Her Kiss


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The rain was endless and as each droplet hit the window pane I felt its eternity. I have found myself staring blankly into its depth more often then not now-a-days. The nights were many and rained filled nights seemed to be the worse. Rainy nights often reminded me when I first discovered Him, the night filled with passion and His kiss. I have never regretted that night but that was the only rainy night that brought me such great pleasure.

He was here, He was always here and as endless as the night was, I could find my pleasure with Him. Love making was always passionate, arousing and... the same. I suppose I should be grateful, He gave me eternity of beauty and youth with just bite of His kiss. My senses from that kiss had become more intense, which made love making even more erotic. I saw imagines I could never see before, feel sensations that couldn't be felt and hear words that were never meant to be heard. I enjoyed these new abilities and it seemed like years before I had complete control over their effect upon me. Yet, with the mere thought of His touch, His kiss I felt the stirring of that fire, like I had the first night we had met.

As if He could sense my thoughts His strong hands glided down my arms tenderly, two lovers about to emerge into ecstasy beyond human fantasy. He had not been there before; I was alone lost in my thoughts, becoming excited at my own memories. His face came close to mine and as I could feel His body press against me, I closed my eyes completely surrendering to Him. I never fought against the urge to be taken by Him; it was too extreme to not want to explore it willingly.

"You have yet to leave our home, my dark bride." His said, voice rich and thick with accent.

"Mmmm... my love is here." I told Him yearning to be seduce. A small nibble tickled my neck and His nose brushed against my hair. I could feel Him breathing in my scent. His hands found my breasts and the seductive dance began.

With each firm squeeze of my breast, a more demanding kiss came to my neck. I could feel the passion burn in Him, the desire He was about to unleash without a care of how demanding it would be was what my body demanded. This is what I wanted; I was His for the taking. Harsher squeezing, more kissing, the more I lost my self. I gasped pressing my hands against the window seal to steady myself. 'Oh my lord, please more. Please take me now.' With a deep breath, as if He was coming up for air, He rubbed His head against the dark luscious curls of my hair. My thighs were already wet and I could smell the pheromones my body emitted so willingly.

"My love." He began, still squeezing each breast. I could feel His manhood take its firmness and press against my backside. I knew I was about to explore the depths of His erotic world once again. I was not about to deny Him either. "My love. It is time."

'Time? Yes, true. It was time.' I thought. I turned instinctively to allow Him to undress me and to explore with an intensified demand each inch of my body. My lips found His neck and while the canine teeth grew sharper I suckled gently kissing and licking.

"It's time." He said with a great passion in His accent. He wanted me too, I could feel it, yet there was something in His voice that warned me there was a new adventure about to take place.

As if on cue a young beauty entered our room, breathless and scared, a mirrored imagine of me so many years ago. As we turned to face her with unexpected surprise she gasped at the sight of us. I, still panting from being highly aroused with teeth still long and ready to bite, was overcome by innocent aurora that glowed around her.

"I'm so sorry." She cried instantly. "I was being chased by something. I didn't mean to... I mean I didn't know that someone lived here. I... I... I'm sorry." She stammered through stepping back away from us. She had obviously been running in the rain, her dress mud stained and ripped. Her long hair, longer than mine a sweet innocent mousy brown, was disarrayed and matted against her sweet face.

A gentle rub of His powerful hand against my back side made me suddenly aware of who we were and what she was to us. I looked to Him for guidance and found that He was looking at her and there in His eye was a sparkle I knew all too well. The decision was made by Him and I acted upon it stepping toward her with grace and elegance. With a mischievous smile I asked her "What is your name my lost beauty?"

In her eyes I could see it; the flare of passion start to emerge and the fight to resist. It was everything wrong, yet so tempting. It was then I realized my voice was alluring; the art of seduction was in my very being, as it was in His. I had it in my grasp to enjoy the innocence of a youth, tasting it, allowing it to fill my being with a night of passion and watch her fight to resist. This was what aroused even more than the Lover I had just surrendered too at the window, the fight that was about to take place between my prey and I.

With another step toward my innocent delight, I heard Him say ever so silently that I knew she was not able to hear, "My gift to you my love." Maybe He could read minds. Now, I knew exactly what He had gifted me. The decision was mine, to either make her my prey or my love as the decision had been His so long ago.

"Sarah." The young woman barely breathed; there was a tremble in her voice, frightened and cold she took another step back away from my Love and I.

"No need to worry." I lied to her, "You are welcome in our home to warm yourself."

With heightened senses I felt my Lover take a seat beside the window. He was watching me with legs crossed and hand resting on His chin. I knew instinctively a smile adored His face and His manhood was still firm, harder than ever. He wanted to watch and she was mine to do with as I pleased.

"I didn't mean too... I mean... Please help me." She pleaded. A strange sensation awakened my senses. It was salt, the salt of her tears. That wasn't rain on her face but tears of being terrified. This would be more challenging then I had first expected.

