tagBDSMHers Ch. 03

Hers Ch. 03


She strode ahead of him into the large, spacious and sumptuous room and made her way towards two chairs positioned a distance apart from each other. His pulse raced, his breathing faltered and short, a flush of warmth swathed over his entire body.

"My chair!" She claimed, placing her hand on the back of one of the seats.

"Your chair!" She stated, pointing towards the other.

He nodded in acceptance and stood still in the centre of the room, his mind a maelstrom of chaotic thoughts and submissive feelings. Her cock danced inside his trousers as his legs shook below him. Still leaning on the back of her chair she eyed him deeply.

"There is some wine behind you -- pour me a glass!"

He turned away from her and found a chilled bottle of her favourite wine, but only one glass, on a nearby sideboard. He poured her half a glass and moved towards her. She reached out and took the glass from him without a word. Flicking her fingers she pushed him, with invisible force, away from her, back towards the centre of the room.

"You WILL kneel before me!" She demanded, having sipped her drink.

Instantly that her words hit his ears and his brain processed the information he crumbled to his knees and immediately bowed his head. Her cock sprang forwards as he presented his hips towards her. The palms of his hands were sodden with sweat as they sat resting like lead weights upon his thighs. He could feel her near him. Tingles of anticipation, excitement and trepidation filled his entire being. His mind swam with pure submission, more so now that he was kneeling in his rightful place in her inspiring presence -- something he had been aching to do all day. She moved around the chair and sat down. She was out of his line of sight now but he knew she was looking at him, smiling even, knowing she had him exactly where she needed him to be. As she had wanted all along he was submissive, through and through.

"Light me!" She barked.

His mind faltered for a moment. What did she mean? He struggled to focus then realised that she wanted to smoke and he had to light her cigarette for her. Knowing his status before her now he shuffled on his hands and knees closer towards her. When he had crawled to within two feet of her seated position she put out her hand and halted him. That was clearly quite close enough. He rummaged in his pocket and located the lighter from earlier. Clicking the flame to life he held it up to her and momentarily caught a glimpse of the fire in her eyes as she breathed in. As his eyes lowered they caught a glimpse of her perfectly painted lips. He swooned again. Her lips curled in a knowing smile. He sighed instantly and felt her cock flex ahead of him again. She seemed to sense his response to her and purred softly while exhaling a smoky breath. He allowed a minute groan to escape, a subtle noise that seemed to escape from deep within his soul.

"Present to me!" She demanded.

Straight away, he knelt bolt upright and pushed his hips in her direction so that her cock lurched forwards. This manoeuvre always made him feel light-headed and now was no exception. His balance seemed off-centre and he felt he might faint. He was so thirsty. If only she would let him have a sip of her wine. He continued swallowing, trying to lubricate his throat, but kneeling with his head tightly bowed made it almost impossible.

"Look at me!" She directed him now.

Slowly and anxiously he raised his eyes to look at her. He expected her to be looking at him, but as if she had anticipated his deep vulnerability she sat scrutinising her fingernails and her eyes were, for once, not focussed on him.

Finally, despite the amount of time already in her company today, he allowed himself to really see her. She sat before him in the large chair with her legs folded in front of her. She was dressed all in black, as was quite usual for her, and he took sight of the tight black trousers and exquisite knee-length black boots which adorned her long, powerful legs. He noted as her raised right foot bobbed before him that the boots had a deliciously high and pointed heel. The boots were wonderful and suited her beautifully. She had slipped off her black coat and now revealed a tight fitting turtle neck sweater which hugged her breasts wonderfully. As she sat there ignoring him, knowing he was deeply observing her, she smiled again. Another powerful and knowing smile. He groaned, audibly again, feeling eternally grateful that he belonged to this woman. He also realised that her nails had been painted to match her lipstick and he wondered why he had not noticed them on the train. Then he recalled that she had been wearing black leather gloves during the day and had now obviously removed them.

He recognised then, at that moment, that while he was deeply under her influence he was clearly oblivious to all minor elements. It was clear that at times she was able to pin point his focus entirely on whatever she intended. He groaned again, in recognition of her immense influence over him.

"Unveil my cock!" She gestured, pointing with a red nailed finger towards his groin.

Immediately, he unzipped his suit trousers and allowed them to drop to the floor around his knees. His shorts beneath were soaked with pre-cum, such had been her affect on him since he put them on this morning. She smiled as she noted the large dark wet patch in the crotch of his shorts. She flicked her foot towards him, impatiently. He knew he must drop his shorts too.

