tagLoving WivesHer Husband's Boss

Her Husband's Boss


Patty stepped out of the bath. She liked to soak after her morning workout. This was her favourite time of the day. The kids were at school, her husband was at work, the housework and exercise was done and she had a little time to relax before she had to start running errands and become the family taxi service again. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look bad for 35. She'd been a tall and gangly teenager, but after three children she'd developed hips, a soft and rounded stomach and D-cup breasts.

She was woken from her daydreaming by the sound of the phone. She picked it up and smiled at the sound of her husband's voice.

"Hi darling!" he said. "Did I interrupt anything?"

"I was just admiring my naked body," she replied teasingly. In their early days as husband and wife Tony had snuck home for lunchtime sex, but then the kids had started arriving and now Tony's work kept him too busy during the day. "What can I do for you?"

"Danny will be popping by for some papers I left on my desk at home. They're in a blue folder. Can you give them to him?"

"I sure can." She hung up after telling Tony that she loved him.

She shuddered at the thought of Danny. He was 5 years younger than Tony and he didn't have half the experience or qualifications of her husband. But Danny had married the owner's daughter and he'd recently been promoted as Tony's boss, the very job Tony had been coveting for years. To make matters worse Tony had ended up doing most of Danny's job for him since Danny was lazy and incompetent. Tony had been getting increasingly depressed lately and Patty wanted to help him, but she hadn't known how. Until now.

An idea was rapidly taking shape in Patty's head. She called Louisa, her best friend and neighbour.

"Hi Lou! Do you have a couple of hours to spare?" She explained her idea to her friend who was more than happy to join in.

A short while later there was a knock on the door and Lou stepped in, wearing only a dressing gown.

"Where should we do it?" Lou asked. "In the bedroom?"

"Yes," Patty agreed. "It's too short notice to set up anything else?"

"And are you sure he'll fall for it?"

"Oh, I'm sure. The last Christmas party his hands were all over me. He couldn't get enough of me. But I can't be in the pictures. They'll recognise me."

Patty and Lou went into the bedroom and cleared the bed of the duvet and removed all photos and possessions that could identify its owner. They then moved the bed to the opposite wall and put the bedside tables under the window. Short of redecorating it was the best they could do to make it look as different as possible. Lou took off her dressing gown and threw it in a heap. Patty did the same. They both lay down on the bed and started caressing each other, wanting to look as hot and flustered as possible when Danny arrived. Like Patty, Lou's body had developed those deliciously feminine curves after carrying four children.

"Do you remember when we used to do this as foreplay?" Patty whispered against Lou's stiffening nipples.

"Yes, I used to get so turned on by the sight of Matt and Tony stroking their cocks while watching us. I miss those days."

"Me too," Patty replied as she kissed her way down across Lou's stomach and past her trimmed dark triangle. Lou parted her legs wide and Patty dove in. Lou's pussy tasted even better than Patty remembered. She buried her face in the wet slit, wanting to get her face covered by the sweet juices. Lou moaned as Patty started tongue fucking her. Patty's tongue slid in and out of Lou's hot hole. She wasn't as tight as Patty remembered, but then neither was Patty. She knew that they both did their exercises and they were remarkably tight for someone who'd given birth several times.

Just as Patty thought Lou was gonna cum they were interrupted by the doorbell. Patty stepped up from between Lou's legs and put her dressing gown back on. She was flustered and her face was wet with pussy juices. She wrapped the gown around herself, leaving ample cleavage. She took a deep breath before she opened the door.

"Hello Danny," she smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"Hi Patricia," he replied, trying not to stare at her erect nipples that were threatening to poke through her gown. "I've come for a folder."

"Oh yes," she said and giggled nervously. "I haven't had a chance to look for it. Would you be so kind as to help me find it?"

"Sure thing." Danny stepped in and closed the door behind him.

"Tony's office is down the hall," Patty said over her shoulder as she led Danny towards the bedrooms. She glanced in through the wide open bedroom door and saw that Lou was finger fucking herself. Patty almost laughed out loud, Lou was a genius.

"Did I interrupt anything?" Danny asked as they reached Tony's office.

"Oh, nothing important. I was just eating my friend's pussy," Patty stated matter-of-factly. "Is this the folder?" She'd found a blue folder with the company logo.

"Yes, that's the folder." Danny smiled at her and walked up to her, locking her between himself and the desk. "I wouldn't say that eating your friend's pussy is nothing important. Has she been eating yours?"

"Not today..." Patty whispered back.

"Will she be eating it today?" his lips caressed Patty's lips, tasting Lou's pussy as he went along.

"As soon as you're gone," Patty replied, licking Danny's lips with the tip of her tongue.

"Would you mind if I stayed and watched?" Danny whispered.

"Yes. We don't like an audience," Patty replied and saw the disappointed look on Danny's face.

"But you're welcome to participate."

