tagIncest/TabooHe's Mine Ch. 02

He's Mine Ch. 02


I couldn't keep the smile off of my face the next morning. It started as soon as I woke up and remembered what had happened the day before. I curled up and basked in the memory for a while, but somehow I didn't feel the need to stay in bed all morning. I felt annoyingly cheerful and full of energy.

The Sunday morning breakfast table was a scattered affair. Dad was still sitting down when I arrived, though he'd finished eating. Mom was in the process of washing up their breakfast dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. Riley didn't seem to be around yet.

"Morning," I greeted them.

My voice came out in such a happy tone that it would have made me consider violence if it had come from someone else so early in the day. My parents shared a look and I almost giggled out loud at their obvious confusion.

"Good morning, Anna," Dad finally said. "You must have slept well."

"You could say that."

I didn't really care how baffled they were at my behaviour. They were barely even on my mind, despite being in the same room. My thoughts remained centered squarely on the member of the family yet to appear. I hummed softly to myself as I poured out a bowl of cereal.

"Do you have plans for today?" Mom asked.

The tone of her voice suggested that she was trying to work out the reason for my good mood. Her suspicion would have irritated me if she had merited any significant amount of my attention.

"Nope. No plans."

I put the milk back in the fridge and sat down at the table. I ignored my parents' stares and chewed on my cereal. It tasted better than usual to me.

"Anna... is there a boy?"

I couldn't help myself this time; I laughed. Yes there was a boy, but no I had no intention of telling Mom and Dad about him.

"Isn't there always?"

That wasn't what they wanted to hear. I still didn't care. They could yell at me if they wanted, but nothing was going to get to me. I was immune to bad feelings.

"We just want to make sure you're being careful."

"Am I ever careful?"

It was probably fortunate that Riley made his appearance before my casually chosen words got me in trouble. Personally, I had more intimate reasons for being glad to see him. Just the sight of him made me squeeze my thighs together involuntarily.

He seemed to sense that there was a certain amount of tension in the room, but then that was nothing unusual. It probably confused him more that I was still smiling. I was always the first to succumb to negative emotions.

"Morning," Riley said, trying to pretend like he hadn't walked in on the middle of anything. "What's for breakfast?"

Mom hesitated for a second, then jerked back to her instinctive 'mother' persona.

"Good morning, sweetie. I can make some eggs and toast if you want. Or I think there's some bacon in the freezer."

"Eggs and toast are fine."

Riley sat down at the table and let Mom cook up his food. I didn't even try to stop my gaze from coming to rest on him. He glanced back at me and shook his head slightly. I wasn't sure what he meant to communicate, but I probably would have ignored him even if I could have figured it out. If he wanted me not to look at him, he was out of luck.

Mom was over by the stove making Riley's breakfast. I assumed I'd be off of her radar for a few minutes, but once she had a small break she turned back to me.

"You should maybe think about cleaning your room today, Anna."

I was amusing myself by watching my brother squirm under my gaze and try to pretend like he didn't notice me staring. It was kind of cute. I was sure he'd have words for me once we were alone.

"'Kay, Mom," I said, hoping she'd shut up and leave me to my game.

Unfortunately, my short response drew the rest of my family's attention. They all waited for a few seconds as though assuming I was going to do something more dramatic.

"Well, uh, good then," Dad put in. "Having an organized room will be good for you. Help keep you focused."

That was bullshit, but I let it slide. Dad felt the need to fill a silence sometimes, and that was often when he spouted his most inane thoughts. I was still busy staring down Riley, making sure to flick my gaze around just enough that our parents wouldn't notice anything amiss. He was actually starting to blush.

"I'm going to go take a shower," Riley announced suddenly.

He stood up from the table and started walking away without waiting for a response.

"Honey, your food's almost ready," Mom called after him.

"I'll get it later, thanks."

I forced myself to sit quietly and pretend like I didn't care one way or the other if Riley left. At least his odd behaviour helped distract Mom and Dad from mine.

"That was weird," Mom said once Riley was gone. "I've never known him to not want breakfast. He's been a little moody lately though."

"Maybe he and Anna switched bodies," Dad joked. "It would explain a lot."