Taking another long drag on her cigarette before disposing of it in a nearby ashtray she then leaned forwards, her elbows now resting on her parted knees. She knew how much he found this pose intimidating yet alluring and it also placed her closer to him.

His hands fumbled at the waistband of his shorts and it caught her cock as he pulled them down his thighs. She smiled and purred while watching her cock bounce, then focussed as she realised there was a long strand of pre-cum attached between the tip of her cock and the now, lowered, waist of his shorts.

"What's this?!" She quizzed him, reaching and pointing to her target.

Without waiting for his reply she hooked up the silken thread and adeptly arranged it around the tip of her finger. He watched her intently as she raised her finger to her own face, and he wondered if she would consume his secretion. She scanned her fingertip and smiled, naughtily, twisting and then turned her hand in front of him. He felt the ache shoot through his body. She was taunting him, and he adored her for it. Her cock spasmed and flexed involuntarily as a swathe of need flooded through him. Then, reaching forwards, she ran her fingertip quite roughly over his lips, smearing the gooey liquid over them. She giggled softly then sat back again in her chair, and re-crossed her legs.

"Present my cock, slave!" She demanded.

He strained forwards at those words and flexed her cock in front of him. For months she had trained him how to push upwards and outwards through her cock to make it stand hard and true, just for her. Focussing on the effort it took he pushed forwards as another glob of slithering wet liquid oozed from the tip. Again, his balance faltered and he felt like he would keel over.

He felt so vulnerable to her now. Here he sat, entirely submissive before her, stripped from the waist to his knees as her cock bobbed to her dance before him. Her cock felt detached from him, as if she had mesmerised or cast a spell over it. His stomach lurched and turned as he watched her foot swaying before him. She was clearly in no rush today. He would have to be very patient indeed. That thought brought a new and deeper ache within him. He so wanted to be totally naked before her, serving her, pleasing her, carrying out her demands and wishes, but he quickly realised that today would be a very long day indeed.


Elsewhere, in the kitchen of the hotel, the chef was creating the luncheon as per her detailed specifications and a private meeting room had been dressed for the occasion. A single table had been set for two and had been adorned as per her requirements.


"You must be hungry and thirsty?" She asked him.

He nodded although he was more thirsty than hungry. The thought of food hitting his stomach right now made him feel sick as it was. He had no idea how long she had him kneeling before her, but guessed that it must have been at least half an hour. She flexed her foot before him and allowed the pointed toe of her boot to graze past the underside of his heavy and swollen balls. He groaned instantly as they squirmed and twisted at her touch. Pulses shot up through her cock and along his spine until he thought he would fall backwards. His eyes fell closed as her toe moved downwards between his thighs caressing him.

"Mmmmm... Good boy!" She stated. "Let's go eat!"

She rose quickly from her seat and gestured with her hand that he should cover her cock. He reached down and swimming in deep surrender he re-dressed himself. She stood by his side and then clicked her fingers. He understood this signal, from previous training. He was to follow her to the door on his hands and knees. Submission flowed over him once more, so content was he to be following her direction. At the doorway she clicked her fingers again and he clambered to his feet. His head spun with a deep feeling and he shook it slightly hoping to find a little focus before they crossed out into the rest of the hotel.

She walked ahead of him, taking long powerful strides. Again, seemingly knowing her destination, she turned one corner and then another before finally passing between a set of double doors. Inside were two further doors. She stepped towards one which was slightly ajar and stopped just before it.

"Now... you will do exactly as you are told!" She informed him.

It was all he could do but to nod again. She had him metaphorically in the palm of her hand now. There was no going back. No returning to normality. He simply belonged to her. The recognition of this was amazing and he felt a new glow of pride.

"Ladies first!" She exclaimed, waiting for him to open the door.

He stepped forwards and hooked the door open. As he looked inside he could see a single table covered in a white table cloth in the centre of the room. At the opposite end was an adjoining doorway, which he presumed led to the kitchen. She made her way towards the table and stood beside the chair which faced the adjoining door.

As soon as she arrived at the table a small Mediterranean waiter appeared through the far doorway.

"Good day, Ma'am." The waiter greeted her with a thick accent.

She nodded towards the waiter, almost nonchalantly, and waited for him to seat them at the table. Her slave felt slightly uneasy to be sat with his back to the adjoining door and shuffled slightly in his seat.

