tagIncest/TabooHe's Got them Both

He's Got them Both


"Barry! Barry, could you come over here for a minute, please?" A voice called out. Barry Carson turned to see that the voice came from his pretty next-door neighbor, Cynthia Hope. She had inspired more than a few illicit fantasies, the hot single mom was a wet dream walking. She was blonde, tanned with a perfect rack, great tits and long, blonde hair. She worked to keep her figure, he knew that because he would often see her running or exercising in her back yard. Every unconscious act made him horny and made him think about fucking her, just one time. Sometimes he felt guilty about thinking about her in that way because she was also so fucking nice.

"Sure thing Mrs. Hope, let me put the lawnmower away," Barry called back. Lately his folks had been riding him about pitching in more around the house. Shit, all winter he had shoveled snow, helped his dad with the local skating rink, dug some of the old folks out of their driveways, done "Meals on Wheels" -- he was going to graduate in a few months, couldn't he get some time to himself to meet some hot, sexy piece of ass? He hadn't had a girlfriend since breaking up with Cherry and it might be nice to have a little "summer loving" before he went to university in the fall.

He walked around to the front of Mrs. Hope's home. Over the hedges he hadn't been able to see how she was dressed, now he could see that she was in some shiny pair of shorts and a gauzy top that was so sheer that he could make out her nipples. It was a lovely, warm spring day and they were clinging close to the blouse, unencumbered by a bra.

"You're a very nice kid Barry and I've seen how you treat your mother," Cynthia told him. "You respect women and that's important in this day and age, which is why I've chosen you -- asked you -- to do me this favor. Do you have a date for your prom?"

"No, I don't," Barry said. He had asked Melissa Caulfield, the head cheerleader and Cherry's arch-rival, but she was going with her brother's best friend, who was in college. He couldn't compete with that, although it would have been sweet to see Cherry's face if he had walked in with Melissa on his arm.

"Would you be willing to take my daughter, Michelle?" She asked. "I'd cover your expenses."

She was kidding, right? Michelle Hope was the hottest girl in school; she made Melissa look like Joan Rivers on a bad day. Any guy seen with her would have a solid reputation for the rest of his life. Cherry wouldn't just be pissed, she would be seething.

"Barry -- you're zoning out," Cynthia chuckled. "I'll ask again, would you be willing to take Michelle?"

"Well yeah, sure I would Mrs. Hope, but why do you want me to take her?" He asked. "She must have had loads of offers."

"Please, call me Candy. She's had a few but a lot of guys are afraid to ask her and the ones that did simply didn't interest her. I want to make sure she has a good time, this is a special time for a girl and she likes you, she really likes you -- she's told me a number of times about the `cute guy next door'. You'll do it then, you'll take her?" Just then Michelle Hope came out of the house and went in to the back yard. In her itsy-bitsy, barely there bikini, the gorgeous brunette Michelle was truly a living doll.

"Yes ma'am ... I mean Candy ... I'd love to take her, you've got a deal," Barry beamed.

"Thanks Barry, you're a doll. Make sure she has a nice time. I mean, a really nice time," The blonde mother said as she walked into her house.

So, that's how Barry Carson ended up walking into the grand ballroom of the Concord Hotel with Michelle Hope on his arm. Everyone gasped and what made it extra sweet for him was the look on the faces of both Cherry and Melissa Caulfield's. After a minute, that didn't matter anymore. In the prettiest black dress he had ever seen, looking sexy and elegant, Michelle Hope kept smiling at him as he listened to her talk and hung on her every word. If he had known she was interested in him, he would have asked her out a long time before tonight. As far as he was concerned, she hung the moon and the stars. Not only was she the sexiest girl in the room, she listened to him as well and was smart and funny. If anything, her personality made her even sexier.

It was a great dance and he made a mental note to thank his mother for insisting he take dance lessons. Michelle felt nice in his arms and they danced a lot, taking just enough time to rest, socialize a bit and have a bite of food and a few drinks. Then they were back on the dance floor.

As the evening wound to a close, they decided to leave before traffic got heavy. Her arm was linked through his and she was beaming. "This was the best night of my life, thank you so much Barry!" She smiled.

"Are you kidding me?" He asked. "I went to the prom with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I had a great time. Come on Michelle, let's get you home -- your mom will be waiting up, I'm sure."

Michelle help up a set of keys and jingled them. "Wouldn't you like the full prom experience?" He wondered what the hell was going on and then it hit him. "Drive," Michelle told him. "I'll tell you where to go."