That sort of comment would have bothered me on any other morning. In this instance, I was still emotionally untouchable.

"Does that mean I get to be the good kid now?" I asked, my face a picture of innocence.

Mom and Dad shared a look.

"Finish your cereal," Mom said.

I grinned as I scooped another spoonful from my bowl. I couldn't help feeling like I was winning for once.


My usual aversion to doing what I was told continued to evade me throughout the day. I didn't particularly want to clean my room, but I also didn't hate the idea enough to get in a fight over it. I decided that maybe it had just been a long time since I'd been in a genuinely good mood. Maybe finally getting what I wanted had mellowed me out when it came to certain other facets of my life.

I put on some music in my room and opened up the windows before beginning to tidy up. I started with picking up the dirty clothes that lay scattered across various parts of the floor, as well as throwing out any items I found that I had no interest in keeping. Getting the floor cleared up and vacuumed was the main thing. It would give more of an appearance of progress than anything else I could do.

I sang along to my music as the mood struck me. My door was open, but I was pretty sure no one was in earshot. I got sufficiently distracted by my task and my singing that I didn't notice Riley sneak up to my room. I turned around at one point and he was just there watching me with a small smile on his face. I didn't feel any embarrassment at being caught singing poorly. My mind immediately went other places.

"Hey," I said. "What ya up to?"

"Nothing much. Just wondering what's gotten into you today."

I shrugged. "M'just happy, that's all."

"I have a hard time believing that."

"Why? You're the one that did this to me."

Riley opened his mouth, then closed it and shook his head. He stared at me for a few seconds, clearly trying to make a decision of some kind.

"I shouldn't make you feel that way," he said softly. "Not to this extent. It's just... weird."

"But you understand, don't you?"

I stepped closer to him. He remained still, watching my approach with a guarded expression. I reached for him when I got close enough, but he grabbed my wrists before I could touch him.

"The door's open."

"So close it."

"You're busy."

I gave him a predatory smile.

"Not that busy."

"Be good, Anna. Maybe when you finish up here we can talk. You're actually doing what you were told and I'd hate to get in the way of that"

"Are you bribing me to do my chores?"

"I promise nothing."

"You don't have to. You want it as bad as I do."

I broke one of my hands free and grabbed his cock through his shorts before he could stop me. He groaned and pulled my hand away. I knew a part of him didn't want to stop me, but he was fighting it.

"Just... just keep Mom and Dad happy. If they think you're being good, they won't be watching us as closely. It'll be easier to sneak around."

"You sure it won't just make them suspicious?"

"It might, but I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to accept the miracle if you keep up the charade."

I stuck my bottom lip out and pouted at my brother.

"You make me sound horrible."

Riley sighed and pulled my head forward. He kissed me gently just below my hairline.

"You're difficult, Anna. You know that. But you're not horrible."

He pulled back, but I darted forward quicker than he could react. I pressed my lips against his for a brief second before he could push me away. I grinned at him as his face registered confusion, annoyance, then finally a hint of amusement.

"You can kiss me properly, you know," I said. "I think we're past the innocent brotherly act you like to put on."

Riley sighed, but his eyes betrayed him. He wasn't nearly as irritated as he was trying to appear. His lips threatened to curl into a smile.

"You're a pain in the ass, little sis. Anyone ever tell you that?"

"Usually they're more polite about it."

"Yeah, well... deal with it."

He walked out of the room, leaving me behind. My fingers went to my mouth, brushing the skin where I could still feel my brother's lips. Our first kiss. Maybe I should have waited until it could have been more romantic, but I didn't regret it. Quick as it had been, I still felt all tingly.


Eventually my room was about as clean as it was going to get. I knew Mom wouldn't expect perfection, especially given my easy compliance. She'd be happy enough with an adequate job that hadn't involved a single shouting match.

Once I was done, I closed the door and stripped out of my clothes. I stood naked in front of my mirror and examined my body. I wanted to wear something sexy, something that would force my brother to stare whether he wanted to or not. It couldn't be slutty, not around our parents, but something enticing should be okay.

I started with my underwear drawer, rifling through my disappointingly limited selection. I decided pretty quickly that a bra was unnecessary. My choice of panties was a little more difficult. I grabbed a few of my smaller pairs and tried them on one at a time, modeling them for myself as I went. None of them were quite as revealing as I would have liked. I made a mental note to purchase some sexier panties next time I got the chance.

