tagFirst TimeHer Mom's Hot Friend

Her Mom's Hot Friend


Usually, Robert wasn't into women who were under twenty-five. He was bisexual, but it didn't stop him from sleeping with ultra sexy, ambitious sluts like Maria, one of the secretaries at his company, when the urge to screw women overcame him.

Still, there was something about his longtime friend Julie's daughter Cara that attracted him, despite her being only a senior in high school.

Robert had met Julie while he'd been in the country on a student visa and they attended the same college. She had a boyfriend at the time, but became good friends with Robert.

He was very supportive of Julie when her boyfriend dumped her after she became pregnant during their senior year. Robert had even been in the delivery room with Julie when she gave birth to a daughter. He'd acted as a surrogate dad to the girl during her growing up years since Cara's own father expressed little interest in her.

When his visa was about to expire, Julie reciprocated Robert's emotional support by agreeing to a "paper only" marriage so he could remain in the country legally until he was eligible for a green card. Their union was never consummated, since it was basically a business arrangement, both were free to have their respective array of lovers.

While Julie's outside relationships were few and far between, Robert had little trouble attracting both men and women with his 6'1 muscular frame, green-eyed dark looks, and an eight-inch thick cock.

The divorce was as quiet as their wedding had been once Robert got his green card. He remarried not long after his arrangement with Julie ended. He and his second wife had a son and twin daughters together before their marriage also ended in divorce.

In spite of his relationships being mostly short-term, his friendship with Julie remained solid as Cara grew from an adorable blonde little girl into a beautiful young woman with large breasts and a terrific figure. Both assets, along with her athletic talent, helped her land a spot on her school's cheerleading squad.

Despite her beauty and popularity, Cara was still a virgin. She not only wanted to wait for the "right guy", but also had a fear of getting pregnant before she was ready,or worse, contracting a disease.

While she'd kissed boys and given some of them blow jobs, she wasn't about to give her virginity to just anyone.

Julie had many friends- both male and female - but out of all of them, Cara found Robert the hottest. She'd harbored a crush on him from her early teens, but at the same time, was a little uncomfortable having such feelings.

After all, he was her former stepfather - albeit once married to her mother only on paper - and now in his early forties.

Even though he hadn't been her stepfather for years, sleeping with Robert would be like screwing someone's dad, she thought.

Still, he wasn't easy to avoid - not that Cara wanted to - since he'd moved back into the neighborhood and lived across the street from her and Julie.

It was hard NOT to notice Robert, especially on days when he lounged by the pool wearing his Speedos that left little to the imagination.

Unbeknownst to Cara, he'd also seen her in a different light over the past year. When he wasn't with a current boyfriend or banging Maria in his office, Robert spent many nights jerking off to fantasies about Cara when he wasn't watching some of his favorite porn movies.

He'd carefully kept his feelings hidden; Julie would likely kill him if she ever knew he had sexual fantasies about her daughter.

Fantasy soon inadvertently became reality around nine-thirty one evening. Robert was sitting on the couch stroking his hard shaft and watching a gay porn DVD. He was between both male and female conquests and unbearably horny.

When he heard a knock, he quickly shut off the movie, yanked up the Speedo swim briefs he'd worn all day, and answered the door.

Cara stood there.

"Hi, Rob, is this a bad time?"

"No, honey, what's up?"

"Mom's still at work and I forgot my key. Think you can loan me the spare she left with you until I get into the house?"

"Sure, but are you sure it's safe to stay by yourself? There's been a few break-ins lately."

Cara couldn't help but glance at the half-naked man who stood before her. Maybe it was unsafe to stay in the house by herself; Julie said it was fine for her to go to Robert's if she ever felt uneasy being alone.

"Yeah, maybe you're right," she finally said.

"Well, come in and stay for awhile. I'll call Mom once she's home to let her know you're here."

"Good thing you guys are friends," Cara replied with a laugh after they sat together on the couch. "Otherwise, I'd think Mom would have some objections to me hanging out with a grown man who's only dressed in a Speedo."

Robert couldn't help but laugh. "What, your boyfriends don't go around in their bathing suits during the summer?"

"One, it's nine-thirty at night, and two, I don't have any boyfriends."

"You must be kidding. You're a gorgeous cheerleader and guys aren't knocking down your door? What's wrong, Mom scaring them off?"

"Not really. There's just not anyone I'm into at the moment."

"So...what kind of guy would Cara be into?" he asked with a grin.

She shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe someone more mature, with...um, a little more experience."

"Experience? You mean sex?"

"Maybe." Cara began to giggle. "Why do you ask? I thought you were gay."

"Bi, honey. There's a big difference."

Cara's eyes dropped to the tent in his Speedo and peeled them away before he'd caught her.