They pulled up to a well-known, but out of the way motel and he stopped the car. Michelle got out a bit ahead of him and went to one of the rooms and unlocked the door and went inside. He followed, not really believing that this was happening.

It really was. She was in his arms and kissing him the way he'd seen in adult films, lots of tongue and her body pressed close. With an impish giggle, she stepped back. He heard the sound of a zipper being undone and Michelle's dress crumpled to the floor.

There she stood, gorgeous in frilly black lingerie and high heels. Michelle possessed the sleek, slender body of a dancer with high, firm breasts and a smooth, flat stomach. She moved well and as she approached him, he was sure he was sweating. She kissed him again and pulled on his tie. "You have too many clothes on," Michelle teased. "We certainly can't fuck if one of us is still wearing clothes."

"Holy fuck, Mich ..." She stopped him with a finger to his lips. "Talk later, undress now."

He didn't need to be told twice, he got out of his clothes in a flash. He could feel the sensual brunette watching him and she came to him, her hands on his torso, appraising him. Then she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. This was really happening; Michelle Hope was giving him a blowjob. Not just any blowjob, a first-class, after prom blowjob. When she was done, she stood up and smiled. "You have a great cock, I'm going to want lots of that tonight," She grinned. "I know my lingerie is pretty, but wouldn't you like to see me without it?"

Barry nodded so she did a small spin around and removed it, aside from her stockings and heels. Those she elected to keep on and she got on the bed. "Word around school is you know how to treat a lady right," Michelle smiled. "Well, in bed I don't need to be a lady, but treat me right anyway. Eat my pussy and then fuck me, fuck me until the sun comes up."

"Oh God," He gulped. He had enjoyed a number of cute girls in the past, but none as hot as Michelle. He treated her body like a canvass and painted it with his tongue and hands, hearing her coo and sigh with delight. Every sound kept his cock rock-solid and when he saw her fists pounding on the bed, he knew that she had cum for the first time.

She grabbed something from her purse -- condoms, she had already planned this out, he now realized. She rolled on his cock, pushed him on his back and said "I'm going to fuck you now, baby. Little Michy is going to get some nice, hard cock inside her horny cunt. You play with my tits and let me do most of the work, okay stud? We'll start with a nice, slow fuck and go from there."

Michelle's agile lithe body rode him and took him deep. She whipped about and her body clenched him tightly until he was gasping. He couldn't hold out much longer and when she raked her manicured nails against his chest, Barry lost it. He felt embarrassed as she dismounted but she laughed.

"Barry, don't be silly. You already made me cum and I had a nice mini-cum just then," She chuckled. "We just fucked for a solid 30 minutes and I'm sure we aren't done yet. Just relax; we've got a long way to go."

Michelle was right and the night was spent in true carnal bliss. They didn't get back home until nearly 5 AM and both were exhausted. Michelle had already let him know she wanted to see him again and he was thinking of asking her to dinner and a movie next weekend, he still had most of the money he had saved for prom, thanks to Candy Hope's generosity.

Around 5 PM the next afternoon, he was sitting in his back yard, having a Pepsi and reading a book. He was still tired and hadn't planned to go anywhere. His family was having dinner out, but he had opted to stay home and chill. He was engrossed in his book when he heard Candy Hope calling him again.

He hoped he could maintain his composure around her. He had spent the previous evening screwing her daughter in every way imaginable and remembered every intimate detail of Michelle's body. Barry then realized that they were both over 18 and hadn't done anything wrong as he visualized Michelle's naked body on all fours, taking his cock.

Candy Hope smiled at him as he entered her yard. Now she was the one wearing a tiny swimsuit, it was red and shiny. Her body measured up nicely against her daughter's, he knew that she was only 36 and still had lots of good years left.

"Michelle told me this morning that she had the best time last night," Candy beamed. "Thank you for that, come inside, I'd like to give you my personal thanks."

He followed Candy inside, wondering what she meant and found out when he turned around and saw she had removed the bikini and was standing there, totally naked. "Michelle says you're a really hot fuck," Candy said, licking her lips and staring directly at him. "I wanted to find out for myself, I could use a really hot fuck. Think you can help a girl out, handsome?

Barry gulped and nodded. "You know that I ...?"

"... that you fucked Michelle? Of course sweetheart, I hoped that you would. She came home that night and was still so horny that mommy had to ... well darling, let's just say that Michelle and I are not afraid to - show our affection. I'm glad you and she fucked and that you were good to her. My daughter has my libido and I didn't want her screwing some idiot that would be selfish or couldn't keep up. When she told me about you, I thought you'd be just the ticket and from the way Michelle raved, I was right. She was still so hot she made me cum 3 times before she finally passed out. I want to know what kind of guy can get a woman that excited. Do you understand? It's my turn to find out, handsome. The bedroom's upstairs and I'm goddamned horny, let's go!"

