tagTransgender & CrossdressersHer New Girlfriend Ch. 03

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Completed

Well up to now Cheryl videotaped me in her underthings and masturbating; she took me to her friend's spa where I was made hairless and made up to look more feminine; then purchased a number of sexy outfits and put on public display. Quite a full day by any other standard, but we weren't finished yet.

"Ding-dong!" the front door.

"Gina! Answer the door!" Cheryl called out.

I opened the door to find a deliveryman with a big box. Cheryl came up behind me.

"Great! It's here." Cheryl exclaimed. "Gina, take the box inside."

Cheryl dismissed the delivery guy and entered our living room. "It's for you Gina. I want you to change into that now. Rinse out and save what you have on now for later. "

I was still wearing my tight blouse and short skirt over my new favourite bra and panty set.

I got undresses and rinsed out the pre-cum and cum that coated the inside of my panties then set them to dry.

I unwrapped the new outfit. It was a short frilly yellow house dress. There was also a white demi cup bra and French cut panties; garters and sheer stockings and finally a pair of white high heeled pumps.

I quickly donned my new apparel. The front button dress opened low enough to show some cleavage on top and high enough to show my legs as I walked.


"Gina! Door!"

I dashed to the door anxious to see who it might be. Another deliveryman dropping off food. He was a heavy, scruffy Italian chewing on a toothpick. He gazed upon me with hungry eyes.

I took one box of food and told him to follow me into the kitchen with the other.

We put the boxes on the counter but I accidentally knocked over some napkins. As I bent over to pick them up, I felt the back of my dress rise up and almost exposed my bum for the delivery guy to see. He immediately placed his hand under my dress and on my ass.

Surprised, I just stayed still, bent over, ass in the air.

Delivery guy started rubbing his hand over my ass; sliding a fat finger between my cheeks. His hand came awful close to my hidden package.

I heard a zipper and a grunt. I looked around and saw him slip his hard 4-inch stubby under my dress. I felt him rub it up and in between my crack.

Slowly he lifted the hem of my dress over my hips and was about to lower my panties when we heard Cheryl.

"Normally I would let you fuck Gina's ass, but I need to keep her pristine down there," The delivery guy looked pissed. Cheryl continued "but I'm sure she'll be willing to suck you off if you're that desperate."

I quickly looked in shock and fear at Cheryl. Dressing up as a female was one thing, but I had never even thought of this before. Okay, Pierre did suck me off at the lingerie store but that was different wasn't it.

Cheryl gave me that stern look of warning if I didn't do it. So I dropped to my knees. Tentatively I opened my mouth to take in his slightly pungent cock, but Delivery guy grabbed the back of my head and shoved himself into my face. It wasn't long but it was fat and more than a mouthful.

He continued to hold my head and fuck my face. I started to relax a bit and even started to enjoy it when Delivery guy started to grunt and spurt his cum down my throat. He only shot about 6 short squirts but it caught me off guard and I started to choke and gag on it. Most of it spewed over his deflating tool and onto my new dress.

Delivery guy quickly zipped up and scurried away. I was left kneeling in the middle of the kitchen floor with my lips all glossy from my saliva and Delivery guy's cum.

"Put the things away and then clean yourself up." Cheryl walked away. "I've saved your ass.... For now."

I just finished cleaning up and refreshing my make up when...


I tried to dash to the door before...

"Gina! Door!"

I opened the door to find Jacklyn and a few of Cheryl's other friends waiting.

"Gina! Let them in." I didn't hear Cheryl come up from behind.

"Girls, I'd like to introduce you all to my new girlfriend Gina." Cheryl said. "My fairy boyfriend doesn't live here anymore and Gina has moved in."

Everyone smiled and welcomed me with a hug. Jacklyn whispered in my ear. "What a transformation! We did an incredible job didn't we?"

I smile and nodded back.

After everyone settled, I got them drinks and laid out the food we got earlier


I was already heading to the door.


It was Pierre with my beautiful new outfits.

"Girls! This is Pierre." Cheryl made the introduction. "Gina is going to give us a little fashion show and Pierre is going to help her get ready."

All the girls smiled and oohed.

I sort of stood there not knowing what to do, but Pierre grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

He saw my favourite pink outfit laid out on the bed and smiled. "Cheryl wants that one last." I told him.

"Okay." Pierre answered with a bit of a lilt. "This one first then. Get those things off hon." Pierre waved his finger at my current attire.

"Put this on first. It should help control your willie." Pierre handed me a thin g-string looking thing. The small patch of lace was strong enough to control "willie" but ultra-thin and holey enough to let me enjoy the sensations of my wardrobe.

First was a white silk cami with lacy trim. It was loose and covered my tummy and ended just above my hips. Then Pierre helped me put on the matching silk white boy panties which felt like cream. White slip ons to match.

I went out to show the girls. I was met with a few giggle and a lot of oohs. As I passed in front of each of them, they all caressed my ass. Cheryl reached in between my legs and checked to see if I was hard. Luckily I was too nervous to have an erection.

