tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Surprise

Her Surprise


The bell jingles as the door opens, the toys outside were enticing, but the store inside opens your eyes. Though it is a small shop, it manages to cater for as many different fetishes as you could imagine. One wall is dedicated for the ass, dildos, inflateable, lockable, ejaculating, big ones, small ones, tentacle which move on their own. Two walls are dedicated to slavery, collars, gags, blindfolds, chastity devices, with various magical training features, sensory deprivation masks, automatic rope, that last one's behind the counter.

A lot of devious looking stuff is hidden away behind the counter, the worse one tells you, "Welcome Sir." with a mischevious grin as she leans over the counter, staring into your eyes with her green orbs, arms folded and nails painted a shiney black. Dressed in punk clothing, her collar could be a part of the fashion or a statement of her sexuality.

Without realizing what you're doing, you both begin to flirt, then you're out drinking with her, at a club in the sky, and before you know it, you're at her place, being pulled in by her silk, cold hands and making out with her on the sofa. With your mouths locked, her unnaturally long tongue twists around yours, her fluffy, wet lips, gently stroking your lips, and nibbling on your ears. Hands go down below, fingers squeeze into your cheeks, returning the favour, you reach up her skirt and feel something cold and hard.

"Listen babe, I can explain"

Standing up, you can see a shiney, black, flaccid penis where her vagina should be.

"Babe, I should have told you, I'm sorry babe"

She stands up to, her skirt covering her dick, once again.

"Listen, I know this is hard to hear, but I'm a man, or I was a man, I don't really know babe"

Feet patter closer to you, she stares down at you.

"We had a good night, didn't we babe? And you're obviously in to me, this doesn't change that, babe."

Warm hands are placed on your cheeks, warming your face.

"Ages ago, I experimented with chastity, and I couldn't get it off, and now we're here"

Staring into your eyes again, she strokes your face gently.

"We can still have fun, I'll do anything for you. You're my babe, babe."

Pushed into her breasts, she strokes your hair and whispers, "I'll show you, let's go to my room"

Again, led by her hand, she brings you to her bed, the room is dark, but you can see an assortment of cuddly toys with their arms out stretched on her bed. Guiding you again, she brings your head to her mouth, gently biting your tongue, smiling. Both pairs of hands glide over both of your bodies, then hers glide over your chest as lips tease your cock. Warm comfort ripples through you, filling you with glee, as her tongue glides up and down your dick, from the very bottom, to the very tip.

Gradually, she brings you to the brink, keeping you on the razor's edge of orgasm, ready for her face to be coated, if she were to let you, your balls would pulsate and clench as a thick load of white cream spurted out onto her smooth, sinister face.

"I want to try something babe, it's something I know you like."

With a final kiss on the head of your cock, she brings her head to yours and and slowly strokes your sides, from your hips, past your waste, tickling your armpits and wrapping her fingers round your wrists. With a slow, deep kiss, she whispers in your ear, "why else would you come to my shop?"

Guiding your wrists, she lets her fluffy toys hug them with a click. Tormenting your armpits with tickles, you're helpless. With a few more kisses on your nipples, she stands up and goes over to her desk.

"I've got a few toys here that they don't let me play with at work." drawers slides, out comes a tube and a strap, it's hard to make out in the dark. Floorboards creak as she approaches you, putting the tube down next to your leg, and bringing her hands around your neck. The cold strap is wrapped around, there's another click. Her hand goes to her crotched, squeezing her balls, her cock begins to inflate.

"You know, I don't feel anything from this, I do it for you." Picking up the tube, her other hand twists around the end, she pours a shiney, white, liquid on her shiney, black, cock. Lifting her knee, she straddles you, bringing her warm face closer to yours, sticking her tongue in your mouth, and withdrawin it only to thrust her fingers into your lips.

"You need to relax, babe"

The fingers trace your anus, slowly she starts to put more and more pressure on it. Relaxing, the fingers slip up in to you. Slowly she twists the fingers in and out, in and out, in and out, eyes locked, all the while. With one last, vulgar, thrust, she swaps her finger, with her rock, hard, cold, wet, dick. Just the tip at first, then out, then a tiny bit more, then out again. With every inch she gets inside you, another wave of warmth and comfort washes over you, leaving you tingling. It's half way in, so big and wide, but stretching you out in such a nice, comforting way. In and out, in and out, in and out. With each thrust, you start to feel her cold, black, balls slap against your ass. Every thrust, the slaps get louder, and so do your moans. Every thrust, her hands get further up your legs, closer to your ankles, bringing them higher in air.

