tagIncest/TabooHer Punishment

Her Punishment


I had just got home from school and it was still early so no one should have been home. I was the only one up when I left so they didn't see that I had worn my mini and a tank. If they had, they never would have let me out of the house. I was just going to run upstairs and change before dad got home, then I wouldn't get in trouble.

"What the fuck are you wearing young lady!?" Shit, why was he home? He shouldn't be home for another hour. "Answer me Anna."

"Umm..... I thought it would be okay to wear." God, did I really just say that? Did I really just lie through my teeth to daddy? Fuck, I'm going to be in so much trouble.

"Since when has it ever been okay to wear something like that? You look like a cheap whore!" He slapped me so hard I hit my head on the cabinet next to me.

"I'm sorry daddy, I'll go change. Matter of fact I was getting ready to go change anyway." I made to duck past him and go upstairs, but he stopped me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him.

"No, you will not change. If you want to dress like a whore I'll treat you like one." He pulled me to the counter and pushed me up against it.

"Daddy what are you doing?" I tried to pull away and he just held me tighter. He put his feet between mine and pushed my legs apart. "Daddy please stop."

"I told you, if you're going to dress like a slut I'll treat you like one. You will learn not to disobey me again. Do you want to know why I don't want you wearing this shit?" He grabbed my tank and tore it off of me, exposing my breasts. I made a move to cover them up and he hit me.

"Keep your hands at your sides. Otherwise, I will hit you again. I don't want to but you will learn. And I will teach you just like I taught your slut mother."

"How dare you talk about my mother like that!" I raised my hand to hit him but he got me first. I started crying and begging him to stop hitting me but he told me to shut up or he would hit me again so I tried my best to stop crying. He let me calm down a bit and then he decided to explain himself, and a good portion of it with touches.

"I don't like you wearing these clothes because it gives me thoughts I shouldn't have. For so long I have wanted nothing more than to fuck you. To fuck you like you have never been fucked before. Because you still insist on wearing these clothes, you have given me permission." He started touching and rubbing my breasts, playing with my nipples. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger, tweaked, and pulled them. God it felt good, but there was no way I was going to let him know that.

I closed my eyes trying to escape it. Hoping I could go to my happy place and imagine it was someone else, anyone else, but he grabbed my face and turned my head down to look at him. Then he started licking, flicking his tongue over my already hard nipples. I let an involuntary shudder and moan and he smiled. He took the invitation and slid his hands over my belly to the hem of my skirt, and up it.

"Daddy please stop." I whined. "Please this isn't right daddy and you know it." I tried again to move away but he stopped me. Only this time, thankfully he didn't hit me again. He just held me tighter.

"I already told you Anna, shut up. This is what happens when you dress like a whore. At least it's me and not some stranger with a million diseases." He ran his hands up and down my thighs and back up my skirt. "Oh my goodness. Why so wet Anna? Do you like it when I touch you like this?" He tweaked my nipple again and I moaned. "Hmm I guess my daughter is a little whore. Let's see what else you like."

"Please daddy stop, it's not right, please." He started rubbing my hardened clit and I couldn't help but moan. He leaned and kissed me while he rubbed me, and for some reason I kissed him back. I would like to say it was because I was scared, but it wasn't. I wanted to kiss him back. I was 18, a virgin, and had never masturbated. I had never even let a boy touch me like this, and I loved it. And I could finally start to ignore that it was daddy."Mmmm" was all I could say.

"Oh, she likes it... How about this I wonder." He shoved a finger inside my virgin pussy and I instantly came all over his hand. "Ahh she does like it. Get on your knees Anna." I stopped a little confused. "Now you whore. On your knees" I got to my knees and I saw daddy was hard, and pretty big by the look of it. I reached out to touch the bulge in his jeans and daddy slapped my hand away. "No, no, no, a good little whore waits for permission."

"Yes daddy. I'm sorry." He took my hand and led it to the bulge and told me to rub it, so I did. God it was nice. I had never touched a cock before, let alone seen one. Daddy told me to unzip his pants and I did and was shocked when his hardon popped out of his jeans and hit me in the face. "Daddy? You aren't wearing any underwear." He smiled at me and placed my hand on his hard throbbing cock and made me stroke it.

"That's right baby. I was up when you left, that was why I was here early. I never left. I stayed home all day jacking off to the thought of you. In that outfit, I couldn't stop myself. Did you know you are very sexy? I have imagined that I was fucking your tight pussy every time I have fucked your mom for the last few years. Mm baby you are going to make daddy come if you keep doing that." I loved this; I have never seen my daddy so happy in a long time so I kept going, only a little harder, and a little faster. I was just hoping I was doing it right because I had never done it before. After a few minutes suddenly, I felt daddy's cock tighten in my hand and he came all over my face. God it was so warm and sticky. I even tasted some of it and it tasted really good so I used my fingers to get it off my face and into my mouth. "Baby, don't. I like seeing my little whore of a daughter covered in my come."

"Daddy what do you want me to do next? I have never done any of this or even anything like it before so you have to teach it to me."

"Suck daddy's hard cock. Just put it in your mouth and suck but little by little until you can get it all in." So I started sucking daddy's cock. I started with just the head, licking and sucking. After a little bit of time I went a little further down licking and sucking. I was also using my hands on the rest of his cock stroking, and rubbing his balls. "Fuck baby, I thought you said you have never done this before." I kept going until I had his whole throbbing cock in my mouth almost to the balls. I decided to push it all the way and his cock hit the back of my throat and suddenly he came. His warm come went all in my mouth and down my throat and I swallowed all of it.

"Was that okay daddy? Did I do it right?"

"God yes baby, you did great. Stand up. Now."

"Yes daddy. You taste really good. It's a little salty but, still really good. I like it. I would love to do that again" I stood up while I was talking, and when I was all the way up, daddy kissed me again. It was deeper than last time. Daddy lifted me up, set me on the counter and got on his knees. He kissed me from my toes, he actually sucked on them a little too, and on up my thighs. He stopped when he got to my pussy, looked up at me and smiled. First he rubbed my clit again and had me shuddering and shaking, and then he put one finger inside me. In and out, in and out, in and out, he fingered me, and then put in two. It hurt so I screamed, but at the same time it felt so good and I came all over his hand again. Suddenly he stopped, and he put his hand in front of my mouth and told me to taste it. I licked it and it tasted so good. Then he started licking me. First my pussy lips, then he spread them open and flicked his tongue over my clit.

He started sucking on my clit and I almost lost it. Then he nibbled on it, and I came all over daddy's face. Even though I came he didn't stop. He stuck his long tongue into my hole and went in and out like he did when he was fingering me. While he licked inside my hole, he started rubbing my clit and I came again and again all over his face and the counter. I was moaning and screaming it felt so fucking good. "Fuck daddy! God I love you daddy please don't stop. Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck me daddy! Please fuck me, I want to feel your hard cock in me. Fuck me!" I couldn't help it, I wanted it so bad.

"Okay baby, you asked for it." He stood up quickly and leaned up against me. He kissed me and it was rough and passionate and full of lust. It was like I had never felt before. He pulled my skirt off of me and spread my legs wide. He was just about to put it in me and then stopped.

"What the fuck is this?! Anna? Mark? What the fuck? I swear to god I will kill you!"

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