tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHer Hottest Halloween

Her Hottest Halloween


This is a companion piece to The Hills Are Alive... We revisit our heroine Trish as she tries to find a way to top that adventure. It isn't necessary to have read that piece, but she has a habit of being bad like this. She seeks thrill, danger and excitement. Don't judge her, at least she shares her stories.

After the amazing adventure in the mountains Trish discovered she had a sexual abandon she had never realized. Wild insane sex like that was almost all she could think about. She struggled to find a way to match or even top it in her erotic imagination and she came up short.

Then Halloween approached and her spirits lifted. This was a great time of year for her. She shopped and found the perfect outfit. Then she decided on a strategy.

On Halloween Trish put on her minimal outfit and a mental cloak of amusement. Going as little Red Riding Hood she wore a long scarlet cape that came down to mid-thigh had a large hood and slits where her arms could come out when it was closed. It had wooden toggles down the front to button it, and a scarlet satin lining that brushed seductively across her skin. On her feet she wore simple red heels and lacy socks with large frills at the ankle. She anticipated walking a lot tonight.

She wore absolutely nothing under the cape.

Spending hours on her make-up she gave herself an impeccable look of innocence and porcelain perfection. False lashes, white highlights around her eyes and a touch of blue eye shadow to really pop her eyes out; a pale base to make her skin look like it glowed, with a blush blended to look as much like a healthy girl's glow as possible. Light rose lipstick gave her lips a luscious quality that looked natural and delectable.

Her hair she curled in bouncy kewpie doll ringlets, and sprayed them in place.

Any wolf would be unable to stop himself from gobbling her up.

Now she just had to go find a wolf.

Tonight's self imposed restraint was to find someone dressed as a big bad wolf of some sort, and let him have her innocence. The parable made real.

Trish drove around the near the University area looking for a house party that she could crash. It was chilly outside and people were covered up as they entered homes, but still Trish could see a lot of costumes out on the late night streets.

The first party she saw she parked as close as she could and made her way up to the house through the dusting of snow on the walk. Cold gusts of air snuck under the edge of her cloak brushing her sex and her bum, giving her goosebumps, her bare legs tingled as the heat fled from them.

Inside the air was humid and warm, and the living room was packed with people dancing to blasting music. Creatures of all sorts paraded across her view. Aliens, monsters, characters from movies and books, and a large representation of professions done in the "Slut" mode: Slutty firefighter, slutty cop, and slutty cowgirl. For once Trish was not the one showing the most skin, but even so she drew attention, her face so perfect and her demeanor focused.

Yet this party had no wolf for her Red Riding Hood.

Soon she was gone, having wandered through the top floor of the house in a few minutes.

The same results in the next house. There had been a man dressed as a famous cartoon dog, but it was too early to lower her standards yet.

At the forth house Trish found her Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf, and he was certainly on the prowl for a sweet morsel.

They spotted each other almost as soon as she came in; he was in the hall that the front door opened on, and when she closed the door on the cold behind her he turned to see who had come in.

The costume he wore was a simple plastic snout with large furry ears on a headband across the top of his head, he had a furry muscle suit of some sort to beef him up, with a torn dress shirt stretched over it and buttoned to mid chest. The pants were just simple brown slacks, but they had been cut off at the knee to show his hairy legs and feet in sneakers with no socks. He had painted his face to look furry and put black lipstick on.

And in case anyone missed it, he had Big Bad Wolf written on cardboard on his back.

A large lupine smile spread across his face at the sight of her. Trish smiled back, pleased at his reaction, but she quickly switched to timid little girl behavior and looked down shyly.

Taking a few tentative steps down the hall she glanced into the living room to see more dancing bodies, with the same sort of collection of creatures writhing about to the music.

"Well you must be little Red Riding Hood." Said a husky voice at her ear. "Can I see your goodies?"

Turning to look up at him from under her lashes, and moving a step away, Trish clutched her hands in front of herself, and said, " I'm not suppose to let anyone see my goodies."

The Wolf grinned slyly at her.

"Aw you can let me see. I won't tell anybody."

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers in the woods."

"Do you always do what you're told?"

