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Hermaphroditus Awake


Every year, I take a two-week holiday in Greece with my friends Nina and Spyros. The three of us were almost inseparable at university, sitting together in lectures, spending our nights together. For me it was never about romance, just the freedom finally to have as much sex as I wanted with whoever I wanted. Being in a friendly, poly relationship allowed both Nina and I to express and explore our bisexuality, and Spyros certainly never complained about having to satisfy two women. Still, as time went by, the relationship between Nina and Spyros evolved into a romance that I was never comfortable with, and when they returned to Greece after graduation, I chose to stay in Britain.

This year I stayed at their villa in the hills to the north of Corinth. There had been a slight misunderstanding about this, actually, as I had thought they would be at their place by the beach. I had expected to spend my days sunbathing and my nights partying (followed, naturally, by plenty of sex), but instead I was faced with too many hours in the villa, often alone, with rare trips into the city. Actually, it was nice, relaxing, and I took to walking in the hills, but I had brought only flip-flops, my favourite stripper heels, and my leather boots. None of these were ideal for walks in the hills, but the boots were the least problematic.

Still, it would have been an uneventful and rather disappointing holiday - if it weren't for the earthquake that struck while I was out walking one day. I screamed as the ground shook and tore beneath me, a crevice opening up as if the ground were trying to swallow me. I fell through a shower of earth, grabbing uselessly at roots, and dropped into cavernous darkness, my scream echoing about me...

... and splashed into water. All was dark save for a crack of sunlight out of reach above my head. The only sound, apart from my breathing (once I had stopped coughing up water), was the fizzing and plopping of earth and stones falling into the water beside me, the occasional ripple breaking against the walls, and soon even these noises faded.

Slowly my breathing calmed and my heart stopped trying to break free from my chest, and my eyes started to adjust, and I dared to stand. The water was thigh-high and cold, still as a windless lake. Dimly I discerned the rocky walls of the cave, and searched for some way to climb up to the world above, but even a professional climber would have doubted her chances.

There was a gentle drift in the water. I let it tug me along, in the hope that the river would emerge from the hills lower down, and soon the flow was swift and the channel narrow. A gentle illumination ahead of me gave me hope as I braved the channel.

My feet were swept from under me and I screamed as I was carried by the water and dropped suddenly, landing unexpectedly on my feet in another pool. My arms flailing about for balance, my right hand snared an outcrop and I held on so fiercely that it broke off. Losing my precarious balance, I staggered and dropped the fragment into the water.

I must have been a comical sight, though there was no one to see. Wading carefully through the water away from the cascade that had brought me, I peered about me. There was a passageway ahead of me, clearly manmade, and enough indirect light from the passageway to let me see the chamber I was in.

It was old, perhaps even Mycenaean, though I'm no expert in such matters. I like the stories of Helen and Paris and all that, though. Eventually I turned to look behind me, and found myself staring at a statue of a woman. Aphrodite, I guessed, but as my eyes drifted inevitably to her crotch I found no fig leaf there, but rather what looked strangely like balls and the stump of an erect cock.

I suddenly remembered the fragment of rock I had dropped. It had been smooth, and round, and where I had been standing was right there... "Shit!" I said and waded back to the statue. "I'm sorry!" I bent over and searched the water for the erect cock that had once belonged to this statue of Hermaphroditus.

But without luck. The thought of this beautiful goddess and her thick, erect cock was, however, stirring quite a hunger in me. The terror of the past half hour was quite washed away by curiosity, and I couldn't resist seeing how faithful the sculptor had been. My fingers teased behind the goddess's balls, finding there the unmistakeable outline of labia.

I caressed her bare breasts lovingly, and kissed her hard nipples, and with a mournful sigh I kissed her on her cold mouth. "I'm sorry," I repeated, and turned to go.

The passageway curved down and ended with a curtain of water, through which the afternoon sun shone clearly. I stepped through and plunged into deep water that carried me away from the fall, and I swum awkwardly to the bank of the river.

The pulsing, throbbing ache in my jeans had intensified swiftly to discomfort bordering on pain. It was as if something alive, a fish or eel or something, had become stuck in there, though I couldn't imagine how anything could have got there.