Warm, soft, fingers wrap around your wrist, pulling them with every thrust of the cold, hard cock plunging in to your body. Every slap you feel against your ass, there's another one soon after on your stomache, which begins to feel wet. Slowly, semen seems to drip out the end of your cock. Thin strands, connecting your belly button and the tip of your dick, deform with the slaps, but manage to stay intact.

You begin to get dizzy, your eyes begin to blur, it's so hard to see in the dark. Everything fades away, and all which is left is the fingers on your ankles and every breath with every thrust of her cock. Filling you, making you whole, then leaving you, and filling you again; you begin to lose track of time as you become more and more exhausted, your thought failing you, leaving your head... Empty.



First you feel the warmth of the covers, then the warmth of an arm, and a body. Slowly, you begin to wake, more aware of the soreness of your shoulders, then your legs. Gradually, as you become more aware of yourself, the pain of your ass outweighs and distracts you from the rest of your sore body. Realizing what has happened, you pull your arms down, to find freedom, and sit up in bed, letting her arms drop besides you. Wetness by your ear was caused by the girl sleeping with her mouth open, she traps you, since the bed is pushed up against a wall.

Wondering what to do, you feel something very warm stroke your hip, it feels like a cock. Looking under the covers, you see that she's escaped her cold, black prison, but a horrible feeling is brought over you as you see your cock, trapped in a small, dark, smooth prison. There is no feeling to be felt, your tugs, useless, along with your cock. Your balls are completely enveloped, feeling like smooth plastic. Distraught, the girl next to you begins to wake up and you make a mad dash for the doors, clumsily climbing over you .

"Wait!" she shouts as your fingers brush the door handle, and a static shock flows out through your neck and in to your arm, clenching your muscles away from the door. Turing to look at your captor, her dark, green orbs penetrate your vision.

"I'm sure you're a smart enough guy to figure out what has gone on here babe. There's a reason they don't let me use these toys." Her smile twists like a knife. "Come on, get over here" she whispers, patting the side of the bed.

Stunned, you hesitate, and another wave of pain is brought through your body, forcing you down on the floor.

"Don't make me ask twice."

Crawling along the floor, against your own will. Electric shocks pulse through your limbs, grabbing your ankles and wrists, dragging them across the creaky floor boards.

She looks bigger and bigger as you get closer. One of her feet hits the floor, followed by the other. Looking at her black toe nails, your eyes trace her legs, past her freed dick and look up into her eyes.

"Now, suck."

Your jaw opens by itself, your neck brings your nose closer to her crotch, a thick stench of sweat floods your nostrils, repugnant, but you're helpless once again. Kissing the head, bringing your tongue up and down, from the base to the tip, you begin to gag, and you can't quite get your mouth round her cock. Nails scratch your head, pull on your hair and force your head down. In and out, in and out, in and out. The smell just intensifing and every thrust of your mouth, your lips barely passing her head, and your teeth grating on her cock.

"Fucking hell, free for the first time in fifty years and you're fucking terrible at sucking cock." She stands up, pushes you over, a small tingle comes from your collar, down your spine and delivers a harsh, electric, SMACK to your balls. You see her young, supple, naked, ass leave through the door, which slams, leaving you in darkness, still with the taste of bitter pre-cum in your mouth, and the stench of her dick in your nose.

Left alone in the dark, you're unable to stand, unable to see, but you can hear the shower go on in the next room, as you wait for her to return. Stuck, with your thoughts.




Hey, hey, hey guys and guysettes! This is my first real thing into erotic writing. Currently I'm locked up in a black CB-3000 and waiting for hallucinogenics for a big ol' party fun time sex sex party sex, so this mainly came out of my own fustration.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the story. If there's enough interest, I'll probably do a sequel. I've got plenty of ideas on where I want to take the story, some spoilers below!


In the sequels, I want the girl to become a bit more masculine, still hairless, but her cock and balls grow heavier, her feet and hands get a bit manlier. Basically she's an insanely kinky crossdresser witch person who loves her own dick, the chastity was meant to be temporary but something went wrong, gasp!! There will be more focus on you becomeing more submissive, not that you have any other choice, developing a little bit of stockholm syndrome, you have to do some foot fetish stuff, and your only sustanence will be semen, which your collar lovingly transforms into the proper nutrients for you. At the end of one of the stories, they'll be a big twist involving you ejaculating, or maybe not. Who knows??? I'll never tell, unless there is actual interest in me continuing this thing.


They'll probably be some grammatical and spelling errors here an there. Mostly I just banged this out in a few hours for fun, and to see if anyone's interested in what I'm doing here. If I can develop any sort of the following, rest assured, I will spend entire minutes proof-reading this shit.

Anyway, Dickital out! You can contact me through my email.

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