"I try to, but sometimes I'm a bad little girl."

"Oh no!"

"I can't help it! I do try so hard to be good, but..."


Trish looked up and held his gaze, "But being bad is so much fun."

She then skipped off into the dancing crowd and began to join in with the twirling mass of bodies.

Lifting her arms up, Trish could feel the satin lining of her cloak slide up and up over her thighs showing off her legs. The slits cut in the cape for the arms were low, just above the waist, to allow access out from the elbow down. When she lifted her arms up most of the cape had to lift to accommodate. If she lifted her arms all the way over her head, the cloak would raise above her waist, revealing her nudity. She had practiced how high she could go in the mirror at home.

Twirling around on the dance floor to Lady Gaga's Poker Face, Trish did a seductive dance letting the cape lift and fall with her serpentine arm movements. Spinning and swaying she twirled the cape out and away from her body, the hood catching air and lifting high, her ringlets bouncing around her head in a flaxen cascade.

Expecting the Wolf to follow her so she could tease him on the dance floor, Trish was disappointed to not see him near her. As she danced she glanced around trying to spot him. When she did see him he was beside the D.J at his table saying something into the man's ear.

The DJ leaned over to his laptop and mixed in a Daf Punk song which got a cheer from the dancers, then began looking for something on his screen.

Confident that her Wolf was not going to stop the hunt so quickly Trish allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure of dancing, giving in to the beat and the electronic voice singing to her.

As people around Trish began to notice her dancing, they unconsciously backed off a little to give her room. The fluidity of her movements, and the grace with which she danced caught the eye of anyone who glimpsed her through the teeming mass.

Fully in her own world now, Trish was barely aware of the attention she was getting, it gave her a thrill knowing she had an audience and she gave herself over to the performance, as limited as it was by space, and the restrictions of her cloak. The Wolf was the one she wanted to let see her naked first, not this crowd.

Then the music faded and a recorded howl filled the room.

A guitar played a descending eerie scale, and the singer said;

"Who's that I see walkin' in these woods?

Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood."

The crowd laughed at the song choice and looked at Trish. She turned to the table where the DJ was set up just as her Big Bad Wolf prowled onto the dance floor.

Lip synching the song the Wolf stalked her, the crowd parting for the performance.

"Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,

You sure are looking good.

You're everything a big bad wolf could want."

Walking in rhythm to the slow beat of the song the Wolf approached her. Trish played scared and looked around for escape. With the end of the verse the Wolf was right beside her and she darted past him to the open space behind him.

Reaching out he grabbed her arm.

"Listen to me."

Spinning her around he sang to her;

"Little Red Riding Hood

I don't think little big girls should

Go walking in these spooky old woods alone."

Really playing it up he looked around at the imaginary woods and Trish peered fearfully at the places he was looking, the crowd was grinning at the display.

The Wolf howled, both the real one and the recorded one, and the tempo changed, Trish began to dance a writhing, rippling movement simulating her fear, her feet planted in one spot as the Wolf circled her lip synching the chorus.

"What big eyes you have,

The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.

So just to see that you don't get chased

I think I ought to walk with you for a ways.

What full lips you have.

They're sure to lure someone bad.

So until you get to grandma's place

I think you ought to walk with me and be safe."

The tempo returned to the slower more tense beat and Trish stopped dancing, returning to her scared girl act. The Wolf offered her his arm as he "sang";

"I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on

Until I'm sure that you've been shown

That I can be trusted walking with you alone."

They circled the now empty dance floor and performed for the whole party.


With this howl Trish shivered, and clung to his arm.

"Little Red Riding Hood

I'd like to hold you if I could

But you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't"

The Wolf spun her toward him, grabbing both her arms and moving in close, then as he howled he threw himself away from her.


Now he moved away from her and Trish stalked him as the chorus returned the faster beat, Trish reached up and began to undo the top button of her cloak, and cheers erupted from the crowd, both men and women.

"What a big heart I have-the better to love you with.

Little Red Riding Hood

Even bad wolves can be good.

I'll try to be satisfied just to walk close by your side.

Maybe you'll see things my way before we get to grandma's place."

