tagErotic CouplingsHero's Life Ch. 00

Hero's Life Ch. 00


Author's note: Long time reader. First time writer. This is a somewhat goofy prologue set several months in the future after the events of a multi-part series I've already written most of and will be submitting rapidly. The good news is that if you like it there won't be much waiting.

Welcome to my silly head...


Heather "Peaches" Miller twisted her silky blonde hair with a finger and chewed on it idly while peering out the airplane's window and down at the moonlit pacific ocean. She stopped when she realized she was chewing again. It was a new and bad habit she'd picked up from her college roommate during their first semester.

She reached for the heavy glass tumbler on the armrest tray beside her. It held an ice cube and an inch of amber liquid at its bottom - Glenlivit single malt. Her second favorite. Despite her tender teenage years, Heather had never much cared for wine-coolers, beer, or fruity drinks. She'd skipped right to the good stuff. She took a long drag of the cool, sweet scotch. First class had its perks. She turned to look at the small, pretty, freckled Australian brunette reclined in the seat next to her. She was maybe ten years older than Heather. Poor Lisa. She managed to look nervous even in her sleep. Lisa's jitters at the prospect of going home were probably justified, Heather decided. Their plan to save Lisa's marriage was risky.

The short version went like this: years ago, Lisa and her friend Tracy had jointly seduced and taken Heather's current boyfriend's (Hero's) virginity in a one night stand in Thailand. The three of them had been teenagers back then. He and the girls had lost touch afterwards. The girls had continued on as long time lesbian lovers. It got trickier for them when Lisa fell in love with and married a straight-laced, God-fearing, goody-two-shoes, frickin' tax lawyer - how much less imaginative could you get? Hubbie didn't know anything about his wife's bi-sexual needs. Worse, Lisa was too afraid to tell him. But, if he really fit Lisa's description, she'd probably been wise to keep her extramarital relationship a secret these past 6 years.

Enter Peaches. Lisa and Tracy had stumbled across Hero's story recounting their one night together in Thailand on an erotic story website. They'd managed to connect with Heather on the site's bulletin board and Heather invited them up to the States as a sort of Christmas present for Hero. Together, the five of them spent a gloriously uninhibited week together. Five of them? Almost forgot Samantha. Can't forget her. Sam was Hero's other girlfriend. To be fair, she was Heather's girlfriend too. It sounded more complicated than it was. Peaches briefly savored a vivid memory of kissing Sam's soft lips while straddling Hero's thick cock. It brought a warm tingle to her belly that had nothing to do with scotch.

Their plan to save Lisa's marriage had been conceived by the devious Heather and designed by the deviant Sam. Heather would drop in from the blue as a guest in Lisa's home and seduce the married couple together. Lisa just had to play along. They would give him a taste of a nice threesome and some of the girl-on-girl entertainment he was missing out on. Heather would then discretely vanish. With a bit of finesse, Tracy would eventually take her place. Hubbie just had to be kept in line afterwards. That was the risky part - it was up to Lisa and Tracy to manage that.

It wasn't a question of if Heather's seduction would work. It was more a question of how long it would take. The five plotters had a bet going. The inside gave him three hours. The outside gave him a day and a half. Lisa's husband was a thirty-year old man who'd been married for six years. Given the right circumstances, including his wife's express permission, he wouldn't pass up the chance to sleep with a willing, buxom, 18 year-old blonde.

Heather glanced down at her body. She had a love-hate relationship with it. It was nice being hot but sometimes it attracted too much of the wrong kind of attention. She was 5'2" and weighed 110 pounds. Probably 15 pounds of that was boob weight, she mused. They were big. Big and round and they defied gravity. She was a very full D cup - she probably could go up a cup size to DD but liked keeping them tied down tightly. On their own, her tits were large. Attached to her petite body they looked enormous. She had a flat, taut tanned stomach and a smooth-shaven little pussy. Her tiny bubble butt, Hero's constant playground, was firm and tight like her legs. If the hubbie wasn't gay or crazy, he'd want to fuck her.

Her thoughts turned back to home. She loved Hero. Loved Sam too. Nothing, no one, at school compared. The three of them lived an unconventional but satisfying life when Heather came home to them on her college breaks. Still, Heather was willing to do Lisa's husband for a good cause. She liked helping people. Liked to see the puzzle pieces fit together. It might even be fun to tune the tax man up real good. Heather grinned a little to herself and took another sip of her drink.