I settled on a red pair that made my ass look good, even if they didn't show off quite as much skin as I would have liked. After a few minutes of turning around to look at myself in them from every manageable angle, I began working on the rest of my outfit.

My bottoms were a fairly easy choice. I wanted to be able to show off some without giving my parents a reason to voice concerns. A skirt was the obvious answer. It would look perfectly normal, but could flip up or slide up my legs when necessary. It was far better for selective exposure than shorts or jeans would be. I quickly settled on the shortest one I had.

I took the longest amount of time to select a top. I went through most of my shirts, holding them up to my chest as I stood topless in front of my mirror. Again, I didn't really have anything that screamed "fuck me," but I had a lot of choice between shirts that were pleasantly tight, or showed a hint of cleavage, or sometimes both. In the end I went with a little tank top that displayed my breasts nicely without revealing anything too objectionable.

After I was dressed I took a last look at myself. My hair was more or less behaving itself, and I added a touch of lipstick just to highlight my lips. I didn't really go for much makeup most of the time.

Just before leaving, a wicked thought crossed my mind. I slid my panties down my legs and tossed them onto my bed. I experimented with moving my skirt around and flipping it up a little. It seemed like I would stay decent unless I wanted to show off, and that was perfect for my purposes. I pulled my skirt up for a second to admire my pussy and try to guess what Riley's reaction to the sight would be.

I was satisfied with my appearance, so I went off in search of my brother. I tried his room first, but he wasn't there. I had more luck with my second guess, which was that he was out with his car. He was kind of hidden behind it, but I noticed some of his tools lying on the ground. I walked outside in my bare feet to where he was lying partly underneath his car.

"Hey," I said, squatting down beside him.

He probably couldn't see up my skirt from that angle, but it gave me thrill to pretend that he could. He'd have quite the view.

Riley grunted at me from his prone position, but didn't otherwise acknowledge me. He was tinkering away at something under his car, but I had no idea what it was. Whatever the case, I would have much preferred he devote his attention to me.

A grin grew on my lips as I looked down at his crotch. His legs were partly spread, and there was a slight bulge in his shorts where his cock was. I sat down cross-legged and watched him for a few minutes, assuming that he'd give in and talk to me eventually. He could only stay under there for so long. In the mean time I amused myself by imagining what would happen if I pulled his shorts and underwear down and ran away with them.

Eventually I tired of waiting. I reached out and put my hand on Riley's cock, squeezing it gently through his shorts. He grunted again, and this time slid partway out from beneath the car.

"Dammit, Anna."

"What? You telling me you don't like that?"

"Not when someone could see. We're outside."

"Hidden behind your car."

"Partly hidden at best. Behave yourself."

"You know I don't follow orders well."

I twisted my sitting position around so that the gap under my skirt was more easily visible to him. His eyes widened as he noted my lack of panties. I blushed, but let him stare. That was the sort of attention I craved from him.

"You're bad, little sis."

"I know. Don't pretend like you don't enjoy it."

He put his hand on my knee and slowly slid it up my thigh. I shivered and tried to hold still as his fingers roamed higher on my leg.

"I used to pity Mom and Dad sometimes," he said in a quiet voice. "Trying to keep you in line... I'm not sure it's possible. Now I'm the one with that challenge."

"Jeez, you get a girl throwing herself at you and you're still not happy. And here I thought guys just wanted sex."

"That's a bit of an exaggeration. And even if all I wanted from girls was sex, which it isn't, you'd still be my sister. A lot of guys prefer their sex uncomplicated. This is basically as complicated as it gets."

Riley was teasing me with his fingers. He wouldn't go quite far enough with them to do any good. They lingered on my inner thigh, sometimes sliding back down to my knee. I so wanted him to go for my pussy. I'd left the way clear and everything.

"Well... what else do you want from me?" I asked.

"I want to not get caught, for one. This right here, me with my hand up your skirt, it's not good."

"It could be. If you'd just go a liiittle further...."

Riley sighed and sat up. He pushed himself to his feet, then looked down at me. The bulge in his shorts had gotten bigger.

