Here Cums Santa


As for the disposition of Megan, with her spiky black hair, she was certainly the more energetic and masculine of the pair. Her lithe body was totally naked except for a thin gold chain around her waist. She was kneeling next to the redhead, with her feet near her partner's head, and focusing her attention on managing the dildo that was literally fucking her friend. Her free hand was playing with her own small breast, twisting and tweaking the pointy nipples that seemed to mimic the spikes of her hair-do. She was also being stimulated by the other, smaller dildo, which was being held into her vagina from behind by her friend. This was the kind of vibrator that is meant to stimulate the hidden G spot, and apparently it was finding its target, for the thin woman was gasping and panting, just as her friend was moaning and grunting.

I had never personally watched two women making love. It was fascinating to see how attuned they were to each others needs and quirks. I caught myself thinking that they were the similar to the age-old stereotype of lesbian pairings: the dominant with the submissive. In any case, they knew what worked for them, and I felt very happy for them.

While all this was going on in front of me, Santa was massaging my back and ass cheeks, keeping my own sexual passion at a high idle. While doing so, he took hold of the shoulder straps of my body stocking and pulled them down over my arms, then continued to skin the nylon down my body, reversing the maneuvers that I had completed in the dressing room. The material caught momentarily on the nubs of my nipples, then peeled all the way down so that I was standing in a pool of shimmering nylon.

I kicked the stocking aside, looked over my shoulder, and commented puckishly, "Santa, you are supposed to be stuffing stockings, not emptying them."

He took that as a challenge, and reached over to a nearby rack to take a pair of pink silk panty hose, which he unwrapped. Noticing his hands, I could see that his fingers were broad and strong, and they were covered with rough calluses and even a few splinters that caught in the sheer silk. "He has the hands of a carpenter," I thought to myself. Perhaps that was his job in the off-season.

Then he explained, "I think I know what you want for Christmas, too, young lady, and I'll put it into this stocking if you'd like."

With that, he rolled the material of the hose down onto his pulsing hard cock. The head of his cock pushed up into the toe of the stocking, almost filling the space. He milked the length of his penis from the balls up to the head, and big gush of precum percolated out, oozing right through the porous material. There was enough of these fragrant secretions to lubricate the whole upper half of his silk-sheathed pillar of hard flesh. I knew that he had what I wanted in that stocking, and that it was time to hang the stocking inside my fireplace.

I stepped away from him a foot or so, as he pulled his knees together. Then I spread my legs and backed up to his. I had to get up on my tip-toes to get my cunt high enough, feeling him brush the head of his cock back and forth through the folds of my cunt. He used one hand to manipulate his cock, and with the other, he lifted up on my buttocks, taking some of the weight off my stretching legs.

I reached down over my tummy and extended my fingers over the head of his cock, pushing it against my wet and swollen clitoris. It felt so good, and the friction of the greasy silk was an unexpected thrill. I rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet to increase the stimulation, and then I guided his cock back a little more so that it was poised at the entrance of my vagina.

"Santa, even if it isn't exactly the phrase that you normally use, I want you to stuff me with your stocking. That is what I want for Christmas, and that is the gift that I can give to you." Saying that, I slowly relaxed my legs, and let my knees buckle, so that my weight drove my cunt down toward his furry groin.

He was incredibly big and wide, so it took a real effort to keep my vaginal muscles from tensing and tightening around the plump invader. But I willed myself to accept his cock deep into my body, and eventually, I felt his prodigious tummy cushion my descent.

I let my shoulders fall back onto his chest, and I reveled in the furry warmth of his embrace as he enveloped me with his huge warm arms, crossing his wrists over my chest so that his hands wrapped over my breasts. The bumps of his coarse calluses stimulated my nipples as he caressed my flushed flesh. My head lolled back into his full white beard, where I again recognized the sweet fruity odors that I had first smelled in his crotch. Reaching back and around his neck, I was able to gain some leverage, and I used it to lift my hips up a few inches, letting part of his bloated cock be unsheathed. I could feel the texture of the saturated, slippery silk as it rubbed against the tissues of my vagina and labia, stimulating every cell within my canal.

After holding that position for a few moments, I again let my hips fall, and then I began a lifting and dropping motion that gradually increased in pace. I felt my clitoris being touched lightly, and I assumed at first that Santa had reached down with one hand to make sure that I was taken care of. But then realized that both of his hands were accounted for on my two breasts.

