tagIncest/TabooHer Uncle's Secret

Her Uncle's Secret


Fair warning: on top of incest, there's non-consensual/reluctance and anal here too. If you're the squeamish type, buckle in or bail out.

For readers of the "Hero's Life" series, this is back story for Samantha and it describes a defining experience for her so it needs to be a bit gritty. If you're not reading the Hero series, that's fine too. I can set this story up for you thusly: ever wonder how a girl can end up being sweetly vicious and thoughtfully depraved?

Here's how Samantha got her start 5 years ago...

~~*Her Uncle's Secret*~~

Clad in her ballet tights and whirling around an empty upstairs bedroom in her childhood home, 18 year-old Samantha was struggling. She couldn't quite keep her position through the compact twist of a third pique turn. Part of the problem was that she'd let her mother pull her long dark hair way too tightly into the bun at the back of her head. It made her face ache.

But mostly the problem was that her mind kept drifting somewhere else. Lately, Samantha had been wondering if there was not quite enough "Samantha" in Samantha.

It was hard to describe. It felt like her head kept making room for other people. No, not imaginary people. That would have meant she was crazy - a whole set of very different problems. No, she had finally realized her head was making room for real people - the people in front of her when she looked at them the right way.

She studied her older brother the most. It was how she realized her otherwise rough-and-tumble football-playing sibling was gay long before he told anyone a year later. Her ready acceptance of his otherwise stunning announcement was why he could rely on her to help get him through the awkward phase of coming out.

She also knew that her mother wanted, more than anything in the world, to be young again. No helping there. Although Sam did teach her mom how to text and twitter. She set up MySpace and Facebook pages for her too. Atleast her mom could feel young.

Samantha's dad was doing fine on his own. He just wanted money. No, not in an ugly, greedy way. He'd grown up poor and was obsessed with providing his family with the life he'd never had. He was good at making money - he spent most of his time happily holed up in his office coordinating corporate deals.

Meanwhile, Samantha was left alone to figure out this thing, this gap, in her head. It had started very small. Sometimes, when she looked at someone she knew a little bit - looked at them in just the right way - her perspective sort of rotated for a few moments. She could pretend to be the other person.

She'd finally decided that what she had was a just particularly good knack for putting herself in other people's shoes. Mostly, it was a good thing. Until that particular day.

Eric was her youngest uncle - her mother's brother. He had been watching Sam practice for years at home and at her dance studio. He worked near her studio so before she could drive a car herself, he used to swing by to pick her up when class was over and drop her off at home whenever her mom asked. They joked that he was her number one, and only, fan. Samantha liked having an audience.

That afternoon at home, she was doing her usual practice routine. Eric appeared and leaned quietly in the doorway, just watching. He never interrupted. He was always very polite.

She felt him there but she kept moving through her forms. As she worked her way through several more poses, she finally looked over at him, looking at her. Without realizing it, she looked at him in her intense way and she understood part of him. She realized that he wanted something. Something secret. She loved secrets. She was a teenage girl after all, and secrets are a teenage girl's bread and butter.

So when she finished her daily routine a few minutes later, she twirled over to him happily to find out what he was hiding.

"Do you really like ballet?" she asked.

"I like it when my favorite ballerina is dancing it," he smiled. For a nerdy computer programmer, he was pretty rugged looking. Handsome even. And tall, just over 6 feet. He was the big, sweet sort of man that made a little girl feel safe.

"I think this is what you like," she threw her arms up around his neck and hugged him, looking up with big green eyes like she'd done a hundred times before.

He laughed and rested a hand lighly on her hip. "Well, you do give excellent hugs."

"Or is it this?" she giggled and tiptoed to quickly peck him on the lips. Again, like she'd done before for as long as she could remember.

He just chuckled.

She should have stopped there but the strange, new secret thing she'd seen was too... tantalizing.

"Or maybe it's this?" she said slowly, wondering out loud, as she licked his lower lip gently.

This was definitely new and her uncle's breath caught. She felt him tense in her arms.

"Hmmm... maybe this would this be even better?" she slipped just the tip of her tongue into his mouth. When he moaned and parted his lips, she pushed more of her little tongue into him and they were kissing.