Too late. "Like what you see, huh?"

She felt herself beginning to blush. "Uh...yeah."

"Thought so." He placed his arm across the back of the couch, and with a few minimal movements of his fingers, he had released her hair from the clip which held her ponytail.

Cara's heart fluttered as she felt his fingers run through her hair, sending a shiver down her spine. Robert's free hand took one of her hands and raised it to his mouth. He slowly kissed and sucked each of her fingers.

His muscular arms then surrounded her. One hand buried itself in her hair to angle her head for better access to her mouth. Their lips met and opened so their tongues could entwine while Robert's spare hand found its way under her shirt and fondled one of her breasts.

She moved his hand away and began to work her way down his body with her hands and mouth. He groaned when she reached his briefs and lifted his hips to allow her to yank them down to his ankles.

Robert kicked them aside and looked down at her with both shock and amazement as she licked around the head of his cock before she took down the entire shaft until it was practically down her throat.

He relaxed and began enjoying the deep throat blow job Cara performed on him. She slowly sucked him all the way down to the root while he felt her hand caressing his balls. It was all he could do not to come in her mouth.

"Like sucking that cock, don't you, baby?" he asked as his hand stroked her hair.

She moaned in response, not letting up on her sucking.

Robert could no longer take it; a few more minutes of Cara going down on him and he would definitely bust a nut down her throat.

Since he didn't want to come before he was ready and not sure if she would swallow if he had, he pulled her off his cock and pulled her with him to her feet.

He unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. She stepped out of them and a tiny thong barely covered her shaved mound. It soon joined her jeans on the floor and she removed her shirt, revealing her braless breasts.

Robert loved what he saw. "You've become such a beauty."

They lay on the couch kissing and fondling one another as he inched toward her slit. His fingers moved in and out of her opening as his lips and tongue explored her clit.

Cara was incredibly aroused and squealed in ecstasy when he sucked her clit and continued teasing her insides with his fingers. She had hit her first orgasm.

Robert didn't give her much time to recover before he kissed and licked his way back up her body, pausing to suck her breasts, and then took her mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his tongue.

"I think you're ready to fuck," he said softly once they'd broken the kiss.

Positioning himself between her legs, Robert gripped his cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit. He then slowly entered her, allowing her to adjust to his size, and when he reached a barrier, Robert realized that Cara was a virgin.

"Are you sure that you want to do this, baby?" he asked.

"I...yes...but you're so big. I'm kind of nervous."

"Don't worry. I'll go slow. Okay?"

Robert kissed her as he pushed past her hymen and buried himself to the hilt inside her tight pussy. Cara tried not to cry out from the initial pain as he began to thrust slowly.

When the pain passed after a few minutes, she gasped at the wonderful sensations of Robert's cock moving in and out of her.

"Fuck me," she said. "I've wanted you so much."

"Oh, God, baby, I've wanted you too," he replied while he rammed his dick in and out of her.

Deeper. Harder. Faster.

"Yes, Rob. Fuck me, you feel so good."

He pulled out his cock, leaving the head just nestled inside her, and then pushed his entire shaft back inside with long slow thrusts while taking care not to hurt her. Cara began to moan as her body shivered in orgasm from the screwing he gave her.

After several more thrusts, Robert pulled out and lay back on the couch. "Get on top of me, baby."

She straddled him and he helped lower her slowly onto his length."Ride me," he said.

He placed his large hands on her waist and showed her what to do.It wasn't long before she picked up a good rhythm after Robert lifted her body and pulled her down on his cock a few times.

He focused on Cara's bouncing breasts as she rode him faster and faster and she threw her head back and cried with delight.

"Come again for me," he grunted. "Show me how much you're enjoying your first fuck."

"Oh my God, Rob!" she yelled as her pussy muscles clenched his cock.

Robert barely kept his balance as he flipped over Cara until she was once again on her back, his hard shaft still buried in her.

He felt his own orgasm approach and pumped in and out of her pussy with every fiber of his being before he quickly pulled out and climaxed on her stomach and breasts.

When they finished, they fought to catch their breaths.

"So THAT'S sex," she said with a laugh. "Gee, why did I wait so long?"

"You wanted someone who was mature and had more experience, remember?"

"Oh, right. I just wasn't counting on it being Mom's closest - and may I add hottest - friend!"

"There's more lessons where that came from, baby," Robert replied. "Tonight was just the first one."

They heard a car outside and Cara glanced out the window. "Oh, God, Mom's home," she said as she gathered her clothes and quickly dressed. "Hate to take off so soon, but..."

"Yeah, I know. Just remember, if you need any more - he cleared his throat - 'lessons', you know where I live."

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