tagIncest/TabooHer Stunning Wedding Night

Her Stunning Wedding Night


Today was the biggest day of her life, it was her wedding day, she was marrying Greg, her lover from her school days, she was so happy she couldn't breathe half the time, her legs trembled.

Her mother and father were there, her bridesmaids all in attendance, the cars were waiting for her. As she neared the exit door of the hotel where they were staying, everyone stopped to stare at the wondrous beauty stepping out.

Everyone was in awe, her soft reflection, her perfectly made up face, her beautiful thick glossy dark hair atop her gorgeous face, was wrapped around a glittering tiara. At 5ft 4" and 5ft 7" in her heels she cut a path through all before her. The staff applauded as she passed.

Tonight she would be Mrs Gregory Chambers, Not Miss July Evans. Her heart was bursting, and so was her pussy, no one knew of their copulations, she had sworn to her mum and dad that she was still a virgin, she was far far from that now, she sniggered to herself at the thought.

Tonight she would be staying in the hotel with Greg, before departing for a Caribbean honeymoon tomorrow.

The wedding went off without a hitch, the weather was fabulous, the photos were all taken and they settled down to a night of partying after the massive expensive reception her father had paid for.

As the day wore on, July was wined and dined by everyone there. The only sad part was Greg's mother had died 6 months ago from illness. His dad was here on his own, and in moments of quiet reflection July and others could see the darkness descend on him.

Everyone made a great fuss of him, and he appreciated it, he loved his son, and he loved July too, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in real life.

Greg senior was a self made man, and unknown to anyone had been in touch with July's parents to help out with the expenses. He knew they didn't have a lot of money, so an agreement was reached, and it was accepted, and no one would ever ever know of it.

He was staying over too, and returning home the next day to his now empty 5 bedroom house set in its own gardens that were now not in the pristine condition his wife had kept them, it had been her passion.

As the evenings entertainment wore on, people began to drift away slowly, they all bid their goodbyes with best wishes, and rude and lewd comments, which brought laughter from everyone.

Greg and his best man, and others were in a state of disrepair through the copious amounts of drink consumed. At the end of the night July was worried about him, but more worried that he wouldn't be able to perform his married duties. They all decided to call it a night, and the best man helped Greg to the elevator, in there with July, it was obvious that Greg was in a bad way, but through drink, nothing else.

They half carried him to their suite, and got him onto the bed. He immediately fell into a drunken slumber, between them they got his clothes off, and put him into the bed. July had had a drink or two herself and was feeling randy, very randy.

She walked Tony to the door, where he turned to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek, this turned into a proper kiss! She responded simply because she was tipsy, and very horny.

Tony cupped her tit and squeezed a very hard nipple.

July moaned into his mouth, she was just about to grasp his prick though his trousers when she managed to control herself. She pulled away, thanked Tony and held the door open for him. He peered at her quietly, but knew things had got out of hand, 'sorry,' he said and left.

July returned to her now unconscious husband and sighed. 'The one night I wanted to fuck on, was this one Greg!' She almost shouted at him. He never stirred.

July undressed, hung her wedding dress on the tailor's dummy, and put on the under wear she had bought just for this occasion, it was a sexy as hell!

She was really annoyed at him. 'I need a fucking good fuck Greg,' she moaned.

He mumbled something, turned over, and was sick every where, it was all over their bed, and on the floor, and the stink was horrendous.

'Oh my God, Ooooh fucking hell Greg what have you been doing, that is fucking gross!'

She had no intention of cleaning it up, she couldn't even get near it or him, he just continued snoring his head off.

'What the fuck am I going to do now?' she thought. She couldn't call room service, there was nothing she could do, she opened the windows but that just spread the stench all around her, she held her little nose.

She sat in the small armchair in her room, and tried to sleep, she couldn't, her mind was on other things, and the stink was on her.

She went and had a shower, put her negligee back on and sat in the chair again.

