were in his small apartment.

Ella, who didn't had a slightest idea that Mikis was a professional gigolo found him very cute and entertaining. If she had known how much Mikis hated married West European sluts she had fled away at once. The main reason for his hate was that he had met and fell in love with a lovely Belgian girl and gone to Belgium with her. In Belgium they planned to get married and open a Greek restaurant. He had worked hard with many long hours to get money for their plans.

But his world and all his plans had collapsed when he found out that she even had a Belgian boyfriend whom she fucked while he worked for their future. He had immediately left her and decided to let those cheating sluts who came to his island for fucking with Greek men pay back with interest. Mikis was a polite handsome man and had no problems to find his preys.

Now he invited Ella to a romantic nightcap with Retsina wine and a salad with Feta cheese on his balcony overlooking the local beach. After that it didn't take very long time for Mikis to get her to forget all her intentions of remaining faithful to her husband. Instead she felt an increasing romantic feeling equal to what she had felt as schoolgirl at her first dates. Mikis was a careful and successful seducer and after a while they both lay naked on his bed. He licked and teased her pussy to be wet but didn't do any attempts to penetrate her before she got so desperate that she begged him to do that. She had to beg him several times before he agreed to give her what she so desperate wanted. It was a night to remember for both of them; especially for Mikis who had a bit easier to do that because he had got her begging and their first hour in his bed videotaped with a small hidden camera.

The next morning he drove her to her pension and promised to be back at noon for taking her to lunch and a boat trip to lovely beach. In the room she found a note from Karen who wrote that she had joined Aggelos for a trip to Kos and expected to be back on Wednesday or Thursday but she was sure that Mikis took so good care of her that she hardly noted her absence. Ella wasn't happy for what Karen did but what could she do.

Mikis was back slight before twelve o'clock and took her to the harbor for where they went to a small boat with an outboard motor in which three young men in their early twenties were sitting. Mikis introduced them as "Beta, Gamma and Delta" which hardly could be their real names. Ella knew that it was the characters "B, C, and D" in the Greek alphabet and not even in Greece could anybody get such names. She asked Mikis and accepted his explanation that their real names were difficult for her to pronounce. The boat was already loaded with a picnic basket and all necessary equipment for a pleasant trip to a beach.

After about 30 minutes on the sea they arrived to a small beach hidden behind some large rocks and therefore not visible from the sea. They began with a lunch from the well supplied picnic basket. Ella got a bit tipsy from the wine and she had no objections when Mikis after their lunch told everybody that they were on a nude beach and had to strip off everything. She had only slight objections when Mikis lay her down on an air mattress and began to fuck her in missionary position until both of them got a dual orgasm. Of course, all three young men got a hard on while watching them. Mikis told her that it was her duty as a good Samarian to help them. When she refused to do that, he told her to be a "good girl" or swim or walk back to town.

What could she do? After all three young men were very handsome and why should she say "no thanks" to an opportunity to get something her husband had refused to give her during a long time? She accepted to help them. Mikis took the command and asked "Gamma" to lie down on his back on the mattress and Ella to ride him. Then he had "Delta" to kneel before her head and Ella to suck his cock. Then it was time for "Beta" to push his rather small and well-lubricated cock into her ass from behind. Ella had never accepted any ass fucking and tried to get away but was held in a fast grip by her three fuckers. The whole action was video taped by Mikis, who taped them from all angles with many close ups. After a while Ella did surrender to the mad event and let them use her as they wanted. "Beta" was the first one to release his load soon followed by "Gamma" and then even by "Delta". Mikis sent them to the sea for a wash up and when they returned he had Ella to be down on her four and even he began to give her the second anal fuck in her life. She accepted her fate and did no attempts to resist him. When he was finish with her he told the boys that it was high time for their "happy hour" which meant that they could fuck her as much as they wanted and in which opening they wanted. They took turns and during the whole hour there was at least one of them in action with her.

Mikis' main goal with the picnic was the video of the threesome and the best sequences from the happy hour. The three young men were students from the Greece mainland, who had got jobs as bartenders at one of the tourist hotels during their summer holiday from the university. Their co-operation with Mikis gave them opportunities to fucking his tourist sluts for free, which was much easier than try to seduce their own sluts and much better and a great saving compared with paying for prostitutes.

