tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Sister's Boyfriend

Her Sister's Boyfriend


Gina is an attractive girl. 5'4 140 lbs. Huge DD tits and an amazing tight ass. The cutest face with an adorable smile. She hadn't had a chance to really get her self set financially since moving out of her dad's house. This led to her, at the age of 21, living with her twin sister Julia and Julia's boyfriend Jack. Gina and Julia were fraternal not identical twins so they didn't look exactly alike. Julie was 5'5 and 150lbs. Her tits were smaller but still big enough at C cups. She was attractive but no where near as cute as her sister.

Jack was abusive. Verbally and physically to Julia. He constantly yelled at Gina and threatened her too. Gina was scared of him but figured he would never really do anything to her. If he wasn't such an asshole she would probably find him sexy. Gina would lay awake many nights listening to him fuck her sister. Sometimes she would finger herself and cum entwine with her sister's scream. Sometimes it sounded like they were getting really rough. Her sister's screams sounded more like they were out of pain then pleasure.

One day Jack was really angry at Julia. He was screaming at her all day. Gina knew to just stay out of there way when it got like this. Then her sister left. Jack was screaming at her even as the car pulled away. After she was gone Jack came into Gina's room.

"What are you doing in here. Get out now!" she insisted.

"Your sister is a fucking whore! She's off to fuck her sugar daddy. Bitch doesn't even care if I wanted to get laid first!" he screamed

"I don't give a shit Jack. Get out." She stood and tried to push him out.

Jack responded by pushing her on the bed. She let out a yelp and tried to get back up. He was quickly on top of her. His hands were all over her. He tried kissing her and she turned her head. He grabbed her hair and pulled it so their lips met. He tried to force his tongue in her mouth but quickly gave up.

"Stop it you asshole. Get off." She screamed.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! Just fucking lay there!" he shouted into her face.

She could tell he was high. She was scared he would hurt her. So she obeyed and just lay there as he tore off her pants and underwear at the same time. She laid crying as he undid his own pants. Then he was back on top of her. His hands found there way up her shirt and grabbed her huge tits. She yelped as he crushed them.

She could feel his cock's head poking at her pussy. He reached down and guided it to the hole. With one quick thrust he was in her. She let out another scream.

She wasn't ready for him and it hurt her a lot. Normally she would have fucked a guy like this willingly but this was her sister's boyfriend. She lay there crying under him. Hating him for what he was doing. Slowly her body began to react to him and she started hating herself as well.

"Damn your tighter than your sister." he said as if this was just a normal act. He kept her hands pinned down. He kept trying to kiss her which she resisted.

Gina's tears were stopping and her orgasm was starting. She was filled with lust and shame as she began to enjoy what was happening to her. Jack's pace quickened and she knew he was going to cum soon. She dug his nails into his back as she reached an orgasm of her own. This put him over the edge. He pumped his load deep into her.

They lay there for a few minutes with Jack still pinning her hands down. She made no effort to move. His dick slowly softened inside her. Finally Jack got off her after trying to kiss her once more. He didn't bother to get dressed he just took his pants with him as he left the room. Gina got dressed. New tears forming in her eyes. Not out of pain or anger but shame. She had really enjoyed being fucked by her sister's boyfriend. In her mind she tried to convince herself that it was rape. She tried to tell herself that she didn't want it to happen. She wondered if it would happen again. It scared her to think she would be living here in the same house with him. She didn't know what might happen next.

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