Upstairs in her bedroom, the naked blonde unleashed herself on Barry. She gave great head, she moved around in ways that Barry had never seen, she just let herself give in totally to the fucking. She wasn't pushy, but she was able to guide Barry, giving him instructions on what she liked most and where she liked to be touched. Naked, her body was a work of art. If you hadn't been looking at their faces or didn't know Candy was in her 30's, you wouldn't have been able to tell who was older. Michelle moved like a dancer, but her mom fucked nasty, just like a porn star. She loved being on top and she loved to talk dirty, telling him what a nasty, fucking evil boy he was, fucking mother and daughter. She said that he was a gigolo, a male whore, not caring who he fucked and just getting his rocks off. She teased him by promising him that they would both fuck him blind any time he wanted and be his personal sluts. Barry knew she was only play-acting because she was smiling the entire time and pumping her body up and down on his thick cock. They were fucking bareback as there was no risk of Candy getting pregnant, she had seen to that years ago.

They were just about finished when Michelle's face appeared in the doorway. "I thought I heard the sounds of fucking," She said as she wore a naughty grin. "Don't you wear him out mother; I'm going to need him again."

Candy smiled and held out her arms to her daughter. "What's wrong with right now, baby? As you have already seen, he's got more than enough to satisfy both of us and if he gets tired, I'm sure we can think of something to do to inspire him back to life," She giggled.

Barry couldn't believe how casual these two chicks were about their sex lives -- it was a bit freaky, but he wasn't going to judge. Michelle slid out of the scraps of clothing she was wearing and in to bed with the two of them, kissing her mother wildly in front of him.

"You can have him all to yourself tonight, if he thinks he can still handle some more," Candy grinned. "How about it, handsome? You want to stay for supper and have a little after-dinner sex with Michelle?"

Barry nodded, only a fool would turn down an offer like that. Michelle wiggled her gorgeous ass at him and began licking her mother's cunt. Barry was steel-stiff in minutes and gave Michelle a good fucking and when he was ready to cum, both women competed for his cum. "Share it!" He barked in a mock-commanding tone. The two incestuous beauties listened to his order, lapping it from his cock and then, from each other's lips.

For dinner that night, Candy made them a full roast beef dinner and they talked, then as simply as if they were going to do homework, Michelle took him upstairs and they fucked in her mother's shower. He came twice before they finished and Michelle was grinning from ear to ear as they came downstairs.

"I could hear you, greedy bitch," Candy laughed, kissing her daughter on the cheek. "Couldn't you save some for me?"

"You had him all afternoon," Michelle laughed as she sat beside her mother and snuggled close.

"True, true, oh well, there will be plenty of other times, right Barry?" Candy chuckled.

Barry nodded and wondered just what the hell was going on? He wasn't going to object to having two hot chicks to fuck, but this was unexpected. Before he went home, Candy explained that both women had similar tastes in men and very high sex drives. When Michelle told her mother that she was interested in girls as well as boys, Candy took her to bed and taught her everything she could. Enjoying her romps with Candy, Michelle still wanted someone her own age to fuck and Candy wanted someone younger with few hang-ups or inhibitions. Barry seemed like the perfect choice and as long as he had no objections, they wanted to see how long they could keep this going.

He most assuredly had no objections and as often as he could manage it and still maintain his grades, he dated Michelle and fucked her, but fucked her mom on the side or with Michelle joining in. Sometimes, late at night, he would sneak over to their house and fuck until morning. One time, he felt someone slide into his bed. He thought it was Michelle, but it turned out to be Candy. "I've been horny all day baby, I need your cock," She groaned as she slid down on his manhood. He had to bite his lip to keep from crying out.

So that's how Barry Carson ended up as the lover of sexy Michelle Hope and her kinky mother, Candy. It went on right through high school up until graduation, continued through university and as graduation from university approaches, it is still going on. Barry has moved in with Michelle and her mother, they bought a new home a fair distance from his parents and any questions they might ask think to ask. The 3 of them are still going strong and not one of them sees any reason for it to end any time soon. At least, that's what Barry is thinking. He still can't quite predict what his two crazy, libertine girlfriends are thinking about, but as he watches them rolling around naked together in bed, Barry knows that none of that matters.

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So fucking sucking hot

So fucking outrageous and depraved,love it just want to eat one cunt while fucking the other, getting totally pissed up on cunt juice,then-change over and keep doing it till we pass out for a few momentsmore...

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