Back in town Mikis took Ella back to her pension and told her be ready and nice dressed at eight o'clock when he was back. He promised take her for a good dinner. Karen was away and she didn't want to go out alone so she had no objections.

During the evening they had a good time at a small restaurant with local customers. They took night at his apartment where he showed her the video in which she begged him to fuck her and some sequences from the beach. Ella got a shock and began to cry but Mikis comforted her by promising her that "if she was a good girl and did what he told her to do" nobody would ever see those pictures. The video was only his private insurance against been accused for rape. Ella understood the situation that Mikis had got an advantage on her and she feared for what to come during the next days.

They spent the night together in his bed and he was lovely and tender to her during the two good fucks they had before falling in sleep. After the breakfast he told her that she had been offered a job as model for an artist and he had accepted that for her. She didn't dare to object so he took her for a drive to a cottage at a mountain summit, where they met a strange character. He was a German in his mid sixties who obviously pretended to be an ancient Greek. He was wearing something looking as a nightshirt, which probably was a copy of an old tunic and on his feet he was wearing some kind of old looking sandals, obviously home made. In his face he had an almost yellow beard, which made him look as a goat. He asked them to come in and gave them a glass of chilled Retsina. Mikis and the man spoke Greekish for a while before he gave Mikis an envelope. Mikis told her that she was hired for the next 24 hours and if the artist wanted to fuck her, he was allowed to do that. Then she was told to strip and the artist took her clothes to some other room. Before he left, Mikis told her to be a good girl and promised to be back and catch her the next day.

Once again this horrible holiday had brought Ella to a total unbelievable situation. Standing stark naked before an old goat looking and obviously weird German man in Greek country cottage was a long way from home and her life as a wife and mother who worked as a clerk at the local tax office in a small town Scandinavia.

There was no doubt that the old goat had got a real dose of Viagra because Ella's model job began with a half hour lasting fuck in missionary position before his hard on softened. But after less an hour of painting he had got his tool stone hard again for a new session in bed.

During the lunch break he told her his story that he had won a large amount in the North German Klassenlotterie several years ago and immediately quit his job as history teacher, left his nagging wife, went for Greece, bought this cottage and began a new life as artist. He proudly told her that he had succeed to sell some paintings now and then, which in Ella's opinion must been far more difficult than painting them. But she didn't say that to him. After the lunch he began to paint again and as usual interrupted by fucking breaks.

He was a good cook, during and after a delicious dinner with a lot of Retsina he told her about the history of Crete and about the many different people who had lived there and ruled the island during many thousands of years of its history. His Viagra had obviously lost it's effect because he didn't wanted to fuck her before they took night and she was allowed to sleep in a own bed. Only a quick fuck with his morning hard before breakfast and thereafter work until Mikis arrived about eleven o'clock.

Mikis took her to a tour in the mountains and they had a lunch at a romantic inn in a small village there. Back in town "Beta" and "Delta" was waiting outside Mikis apartment. He let them in and gave them a "happy hour" with Ella, who now was so broken in that she didn't dare to object. Mikis left the apartment for taking care of some errands in town and when he returned after one and a half hour he had Ella to suck him off before he sent her back to her pension in a taxi. He gave her order to be ready and nice dressed at seven o'clock the next evening.

Back at the pension Ella switched on her cell phone, which had been off since she left the room for almost two days ago. She had got several voice messages from her husband who in angry voice asked her what in the hell she was doing and a message from Karen who told her that she was OK but could be delayed to Friday before she was back to Crete.

First she rang her husband and told him her newly invented story that her cell phone had fell into salt water and the pension owner had told her to keep it in sweet water for a couple of days before drying it with a hair blower. She had done as she was told and now it worked again. To her great release her husband accepted her story without any further questions. Karen had no own phone with her so she rang the number from which the text was sent. Aggelos replied and he promised that Karen should call her during the evening. When Karen rang her she told there were some serious problems at the Kos office for Aggelos to fix it and he worked hard on it. Karen had got a daytime job a bar and she was sorry that she had to be away but she had not known about the problems at Aggelos' job. Karen got totally mad and hanged on when Ella asked her if even Aggelos was a pimp.

For the first time since she arrived to this island Ella had got more than 24 hours to recover her now well-used pussy. She took night early and spent most of the next day on the beach. Then she even rang home to her husband and children. At seven o'clock she was standing outside the pension waiting for Mikis who arrived within 10 minutes.