I opened my jeans, and stared down in shock at what was obviously a penis, one that was swiftly erect and growing in size. In the space of a minute, as I watched, it expanded from merely average to porn-star impressiveness. "What the fuck!" I screeched.

As I stood staring down at it, the one-eyed monster stared back at me, and I could feel its demand to be touched. I resisted - but it showed no intention of going away, or diminishing at all, and I couldn't go anywhere with it sticking out of me like that.

It felt like a punishment. I had damaged the statue, and touched her and kissed her, and now she had transformed me into a likeness of her. I had said sorry, but maybe she wanted more. Maybe she wanted me on my knees begging for forgiveness.

If that's what it would take... I started back towards the hidden entrance to the temple, only for a rumbling aftershock of the earlier earthquake to send me staggering, and with a huge roar the hillside opposite crashed down into the river. When the shaking and noise quieted at last, there was no sign of the passageway, only a mountain of mud and stones and roots. All that was left of the river was a trickling, muddy stream.

I sat where I was, shaken by the thought I could have been trapped forever in the cave, and dismayed at the realisation that I was unlikely to get into the temple again, that maybe I was stuck with the unwanted gift of a cock.

It was still erect, and the compulsion to touch it was stronger than ever. I yielded. I wrapped my fingers carefully about the shaft. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Suddenly nothing else mattered. For a minute or two I simply held it, tightening and loosening my grip, gradually adjusting to the idea of having this whole new and weirdly masculine body part.

Eventually the need for more made me stroke the shaft slowly, and I was startled to find I was leaking precum from the tip. With my free hand I teased apart my pussy lips and dipped a fingertip into my wet interior before swirling it about my clit. "Fuck!" I cried out, unintentionally loud. The combination of cock and clit was electric.

All thought of restraint evaporated. I worked my clit with the rhythm that was always best for me, while working my cock in time with long, increasingly firm strokes. "Fuck!" I shouted as the tension became almost unbearable. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

I had once been with a man whose fingers had found my G-spot and brought me to an amazing orgasm. I had even squirted a little. This was like that, an intense, deep orgasm followed by an almost explosive relief. I squirted, but not from my pussy. My cock thrashed wildly in my hand, producing great arcs of clear fluid that glistened in the sunlight. Ten, eleven great pulsing jets of girl-cum, before I slumped backwards, a few last dribbling spurts issuing from my cock.

I lay on my back, panting, watching a distant plane on its course to Athens. I was relieved to feel my cock diminish. Though it twitched and stirred restlessly, I was able at last to tuck it into my jeans for the walk back to the villa - though how I would hide it there I had no idea. Perhaps it would be futile to try.

And yet, after pulling off my soaked, muddy boots and tip-toeing through to my room, I undressed to discover my new appendage was gone. There was no evidence that it was there, or that it had ever been there, and I looked exactly as I had that morning, but I had the feeling that it was still there somehow. The way, perhaps, amputees feel their missing limbs, I could still feel my phantom cock. It was weird not to be able to see it and touch it.

Barely an hour before, I had struggled to accept its existence. Now I struggled to accept its non-existence.

For the next two days I didn't go anywhere, my experience in the hills having been quite enough adventure for one holiday, and spent the days on the balcony reading. Nina and Spyros unfortunately had to work all day and late, so apart from the maid Petra in the mornings I was alone.

Petra was in her fifties and had only a few words of English, enough to offer me coffee and ask haltingly if I needed anything. She had always been polite before, but had kept herself busy, the TV in the background as she cleaned and tidied the house. But now I sensed her spying on me from time to time, and I was a little bemused by how aware of her movements I was. I liked that she was watching me, and although she was easily old enough to be my mother I kept being distracted by the idea of forcing myself upon her, lifting her skirt, tearing down her knickers, burying my face in a pussy that was wet and hungry for me.

On the third day I couldn't stand the constant temptation she posed. "I'm going into the village," I told her, and discovered to my surprise that she had at some point cleaned my boots. I slipped my feet into them with a smile of pleasure.

Almost at once I felt that pressure again, the pain of a growing cock trapped within lacy knickers. I groaned as I lifted my dress to see it, and sighed with relief as I freed it from captivity. There was relief also in just seeing that my cock had returned. Its absence had bothered me more than I cared to admit.