Patty and Danny turned and saw Lou in the door opening. She was naked and kneading her tits. Patty dropped her gown and walked over to Lou, kissing her deeply and caressing her tits.

"How about it Danny?" Patty and Lou looked up from their caress, their tits pressed against each other. "Do you want to share your cock with us?"

Danny didn't speak. He quickly shed his clothes and walked over to Patty and Lou with his semi-erect cock in his hand.

"I can't wait to taste this big boy," Lou smiled at Danny and gave him a kiss. "Come to bed with me."

Lou directed Danny to lie down on the bed and she dove straight down on his cock, sucking it in to her warm mouth. Patty straddled his chest, rubbing her wet cunt across his chest hair and leaning forward for him to suck on her tits. He moaned out loud and bit Patty's nipple as he felt Lou deep throating him.

"Are you hungry for some pussy, Danny?" Patty asked him and he smiled and nodded.

Patty stepped off him, turned around and straddled his face with his head tucked tightly between her legs. He might be incompetent at work, but he wasn't too bad at pussy eating. His tongue lapped up Patty's wetness before he parted her pussy lips. He licked all the way from her clit to her asshole and then back again. He repeated this action. Then he took her clit between his lips and started flicking across it with his tongue. Patty moaned out loud with pleasure. She then felt Danny's tongue starting to fuck her, drinking her sweet juices. She knew she was gonna cum soon.

Lou looked up at Patty who seemed to be lost in her own pleasure. She quickly changed her grip on Danny's shaft, sucking his balls briefly while tapping Patty on her breast. Patty was panting but she noticed what Lou was trying to tell her. While sucking on Danny's balls she was pointing at a birthmark right next to his erect shaft. It was very distinct. Patty reached for the digital camera that she'd hidden under one of the pillows and she took a few snaps, happy that the room was light enough for her not to need the flash. As soon as Patty was done taking the photos Lou started sucking his shaft hard again.

Patty quickly put the camera back and with Danny's tongue fucking her furiously she finally gave in to her orgasm. Her cunt contracted tight around his tongue and she screamed out her pleasure. She stepped off Danny's face and let her breasts fall on his chest as she kissed him deeply, tasting her own juices on him. In that instance Danny let out a roar and shot his load into Lou's hungry mouth. As Lou crawled up to let him taste his own cum Patty wished she had the camera with her, but she didn't want to risk it yet.

"This was lovely, ladies," Danny smiled and moved to get out of bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Patty asked.

"Back to the office," he replied.

"Without fucking us first?"


"You can't go without letting me have a taste of your cock..." Patty demanded.

"OK, I'll stay a little bit longer."

Patty and Lou sucked him hard in no time. With Patty's mouth on his cock and Lou sucking his balls his shaft was soon ready for more action. Lou lay down and Patty started licking her wet cunt. Patty's ass was up in the air and her legs were spread, showing her wet hole as an open invitation to Danny's cock. It didn't take him long to slide in. Patty was sucking hard on Lou's engorged clit as Danny started pumping her from behind. He was rough and hard and she found herself enjoying it. Every time he slammed into her his heavy balls came hard into her clit, making her gasp for air, but with her face buried in Lou's cunt she only sucked Lou harder.

Lou was kneading her big tits in Danny's view. It only made him fuck Patty harder. These two housewives were amazing. Patty had always been so cold towards him, but it was obviously a game to hide how horny she'd been for him. Maybe he'd make her husband go away on business so that he could come here and fuck her again. Patty started finger fucking Lou. Her own cunt was dripping down her thighs as Danny fucked her and she was sucking up just as much juice from Lou's cunt. It tasted so good. She wanted to go on forever, but she was on a mission and she had to cum before Danny was ready to.

With extra pressure on Lou's clit and with her fingers hitting Lou's g-spot Patty gave in to the pleasure of the deep and hard fuck Danny was giving her. Both women cried out in unison as their bodies convulsed and their cunts contracted around the cock and fingers that were fucking them. Patty raised her head from Lou's cunt and pulled away from Danny as she leaned over Lou and kissed her deeply, sharing Lou's pussy juices.

"Please Danny," Lou begged. "Let me ride you."

Danny didn't complain. He lay down and watched his cock disappear up the wet cunt that was so warm and wonderful around his shaft. Patty kneeled between his legs and licked his balls as he reached up and played with Lou's tits. Slowly, slowly Patty moved away and encouraged Danny and Lou. Danny responded and started sucking hard on Lou's tits. Patty once again reached for the camera and managed to get a couple of snaps of Danny with his cock up Lou's cunt and his mouth sucking on her big tit and his hand squeezing the other.

"Danny," Lou panted as she saw Patty's thumbs up. "I'm going to cum soon. I want you on top when I cum and you can't cum inside me cause I'm not on the pill."

