tagMatureHi Mom, I'm Home Ch. 02

Hi Mom, I'm Home Ch. 02


Thanks due again to Reiner43 for providing general inspiration for the story line, and for his fine editorial assistance. And to R.S., without whom none of this would be possible...

I saw his motorcycle...what he called his "crotch rocket"...as I pulled into the driveway Friday night. My heart rate sped up and I could feel my nether lips swell and moisten under the skirt I wore to teach in today. 'Perfect timing,' I thought, 'Friday and the start of Spring Break.' I had two weeks off, although I had no idea how much leave time Mike had accrued. Hurrying to park the car and grab my purse, I left my bag with the term papers needing to be graded in the passenger seat. I'd get them later, right now I was in a rush to get to the arms of my young lover.

Quickly climbing the back stairs and letting myself in, I turned to lock the door behind me as a pair of strongly muscled arms wrapped themselves around me from behind. Hot lips began a nibbling, licking dance down one side of my neck and up the other, making gooseflesh rise on my arms and belly and my nipples become as large and hard as apricot kernels.

"Hi...Mom...I'm....home...." The soft baritone whisper paused for each kiss of his lips against my skin, and the traditional greeting from the years when he was growing up, stirred all those mixed feelings within me into a passionate storm.

While not my natural son, Mike might as well have been, raised under my roof along with my own sons, loved, nurtured and disciplined as needed. At least until that fateful day last summer when we'd both discovered, admitted, and acted on our lustful feelings for each other. Since then we'd been lovers, whenever and however possible considering he was still active duty in the military, and that we were still fearful of admitting the affair to my 'other' sons and family members.

"God you look HOT!"

His hands continued to fondle me from behind, cupping a breast and thumbing its turgid point with one hand as his other hand slid over the tight material covering my ass.

"I can just imagine all the senior boys in your classes, squirming with their little hard-ons, every time you walk around the desk with your fat nipples showing and not a trace of panty line covering your ass!"

I leaned back against his shoulder, thrusting my ass back, closer to his hand and crotch, and the 'Monster' cock I knew was waiting for me. Sliding his hand further down my leg he ran it back up, between my thighs, under my skirt. While I might have helped teach him the basics about pleasuring women, his own natural inventiveness, curiosity and passion made for wonderfully intense moments like these when he was totally 'in command'.

Reaching the wet, pulsing flesh of my sex he murmured, "Naughty, naughty, Ms Maggie! No panties at all, not even a thong! Did you sit on your desk and flash your pussy at the boys?"

"No", I teased. "I flashed it at the girls! Does THAT turn you on?"

"YOU turn me on! You are such a nasty slut 'Mommy'. And I need to fuck you NOW!"

Pulling my skirt up above my hips and nearly tearing the buttons from my shirt in my haste to remove it I stood before him in bra and garterbelt with stockings, my black skirt bunched around my waist and hair still in the bun I usually wore at work. He slid the bra straps from my shoulders, pulling the cups down to free my breasts for his attention. As tall as he was it was awkward for him to bend far enough to lip and suckle my nipples but he managed, freeing a hand long enough to hook one of the kitchen chairs and pull it close enough to sit in.

Now that I was facing him I could see that he'd been 'waiting for me' and was naked, hard and already oozing pre-cum. Climbing astride his lap I eased forward so that I could slide my aching wet cunt lips up and down the length of his huge, fat cock. His groan of pleasure vibrated through me from his lips wrapped tightly around my tit, and he gently ran his teeth back and forth across the tip, flicking it lightly with his tongue. His fingertips trailed lightly down the length of my spine and I arched closer to him again.

"Hold on, Maggie!" he commanded, and as he stood, I wrapped my thighs around his hips.

His long arms supported much of my weight as his hands tightened under my buttocks. Turning he carried me into the bedroom, 'Monster's' fat drooling head kissing my snatch with every stride. Setting me on the edge of the bed he gently pulled hairpins and the scrunci-clip from my hair. I sighed with relief as the weight of the heavy copper curls fell around my shoulders and he ran his fingers through my hair, lightly massaging my scalp. Then standing me up again he turned me around, undoing the clasp of my bra and tossing it in the corner.