She reached over and gently stroked the sleeping twenty-something's soft brown hair. Lisa twitched fitfully. Heather considered waking her up with a few well-placed kisses but decided to let the poor woman sleep instead. Just keep it together for another day or two honey, Heather thought as she stroked Lisa's hair again. We'll get this all sorted out. She turned back to the airplane's window and looked down at the moonlit pacific ocean.

The plane's landing in Sydney woke Lisa, who sleepily gathered her things. The girls made their way through the airport to Lisa's car and drove home in the dark. They piled in the front door, Lisa first. Lisa's husband down the hall and greeted her with a kiss. He stopped dead when Heather popped through the door carrying just a backpack. She was wearing a pink tank top that stretched tightly across her chest and a pair of small khaki shorts.

"Hi Mr. White! It's so nice to meet you!" Heather gushed, looking him over. He was in the "do-able" range. She bounced over and gave him a hug, pressing her full firm breasts into his chest. She wiggled against him a little for good measure.

"Dave, this is Heather. She's a co-ed down visiting from the States that I met on the plane. Her arrangements got fouled up and she needs a place to stay for a day or two. I thought we'd show her some Aussie hospitality until she gets sorted out."

"Uh, yeah. Sure," Dave finally stuttered. He'd only seen girls that looked like Heather in magazines.

"Yay! Thanks Mr. White!" Heather cheered, hugging him again. She turned to Lisa. "Do you mind if I take a shower? I feel kinda icky after the long flight." She bounded up the nearby steps, bobbing her juicy little ass along the way in case anyone was looking.

Dave was looking. But so was Lisa. "Did I smell whiskey on her breath?" Dave turned to his wife.

"Scotch. She's quite a little character. Pretty too, huh?" Lisa, said studying her husband.

"Yeah, I guess." he answered noncommittally, hugging her. Neither of them commented on the half-mast erection that was pressed between them.

"Take my bags upstairs?" Lisa asked "I'd like a bite to eat before bed, airplane food stinks." She walked down to the kitchen.

Dave shouldered his wife's luggage and trotted up the stairs. He heard the hall shower running and paused at the closed bathroom door wondering what visual delights lay just behind it. He still loved his wife. Still thought she was beautiful and sexy. Her bright smile and sexy, petite, freckled little body had won his heart. Heather was something entirely different - something plucked right out of one of his adolescent fantasies. He sighed and continued on to the master bedroom.

Heather heard David outside the door and wasn't about to pass up an opportunity. She rummaged around in the towel closet inside the bathroom and reached over a pile of bath towels for a pair of white hand towels. She stripped naked and tied one around her chest and the other around her hips - terry cloth lingerie. She opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

"Oh, hi again Mr. White." she called innocently down the hall. She waited until he came to the door of his bedroom. "I found the bathroom OK by myself but which bedroom would you like me to sleep in?"

Dave wasn't up to talking just then. He just gaped. Heather had put her hair up on top of her head in a bun with a white scrunchi. It exposed her smooth, tanned neck. The towel at her chest may have covered the tops of her large, round breasts but the undersides were visible - almost half of her boobs were in plain view and swaying slightly with her breathing. Her smooth tight young stomach was exposed. The towel at her waist was ridiculously short, covering only her crotch. Her toned teenage legs were bare.

Heather patiently waited the 10 long seconds for David to compose himself. "Mr. White, I think you like my outfit." she grinned and let him take in her nubile body. She let her mouth fall open and darted her tongue out to lick her small pink upper lip. "You're not think about me staying in your bedroom tonight are you?"

Her words rebooted his brain. "Uh, no. You're an attractive young woman, but no," he rasped. "You can have that one bedroom you."

Heather twirled to look behind her. By some miracle, the towels held, but the bottom one lifted up to expose a perfectly firm adolescent butt cheek with a tan line that indicated she wore small string bikinis. Dave's one knee weakened a little at the sight and he leaned into the door frame.

"That one?" she pointed, back turned to David to let him continue soaking in her barely clad body. "OK, thanks." She turned, smiled at him coyly, and ducked back into the bathroom and shut the door.

Heather showered and went right to bed. She hadn't slept on the flight like Lisa and she was exhausted. She knew she'd need her rest for tomorrow. It was going to take some energy to affect the ditzy co-ed image for several hours at a time.