That's when the thought hit her. His dad was across and down the hall, she would go and tell him, ask him what to do?

She put on her housecoat and left, making sure she had her key card.

She knocked on his door; it took 5 attempts, each one louder than the last to rouse him.

He was astonished to see her standing there. 'July, what's the matter, what are you doing here?' he asked her, he looked at his watch, and added, 'it's almost 2 in the morning?'

'I need your help Dad,' she had always called him dad.

'Why, what can I do?'

'It's Greg, he's out cold because he's drunk too much, and now he's been sick all over and I can't stay there a moment longer.'

Taking her card, he ushered her into his room, and went to look at his son. As he entered the room, the stench almost made him wretch, it was overpowering.

'Jesus Christ Greg, what have you been drinking?' he asked his comatose son. He turned him onto his side, the 'recovery' position, tucked a pillow under his back, made sure he was okay, he left a scribbled note telling him where July was, and left the room in a hurry, before he too was sick all over.

He returned to his room where July was sat on the edge of his bed. As he entered the room she asked how he was.

'He's okay, but he won't wake until the morning, I'm afraid he's out of it totally.' He told his brand new daughter in law.

'Oh fucking hell!' July muttered, before clamping her hand over her mouth and apologising for swearing in front of him.

He laughed and said, 'I don't blame you one bit July, it's your honeymoon night, and I'm sure you thought it was going to turn out differently,' he said with a knowing look.

'Yes well,' she said, 'it won't now will it?' Knowing what he was referring to.

'Tell you what July, you get into bed, and I'll relegate myself to the chair,' he said, pointing at the small cushioned seat.

'Dad, I can't let you do that, I'll take the chair, you have your bed, I don't want you to have a bad back from it.' she told him quietly.

'I insist July, okay?' he answered, getting a blanket and pillow from the cupboard.

'Dad, if you won't take the bed, I'll leave!' she told him defiantly.

'July please, look,' he said, 'I'll tell you what, it's a double bed, why don't you have one side, I'll take the other, but only if you promise to keep your hands to yourself?' he laughed.

July laughed with him, she pondered for a moment, then said. 'Okay dad, it's a deal, but I won't promise to keep my hands off you!' she said this jokingly, but her words hit him right in his prick, it jumped in his PJs.

July went into the bathroom and washed her face, her skin was glowing in the pastel light of the room. She gave her a hair a brush, it cascaded around her head and shoulders. 'Jesus Christ Greg, you bloody dumbass, you are missing the first night of the rest of your life. And on top of that I was going to make it more special than you could ever have imagined!' she told her reflection I the mirror.

Greg senior got into the bed, but didn't lie right on one side; he placed himself in the middle of his 'half.'

July came back, took off her housecoat, but just before she got in, Greg whispered unintentionally, 'My goodness July, you are stunningly beautiful, I would find it hard to believe if I wasn't here looking at you?' As the words came out, he coloured right up.

July still with her shapely knee on her side of the bed, looked at him and said. 'Why thank you kind sir, it's nice to be appreciated,' she dazzled him with her brilliant smile, and nodded in the direction of her room.

She was as horny as hell, her nether regions were demanding she do something about it, 'but I can't can I?' She asked herself, 'not with my father in law here next to me.'

She got in, turned to him, and said, 'thank you daddy,' She kissed his cheek, and before anything was either said or done, her father in law slipped his arm around her bare slim shoulders.

July placed her soft hair and head onto him, and moved in close, she needed to be close to someone, this was her wedding night, and the man who should be holding her was done for, and in another room.

A 'Mmmm' slid from her lips, as he slightly squeezed her to him. The horniness was catching up on her. She didn't know her FIL was feeling the same heat too. She slid up next to him, he was in total fear, here he was in bed, holding his son's new wife, and his prick was ready to burst. 'God,' he told himself, 'I hope it doesn't jump at her?' It did!