"God Maggie - much as I want you naked in my arms....you look so fucking hot with your skirt around your waist, and those stockings and garterbelt."

Turning us both in the direction of the dresser mirror I could see his point. I looked.....'fuckable' was the only word that came to mind. His hands moved over my breasts, tweaking the nipples and offering them up to our mirror reflections. My legs were parted and the swollen lips of my sex were prominent. There was a silvery sheen of...my moisture?...his?...on the insides of my thighs. The white lace of the garter belt giving an innocuous air of innocence to the scene. Mike slid to my side, his hands reaching lower now, one hand teasing the cleft of my ass while he cupped the other to rub my mons.

He grinned smugly at my throaty moan of passion as I thrust against his hands, and sliding two fingers into me he rubbed my clit firmly with his palm, simultaneously working my G-spot from the inside. I cried out as the tremors of my first orgasm rocked me, clinging to his shoulders when my legs gave out. He eased me back and down, onto the bed, separating my legs and pulling me forward until my ass rested on the edge of the mattress. Kneeling between my thighs I caught sight of his lustful eyes briefly, before he buried his face in my pussy.

He inhaled gustily and I heard him say, "THAT'S the smell I miss the most back in the BEQ!", knowing that I would understand his reference to the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters after all this time.

I started to laugh but it turned to a squeal of pleasure as his mouth engulfed me, his tongue piercing my depths. I pulled my legs up and back, spreading myself as wide open as possible for his hands and mouth to work their magic on me. His hands spread my lips , allowing him full access to my cunt and my swollen clit. As he continued to tongue fuck me, his thumb rubbed gently across the nubbin, stoking my fire higher. When he'd finally drained as much of my juice as possible for now he changed his attention, sucking and tonguing my clitoris much like he had my nipple earlier, to even better effect. As I began to writhe against his mouth he slid his fingers back inside me again, pressing firmly against the roof of my vagina as he fucked me with them while he began to suck my clit hard, tickling it rapidly with the tip of his tongue at the same time. My muscles all seemed to seize and lock, trapping his head and hand between my thighs as I screamed my pleasure long and loud.

When I finally came back to my senses we were laying side-by-side on the pillows and he was stroking me gently.

"My GAWD!" I gasped, "you've been practicing!"

"Only in my fantasies, Maggie!"

He kissed me sweetly, sliding his still hard cock against my hip.

"Ready for more?" he asked.

Sliding between my trembling thighs he stroked the head of his cock between my pussy lips, lubricating it with my own moisture for his initial entry. My mouth went dry with anticipation at what was about to take place. Whenever he'd been gone for more than a few weeks I felt as though I had to get used to his enormous girth all over again. As excited and aroused as we were during our first few sessions together, there had still been moments when I experienced some discomfort as a result - of his youthful enthusiasm and randiness, as well as of 'Monster's' unnatural size. Times like now, when he'd been gone for several months I experienced excitement and anticipation at the obvious passion and arousal my very young lover experienced with me...but I had to admit to those moments of dry-mouthed tension at 'Monster's' approach - wondering if this would be the time when my body would betray me and refuse to stretch to accommodate his bulk. When Mike left again would be time enough for those sleepless nights spent wondering what was wrong with me - was I sick, crazy, or just a sinful, horny old slut.

But as I felt Mike's slow, careful entry - always allowing me time to adjust, and for our combined moisture to ease his way - I put such thoughts away to focus on the pleasure I felt in his arms, when he was finally buried to the hilt in me and we were locked together, lips, loins and hearts, as we moved on a rising tide of passion. I peaked again, and then again, finally wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, pulling him into me deep and hard. The wet slap of our bodies coming together echoed loudly in the bedroom, the squeak of the bedsprings adding a counterpoint melody to the moans and gasps we were making. Barely spoken words of love and passion could be heard - sometimes tender - sometimes harsh sounding. His chin was buried in my shoulder now, his hands cupping my ass, pulling me up to meet his thrusts, and the smell of our rut was a heady incense in our nostrils.

My clit and lips were dragging back and forth with every thrust of his dick and I could feel the pressure building - like a spring winding tighter and tighter until you know it's going to break loose with noise, fury and fireworks.

"Oh God, Mike - cum in me. Fill me with your cum. Oh MIKE!"