"Of course." With another step I picked up a soft thick blanket from our bed letting it unfold beneath my grasp. "First we need to warm you." The more I stepped toward my prey, I sensed that fear rose inside her. She had flight on her mind. She was about to run into the darkness of the rain and the choice I had made was about to be forced into a different direction. I stood still, inviting her to wrap herself in the blanket's warmth. "When I first came here, I was being chased by wolves." I told her. "They nipped at my heels."

She stepped toward me with a strange expression on her face. "Are you trapped here?" She asked with bright fearful milky brown eyes.

"No." I laughed. "No, my sweet. I come and go without fear now." With that she stepped into the blanket with ease and allowed me wrap it around her wet shoulders. She turned cautiously looking up with curiosity edging slowly forward.

"Who are you?" She said slowly, trying hard to not offend me. As her words told me one thing, I focused in on her lips, the perfect shade of pink; I just knew they would taste so sweet underneath mine. I wondered if her tiny frame would be as sweet under mine as well.

"I am Lady of this house. And it is my job to treat you with the utmost care." I smiled moving a small strand of hair back from her face. She was young, not more than fifteen, so fresh and ripe for the taking. My fingers trailed down the side of her face to her bare wet chest. She gasped, trembling at the warmth my fingers teased her with. "No need to fear my sweet. Let me warm you." With one hand I undid the first button of her dress, slowly delicately touching her skin. Then another button was undone. And another. The tenderness of her breasts started to come into view. She watched me intently, yet, my eyes were set on the hidden treasure I was about to uncover. Another button came undone.

Sarah stepped back now gasping. "What are you?"

I looked up now, our eyes met and what I saw was not only curiosity but lust mixed with an uncertain fear. I could taste it in the air. She was fighting, hard, to keep from my alluring temptation at bay. This was arousing. He had given me the greatest gift beside eternal life, a thrill of seducing an innocent.

"I'm eternal." I told her slipping the sleeve of my white silk gown off my shoulder. Slipping the second sleeve off, the gown fell to the floor. My breasts were as young as hers with an eternal roundness and hardness that aroused even me. The only imperfection was the scars He left when seducing me. It was that nipple I teased now; it had always been the most sensitive and most willing.

Sarah's eyes grew wide and she took another step back shaking her head. "No..." she said. "No, what are you?"

"A goddess." I told her gently. "You will never see another like me." I reached out for her to take my hand, "Would you like to find out how goddess like you are?"

She stared at my hand as if it was going to attack her yet she did not move. The blanket dropped to the floor and she stepped toward me. 'Good.' I thought, 'just take my hand my sweet.'

"Will you make me like you?" She asked reaching up to take my hand.

"Only if you desire it." I told her as her hand slipped into mine. I felt her shiver in fright, her small hands tingling with anticipation and fear. "I was like you once."

"You were?"

I moved closer to her wet body. "Yes." My eyes focused on those breasts again. "You are so beautiful." I whispered slipping her hand around my waist allowing her to draw near to me, "So young and beautiful." My mouth grew closer to hers, just a breath away as another button came undone and then another. I felt her body surrendering to my touch and her eyes started to close. "Please watch me." I begged her softly. "I want you to see how much I will love you." She trembled again. Did I tremble as much under His touch?

Another button was undone and another and another. The dress slipped off now revealing her thin under gown, a gown of a poor daughter whose parents spent what little money they had on food and not clothing. I once knew parents like that all too well. Now I bathed in the richness of fine clothes and erotic experiences, something I will give her.

I licked her lip, slowly twirling my tongue around hers, teasingly. I couldn't help but nibble a little, not drawing blood from those tenderly full lips, it was too soon. She instinctively wrapped both her hands tightly around my waist. "Please," she begged me but the word was lost in ecstasy. Her head swayed back revealing the tenderness of her neck; she was inviting me to bite her. Did she know what I wanted or was she lost in my touch to even realize what great temptation she presented to me? It was tempting, a temptation that was worth exploring. My lips pressed ever so gently against her skin, the taste of salt filled my mouth as I teased, not biting the sweetness offered to me. My tongue danced upon her bare skin as my hands squeezed her small breasts. The roughness of her under gown was harsh and as I squeezed even more the desire to take her grew too. I wanted her, desired to taste her and to explore her hidden depths. She was panting now, and my kisses made their way to her mouth. There was a raw energy, ripe and willing, between us, two women yearning for the other's body. Our tongues twined together, each of us sucking on the others. Was this what she wanted? It did not matter; it was what I was giving. It was what I was taking. Was I not eternal? She was mine for the taking, to do with as I pleased. Her reward will come.

With a shove she stepped back breaking our kiss, panting hard. She was fighting again, questioning her actions. She looked at me, my nakedness and crossed her brow in disbelief of what she was doing.

"I should not want you... but I do." She admitted.

"Do you doubt that I can not satisfy you as a man would?"

She thought for a second and glanced at Him sitting behind me. "It's not that." She said looking back at me. "Will I be able to give you what you want?"

'Ah...' I thought, 'she is mine. There will be no fighting temptation now.'