The morning came quickly. Heather got up and rummaged in her backpack for a pink string bikini. Its three triangles of fabric where tiny. She put it on and inspected herself in a full-length mirror behind the bedroom door. The top covered less than a quarter of her nearly double-D breasts which jutted straight out from her tiny body. She twisted at the waist quickly and her torso moved but it was a split second before her large boobs followed. Their heft made them swing past her upper body and then back. She grinned and glanced down at her crotch. She'd tied the bikini bottom tight enough that it showed a hint of cameltoe. Perfect. She was matrimonial kryptonite.

She bounced down the stairs to the kitchen. Lisa was awake already, wrapped in a blue cotton bathrobe, and sitting at the kitchen table with a morning paper. No sign of Dave yet.

Heather gestured the wordless question to Lisa, who pointed upstairs. They heard David walk down the upstairs hallway and down the steps. Heather turned her back at the sound of his approach and grabbed a couple of pieces of toast on the counter. She picked up a jar of marmalade.

David came down wearing a conservative suit and tie. "OK hun, I'm off to work. Be back 'round..." Dave's voice trailed off when he caught sight of the half-naked eighteen year-old in his kitchen.

"I said she could have a dip in our pool after breakfast." Lisa nonchalantly said to her dumbstruck husband.

Heather fiddled with the marmalade and groaned. "Darnit, I spilled some marmalade on my top." She spun around quickly to face David. There was a large orange blob on the small pink triangle that barely contained her left breast. Heather frowned and looked down.

Then, slowly, she reached up and plucked the jammy triangle off her chest and into her mouth. Her huge breast popped free and bare. She loudly slurped the marmalade from the pink fabric.

When she was done, Heather looked at David and back down at her exposed tit.

"What? Oh, it's a just boob, silly. Wait, is it ugly?" She frowned again. "Sometimes I think they're too big." She tapped its nipple with her forefinger. Then she pulled the other side of her top up, completely baring both of her enormous tits. She looked at David with concern, then down at her chest and back at him again.

She cupped her small hands beneath her giant mammaries and hefted them gently. "They're not too big for Australian boys are they? I mean they are pretty large but they're not, like, grotesquely big are they?"

David just stared.

"You can touch 'em if you want, Mr. White," she offered sweetly.

David still couldn't manage speech but he succeeded in turning his head to look at his wife.

Lisa smiled warmly at her husband and shrugged. "Go ahead dear. Just this once I don't mind. Plus, at least I'm here to supervise. Go on, you're not going to get that kind of offer too often."

David closed the distance to Heather in two quick steps. He brought his hands to the firm spheres of her tits and squeezed them gently. "Oh, they're unbelievable... so good..." he babbled.

"Gee, thanks Mr. White, " Heather cooed, looking up at him with bright blue eyes.

He continued to fondle her chest in silence for several long moments as Peaches looked on in amusement. "Can I put my mouth on one?" he finally rasped.

Peaches cocked her head, considering his polite request, then pointed at Lisa. "Hmmm... maybe if she comes over here and kisses me first."

"All right, I'll play along for his sake." Lisa rose from her chair and approached Heather. "Besides, you are an awfully pretty young girl." She leaned in and the women kissed briefly then twirled their tongues openly together for David's benefit.

Heather pulled away with a sigh, biting her bottom lip slightly. "Oh that's nice. You're a good kisser, Lisa."

Heather turned back to David, "Okay, go ahead, Mr. White."

He dipped his head and attached his mouth to the hardened pink nipple of Heather's left breast. He licked and nibbled at it greedily while palming its curved underside. Heather and Lisa resumed kissing hungrily until Lisa nudged her husband over to Heather's right breast which he attacked with the same enthusiasm. Lisa bent to Heather's vacated breast and took it into her mouth. Heather moaned as the couple nursed at her sensitive nipples for several long minutes. The only sounds in the kitchen were their smacking lips.

Heather stuck a finger in the marmalade jar and reached down to smear the sticky orange goo across the front of her bikini's bottom. "Oh no! Look, I got some marmalade on my bottoms too."

Lisa reached for the bikini knots at her hips, "Let's get them off and I'll throw the whole suit in the laundry sink." In a moment, Heather was naked and Lisa disappeared towards the laundry room.

