tagBDSMHer Torture

Her Torture

byThe Scrumptious One©

I come home from work to find the house in darkness – all the blinds shut and lights off. I casually walk through the house flicking a light on here and there to see where I am going. I walk to my bedroom to change and I am grabbed from behind as I enter the doorway, your hand goes over my mouth and you whisper gruffly “You’re late.”

You place a blindfold over my eyes and then remove my clothes, piece by piece, but curiously leaving my g-string (thong) on. I am speechless, either because of the shock or maybe the excitement that is building inside me. You lead me to another room; I’m guessing the lounge and sit me down on a chair. You tie my hands behind my back and my legs to the chair legs so they are spread fairly wide. You then walk away leaving me alone tied up helpless for 5 or so minutes.

I can hear you in the kitchen, opening and closing the freezer and rustling through the drawers. I can only guess you are gathering up some sort of supplies. I don’t hear you re-enter the room so you surprise me by placing an ice cube gently on one of my nipples. It startles me, the sudden temperature change, but the feeling is far from unpleasant. You proceed to do the same to my other nipple. As the ice starts to melt the cold water trickles its way down over my breast and runs down my stomach. I can feel my nipples harden and that sweet tingly sensation in my pussy – I know I’m in for a real treat today.

It is no secret how much I enjoy my nipples being stimulated. You get some nipple clamps and attach them to my now very erect and excited nipples. They are my favourite ones – the type that you can switch on and they vibrate, the source of much pleasure indeed. You proceed to adjust them so they are not too tight…….yet and then flick the switch – god it feels good. I can feel a moan about to escape my lips, but I don’t want you to know how much I’m enjoying it just yet, I figure the growing wet spot evident on my G-string will give it away soon enough anyway.

I hear you turn my vibrator on but curiously I can’t figure out what you are doing with it, as I cannot feel it anywhere on my body. You eventually place it against my ankle – just to tease me for the sake of teasing. You gently and slowly move it up my calf to my knee – you have it coated in lubricant so it slides along smoothly leaving a trail behind. Then you bring it so it’s in between my thighs on the seat of the chair and stop. You put it down there, still vibrating but not touching me anywhere except for my leg – not moving it to where I really want it to be, pressed against my pussy – you are such a tease.

You grab another piece of ice and sit it inside my navel and then slide it down until it’s just above my pussy. You rub the ice over my panties making them wetter than they already were from my ample juices. You slide the ice back and forth over the thin material covering my wet pussy lips and with little effort push the ice into my pussy through my panties until it melts away. You say to me “Do you think we need to remove these?” pulling on the side of my G-string. I nod my head and you suddenly rip the lacey fabric from me in two swift pulls. You discard the flimsy torn panties I assume to the floor.

You move the vibrator up a little closer so I can feel the vibrations closer to my lips but not close enough to really enjoy it. I can hear you grab another ice cube from the glass and then take a sip of something. Suddenly your hot, hot tongue invades my now aching pussy and as quick as you put it in there, you take it away and place the ice in its place. The hot cold sensation is amazing, just when I get used to the cold you shove your tongue deep into my cunt and it’s so hot, it feels like it’s burning. I am so close to cumming without you even touching my clit. You really know how to drive me wild.

You tighten the nipple clamps and I can’t help but let the moan escape from my lips now. You press a finger over my lips and hush me. Finally you move the vibrator up to my arse and ever so slowly you push it between my cheeks. I try to push forward to meet it but you have tied me up well. With ample lubrication from the juice running out of my pussy, you easily push the vibe almost all the way in my arse meanwhile you lean up and kiss me hard. I can taste my own pussy juice on your tongue. You then run your tongue down my body, circle my navel and stop just before my clit. I know you can smell the lust from my pussy and have to use all your will power to resist putting your tongue in again and give it a good licking.

You push the vibrator all the way in my arse and turn it on high. I am almost cumming, then you suddenly remove one nipple clamp and proceed to bite my nipple and pull it with your teeth. You brush my clit with your fingers but that is just a hint of what's to come. You pull the vibrator out just before I orgasm and I almost cry out for release. But I know by now this is just another part of your well thought out game. You, already naked, decide it’s about time your cock got some action so you stand up and wipe your extremely erect cock across my mouth, smearing the precum that you have expelled all over them. I lick it off and try to get more but you pull away. What a tease.