I looked to our bed, large and comfortable, swallowed up by every size pillow one could imagine. I motioned with my arm inviting her to it. She looked at me, then the bed. She stepped closer to its side letting her finger trail the clean and crisp satin blanket. I could not help but follow her smiling at my Lover who watched so patiently. As she stood by the side she had hesitated. I came up behind her pressing my harden nipples into her backside I could not resist slipping the sleeves of her gown off and allowing it to drop to the floor. I gave a tender kiss to her bare shoulders enjoying her scent. "I want to please you." I told her. "Let me make love to you."

Sarah turned facing me, her eyes were filled with excitement and lust and as our bodies touching intimately I knew that curiosity was consuming her. She bit her lower lip, "I..." Pheromones filled my nostrils. "Why am I feeling this way?"

"Do not ask what nature intended to delight you with, my sweet. You are a rare gift I wish to please." I kissed her, she kissed me back, our tongues danced and our bodies pressed together naked and warm. I could feel His eyes watching us. He was enjoying this experience as much as I was. My lips moved down her body sucking sweetly on her breasts, the perky nipples so hard that my tongue danced around them with ease. Temptation swelled deep inside me to bite and suck the blood from her but I reframed. I had other intentions and other juices that called for my attention. Yet, even at their beckon call, I stayed steadfast on nursing this one lasciviously taking advantage of how ready it was for my mouth. I squeezed her breast with one hand while the other found the sweet spot wet and sticky. A little rub then a soft touch the cum came pouring out. It flowed so easily. I could not help but smoother my fingers in it and then smear it on her other nipple making that nipple perk. The sweet smell of her juices were inviting and while my cum tainted fingers squeezed her other nipple I switched licking them and her at the same time, she gasped as her whole body quivered. The sweet tasted filled every sensation inside my mouth. She tired hard to push herself up on the bed, trying to find relief from my sensual touch, but it isn't what I wanted. I pulled her down holding her by the waist, sucking hard on the nipple. I held her tight milking her feverishly.

"Oh God." She whimpered. "Stop. Please. Oh God."

I looked up, blood dripping from my fangs and could see that there was no fear in her eyes; it was the ecstasy she needed relief from. I licked once more, she jumped. "Oh please." She begged.

"What is it you want my sweet?" I purred to her.

"I... I... don't know."

I couldn't help but lick the blood from her nipple and then say "Then let me explore you more."

With several nods from her, I fell to my knees and moved down to her thighs, lapping up the long stream of cum. I was aroused beyond words. She placed one hand sweetly on my head and by the time I had nearly lapping up one leg she had both hands pulling my hair. I too was taken in the moment and enjoyed the sense of her desire for roughness. I lapped up the other leg reaching the goal of that sweet spot warm with cum.

With inhuman strength I pushed on her thighs up onto the bed. I wanted to see her flower and gaze upon its beauty for I had never seen another woman's intimate parts. Sarah was no longer shy or curious; she had surrendered her body over to me. And with the beauty of her flower now staring back at me, it took my breath away. I felt more at ease to explore.

"Beautiful." I said massaging her thighs. I pulled her closer to me so I could bend down to lick. With two fingers I spread open her flower and saw that sweet little nub hard and waiting for my tongue. I could not wait to tantalize it. Leaning forward, I licked it once, she grabbed at the blankets pulling them tight. One more lick and she arched her back. Now I suckled it and cum hit my chin. I could not let it go to waste and so I moved down to catch its flow into my mouth, lapping it up with great eagerness. She screamed out an orgasm, over and over. Each time her body would tense and jump a little. I had to pull her close to me because she had squirmed away.

"Stop!" She begged me. I was drinking all I could drink and her words went unheard.

It was He who awoken me from my erotic trance. "My love." He said.

I looked up to see my sweet squirming and panting uncontrollably.

Standing with an unnatural grace, I could see Him, He still sat in the same place, in the same position. "What will you do now?" He asked. "You have enjoyed. What will become of her?"

Looking down upon her beautiful young body, I wondered too. What is next? To stay with us becoming like us? Or something else.

"My sweet." I whispered, running my finger along her leg. Her eyes were wide open but there was no longer fear inside her, only lust. She knew what I was and she was not afraid to allow me my pleasures.

"The time has come," I told her. "What is it you would like?"

Still panting hard, she looked to me and then rested her head back down on the soft bed. "To go home." She replied.

There came a pounding at the door, loud and hard. The mother of the small cottage had just fed a log to the fire and had sat back down worried with grief. She startled at the noise and ran to the door.

"Sarah?" She cried opening the door. She grabbed the youth, pale white skin no longer a girl but now a woman and pulled her into the house.

From a nearby tree, He stood beside me our arms wrapped around one another and watched what had just happened.

"What will happen to her?" I asked fearful I would never see her again.

"They will either kill her, or she will return back to you." He said. "I can not tell you what the future brings my love."

"I love her." I admitted to Him. "As I love you."

"We love all those we take to our bed but we can not keep them all. She is your first innocent my love, but she will not be your last." I wanted to ask him how many he had but the number did not matter, it was only a number.

"Why did you keep me?"

"Of all those I have taken, you are the first to ask for my love." I looked up into His eyes and could see that sparkle, that one I had seen the first night I was with Him. "I will always love you."

©Alia 2005

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