tagSci-Fi & FantasyHere Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty


I feel a hand from out the crowd grasp my breast. The real one, not the metal. I pay it no mind; I'm long since past the point of caring about that. In a haze of pink fog I glance at the lighted watch built into my left arm. It glows bright red against the burnished nickel plating.

12:20. AM? PM? M&Ms I don't know. My head is pounding, I think from what ever I took last.

No sorry that's the band. I've wandered near the amplifier again. Oh they're playing in colors!

I feel hands on my hips; I'm turned around hard and leaned over a table. Three ladies sit there looking at me through fish tanks. No sorry that's their drinks. One of them pops a pill into my open mouth. I think it's blue!

Yea blue, like the color the band is playing.

A hard hand catches my tail by the base and pulls it up out the way then a cock slides into me from behind. The girls are petting me now. One takes a napkin and begins to polish the nickel on my arms. Another is playing with my whiskers. I make them twitch. She giggles.

Distracted by the change in songs I pay attention to the man fucking me. My god! He has a real cock! Oh how lame is that I start to say then I feel electricity course through me making me scream and jump.

A Taser cock? I think as I spasm. Oh how last year.

I go back to paying attention to the girls petting me. One starts to scratch behind my ears. The little tuft of hair at the top twitches.

When he finishes he turns me over onto my back. I see a line has formed behind him. Oh not this again. Must be the third gang bang since I got here. I shrug and lean my head back onto the table. One of the girls drops a second blue pill into my mouth.

I sit up a little as I swallow and see the next man in line. He has massive tits and a huge cock. His eyes are glowing red. Oh like my watch. I look at it.

12:29. PM? AM? S&M I really don't know.

As I'm penetrated I look to the line. Oh how boring.

The girls start to adjust the dial on my left nipple till they find a setting they like. I feel my pussy vibration in time with the music now. Oh good choice.

Then the little blue pills start to take affect. As I start to drift I lose track of what's being done to me. Oh well if I can't feel it then it doesn't matter. I start to twitch my tail off the edge of the table. I make it run up the leg of the man having his way with me. I tickle his ass with the tip making him jump.

The girls giggle. Little silver fish come out their mouths as they laugh. I try to bat one out the air, but I can't hit it.

I see the glow of my watch. I try to bring it down to see, but the guy's arm is in the way. My claws rake him open to the bone with little effort. Damn there is blood on my watch. The light glows weird through it.

My hands are held down after that so I can't tell you what time it is.

Oh well. I drift and hum along with the music. Wish I could hum in colors. I give a slight purr at the thought and snuggle in for a nap.

I find myself sitting on a low mushroom, sucking on a cock that glows bright blue and blinks to a darker purple. Oh how beautiful.

Sorry it's a toilet not a mushroom. I shrug. While I'm here it take a pee break.

My mouth is suddenly filled with vanilla cream. Oh good choice. I love vanilla, reminds me of ice cream. I tasted real ice cream once.

I blink my eyes. The blue penis is gone. Oh well. I blink. My eyes are trying to stick together. I wipe cum from my eyes and rub it between my fingers. Licking them I taste chocolate. Damn I wish I had been awake for that. I love chocolate. Maybe I can find who has the chocolate and then get the vanilla guy to cum again. I could make hot fudge Sunday!

As I stumble out the bathroom towards the dance floor a large shadow stops in front of me. I'm pulled to my feet. Why was I on the floor? My crusty eyes focus on a rugged face just inches from mine.


"Yea Kitten. You look like hell." His voice is metallic sounding. His throat was replaced after a bullet tore away his vocal cords.

"Have you eaten?" he asks me.

I nod. "I had some vanilla earlier." Leaning in I lick the side of his neck where the scars are. He tastes like gun oil. It's doesn't go with chocolate or vanilla. Bleeck! I try to scrap my tongue off on my teeth. The pointed teeth catch in the rough surface. Hum copper and gun oil?

"I mean food, not flavored cum. Come on I'll get you something to eat." He takes my arm and starts leading me towards the door. As I get close I see the night outside. It's so quite and empty!

"No please!" I pull back against him. His fingers slip on my fur. "Not out there."

He stops and looks at me for several seconds. The sound of a sigh from him is like trucks breaks letting out air. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a protein tab. It hits my tongue like warm beef soup. My mouth fills with hot juice as it expands. I swallow as quickly as I can. My stomach soon feels comfortable full.

"Oh thank you, that was delicious." I start to wiggle my hips making my tail twitch from side to side. I feel a hand slide down the furry tip, I twitch it away from the hand.

"You need some real food in you." I think I hear concern in his voice. Hard to tell he sounds like street sweepers brushes hitting a manhole cover. "You look real bad Kitten. How long you been here?"

I try to think back, but too many things that are impossible clog my memories. I look to my glowing watch.

11:55. I look to the doorway. Its night out side that means it's...

"Fucked if I know." I say to him in a whisper. I lean in against his soft leather jacket. I love the smell of leather. Jackets, pants, handcuffs, whips, riding crops, spanking paddles, harnesses, ball gags, blindfolds. I snuggle into the smell and feel him put his arms around me. His metal one hits mine with a ringing sound. I drift off to sleep for a few minutes, hours? I don't know I can't find my watch.

I wake up feeling him propping me up in a booth.


"I've got to go. You want to come with me?" he asks.

I look at the door and the world outside. I shudder and shake my head.

He pulls something from a metal case on his hip. It's long and shiny. Smiling I open my legs a little.

When he touches it to my neck I come fully awake for the first time in days. I rub my face, twitch my whiskers and meow out a small yawn.

I'm awake and my stomach is full.

Party Time!

I hop up and kiss him thank you. I run into the middle of the dance floor and start to grind with a sexy looking pair of girls in black lace body suits. I see bright smiles behind the lace on their faces. I open my mouth and one of them drops a deep purple tab onto my tongue. It explodes with almost painfully bright levels of sensitivity. I can hear every thing in the club, every step of every foot. The guy taking a piss in the corner.

I can even hear J-dog talking to the bouncer by the door.

"How long has she been here?" I hear the metallic voice ask. A big file on sheet metal.

I hear the bouncer shrug! Oh my god I love this!

"Maybe five, six days. I don't know really. Every time I've come in she is still here." He shrugs again. I can hear the leather of his coat slide across the chrome arms. "She's burning out. You know that right?"

"Yea I know." J-dog shakes his head; his throat makes a gear like sound. "Ever since she got that damn 'Cat' body sculpting done she's been headed that way. Keep an eye on her if you would."

"No promises. Every one likes a piece of pussy. Surprise you didn't tap her." He says with a grin.

J-dog takes a deep breath.

"I did a few times before she had the work done. Now... well let's just say I'm not a cat person." I hear him unfold a bill from his pocket. "Try to make sure she doesn't O.D."

"I'll do what I can, but no promises."

I feel a woman's hand push fingers up inside me. Pleasure explodes inside me as she shoots me full of some drug.

"Oh how delicious!" I squeal.

I dance on her fingers, then I feel hands lifting my naked body. My claws scrape the floor as they leave it. I'm impaled, up my ass, on a large cock. I feel the woman turn her hand inside me to grasp the cock.

OH, yes. YES!

Pills devolve in my mouth seconds after they are placed there; mouths suckle on my nipples, both metal and flesh. The dial is turned on my nipple till my body goes into spasm.

"Oh good choice."

Electric arcs shoot through my ass and the woman and I scream as the voltage hits us both.

Taser cock again. Oh how last year.

"No promises."

"No promises."

"No promises."

Oh goodie the band is playing in colors again.

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