Hero's Life Ch. 12


"And you? And Sam? Do you see other people too?"

"No. We're happy."

"But us, Lisa and I, it's okay for us to be here like this?"

I shrugged again. "Special passes I guess? I haven't tried to make sense of this, Trace. I don't see any bright lines. Not sure I would want them anyway. Peaches and Sam and I are... kind of an organic thing. We're happily rumbling and tumbling along. When we hit an obstacle... or an opportunity... we figure out what to do together. It's what we do. Make sense?"

She sighed. "Very much."

"And you? What about you, Trace, how are you?"

She sighed again. "I'm a little lost, Hero. Looking for my place, I guess. Remembering LIsa's wedding dug up some old pain. I love Lisa, with all my heart. Her husband, David, is a lovely man who adores her but... I'm not sure if he'd ever understand what the two of us have. It doesn't matter either way because Lisa loves him so much that she's afraid to be honest with him."

She reached up to touch the picture again, "You're lucky Hero. Look at the three of you in this photo. You're in a happy circle with the world outside cheering you on. Lisa and David and I are a straight line - with Lisa in the middle." She looked at me then, her lavender eyes rimmed with unwept tears. "Hero, it gets lonely on the end of a line."

Here was the root of her sadness. I pulled her a bit tighter against me. "I think I speak for the girls when I say that you're welcome here, Trace. As often or as long as you like. Sam and Heather already seem quite fond of you. And Lisa."

She leaned her head onto my shoulder. Her straight pale blonde hair fell across my chest. "Thanks. Actually, just knowing that helps a little." Even through the cloyingly sweet smell of the bubblebath she'd soaked in, enough of her scent lingered beneath it to trigger a memory that rushed back to me across a decade's breadth. To me, Tracy had smelled like wildflowers and the sea. And still did. I worried a bit at that thought - both those things came and went as they pleased. You had them briefly; on their own terms.

We stood quietly for awhile, gazing at what should have looked like just a very silly photograph of a very silly night. It amazed me that Tracy had gleaned something meaningful from it too.

"Let's talk about something happier?" she asked finally.

I nodded.

"Let's talk about you finally having your way with me tomorrow. Or me having my way with you. Whatever," she said feigning a brusque business-like tone.

I stifled a chuckle.

"I'd like a preview," she continued with mock curtness.

"A preview?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

"What sort of preview?" I asked trying not to sound too hopeful.

She set her glass down on the nearest table and abruptly swiveled to kneel in front of me. With both hands, she unbuttoned the front of my pants and reached in through the opening. She'd been too quick. My cock was almost completely limp when she pulled it out but I could feel the blood rushing to it immediately, growing stiff quickly under her touch.

"Good heavens, I think it's gotten meatier," she commented, still stroking me with one hand as I grew to my full, overly thick six inches. The skin of her palm was soft and warm against me.

"I don't think so."

"It might be too big. Can I still back out?" She teased, looking up at me, still stroking.

"I suppose. Or perhaps you'd rather wait another ten years?" I needled her.

"Ha ha," she said wryly and looked back down to focus on my cock. She gazed at it intently. She was so close that I could feel her warm breath on me. She licked her lips.

"Have you ever..." I let my question trail off. The circumstances were enough to finish my thought.

She didn't look up, still focused on my erection and her constant stroking. "No. Never. I've never even wanted to until now. You'd like it if I did that for you though, wouldn't you?"

"Very much."

She drew closer and openly panted on the head of my cock as her hand continued working me. Milking me. "You'd like to have me that way. Kissing you. Licking you. Taking you in my mouth and sucking you down."

Okay, Tracy's body may have been inexperienced when it came to men but her brain sure wasn't.

"When was the last time virgin lips touched you?" she asked.

"Years..." My answer came out as a peep.

Her head retreated a few inches. "Maybe I won't then. Sam and Heather are probably very good at cocksucking." She looked up at me. "They are, aren't they?"

"Yes," I admitted. Frankly, I'd probably be coming soon with or without a blowjob. My pent-up horniness, her constant hand motion, and her dirty talk would be enough. Still, I craved her mouth on me.

She leaned closer again, opening and closing her mouth millimeters away from my cock. Her tongue came out to wiggle a hair's breadth from me. "I wouldn't compare to either of them. I'd be inexperienced and awkward. Probably gag on you. Probably drool all over you and myself."

"That sounds good actually," I croaked.

She looked up at me again, lavender eyes shining deviously. "And god, imagine if you came in my mouth? I'd probably choke and sputter like a high school girl. I'd make a huge mess. You wouldn't want that would you?"

"Yes, please," I begged.

She looked back down at my shaft, panting on it, pretending to mouth it from a painfully short distance. "Remember how you came all over Lisa's face that night in Bangkok? That was so hot. I have to admit, I was a little jealous. Since then, I've dreamt that you came all over my face. On my lips. On my cheeks. Across my nose. I've wished it had been me."