Eric moaned again and she pressed her small body into his and felt his pants stir. She pulled away and giggled. "I've had Health class in school. From the way your pants are moving, I can tell you like something. It's okay, Uncle Eric. I like that you think I'm pretty. It's nice."

But then Samantha looked up at her uncle again. When she met his eyes she almost jerked. She'd slid into her intense look again and plugged into something inside him. "Plugged" was a good way to describe it - it was like she'd jammed a wet finger into an electrical outlet.

Samantha froze. Staring. Seeing. Knowing.

It was the first time her knack had turned sexual and it took over. She'd already been attracted to her uncle in a general way. Now, she practically attacked him. She couldn't think for herself because there was no self just then. She did what he wanted because, in that moment, she was drowning in what he wanted. His desire swallowed her up.

She silently dropped to her knees, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, reached inside, and pulled out his thickening cock in a smooth series of motions. She eagerly sucked him into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on him lovingly, twirling her tiny tongue on his tip as she did it.

Samantha serviced her uncle on her knees right there in her parents' house while they were outside by the pool. It's what he wanted. He didn't have to ask. She just knew. She'd been doing this for her boyfriend for awhile and she'd gotten pretty good at it. Eric and Stephen were about the same size too. She groaned when he relaxed into what she was doing and his hand cupped the back of her head. He started helping by sliding himself in and out of her lips.

It didn't take long. In two minutes, she was swallowing the largest, thickest load of cum she'd ever had in her mouth.

"Your turn, little one," he said softly, pulling her to her feet. He turned them both so that her back was pressed her back against the wall. He gripped the crotch of her ballet tights in both hands and ripped them open. She wasn't wearing underwear. She was bared, open, vulnerable. He spread her legs by pushing out her knees and he crouched down in front of her.

When his mouth touched her mound, she looked out through the hallway window and down at her parents in the backyard. She could see them but they wouldn't notice her through the sheer curtains.

Eric started licking her, tonguing her tiny dark-furred slit. He worked her clit then pushed his tongue into her entrance and her body shook at the new sensation. Stephen gave her wonderful oral but he'd never used his tongue on her this way. He'd never pushed it up inside her and swirled it around in her sensitive little hole. It made her knees weak. Eric reached up with a hand and circled her tiny, hard clit with his thumb while his tongue curled inside her.

She had to hold onto her uncle's head with both hands. She was so turned on from sucking him and what he was doing was so new and so exciting that it only took a couple of minutes for him to make her come too. She tried to keep quiet, tried to keep her eyes open too while she came. She needed to keep an eye on her parents. But god, it felt so damn good. Her small body heaved and she tumbled into her gasping orgasm.

She was still dizzy from cumming when Eric spun her around and pressed her face-first into the wall. He was hard again. He humped his stiff cock against the soft fabric of her tights where they stretched across her tiny, well-muscled, dancer's buns. She ground back against him. She loved it when her boyfriend took her from behind - she would ask him for it that way almost every time they made love.

This was different though. This was her uncle. "We shouldn't be doing this..." she whispered.

"Shhh..." he hushed her.

Eric dipped down and pushed his cock through the hole he had ripped in her tights. When he touched her miniature pussy lips and slid along outside her, she gasped. He humped her like that several times, his tip just barely brushing her clit. It sent sparks through Samantha's petite teen body. She would have come again that way but Eric had other ideas.

He bent his knees and angled upwards. She felt him nudge at her entrance. He pushed and she felt her little sex part for him and slowly open under the eager pressure of his cock.

But she twisted away, fearful, and he popped free. "Wait, we can't... I don't want to get pregnant!"

One of the other dancers at her studio had gotten pregnant earlier that year. She'd had to drop out. As absurd as it sounded, it was Samantha's first worry. She didn't want to stop dancing to have a baby. She didn't have any condoms to offer her uncle either. Her boyfriend always kept them.

"Good point," he murmured.

The good news is that Eric listened to her and he pulled his cock away. Instead, he pushed himself up under the back of her tights and slid up between her taut ass cheeks. Her crease was still a little sweaty from dancing and he was slippery with precum and the juices that she'd leaked onto his cock when he'd humped her up front.