Once again he took her for a drive up to the mountains where they stopped for dinner with a good local wine at a small inn, which made her a bit tipsy before they continued their trip to a bar in small village. The bar was crowded with men and to her great surprise they got applause when they entered in there. There was two stools waiting for them at the bar desk where they sat down and got a double Ouzo each.

Not much happened for a while and she asked Mikes why they were there and why these two stools in a crowded bar had been reserved for them. Mikis told her that one of his cousins owned the bar and they were partners in a lottery, which took place now and then. Tonight was one of those great events. Their lottery was only sold at this bar and the first and only price was a night with her. The rules were simple: The winner "owned" her in a bedroom behind the bar to eight o'clock in the morning and it was up to him what he wanted to do with her, fuck her by himself only, sell her to one or maximum six others or do as most of the winners did, after fucking their price for twice or three times they let some of their best friends get her for free. However, only one man at time and no new men after the bar had closed after midnight. Mikis noted her anger and fear and told her that if she tried any tricks, her husband would get a DVD with all her earlier cheatings with him and the three boys. She felt that she had no choice and accepted her fate to obey to everything Mikis wanted her to do but feared for the worst; she could be forced to fuck six filthy old farmers. There was several such present in the bar.

At nine o'clock the barman rang in a bell and Mikis was given a jar with numbered small balls which he shake several times before she was blindfolded and ordered pick up one ball from the jar. She picked up number 37. To her great relief at least so far, the winner was a well-dressed man in his mid forties who without a word took her arm and led her to a room behind the bar desk. In the room there was only a bed, two chairs, a small table with fruit bowl and in a corner a fridge with beer, soft drinks and wine. Behind an open door there was a bathroom. The man who had won her said only two words, "Please strip."

She did as she was told. Even he undressed and thereafter took her to the bed where he gave her two such a good tender fuckings, the first in missionary position and the second in doggy style that she got intensive orgasms during both of them. When he had ejaculated for the second time, he took a quick shower, dressed and told her, "Nice to meet you. You are mine for the whole night and nobody else is allowed to come in here. Thank you and good night."

She slept well until eight o'clock in the morning when a woman came in to her with breakfast. Mikis cached her at nine o'clock and took her to his apartment where he showed her the DVD he had made about her begging for his cock, her threesome at the beach and the boys fucking her one by one. She almost panicked when he told her that it was for sale and the price was 2000 Euro (about $2700). If she didn't want to buy it, he should ask her husband. If he didn't want it, he had connections with a porn distributor in her country. No problems to get it sold. What she didn't know was that he had sneaked in her purse when she had slept, found her home number, rang her husband who had bought three 5 second long film sequences which Mikis had delivered via e-mail for 500 Euro. She feared what his DVD would mean to her marriage so she went together with him to the bank where 2000 Euro was moved from the credit on her Visa card to Mikis account.

Mikis was satisfied when he came out from the bank. Of course, he had behaved as a real asshole against Ella when he sold those films to her husband, which didn't bother him at all. She had been surprisingly easy prey to broke in. The fat Austrian schoolteacher last week had been a much worse challenge, but he was a professional and had done his job even then. Nobody could deny Ella was a cheating slut and her husband ought to know that. Wasn't it his duty as a man to share that information with a fellow man that happened to be her husband? After all Ella had begged him to fuck her and did it several times before he had fucked her. He had not drugged her, not got her drunk, not hit her and not forced her in any other way to their first fuck. She got fucked only because she begged to be fucked and what he did to her and everything what happened after that first night was a different story. She had got a week of fucking she would never forget and such a cheating slut must be punished but he couldn't do that for free. Of course she had to pay for it, he was a professional and had to pay his expenses.

No more messages from Karen and Ella were in a real mess after she had paid Mikis. Such a damn asshole that had used and blackmailed her. She really regretted the trip and wanted to go home. Karen wasn't back yet why she spent the Saturday alone on the beach. She rang home and got a bit suspicious about how her husband replied with a few words only and hangs on.

Karen was back on Sunday only a half hour before they had to leave the pension. When Ella asked her if she knew that Mikis was a pimp and if she knew, why didn't she had not given her any warning? Karen replied, "And so what? You got plenty of cock and wasn't therefore you came here?"

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