I was swaying now, unable to maintain my balance.

"Unless..." she looked up at me with fake innocence, "Could you do that for me now, Hero? Could you come on my face right now? Give me what I could have had back then?"

I nodded, dizzy, seconds from granting her request.

It must have showed. "Do it," she goaded. "Come on me. As big as you can. I want a gigantic load like the one you gave Lisa. I want to be covered in your hot cum like she was."

Finally, mercifully, her tongue touched me. She lapped delicately at my head, her open mouth just millimeters away. Her hand continued to blur up and down my shaft.

"Gaaaaaaaah!" was all I could get out in response to the small contact of her tongue on me. It accelerated my orgasm with a rush that raced up from my toes. Tracy was about to reap the result of my unsatisfied all-day arousal. Lights starting going off in my head. Between those lights were flashbacks to having my tongue buried in Heather's ass that morning, the afternoon of Lisa riding my mouth, and finally, Lisa's little teenage face covered in semen in Bangkok years ago.

I exploded, launching a burst of cum into Tracy's mouth, knees bending with the force of my first ejaculation. She gulped quickly then moved her mouth away but continued to jerk me off - pointing me directly at herself. I gritted my teeth and violently jetted cum onto her upturned smiling face, hosing her with several hours of repressed need. In a half-dozen spurts she was already covered in cum and giggling as more spurted out to pile on top of what was there. She was forced to close one eye as a thick gob dripped from her eyebrow down into it. I swooned and had to reach back with one hand for the armrest of a nearby chair to keep from falling as the last few half-spurts completed my orgasm.

"Wow," she snickered, looking at me through one half-closed eye, as she stroked me a few more times then released my softening shaft, "you gave me some preview."

"Yeah," I agreed hoarsely, only slowly coming back to my senses. I clumsily pulled off the long sleeve t-shirt I was wearing and knelt down with her to wipe her face. It took both sides of the shirt to remove the mess.

She opened her eyes. "Take that!" She giggled as she came at me, pushing her tongue into my mouth to inflict the taste of my own cum, mixed with tequila.

"Meh, not so bad," I chuckled and pulled her back for another kiss.

"You are a delightfully perverted man," she grinned.

"Someone pointed me along a bad path right from the start," I replied. "Now, how about my preview?" I slipped a finger under the thin shoulder strap of her camisole.

"Uh uh," she backed away and stood up, wagging a finger at me. "It's getting late, the 'theater' is closed. Reopens tomorrow for a big premiere."

"Figures," I grumbled as she backed away further.

She paused her retreat to lean on the thick open doorframe. Standing just like that - tall, slender, elegant, beautiful - she was a dream made real. "Hero?" She cocked her head to give me a little half-smile, "I hope you're worth all this wait. I hope I am too." Her smile morphed into a saucy grin as she turned and left, heading back for the den.

I'd make it worth her wait. Not sure how, but still, I swore to it. I didn't take oaths often. Or lightly.

I picked up Tracy's forgotten whiskey glass and detoured by the laundry room to throw my semen-soaked t-shirt into the washer and pull on a replacement shirt from a clean pile on the dryer. By the time I caught up with Tracy, she was blushing and gesturing a large circle over her face to the gleeful laughter of the other three girls.

Okay, so much for keeping secrets.

"Trace, you forgot your tequila," I announced on my step down into the den.

Peaches was quickest. "And you forgot to button your pants back up." The entire room dissolved into howls of laughter.

I cringed and closed my fly with one hand while handing Tracy her glass with the other. "Aw... screw you guys."

Sam's riposte was just as sure as Heather's, "We were kind of wondering if you planned on doing us clandestinely one at a time or you'd scrape up the courage to take us all on together." The howling broke out again.

"I'll show you courage chickie!" I pounced on Samantha, kissing her and tickling her ribs with both hands.

"Tickle fight!" Peaches cheered, and the den turned into a writhing pile of gleeful, half-drunken tickling that continued until everyone was out of breath and we were lying on the floor with our bodies criss-crossing each other's.

Sam's head was resting on my belly. She looked up at me, "Pizza?"

I looked over at Peaches. She nodded. "Pizza."

I got up and made the call. Twenty minutes later, I was burning my lips on hot cheese while the girls patiently and maturely waited for the pizza to cool enough to eat safely. Sam and Heather were debating which Bordeaux would go better with pepperoni.

Maybe it was the endorphins released by my own scalding mouth flesh but I looked around the room and felt a wave of emotion. I loved these women. Each in their own way. For what they were. And what they made me. I choked a little on that thought and Heather stopped to look at me with concern.

"You okay?" She rubbed my shoulder reassuringly.

"Better than okay," I chuckled. That was completely true. "Just struggling with some hot cheese." Well, that was only half true.

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