His hard length skidded up her asscrack easily and he moaned out loud. "You've always had the sweetest little ass, Sammie."

She felt proud - proud that he liked her slender, uncurvy body and that she turned him on so much. "You can do this if you want Unc... err... Eric. I don't mind. Do you like this?"

He didn't answer, he just took her by the hips and started humping, pushing her into the wall.

And Samantha liked it. She liked it a lot. But she couldn't see her parents anymore. She was terrified they might come up to check on them. She needed him to come quickly.

As he humped his way up and down her ass crack, she pushed back against him, wiggling and squeezing his shaft between her toned little dancer's buns. She even reached an arm around behind his ass and pulled him into herself. She whispered soft encouragements too - "yeah", "so good", "so hard." She was doing anything she could think of to egg him on, hoping to make him come soon.

Her apparent enthusiasm surprised him. He moaned loudly again and she had to shush him to keep quiet.

They kept humping like that. He was pushing against her harder and harder.

She started getting turned on again. An orgasm was there, just dangling out of reach. That's when she made her first mistake. She leaned over a tiny bit to reach down and touch herself to reach that orgasm.

Their angle changed just enough when she leaned over. On Eric's next push, his knob caught her tiny back hole. She'd never had anything in there before. Not even a little finger. She was a total virgin in that way. But they were so slick and they were grinding together so hard and the angle was so perfect that his head popped right through her untouched sphincter.

"Uuaagh!" she yelped. Just once, but loud. She couldn't help herself. His entry was so abrupt and it hurt like hell.

"Eric? Wait, you're in the wrong place," she whimpered. It must have been an accident. He never would have done it on purpose. Why would he want to go in there? If he'd just pull himself back out of her butt, they could go back to the very nice humping they'd been doing only a moment ago.

"Oh, Sammie," her uncle moaned, but he didn't move.

She tried to pull away but she was pressed face-first into the wall. She tried to wriggle off to the side too, but her uncle was too far gone. His big hands dug into her little hips and he held her in place.

"Eric?" she whimpered again.

But he didn't answer. He didn't say a word. Instead, he pushed. Firmly. Slowly. Inch by inch, he drove his cock halfway into her ass as she tried not to sob at the agonizingly slow violation.

"Wait, I... Eric, it's not fitting in there," she whined softly.

Samantha was on fire - so much pain and just the tiniest hint of pleasure too. She was trapped. She couldn't yell for help, or at least she wouldn't, because she didn't want to get caught either. So she let him do it. He forced his cock deeper into her ass, pulled back out, then thrust in again even further.

He started apologizing while he sodomized her in her own home. "I'm sorry, Sammie... so sorry..." With each stroke he was sinking more of his thick cock into her, stretching the smallest entrance of her tiny body.

Samantha was panting shallowly. "You don't have to be sorry, you can just... just take it out, okay?" she offered in her smallest voice, "If you want, I'll use my mouth on you again just like before..."

Her plea was cut off by a staggering pain brought on when Eric brutally ground himself the rest of the way into her ass. She felt her insides shifting and straining to make room for him. With no other choice, her young body did the impossible, it reshaped itself around his invading cock. Her sleek little legs shook with the effort of absorbing that ache.

Oblivious, Eric pulled all the way out. Her tiny sphincter clutched his shaft as it withdrew. He reversed and pumped back into her fully. A half-dozen thrusts later and he was driving in and out of her tight, once-virgin ass. Really and truly fucking her.

"Sorry, honey," he continue to apologize.

Pressed against the wall and being taken, it was a good thing that little Samantha was used to pain. She'd endured hours of suffering in a ballet studio. She dipped into that endurance now.

Eric apologized again, "So sorry, honey."

Samantha gritted her teeth and even told him it was okay.

"It's okay, Eric, just not so hard, all right? It sort of hurts." She tried to be brave but her voice was shaking as she said it. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out.

He did ease up a little, but he never stopped either.

She gasped when he slid his hands down from her hips to pry her tiny asscheeks apart and stare down at their incestuous intersection.