"Wine, Ma'am?" The waiter asked, pointing a bottle towards her.

She simply tapped her fingers on the table and then shooed the man away. Once they were alone again, she then gestured towards the bottle on the table. He was feeling calmer now, they were in more familiar surroundings and he felt he could relax a little while they ate lunch. He wondered if perhaps they might even chat casually. Lifting the bottle and filling her glass he momentarily forgot his place and moved the bottle towards his own glass.

"NO!" She snapped. "You will have water!"

Her words were so sharp and piercing that he almost dropped the wine bottle. She had not been so harsh with him, in a long time, and instantly he sat in his seat and bowed his head in respect, feeling chided.

"For that, you will now kneel throughout our lunch!"

Frightened suddenly his eyes flashed up towards her, but she refused to make contact with him. He knew if he dared to question her decision he could be sent home instantly. Which was the lesser of the two evils in his mind now? Should he kneel throughout lunch and face embarrassment in the view of others or should he refuse and risk being rejected for the foreseeable future? He decided that kneeling was, by far, the safest option.

He was just moving his chair away from the table as the waiter returned. A deep sense of dread filled him that she would make him kneel at the table in sight of an outsider and that it was something she had never made him do before. The dread was soon overwhelmed by his inner need to serve her wholeheartedly as she caught his eye and invisibly pulled him to his knees regardless.

Quite amazingly the waiter did not flinch or react. He simple busied himself around the table and delivered two covered plates of food. She had obviously pre-ordered for both of them and knew her slave would not quibble. The waiter was soon gone and she leaned forwards across the table looking down at her pet.

She removed the dome which covered her own dish and he noted the delicious meal that sat before her. She had chosen wisely and the chef had clearly worked hard to her specifications. She looked down at her plate and smiled at the vegetables and chicken breast slices which had been so carefully prepared and arranged with a rich looking sauce. Next, she leant forwards and removed the dome from the plate in front of him. He was shocked instantly. She had ordered soup for him. He was certain he would spill it down himself; his hands were shaking so badly. Then he scoured the table and realised that there was no spoon present. Spoons were becoming the bane of his life!

She smiled, wickedly, across the table at him, picked up a baby sweet corn with her fingers and took a bite from the end of the yellow vegetable. He sat there before her, stunned and perplexed. Swoons flowed through him. There would be no rest for him all the time he was in her presence -- he sensed that much. She would toy with him constantly and he would become a source of her amusement as well as her source of pleasure. Or, ironically, so he hoped.

The only items of cutlery on his side of the table were a knife and a fork -- totally useless for the consuming of soup. He was pained and embarrassed. What should he do? He felt he should try to eat something as he had no idea of her plans for him. Instead he poured himself a glass of water and sipped on it quietly while she devoured her feast before him. He wanted to protest but knew it was pointless. He must wait for her direction and guidance.

He sat contemplating his position and the connection between them while she continued to eat, apparently oblivious to his presence. He ached more knowing that she had made so many arrangements before they had met today. She was forward thinking, shrewd and organised. He mused about what else she could have arranged in advance. Her cock stirred constantly before him, almost becoming a nuisance, or would have done if it didn't serve as a constant reminder of her total power over him. Just as she was finishing her meal she sat back and looked in his direction, clearly thinking and focussing on him, while dabbing the corner of her mouth with her napkin.

"I think you need this!" She purred, offering him something across the table.

The offering; a spoon; did not match the cutlery on the table and instead had a deep round bowl and long thin handle. It looked old and he wondered where it had come from. Gladly he utilised the item and, although finding it difficult to consume the soup while balanced on his knees, he managed to get through most of it without spilling any down himself or the tablecloth. He was surprised to feel the soup warming him inside and was glad that his stomach accepted the food without complaint.

He had never had to kneel at a table before, although many times in the past in her company he had ached to do so. She had made this happen and he felt forever thankful for it. His mind still swam with indeterminable thoughts and feelings. All he knew was that he just had to be submissive, he had to serve her, he had to give himself to her, and he had to belong to her.

As soon as she had finished her meal she rose from the table and clicked her fingers once more. Instinctively, he began to move away from the table to follow after her on his hands and knees.

"Bring the spoon with you, my pet!" She instructed.

Standing by the door she waited for him to catch up with her. As he reached her side she raised her hand and allowed him back to his feet before entering the main body of the hotel. As soon as he was standing she walked ahead of him, striding along the corridor and back towards the suite from where they had originally started.

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