I looked up to discover Petra watching me, her eyes wide in amazement, her mouth open in an 'O' of surprise, and suddenly all I could think about was my cock thrusting through those inviting lips.

Marching over to her, I kissed her on the mouth, penetrating her with my tongue, as I grabbed her ass, digging sharp fingernails into her soft cheeks, and pulled her tight against me. My naked, erect cock pressed into her belly, and her half-hearted attempt to push me away gave way to a massaging of my breasts, her fingers finding my nipples and teasing then through the fabric.

She was so aroused! So wet! I didn't need to see it, I could smell it. The delicious, heady smell of pussy. I fell to my knees, tugging her long skirt down to her feet, revealing lacy black knickers that were soaked. I buried my nose in the wet lace, breathing in her intoxicating aroma, licking the soft, wet skin of her thighs.

Crying out, she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth against her pussy, and I licked and sucked at the contours of her lace-clad pussy until she released my head. We both quickly stripped out of our clothes, though I kept my boots on, and stood for a moment looking at each other uncertainly.

Taking her hand, I led her into my bedroom, I twisted her around and pushed her onto her hands and knees on the bed. Kneeling behind her, I delved once again into her gorgeous pussy, unshielded now, and worshipped its folds, suckling on her clit until she moaned with pleasure at every touch.

Kneeling behind her, I positioned for entry. My cock was bigger than any I had ever had the pleasure of myself, and I knew I should take it slowly, but the need to be inside her was too great to deny. I started gently, though, and she gasped at being stretched by my girth, but then I thrust hard, penetrating her deep, so that fully half my length was buried in her hot, tight vagina, making her cry out in complaint. I pulled back a little, and thrust deeper, and again, until all of me was in her, the soft head of my hard cock nudging against the tight ring of her cervix.

If having a cock at all was weird, using it to fuck my friends' maid was almost surreal. It felt so wrong, and yet so right, as if this were my sole purpose in life. The sight of this woman impaled on my cock, the wonderful grip of her flesh on me, made me feel like a lusting goddess. "Okay?" I asked.

"Ne!" she said, almost shouting. "Yes!"

I smiled as I withdrew my length slowly, until only the tip nestled within her soft folds, then thrust mightily, forcing a scream from her. I waited, loving the sight and sensation of her panting, and almost vibrating beneath my hands, until she recovered enough to hiss, "Yes!" Again I withdrew slowly, only to thrust deep, forcing another cry of pleasure from her. Another pause, another thrust, another cry.

I picked up the rhythm, fucking her steadily with long, deep thrusts. I wanted it to last forever. I wanted to take her in every position I could imagine. Doggy style was just the first. But the newness of it all, the wonderful intensity of it, the use of muscles that had never before been used... it was all too much, a determined struggle to maintain the rhythm and pace as the tension in me mounted swiftly, steadily, thrust after thrust. Petra's fingers were on her clit, and sometimes on my shaft, caressing my hard length as it pounded her from behind.

Her orgasm triggered mine, and we cried out in unison as I stiffened within her and she contracted about me, so tight that we seemed fused together as I erupted within her, my cock pulsing powerfully as it flooded her with so much cum that it splashed out and ran down our legs. As I withdrew from her carefully, more cum poured out from her to pool on the sheets between her knees, and I found the sight of this to be inexplicably beautiful. Bending down, I put my lips to her flowing pussy and licked and drank the sweet blend of my girl-cum and Petra's own juices.

We collapsed on to the bed side-by-side, momentarily exhausted and happy to rest in each other's arms, my cock at half-mast and twitching lazily. We fell asleep like that, and it was only the clock chiming midday that roused us, Petra waking in a panic. Normally she left at noon, and today she had barely done any housework.

I grabbed her as she tried to stand, pulling her back down onto the bed and straddling her. My cock was at attention and I was hungry for more of her. I kissed her on the mouth as I manoeuvred myself between her legs, and my hands cupped her breasts and teased her nipples. Petra surrendered quickly, and started bucking and rotating her hips, sliding her clit against my hard length. She was amazing, and she was already wet, or possibly still wet from earlier. Adjusting position, I slipped inside her again, more easily this time. She cried out as if in pain, but wrapped her arms and legs around me and thrust back at me, taking me all the way into her.