By the time the song returned to the verse Trish had undone three of her buttons, leaving only two more and her movements opened the cape enough to reveal that she didn't have anything on up top. Flashes of skin drew more howls from the crowd.

"Little Red Riding Hood

You sure are looking good

You're everything that a big bad wolf could want.

Owoooooooo! I mean baaaaaa! Baaa?"

Stalking the Wolf around the circle of onlookers Trish undid the last two buttons and as the howl happened she opened her cloak wide flashing her would be lover and the people on that side of the circle. The Wolf rushed inside the crimson embrace and Trish closed the cape behind him as he hugged her.

The crowd burst into cheers and applause and the DJ played a remix of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf to more cheers.

Beneath the cape the Wolf pressed himself against her and moved with the music, he rested his hands lightly on her back. Shy at first.

"That was excellent. Thanks for playing along."

Pulling back her head so she could see his face Trish looked up at him with her eyes as wide as possible and said, "My, what big eyes you have."

"All the better to see you with my sweet. And I like what I see." He smiled his best Wolfie smile." What's your name?"

"My, what a big mouth you have." She said with a little heat on it."

"Okay, I get it. All the better to eat you with my delectable morsel."

Now placated Trish said, "And, oh my, what big hands you have."

"All the better to hold you with." And the Wolf began to run his hands all over her back, massaging her muscles and pulling her closer to him. Pressing her breasts against his fur-covered chest Trish rubbed her naked flesh up and down him. The Wolf found her ass and began to squeeze her cheeks as she moaned up into his ear.

Arms encircling his shoulders Trish held the cape around them as they danced and the Wolf groped her under the cover of her cloak, which just barely covered her ass and his busy hands.

"Oh my, what long fingers you have." She whispered into his ear, and on cue the Wolf slid one hand around to her front and began to slide a digit up and down her slippery groove.

"All the better to feel you with." His voice breathed into her ear. Sighing her approval Trish took a wider stance allow him deeper access. Now his finger dipped inside her slot, and curled around seeking her g-spot. When he rubbed Trish shuddered with titillation. It had been so long since she'd had a man touch her.

Tilting her head to the side a bit Trish opened her mouth and the Wolf kissed her, his prosthetic nose getting in the way on the first try. Their tongues slipping around each other the two kissed in the middle of the floor, while the Wolf's fingers groped and prodded her.

As the song ended Trish's legs were trembling with passion, her clit tingling with desire as the Wolf's palm pressed against it while probing her depths. His mouth tasted like beer, and mint, and a hint of the waxy taste of his make-up as she licked the paint off his lips.

The Wolf's other hand now came around from her back and began to knead her breasts, first one then the other; all the while he devoured her face, kissing her everywhere as his passion began to overwhelm him.

Breathless Trish held his shoulders and enjoyed the onslaught of his hands and mouth. No-one could see exactly what was happening under her cloak, but Trish was sure they knew what was going on, and it made her shiver with lust. Would he have the courage to fuck her right here in front of all these people? Did she really want that?

The first tingles of an orgasm answered for her. Yes, she did want that, the thought made her clench in anticipation of the orgasm that would give her.

Feeling trapped by the cloak she was holding around them, Trish wanted desperately to reach down and caress his cock, but she wasn't sure she should in case these were all his friends.

People were starting to watch them, their mounting passion clearly evident. Through half closed eyes Trish watched fingers pointing and faces looking shocked. Giving herself over to her wildest impulse Trish let the cloak fall from her grip on the right side, and lowered her arm to his crotch. Exposed now to a group of people on that side of the room, the Wolf's hands plucked at her aching nipple and prodded her between the legs. Rubbing the length of his shaft with her hand Trish watched the reactions of the crowd around them. Grins, shock, and blushes flashed across the faces arrayed around them. Feeling herself slipping over the precipice of her passion Trish tingled at the thrill of being seen in the imminent throws of climax.

Turning her head to the other side of his, as he kissed her neck, Trish looked to see what the rest of the room was doing. Not as many people were watching on that side, but enough had noticed something going on that she felt another shiver of lust. Men were trying to edge around to the open side of her cloak, to see what was happening. Women stood rigid, curious and appalled seemingly in equal measure.

