Her Secret Crush


Her brief moment of panic was washed away as his hands gently cupped her face in his hands and kissed her, his tongue sliding between her slightly parted lips to tangle with hers.

She murmured against his mouth as hands stroked the soft flesh of her back, easing over her bottom and gently parting her cheeks as he massaged her in round circles.

"Are you ready, little one?" Drew murmured as he pressed a light kiss on her bottom, and she shuddered as his fingers slipped down between her thighs to stroke her, testing her dampness.

Her breathy yes was swallowed up by Adam's demanding kisses, her body in a frenzy as fingers stroked her to almost breaking point. She moaned as she felt the fingers withdraw, only to be replaced by the thick knob prodding against her as Drew moved over her, covering her with his warmth.

She held her breath as she felt him press against her, stretching her pink flesh apart as he eased the head of him into her snug channel. She broke Adam's kiss, panting heavily as Drew slid up deep inside of her with a slowness that almost made her crazy. He filled her up, inch by inch, forcing her tight walls around him, so much thicker and longer than Pete, until she thought she could take no more.

She moaned and bucked against him, trying to dislodge him as he sunk deeper still, but the movement only aided his penetration as his shaft sunk in her to the hilt. Tears filled her eyes at the feel her brother's huge shaft brushing her cervix, the intense pleasure mixed with pain.

Her whole body relaxed against the firm, muscled cushion of Adam's body, as Drew eased from her body. The breath rushed from her lungs as he rammed back inside of her, forcing her tight walls to accommodate him as he lodged deep inside of her. Adam's hands gently stroked her sides as he murmured words of encouragement.

Soon soft gasping cries escaped her as Drew began to drive himself inside of her with long, deep thrusts. Sparks of light flickered beneath her closed lids as she clung to Adam, barely registering the kisses he pressed over her face and down her neck as her whole body centred on the feel of Drew moving deeply inside of her.

She gasped as Adam shifted slightly beneath her, the position forcing her mound to slide over Adam's shaft, causing an exquisite friction against her nub with each pounding thrust from behind.

Her nails raked down Adam's chest as her young body shook and shuddered, feeling the tension snap between her thighs as she came with a scream. Her body clenched and unclenched around Drew's ramming cock as he pummeled her tight pussy unmercifully. The pleasure dragged on and on as he bunched himself up deep inside of her as he worked himself furiously within her. Her teeth closed over Adam's shoulder as she was forced to climax so soon, her body pulsing as he fucked himself in her pussy. His grunts matched her moans as he jerked furiously within her, taking her with fast, sharp thrusts as he spurted hotly inside of her.

He rolled over on his back, panting for breath, his hand searching for hers and squeezing as she clung to Adam, her body trembling.

Adam rolled over, taking her with him so that she lay on her back nestled up against Drew's hard length, her hand still clutched in his.

She felt a quiver as Adam kneeled between her lax thighs, his hands gently molding her firm breasts. She moaned as he coaxed the rosy tips into taut peaks, plucking and rolling the sensitive flesh until she was arching into his hands.

She felt Adam's breath on her face as he leaned over and kissed her, the fingers of his free hand slipping down to close possessively over her breast.

She shuddered as fingers delved through her dripping folds, finding her nub and teasing her with knowing fingers, at first gently coaxing, then with growing intensity until she was shifting beneath them, her bottom arching of the sand as she desperately sought Adam's hand.

She was panting with need as Adam reared up over her, covering her with his body as gently guided himself to her. She moaned as she felt him pressing against her dewy entrance, her thighs squeezing his hips as he slid up inside of her. Her fingers tightened painfully around Drew's at exquisite pleasure of being taken so gently.

Her sheath rippled as she took all of him, her pussy opening up to the feel of Adam working inside of her as he moved over her. Her lips were caught by Drew's seeking mouth as her body quivered beneath Adam, her lashes fluttering close as she lost herself to the sensations of Adam's smooth shaft rocking inside of her, sending tremors of sensations coursing between her thighs.

Soon Katie was begging Adam to fuck her hard, his gentle thrusts working her whole body into a frenzy of need as he moved deeply inside of her. "Please," she cried out against Drew's mouth, her body aching for release, but the relentless thrusts went on, coaxing her pleasure higher and higher as she writhed and wiggled beneath Adam.

She was almost to her peak when Adam stilled inside of her, and she groaned in frustration, her hips thrusting down on him as she sought to ease the tormenting ache.

Adam nibbled at her neck as he waited for her breathing to ease before beginning to slowly thrust inside of her again, sending waves of pleasure washing through her. She beat her fist against his chest as he stilled again, his damp forehead pressed against hers, his breathing uneven.

Her tight pussy squeezed his shaft in silent demand, drawing a groan from Adam as he fought for control.

"Please," she begged desperately, wiggling beneath him, as tremours shot down her legs.

He groaned as he eased out of her, being ramming back in. She cried out with the force of his thrusts as he bucked furiously in her, forcing her bottom deeper into the sand as she clung to him, her pussy welcoming every hard thrust.

She felt the quaking begin between her thighs as she moaned and shuddered beneath his forceful lunges, rippling outward as she screamed beneath him, her whole body tightening as she arched and quivered as he plundered her tight pussy. He poured his seed deep inside of her, splashing her walls as he rode her hard.

When finally they lay limp and exhausted, their bodies tangled on the beach towels, she acknowledged silently to herself that she had never been slick and wet for Pete, had never been driven to such a frenzy of lust in his arms that she had forgotten where she was. She bit her lip at the thought of what the other nudists must have witnessed, wondering if she, a virgin nudist, had shocked them. She hoped so.

She lay limp and exhausted, accepting Drew's gentle kisses before sleep gently overcame her. She was unaware of being carried up to the shade of the trees, or of the towel being gently tucked around her as fingers tenderly drew a stray golden lock where it feathered against her pink swollen mouth as she was laid on a soft bed of sand.

A gentle smile curved her lips in her sleep at the knowledge that her secret crushes were probably not so secret anymore.

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