After a few different outfits, I started to enjoy showing off for Cheryl's friends. I rushed back to the room and Pierre had my next outfit ready. In a hurry, I pulled everything off including the small thong containing "willie."

Pierre handed me a black lace bustier with suspenders attached, matching panties and stockings with of course high heels. I quickly put them on then realized I didn't have my little "willie" thong. Too late as Cheryl call me out.

I walked nervously into the room. Everyone cheered as I paraded around. Each girl ran their hand along my body and grabbed my package. I couldn't help but get hard.

I tried to hide it long enough to escape but Cheryl saw it. "Gina, you know what you're supposed to do."

I looked at Cheryl for sympathy which wasn't coming. How was I suppose to do this in front of all these women.


I slowly reach around my waist and pushed down my panties to my knees. My cock was rock hard and jutting upwards. I looked at my audience. They all looked at me in hunger.

"Now Gina" Cheryl was growing impatient.

I wrapped my hand around my shaft and slowly started to jerk off. I tried to come as quickly as I could but to no avail. The harder I tried the less it seem to work.

"Poor Gina seems to be having some problems." Said Jacklyn. "I think she needs some help."

With that she knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. She was good. I wasn't allowed to come in her mouth, but I did manage to cum. I spurted all my cum on the living room floor in front of a half dozen women. At the end, they all cheered as I was only able to stand there quivering from my climax.

Cheryl made me clean up my mess then go change into my final outfit.

I was shaking as Pierre helped me into my lingerie. The panties were the pretty pink crotchless ones tied closed with two bows. The matching bra held my falsies in place. Knee high stocking. Black high heels. My short demin skirt and white blouse.

I wobbled into the living room as all the girls cheered.

"Pierre! Come out and take a bow." Cheryl called out. "Everyone. This is Pierre who helped our Gina get ready this evening. Please give him a round of applause."

Everyone including me cheered.

"Well Gina. I don't think that you gave enough appreciation to Pierre." Accused Cheryl. "Bend over!"

Again I looked at Cheryl, but not understanding what was about to happen.

"Spread your legs and bend over."

I slowly parted my legs and bent over.

Pierre moved behind me and lifted my skirt over my hips. I turned to look at Pierre as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I looked in fear at the size of this monster. It had to be 8 inches long and thick. It never occurred to me that he would have such a beautiful, huge willie.

I started getting hard again, but my panties contained me. I waited in anticipation.

Cheryl handed Pierre some lube. He poured it into the crack of my ass and allowed it to drip down. I felt his finger massage the oil into my anus. He pushed a finger deep into me. I felt him play with my prostate. I needed him in me.

"Fuck me Pierre!" I begged.

Pierre lined his big cock with the entrance to my hole. I felt him pour on more lube before he started pushing it into me.

It felt so huge as he continued to shove his entire cock into my bowels. My mind was in overload. In the background, I could hear the girls cheering and urging Pierre. "Fuck him harder!" "Faster!" "Stick you dick into him deeper." And he did.

He pounded my ass for what felt like an hour; harder and faster until I was about to cum, but suddenly he stopped. He slowly pulled himself out. I felt so empty. I looked at him begging for him to spear me with his weapon.

Pierre gently laid me onto the floor and moved between my legs before putting them on his shoulders. My cock was solid again, Cheryl gave me a stern leer. So as Pierre inserted his cock into my ass again, I started masturbating matching his in stroke with my down stroke.

Then Pierre lifted my hips straight up so my ass was in the air. He continued ramming me as I jerked off. I squeeze my anus as tight as I could and I could feel he was about to come. His breathing was increasingly heavy, almost panting. I too was ready to come but concentrated on coming at the same time as my man.

Finally he grunted. His balls tightened as his thrusts became shorter and faster. He began shooting his load into my ass. I started to come at the same time. What I didn't realize that when Pierre lifted my ass, my cock was aimed right at my face.

"Oh yes Pierre!" I screamed. "Fuck me! Give me your cum!" I started spewing a huge load onto my face. I felt like a hundred guys bukaked me.

Pierre pulled himself out and let my ass drop to the floor. The girls were cheering and applauding my ....our show (after all I couldn't have done it without Pierre).

Cheryl was grinning and clapping. "Well girls, from the sounds of it, you all enjoyed Gina's completion to femininity." She turned to me. "Gina, clean yourself up."

Without blinking, I started licking my face. Anything I couldn't lick, I scraped with my finger and shoved into my mouth.

Pierre told me to get on all fours. I was kind of scared since my asshole started to hurt a bit from the hard fuck he just gave me. I tentatively turned over and stuck my ass in the air for him, but instead of feeling the knob of his dick, I felt his tongue. He cleaned me out completely until I came again.

I laid on the floor exhausted. Pierre, lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom where he put me to bed and I promptly fell asleep.

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