Beyond the point of resisting Trish dropped her other arm and threw back the cape to show any who cared to look her nakedness, the fingers bringing her to fulfillment, and her hand groping his manhood.

The Wolf couldn't help but notice the heat change, the light change, and the sounds of voices stopping. Looking up from her neck he took in what was happening. And when a few guys cheered him on, the Wolf threw back his head and howled.

Now the whole dance floor was watching, no one moved as the Wolf's nimble fingers brought Trish to orgasm. Reaching up to brace herself against his chest Trish trembled as her body surged with release. Thighs gripping his hand, holding him inside her, Trish bucked against him rubbing her clit on his palm, driving his finger deeper. This was her first orgasm in over a month. Mouth open in silent joy, she juddered and heaved as her orgasm inundated her senses.

All those eyes, so many disapproving, Trish felt totally exposed in a way she never had before and Trish loved it. Letting her arm fall from his hard on, and out of the opening of her cloak Trish further exposed herself as the cape fell from her shoulder. Now her back and ass were in view as well, her cheeks clenching and unclenching as her orgasm made her shudder with release.

By the time she was done, and had collapsed against her partner Trish was ready to do anything.

A man dressed as a construction worked approached the couple. Reached out he lifted Trish's cape and put it around her, the Wolf stepped back pulling his hand from her gripping thighs.

The construction worker ignored the random boos from the gathered crowd and shouted over the music. "Okay guys, I think you'd better leave."

Panting Trish looked up at him from beneath her lowered eyelids, "Are you the Woodsman come to save me?"

"No I'm the host and I don't want to upset the crowd."

"They don't look upset to me." Said the Wolf.

"Dude what are you gonna do? Fuck her right here?"

Both men turned to Trish to gauge her reaction to that question.

"My, what a big crowd you have." She said.

The two men gaped at her, not sure what to make of that statement.

Trish looked at the Wolf and repeated herself. "My. What a big crowd you have."

Hesitantly he replied, "All the better to show you to?"

Trish smiled at both of them in turn.

The crowd was pushing closer trying to hear what was being said, and trying to glimpse the naked girl. The faces were mostly men, but not exclusively.

Reaching one furry paw up to her cloak the Wolf took the hood in his hands and pulled it up and away from her body, Trish did a pirouette and removed her remaining arm from the sleeve hole and stood exposed before the crowd.

Looking at the Construction worker, she said "My what a wet pussy I have."

The Wolf snarled, "All the better to taste!"

Dropping to his knees the Wolf nuzzled his mouth against her folds and began to lick her, his rubber nose pressed against her button. Reaching out her arm Trish clutched at the Construction Worker's shoulder to steady herself.

The crowd cheered yet again, mad with lust at seeing this gorgeous woman with her pussy being licked. Lifting a leg over his back Trish ground her cunt onto the Wolf's tongue, her chest heaving with passion, nipples hard and up thrust.

People in the back fought their way closer trying to see what was going on, Trish leaned back against the pressing bodies and after a moment hands began to grope her, caressing her breasts and buttocks.

Then unexpectedly they lifted her up to shoulder height, and she was crowd surfing. The Wolf rose to the new height and buried his face between her legs again, his rubber nose pulled down around his neck.

Many hands pulled her limbs wide apart as they fondled and squeezed her flesh. Spread eagle, pulled in every direction on a rack of pleasure Trish cried out with joy as hands tugged on her, pinching her, prodding her, and caressing her. The contrast of the lapping tongue licking her and the pinching, groping hands was wonderful. Pleasure and pain, both. Trish was in heaven.

"Put her down." The Wolf demanded, and Trish was lowered back to the wooden floor. Still spread before their collective gaze Trish quivered with apprehension and excitement.

The Wolf lowered himself between her legs and she saw that his cock was out of his fly. The head was aimed at her opening, and voices began to roar with approval. Placing himself at her juncture the Wolf leered down at her and Trish looked up, glazed with lust, her make-up smeared across her face, marred with the dark strokes of his black lipped kisses.

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