I squealed as he grabbed my wrist and forcibly pulled me into a standing position. I looked into his eyes, noting the signs of lust that he couldn't hide. My reciprocal emotions were probably even more obvious to him. And even if he couldn't read me that well, I'd been pretty clear about how I felt.

Riley dragged me around the side of the garage. I followed willingly, but let him pull me along instead of walking beside him. I loved the pretense of being helpless against him. He stopped in a secluded spot on the far side of the building. There was no line of sight to our house or any of the neighbours' from there.

"Sit," he said.

I sat. The ground was kind of lumpy and uncomfortable, but I didn't really mind. Riley sat beside me with his back against the garage. His cock looked like it was getting painfully hard inside his shorts.

"What're we gonna do now?"

Riley looked at me, his eyes meeting mine with a piercing intensity.

"Take off your skirt."

My breathing stopped for a second. I was sure I'd misheard.


"You heard me. Take it off."

He seemed serious. I couldn't believe that he was actually asking me to strip. No, not asking; telling. I was being given a command. This one I was happy to obey.

Despite my excitement, I was also nervous. I wasn't sure why, but I was. My fingers shook as I tried to remove my skirt. Riley watched in silence as I struggled and finally managed to slide the garment down my legs. I felt so naughty to be half-naked outside, not to mention sitting right next to my brother.

"Like that?"

He allowed himself a small, self-assured smile. "Yeah, like that."

I tensed up as he reached for me. His hand seemed to approach me in slow-motion. Even though I knew where it was going, I second-guessed myself several times during its brief journey. I closed my eyes just before his fingers landed on my pussy, too overwhelmed to watch it happen.

Riley caressed my pussy lips, coaxing an involuntary moan from my lips. I spread my legs wider, happily accepting his touch. The growing wetness between my legs was spread around by his fingertips, making my skin slick.

"That feels good," I whispered.

"I can tell. I just started and you're already flooding."

I bit my lip and opened my eyes. He was watching me, taking in my reactions.

"I can't help it. Not with you. And 'specially not when we're out here."

He nodded. "Fair enough. I suppose being fingered by your brother outside is a good reason to get turned on so quickly."

He seemed amused at the way I reacted to his words. Having my situation described somehow made it even dirtier to me. I was in a ridiculously vulnerable position and that scared me a little, but the thrill made up for it. I trusted Riley not to let anything bad happen. I was free to enjoy all the risk and excitement from a position of certainty that nothing truly dangerous would occur.

Riley kept rubbing my pussy, getting me all worked up. His touch got to me more than the exposed location did. My brother's fingers stroked my most private area, fulfilling some of my deepest desires. The things I felt for him in that moment were so far beyond what a sister had any right to feel.

Once the initial rush wore down somewhat, I was able to focus on things beyond my own pleasure. My gaze fell back onto Riley's cock pretty quickly. It looked harder than ever. I slipped my arm around his and grasped it through his shorts. He let out a soft groan as I encircled his shaft with my nimble little fingers.

"Doesn't take much to get a reaction out of you, huh?" I said.

"Look who's talking."

Riley worked my clit for a moment to prove his point. The pleasure paralyzed me, leaving me unable to reciprocate. I slumped back when he moved his fingers away, breathing heavier than I had been before. He smirked at me like he'd won some kind of victory.

I started moving my hand up and down, sliding it over the tent in his shorts. I wasn't able to get the kind of grip or movement that I wanted, and he must have figured that out pretty quickly. He tried to pull down his shorts with his free hand, struggling a little as he split his attention between his needs and mine. He eventually gave up and used both hands to free his erection.

Instead of returning his hand to my pussy, Riley reached up toward my head. He reached behind my neck and gently took a handful of my hair. He guided me to lean toward him with a few soft tugs. I allowed myself to be moved, following his silent instructions unquestioningly. I had to shift and get onto my knees as I was pulled closer and closer to his cock.

My lips parted automatically as they approached the tip of my brother's penis. His hand pressed on my neck, forcing me down onto it. I dragged my tongue along the head of his cock and down the shaft until the pressure let up. I bobbed my head experimentally and found that I was being given the freedom to move as I chose, though he kept his hold on my hair.

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