Her arm had gone around his tummy; her elbow was in the middle, bent at the centre, and was just above his lower groin. His prick tapped her on the elbow 3 or 4 times.

'Daddy?' she whispered, she knew what it was. Then she told him the old chestnut. 'Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?' July giggled helplessly. Greg was mortified, he couldn't help his prick reacting the way it was, but it was his daughter in law he was holding.

Her leg crossed his, her foot between his valves. 'I'm sorry July, please forgive me?' he bleated. Her shapely soft knee pressed deliciously up underneath his balls. She was taking control of the situation, and she was loving the power she was exerting over him. It turned her even more on than she had been; in fact her pussy was a furnace on full blaze!

Performing the coup de gras, she took hold of his rigid prick in her soft hand and squeezed it gently. Greg senior moaned out loud, he was beaten, if he had not wanted this to happen, but in truth he did, then it was tough luck now, she had supremacy, and she wasn't going to relinquish it any time soon!

'Make love to me daddy?' she whispered in his ear, while pulling him inexorably to her by the turgid hard tool in her hand.

He followed where she took him. 'July,' he croaked, 'are you sure honey?'

'Never been surer of anything more in my life daddy, do me please, I need it so so badly.'

He was over her, and in a second his thick tool was embedded deep into her leaking love pot.

'Ooooh daddy, Ooooh daddy,' she squealed, 'oh yes that's wonderful daddy, don't stop, fuck me daddy, give your beautiful daughter in law all you have, oh yes yes daddy!' July had her father in law right where she needed him, she held him tight in arms and legs. Even if he had tried to get off her, he would have found it impossible, she wasn't letting go until he had done her, done her good, real good!

Her new husband's dad powered at her as hard as he could, it had been nearly 9 months since he had been in pussy, his beloved deceased wife's pussy.

Both held the other in a death grip, July softly wailing underneath him, he on top, banging her for all he was worth. The pent up needs and frustrations they both felt for different reasons, plunged them onwards to a shattering orgasmic explosion. It was bliss when he felt his balls crash against her arse for the last time, he held himself in her.

His balls contracted and pulsed, as his jism spurted hotly into July's fertile womb. Neither she nor her husband were now taking precautions, they wanted a baby.

July was in loving purgatory, the pain; the sublime sensation of being fucked like this was the most blissful feeling she had had, ever! Her nails dug into her husbands dads back, blood ran down him, he loved it, he cringed in wonderful pain as she dug deep.

Her legs which had been crushing him a death like grip, slipped away as her body began the peaceful relaxation of after love.

Greg senior looked down at his son's wife and saw a woman of utter beauty and sexual feline quality. He kissed her, July melted to him, she didn't expect this, for some reason she had thought he would see this as just a very good top quality fuck.

But Greg wasn't, this had been the greatest surprise of his life, it dished his mind, befuddled it, and he loved her for it. Not getting off her, he continued kissing and moving on her, caressing her body with his, she was in sublime heaven. She knew it was wrong what they/she had done. But she didn't care, her new husband had never made love to her like this. She would make sure he would learn to do so in the future, but not yet.

And unless his dad fell asleep through exhaustion, she would be fucked and made love to like this again, tonight!

Greg unknown to her had already thought the same thing, he wanted her again, and hoped she would go for it, and not let guilt deter her from it.


Yes baby?'

'I want to do that again, as soon as?'

'Me too honey, me too.' He was almost delirious with joy at her words. There was no chance of discovery, his door was locked and he had slid the bolt across, no one could get in.

He lay next to her and July slid to him, raised herself over him, looked down at her lovely father in law and kissed him softly, lovingly and sexily.

'You have no idea how much I needed that dad,' she said, 'I was desperate for it.'

'I'm so glad babe, it's taken me by total surprise though.'

'Me too daddy,' she said, 'I didn't expect it either, but I'm so glad that I am not going to go through my life without knowing what I could have missed.'