You sit on top of me and kiss me again - this time giving me a little more tongue and then you whisper in my ear - "this is far from over Baby."

I moan in both pleasure and agony - I just want to cum but I know you wont let me yet. You stand up but push yourself against me as you do so I can feel just how hard you are. I start to beg you to fuck me but you say no, not yet. You get off me and I hear you rustling what sounds like plastic. I think you are smoothing it out on the floor - then there is silence. My mind is doing somersaults now. I didn’t hear you leave the room but there is silence now. I smile because I am fairly sure you are standing there watching me – you love seeing how horny you make me.

You remove the other clamp from my nipple, untie me from the chair and lead me to the plastic where you lie me face down initially and then turn me over. I now understand what the silence was you were coating the plastic in some sort of liquid - I haven’t figured out what yet - it smells like chocolate though.

You lift both my arms over my head and tie them to something and then spread my legs apart and tie them too - so I am in the star position. I’m completely coated in the chocolate smelling substance and then I feel you dribble some more between my legs, up my body, over my breasts and finally into my mouth where I can taste it definitely is chocolate syrup mmmmmmmm. I can hear you grab something from a bowl and then push something cold into my pussy – its small and oval shaped – I’m guessing a strawberry because I know how much you love to eat them, especially from me.

You whisper in my ear "Do you want me to eat it out?"

"Yes pleeeease," I beg you, but you make no move to do so.

You whisper again "Do you want me to eat it out, and this time I want the right answer."

Knowing full well what you want to hear and if I wasn’t so horny and so desperate to cum I would have defied you and copped a spanking I say "Please Master, Please eat it out I beg you Master." You spank me hard on the arse for good measure anyway, to show me who is the boss and then I feel you kneel between my legs.

You lean down and nibble on my knee, then my thighs, soft biting, but not enough to leave a mark. You must be smearing syrup all over yourself but I guess you don’t mind. Finally after what seems an eternity you reach the fold between my thigh and pussy and you suck gently there, moving down to my cheeks, continually nibbling, inching closer and closer to my centre of pleasure. You run your tongue just outside my pussy lips from my cheeks up and then down the other side. I am so desperate for you to touch me and make me cum, that I would do anything in the world for you right now. All of a sudden you dart your tongue over my clit, and then again – I’m in heaven and I can feel the orgasm building up inside me and again I begin to moan, more loudly this time.

Either my sweet taste had gotten the better of you, preventing you from continuing to tease me any longer or you figured I had had enough torture for now as you finally nibbled and sucked on my clit. You tongue fuck my pussy until orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body. I feel the strawberry slide out of my pussy and hear you swallow it. “Mmmmmm,” you say, “the best dessert I’ve had in ages but now its time for main course.”

I feel you untie my feet and then my hands. You sit me up and kiss me deeply and then remove the blindfold. I see the room for the first time, its dark except for a few candles burning. We are both covered in chocolate sauce and you begin to lick it from my neck and breasts. The sight is extremely sexy and matches the intoxicating smell of lust already present. You ask me to lie on my stomach and you lie down on top of me, one hand placed underneath me with your fingers within easy reach of my now sopping pussy. You push your extremely hard 7 1/2” cock into my pussy, slowly at first but fairly quickly increasing the tempo.

You fuck me harder and harder. Your hand makes its way to my clit and you bring me towards another mind-blowing orgasm. I love cumming like this, every part of my pussy is stimulated, oh my god it’s the best way to cum. “Oh Baby, oh FUCK,” I scream.

“I wanna fuck your arse you Sexy Girl,” you pant into my ear. I nod and that’s all the response you need as you pull out of my pussy and put it straight into my arse. You are rock hard and I know you must be very close to cumming. I push back against you and you pump me fast and hard. Just before you cum you rub my clit one last time and we cum together and then fall in a heap on the floor.

“That was fucking fantastic Babe,” to which I gasp “Your turn tomorrow.”

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