It wasn't just me this time. It was definitely both of us. I took great pleasure in fucking her, just as much as she took in fucking me. She climaxed quickly, and her nails scratched painfully against my back as she clung to me.

Petra pushed me away, onto my back, and bent to take my cock in her mouth, just as I had imagined her doing for the past couple of days. I swivelled round and between her legs so that her pussy was over my mouth and I licked the sweet fluids from her thighs and her labia while she sucked the head of my cock and stroked the shaft with one hand. I searched for her other hand and found it, and guided it between my legs. Her fingers found my own pussy, and my much neglected clit, and again I had that wonderfully electric sensation of having both clit and cock stimulated.

I ached for her to take me deeper into her mouth, even into her throat, and thrust with my hips to try this, but she was too wise for this and controlled me too well. Petra was certainly skilled though. As the tension built in me, I sucked on her clit and licked around it and over it, determined to make her climax again. In response she sucked and licked my cock with even greater enthusiasm, her grip on my cock tightening as she stroked it, her fingers swirling about my clit with such speed that the effort not to come was torture.

Her thighs clamped tight about my head as she climaxed, and I could hold mine back no longer. I screamed into her pussy as my whole body convulsed in pleasure and release, the head of my cock imprisoned by her mouth as my cum squirted from the tip. It seemed to go on forever, and I wished it would. This was as close to my idea of heaven as I could imagine.

Petra swivelled around to kiss me, her mouth and chin slick with my cum. "Thank you, Petra," I said when we broke apart at last.

She smiled warmly. "Thank you," she said. "I go now. We do this Monday, ne?"

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, every day,..." I replied, trying to catch her again, but she escaped me this time.

It was Friday. Could I really wait until Monday to have her again?

There were wet spots all over the bed. All over me too. The room stank of sweat and sex, and so did I. I needed a shower. Removing my boots, I was unsurprised to see my cock shrink slowly until there was no sign of it. It wasn't, I understood, that the boots transformed me. Rather, they allowed the transformation to happen. The cock was fundamentally a part of me, and the boots revealed it. Perhaps because it was my boots that had been in the water in front of the statue of Hermaphroditus. Without the boots I was disguised as a normal woman. With the boots I was revealed as an avatar, of sorts, of Hermaphroditus.

And even without the boots on, Petra had been aware on some level of my secret nature. I wondered if everyone would be aware. I hadn't been able to spend much time with Nina and Spyros, but the weekend was coming. Would they sense the change in me?

After dumping all the bedding in the washing machine and opening the windows to air my room, I had a long shower to clean and refresh myself. I dressed afterwards in a short yellow dress, deciding against a bra and knickers. My body was still humming with pleasure from the amazing sex with Petra, and I wanted to feel free. I would have gone naked if I thought I could get away with it.

I opted for the platform stilettos, and deliberately not the leather boots. I was going on a secret mission. Sunglasses and a straw hat finished off the ensemble, and I set off for the village.

It was a short walk, though the stilettos made it feel like a long one. Even without a huge cock sticking out in front of me, I felt incredibly sexy. I could see people studying me as I passed them in the street - and not with a bitchy "What a slut!" expression. It was more a blend of interest and confusion. Women and men of all ages. Only children ignored me, for which I was grateful.

Sometimes it was only a glance. A young couple arguing in a doorway stopped as I walked past, both giving me a curious look, but they were soon arguing again. Some were more distracted. I had to give the elderly waiter in the café my order three times because he couldn't tear his attention away from my nipples.

It was mid-afternoon, the hottest part of the day. As I sipped my tea, the two men at the bar finished and left, and the young Australian couple left shortly after, so that I was alone in the café, the waiter torn between wanting me to hurry and leave also, and wanting me to stay where he could see me and wrap me up in his fantasies.

In turn, I was both aroused by his attention and disturbed by it. He was, after all, old enough to be my grandfather. I finished my tea, left a tip, and turned to go, only to feel a sudden wave of sadness. Somehow I knew that he hadn't been with a woman in years, and might never again be with one, because for years he had been unable to sustain an erection. But ever since I had entered his café, he had been hard, and he felt now a youthful vigour he might never know again.

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