Her little sphincter was stretched and puckered obscenely around his rigid shaft as he pumped himself in and out of her. It was the nastiest, hottest thing he'd ever seen. He squeezed her perfect, tight little asscheeks in his hands and groaned. This was his darkest, most lurid fantasy made real, the one he thought about sometimes when he masturbated. He was actually sodomizing his sweet young niece.

Mercifully, Sam felt them starting to get more slippery. He was sliding more freely in and out of her straining ass. Still, he felt gigantic inside her and the sensations were alien and harsh - not at all like making tender love with her boyfriend.

She was also getting lightheaded. When she started getting tunnel vision too, she recognized the warning signs - she was going to pass out soon. Her body could only take so much. She needed her uncle to finish before she blacked out.

"Just... just come Eric. Please come."

"Can I?"

"Yeah," she gasped dizzily, "Come inside me. It's okay. Go ahead. Come in me... back there. Come for me."

He went back to apologizing over and over again, "I'm so sorry, honey... so sorry..."

She was starting to go numb. She kept urging him on, "It'll be okay. Just come in me."

"Come in me," Sam repeated, "Come in me." Then again. And again. The phrase became a mantra that she whispered each time her uncle's cock sank all the way into her aching rear hole and the side of her face rubbed up against the wall in front of her. The mantra was for herself as much as for him. She focused on it to stay conscious.

Unfortunately for Samantha, he had already come in her mouth. He continued plunging in and out of his niece's fantastic little ass for several minutes before he felt his balls tingling again. By this time, she was swooning, dangling on the edge of consciousness as he grunted and pumped her a few more times. Finally, he pushed all the way into her, burying himself completely inside her ass, deeper than he'd gone before.

It made Samantha wince and claw at the wall in front of her. That's when she made her other mistake. She rose up onto the points of her ballet shoes in a vain attempt to escape the force of his deepest penetration.

But her uncle was taller and he followed her as she moved onto her toes. Rising up along with her, he continued pushing her up into the wall so hard that he lifted her off her feet. It wasn't that difficult, she didn't weigh much.

Now completely impaled on her uncle's shaft, Sam limply kicked her dangling legs and it only made things worse by rooting his cock around in the deepest parts of her tiny rectum. For Eric, the deep twitching movement was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. He shoved forward again even harder. Samantha grunted into the wall.

Finally, mercifully, he came, spurting deep inside her. His knees shook while he launched load after load into his skewered little niece, panting hoarsely as his cum streamed upwards to paint her raw insides.

The hot semen splashing inside her aching ass burned like nothing Samantha had ever felt. She shuddered and fought off another urge to start sobbing.

Her uncle was oblivious. For him, her shudders were nothing more than vibrations that spurred him on to keep coming until it felt like there was no more cum for his body to give.

At last, he slowly let her down. She nearly passed out when he slowly pulled his still-hard cock from her ass. His retreating shaft sucked and dragged at her insides on its way out. It felt just as bad as when it went in. Then he backed away and let her go. She crumpled to the floor, too weak to stand on her own.

When she could lift her head and she looked back around, her uncle was already zipping up his pants. They both realized what they'd done. She'd started it. He'd finished it. She saw the fear on his face.

She staggered to her feet, ran to her bedroom, shut the door and locked it. Safely inside, she let herself start crying.

"I'm sorry, Sammie. Are you okay?" he said through her bedroom door.

"It's all right, Eric. I'll be fine. I just need to lay down for awhile," she managed to croak bravely.

She heard him sigh and go downstairs.

Here's the part that has haunted Samantha the most about that day: after he left, she masturbated. Right there on her bed.

Tears still wet on her face, she laid back and reached down through the ripped hole of her tights. She spread her legs and she touched herself. Each time she shifted even slightly, she felt the burning heat and slippery coolness of her stretched and cum-loaded rear hole.

After everything that happened, she was dripping wet. Her clit was so swollen that she swore she could feel it pulsing. She could have made herself come right away. Instead, she carefully drew it out. Over and over, she replayed in her head what had just happened. She even slipped a finger down to circle the entrance of her raw backdoor as she rubbed her hypersensitive button.

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