Danny and Lou rolled over and now Danny was fucking her hard. He was slamming into her, grinding into her clit with each thrust. Neither one seemed aware of Patty being in the room. She managed to get a few more photos. The sound of the digital camera was deafened by the wet fuck noises of Danny's cock burying itself deep inside Lou's hungry cunt.

Lou moaned out loud and screamed Danny's name as her cunt convulsed around Danny's pumping cock. He picked up the pace even more and as soon as Lou's throbbing cunt was done cumming he pulled out and with a roar he shot his load all over Lou's stomach and tits. Patty took as many snaps as she dared and then she opened a dresser drawer and slipped the camera inside.

Patty walked over to the bed and kneeled next to Danny and Lou, kissing his cum off her friend's tits.

"This was great, Danny," she smiled at him and kissed him, slipping him some of his own cum.

"It sure was," he kissed her back. "Can we do it again tomorrow?"

"I don't think our husbands would be too happy about that," Lou replied. "I think we should keep it as a one off, a good memory."

"I'm not so sure about that," Danny said with an evil smile. "You see, if I don't get to fuck you two again I'll tell Patty's husband about today and he won't be happy about that."

"We'll discuss that another time," Patty said coldly.

"I'll call you tomorrow." With those words Danny left the bedroom, collected the folder and his clothes from the study and soon left the house.

"I don't feel the least bit guilty about this anymore," Patty said to Lou.

Lou and Patty had a long shower together, taking time to finger each other to yet another orgasm. They each got dressed and then Patty went over to Lou's house with the digital camera. The pictures were rather dark, but with Lou's graphic design talents they managed to make them lighter and cut anything in the background that could identify Patty's home. They were particularly happy with a picture Patty had managed to get when Danny was cumming. His cock was wet with Lou's juices and his face was twisted with his orgasm.

They copied the pictures on to a few CD's and went on with their errands of the day. Late that night when Patty had tucked in the kids and relaxed in Tony's arms she thought it was time to tell him what had happened.

"Sweetie," she said. "Lou and I had some fun in bed today."

"Is that why the furniture was rearranged?"

"Partly. We ate each other and then we fucked."

"With your dildos? I wish you'd waited until Matt and I could join in."

"Well, today that wasn't possible. We had another man in the house?"

Tony pulled away and looked at his wife who'd always been faithful. "Another man?"

"Come here and have a look," Patty pulled Tony with her to his study and produced the one CD that she hadn't posted. She put it in the computer and started the slide show. Tony gasped as he recognised Danny and Lou and Danny cumming all over his neighbour's wife.

"I posted this to Mr Motson and his daughter, Danny's wife, this afternoon," Patty said with a smile. "They should be getting it tomorrow."

Tony turned off the computer and picked up his wife. He went straight to the bedroom and pulled her clothes off, followed by his. With a quick touch of his finger he felt how wet she was for him. He shoved his cock inside her and pulled her legs up over his shoulder. As he leaned forward to kiss her and suck on her tits he raised her ass off the bed, letting him deeper inside her cunt.

Patty panted. She loved the feeling of her husband's thick cock possessing her hungry cunt. He was pumping her with long, deliberate strokes. Almost out completely and then straight back in again. He got deeper and deeper inside her. Her cunt was throbbing around him, trying to suck him deeper. His lips closed over her sensitised nipple and his fingers grabbed the other one. She couldn't breathe. Tony fucked her harder and harder. She felt his pubic bone slamming hard against her clit. They were both panting. Soon Patty had to give in and with a moan she allowed her cunt to cum around her husband's shaft. He still pumped her throughout her orgasm, which had her cunt gripping his cock hard.

Tony pulled out of Patty's cunt and turned her over. Once again he slammed his shaft into his wife's hot cunt. He pulled her up by her tits as he slid in and out her wet hole. He reached around and stimulated her clit. Nothing was said. Tony's hands and cock were possessing his wife's body. He increased the pressure on Patty's clit. He fucked her harder and deeper. He was a man possessed. Each time his cock was all the way inside her cunt he gyrated his hips, making her feel his entire length, leaving her in no doubt as to who was fucking her. She lost control again. Her cunt convulsed around Tony's cock and she almost screamed as she felt the final slam into her as he finally let go and shot his heavy load up his wife's hungry cunt.

Patty and Tony collapsed together on the bed and fell asleep. In the morning they showered together and fucked against the tiles under the hot water. With a lingering kiss they said goodbye and Patty went on to get the kids off to school. At lunchtime Patty was having a cup of coffee with Lou when her cell phone rang. It was Tony.

"Hi honey," she said nervously. "How are you?"

"I've just been promoted, effective immediately," he said and she could hear the smile on his voice.

"Congratulations!" She was so proud of him.

"Arrange for the kids to go to grandma's this weekend and tell Lou to do the same. I think Matt and I deserve a highly visual apology from our whoring wives."

Patty hung up and smiled at Lou. "It looks like we're going to have some fun this weekend!"

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