Picking up my head from the nest of Santa's beard, I saw that Megan had changed positions, so that she was now kneeling at Santa's feet, with her small breasts lying on his knees, and her hands were playing in our intermingled crotches. One set of her fingers was toying with his balls, and the other was flitting side-to-side over the wide spread folds of my cunt, flipping the puffy lips back and forth, and flicking over my clitoris.

Her partner had changed positions as well, so that she was actually sitting down onto the vibrator that still penetrated her, forcing the ivory colored plastic stalk as deeply as possible into her cunt, with the nub hard against her clitoris as it pistoned in and out mindlessly. She continued to hold the smaller buzzing dildo past the tightly clenched ass cheeks of her friend, so that it twisted and bumped against her sensitive G spot. The four of us were connected like a necklace of popcorn and cranberries strung together for the Christmas tree.

We were, all four of us, ready to pop some corn, so to speak. Even as my clitoris and breasts were being massaged so expertly, I was able to maintain my instinctive fucking motions up and down on Santa's sweet candy cane. And judging by the increased volume and pitch of the women's guttural bleatings and groans, I knew that they were close, too.

The climactic moment for me was hastened when I watched Megan crane her neck forwards, so that she could use her tongue to lap upwards along the surface of Santa's wrinkled balls, past the bunched-up silk of the pantyhose, and up over its slip-sliding juncture with my vagina. Lapping up further, she flipped her velvety tongue over the pouting knob of my clitoris. Up and down she slurped, and up and down I pistoned my hips. The two vibrators pulsed and danced within the grasping cunts of my two new friends.

Suddenly we were all orgasming together. The perfect timing was just one more of this evening's miracles. I turned my face around so that I could kiss Santa, finding his lips instantly in the thick forest of white curls. As I thrust my tongue between his lips and behind his teeth, I could feel the pulsing waves of my climax electrifying my body from my toes to my fingertips. Santa's hands slid down to my hips, and he lifted me into a stationary position and then repeatedly drove his cock deep into my fiery open hearth, filling me completely with his humungous silk-sheathed tube of flesh.

He was panting and grunting into my mouth as I continued to French kiss him. The force of his jets of semen was muted by silk condom that he wore, but I could feel the combined liquids of our eruptions dripping down into the crease of my ass, and the smell of spicy eggnog filled my nostrils. The sounds of our other two companions filled the air, letting us know that they too had finally reached some mind-blowing orgasms.

After the time-stopping feelings of such an intense orgasm gradually washed away, my body became totally limp, as did Santa's cock. It slipped out of my cunt, and my hips slid to the side. I slipped to the floor into a tangled heap of arms and legs and heaving breasts and moist crevices that together formed the joined bodies of we three women, as we drifted off into dream-land. Smug and satisfied smiles adorned our faces, I'm sure.

Our reveries were eventually interrupted by a rattling of the metal grate at the front of the store. A nasally voice called out:

"Hey there, girls, let me in, won't you. I thought we were on for some late-night fun and games. I'm sorry that I'm so late, but some kid puked on my outfit, and I had to clean it up so that I'd be ready for tomorrow. But really, I'm ready to go now. Please don't keep me waiting. You promised..."

I lifted my head from the soft pillows of the redhead's breasts, and crept over the pile of pink skin and shadowy valleys. Peering around a corner, through to the front of the store, I could see the security gate, and on the other side of it stood a young man with white boxer shorts and a big pad of foam rubber taped to his chest to give his body the appearance of fatness. A fake beard hung from one cheek, and his skinny arms pushed on the grating as he continued to implore my new friends to open up, to let him in....

So if this whining little guy was supposed to be the guest of honor for tonight's celebration, then WHO WAS THAT JOLLY OLD MAN THAT BROUGHT US SUCH PERFECT GIFTS TONIGHT? When I turned my bleary gaze toward Santa's seat, it was empty. On the floor next to the chair were a pile of orange peels, an empty milk glass, and a note:

"I took the silk stocking as a souvenir. You all have taken such good care of my North Pole. So next year, you may expect my gifts for each of you will be even more magical and joyous. But PLEASE don't tell Mrs. Claus. Let this be our Victoria's secret!!!

~ Peace and Love, Santa."

As I read this message with widening eyes, I heard the distant clatter of dancing hooves and the jangling of sleigh bells through the ceiling. And even more dimly, I heard:

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. HO, HO, HO, ho, ho, ho......"

Christmas IS a magical time of the year!

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I'll make sure to keep this delicious story on file and read it on Christmas Eve as a treat to myself😊Thank You!

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