David peered down at Heather's uncovered mound. He released her breast from his mouth to admire it. She had a light, even tan but there was a tiny, perfect triangle of paler skin around her sex. More interesting, though, was the fact that it was completely hairless. "So smooth," he wondered out loud.

"Aww, thanks. I like to keep my little cooter totally shaved. As a matter of fact, I just shaved it last night in your shower Mr. White. I used your razor too. I forgot mine. Hope you don't mind," Heather smiled.

"Actually, I was thinking about you when I did it... and other things to myself in the shower. Here," she took his hand and pulled it down to her bald sex, "touch it a little. Isn't that nice?"

She moaned as she used his fingers to circle her clitoris. She looked back up at him and whispered conspiratorially, "Do you want to put your cock in there, Mr. White?"

David nodded dumbly, watching his hand spiral against her young, baby-smooth mound.

"I'd like it if you fucked me a little bit," Heather continued, "you guys sucked my nipples so good and now I need to come. Just please don't come inside me? I'm not on the pill." That last part was a blatant lie.

She leaned into him and kissed his neck. "You'll have to pull out. Can you remember to pull out? I don't want you to forget once you're inside me. It's going to feel reeaallly good in there since I'm so young and so tight." She took the tip of his finger and pressed it up through the hot opening of her vagina. She flexed her pussy and clutched at his finger to demonstrate.

David groaned.

"Tell you what... when you pull out, I'll let you come all over my titties." Heather undid David's pants and he quickly shrugged out of his jacket. He flung it to the floor.

David looked at his wife, who'd just returned. She didn't seem uncomfortable with the situation at all. In fact... "Go ahead do it, I'm still supervising," Lisa urged.

Heather hopped up so she was now sitting nude on the countertop. She tilted her hips up and spread her legs so that her smooth cunt lips parted slightly in invitation. "Is this a good position? I guess I've never done it on a counter before. Please come fuck me, sir. I'm really horny."

David nodded and pressed the head of his cock to Peaches' slit. He held his breath as her tiny pink lips parted further and the tip of his cock caught at her hot opening. He pressed forward a bit more and watched as he slid into her slowly, her lips pulling at his length and puckering inwards. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. He stopped midway and glanced up to Peaches' face. She was looking down too, watching him slide inside her. When she realized he'd paused, she looked up at him and bit her lower lip sexily. "More please, Mr. White. I'm a big girl, I want the whole thing," she encouraged.

He continued pressing into her and they both groaned at the heat and friction produced. He grunted when he was entirely inside her, his hips pressed against her thighs. Their eyes met again. "Oh, your cock feels so good in there. Better than the silly college boys I've let fuck me. It's 'cause you have a man cock. Does it feel good for you too, Mr. White?" She squeezed down on him tightly with her cunt muscles for emphasis.

"Yesss..." he hissed.

"OK, fuck me please. But just a little like we said. And don't forget to pull out..." she reminded him.

David wasn't sure what "a little fucking" meant but he knew what he wanted. He began to slide himself in and out of Heather slowly at first. She rocked her hips up and down as he did it to alternately encourage his inward strokes and nip at his retreating cockhead.

"Oh, yeah that's good," she panted and rested her head against the cupboard behind her. It meant she didn't need to support her arms. She cupped her free hands to her tits and squeezed them in her small palms. She grinned impishly and bent her neck while cupping one large breast to her lips. She sucked its perfect pink nipple into her mouth as David watched. His eye bulged and she pulled it free to say, "I know its naughty, but sometimes I like to suck my own titties, Mr. White. Especially when I'm getting fucked real good like right now. If you suck the other one for me, I'll probably have a really big orgasm. Don't you want me to have a big orgasm?" She cupped the other round D-cup breast up to him in offering and cooed happily when his mouth closed over it. She returned to her own suckling and they rocked together with the motion of their now quickening fucking.

Unfortunately for her, It was barely two minutes before Heather's lewd display had David ready to come. He released her breast from his lips and hastily pulled his cock out of her with an audible "pop." Peaches quickly slid off the counter to her knees in front of him and pressed her giant breasts together. "Come on me, Mr. White," she goaded him "come all over my barely legal boobies."

Grunting savagely, David fisted his cock a few times and blew an enormous load, starting with a steady stream that hit Heather in the throat followed by several jets that pasted first one then the other of her large mammaries.

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