Her hand found his flaccid prick, they both moaned in unison, he crushed a nipple in loving retaliation, and lips locked. She mounted him, slid down to his knees and bent her gorgeous head, she sucked him in, her tongue swirled ands lapped at him, her fingers found his balls. Her suction lifted his prick upwards and stretched it, the smooth mushroom billowed up and out.

Greg lay back as his beautiful daughter in law worked her magic on him, his prick was hardening again, this also surprised him, he had thought he would have to make a humble apology, age, lack of use etc. July fingered his tight bum hole, this brought a gasp from him, and a sudden surge of blood into his prick.

Moving forward, she got up on him, reached behind her and lifted her fabulous body up and onto him. She sank down on him and he was fully embedded once again.

'Oh daddy, oh daddy, this is wonderful, you are wonderful, your prick was made by God himself to fit me, and only me!'

He couldn't disagree with her, even his wife had never felt this good, a sudden blast of guilt washed over him, almost derailing his new found erection. July leaned forward and kissed him, sat back up again and went for goal, he knew he wouldn't cum anytime soon, but July went at him in a rocking fucking raid. She humped him like she knew tomorrow would never arrive. Her hands on his shoulders, eyes shut tight, her beautiful contorted face, going through different unknown poses. Her pouty full lips moving with her emotions.

She blew her mind on him, she orgasmed so hard she would have fallen off, if he hadn't held her upright. Her headed thudded onto his chest in exhaustion.

'Oh daddy, oh my daddy, Mmmm, this is, has been, was fantastic, you have what women want daddy, you may not know it, but you have, you really have,' she beamed at him, and kissed him again.

Her father in law looked up at her, her face was something he had never seen in his life, at 46 he had found what loving was about, even if it was his newly married daughter in law, so new in fact, that this was now the morning after her wedding day. Her new husband, his son, hadn't even consummated his marriage to her. No! It had been consummated for him! He laughed out loud.

'Daddy?' she enquired.

'It's okay baby, I'm just rejoicing in you, I will worship the ground you walk on for ever from this day, I honestly will.'

'Me too daddy, I will too,' she mumbled into his neck.

They fell asleep, and at 7:25 he awoke with a heart stopping start, he didn't know why. But he knew where he was, and who was with him. He looked at the sleeping beauty beside him; he sadly slipped out of his bed, and headed for the shower.

He turned on the water and stood under the hot needles as they stung him back to reality. How on earth could he reconcile what had happened between him, and the most gorgeous woman he had ever met, and fucked too, his beautiful son's new wife.

While he was in thought, the door opened and in she stepped, her face was bright, it was alive, she was life! Her arms went around him, and she said softly but strongly. 'Don't you ever ever feel guilty about us daddy, I don't, I won't, and I never will, you are a fantastic man, and I love you,'

His gut wrenched, he kissed her, it was the most natural thing to do after her saying that to him. He stopped the water, they dried, and he took her back to bed, there he 69nd her to a monstrous orgasm, he had his tongue right into her womb, her screams, which she muffled, filled the room.

They lay back and loved the moment. He told her to ready herself for the morning's events. Her father in law dressed, and he ordered breakfast for two, July was in the bathroom unseen, when a steaming heap of food arrived, they wolfed it down, and waited.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Greg senior opened it to a very sheepish and dishevelled groom. He couldn't apologise enough, and when he found out his dad had slept on the chair he was ready for slitting his wrists.

July took her new husband away, room service did the job, but before they left for their honeymoon, July kissed her father in law on his cheek, and told him in no uncertain terms that, 'I will see you when I get back!'

Greg senior said he was already looking forward to it, shook his son's hand and wished them Bon Voyage!

As Greg carried their bags down the hall. July whispered to him. 'We have more to do and accomplish daddy?' Her eyes twinkled so brightly, she surreptitiously brushed his prick with her hand and left.

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