I gasped and arched under him, feeling Monster swell within me as the spasms of my climax and the first hot jets of his jism filling me began to occur simultaneously.

Some interminable time later we went back into the kitchen in search of water and sustenance. I bent to pick up the spilled contents of my purse, noticing the flashing Message indicator on my cell, just as Mike yelled from the great room -

"Message Maggie!"

"Here too" I called back, putting the phone to my ear and gasping as I heard Tim's voice. The message on the land-line must have been the same as Mike came back into the kitchen, pale and with troubled eyes.

"That was Tim..." he began.

"We have to go right now!" I said, running to throw on some clothes.

Mike was right behind me, with the masculine benefit of being able to dress in jeans and a T-shirt...and shoes...and ignore the need for undergarments and socks, let alone brassieres or makeup. For that matter, I ignored the need for brassiere and makeup too this time, but did take a swipe at my bottom with a washcloth hoping to reduce the aroma of cum a little. As I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, Mike was pacing and bouncing.

"How early is she?", he asked, referring to his sister-in-law Debbie who, our multiple messages indicated, was in early labor.

"Only a few weeks, uh, three - four at most, but still...." I trailed off, looking up at him helplessly.

"Right!" He said, thrusting my purse at me and taking my hand. "All together? Good, we're out of here!"

Half pushing me and half pulling me he got me out to the driveway, towing me toward his motorcycle.

"Mike, no! I can't!" I protested.

"You can and we will - it'll be faster." He added, "We don't have time to argue about it, twist your hair up and put this on!" The note of command was obvious and I obeyed automatically, still fearful - it had been years since I'd ridden a bicycle, let alone a motorcycle and his was a small, sleek, fast and wicked looking little thing. At the same time I wondered, 'he has two helmets...why does he have two helmets?' Even though I knew that inevitably he would find lovers of his own age, it was still a bitter pill to swallow.

As he swung his leg over the bike, holding it steady so that I could climb up behind him and showing me where to put my feet he said, "I hoped - planned - to try and get you to go riding with me this trip. Maybe out to one of the parks. This'll have to do for your first experience - might be a little faster and wilder than I'd planned so just hang on tight, okay, Maggie?"

I nodded, speechless, blinking back the sudden tears of relief that blinded me, thinking 'no fool, like an old fool is there?' He fired up the engine pulling my arms tighter around his waist as he leaned forward and I heard the tires squealing as we peeled out of the driveway. The roar of the engine echoed off the quiet night-time streets and houses until we hit the highway. He opened her up there, sliding in and out of spaces in the traffic that I couldn't see, flying around and past cars and trucks and I clung to him, my heart hammering wildly - torn between my fear and awe at his skill. Then suddenly we were off the highway again and in the quiet suburban streets surrounding the hospital. He pulled into the first available parking space he saw, holding the bike steady again for me to climb off, although I wasn't sure for a minute or two if my legs were steady enough to hold me up.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yes," I admitted, adding, "but it was REALLY exciting...scary."

As he swung off the motorcycle he pressed me to him, removing the helmet and fluffing out my hair, bending to kiss me.

"Mike!" I scolded, "someone might see you."

"Good," he said grinning and kissing me again. "I hope they enjoy the show."

"Mike, please. I teach - and I can't lose my job because some parent sees me kissing my adoptive son - a man in his twenties! You KNOW how people can be, they'll assume the worst, that this has been going on for years and I molested you..."

"Don't I wish!"

"Be serious!"

"I am Maggie!" but his smile gave the lie away.

As we strode into the hospital, inquiring about Debbie's room number and heading to the elevator, he added more soberly, "Look Maggie - if the worst happened and anything like that ever did occur, all we have to do is tell the truth. It won't keep people from talking perhaps but it WILL keep you out of jail and they can't use it as an excuse to fire you."

"Not that they've always needed an 'excuse' to fire someone." I murmured as the elevator doors opened again.

The hospital smells of bed pans, chemical cleansers and sterilizers, and anti-bacterial soaps and lotions reminded me of too many years spent working in medical offices and hospitals while I earned my teaching degree. It kept us all alive and eating but it had been hard work and long hours and the shifts sucked sometimes. As much as the boys had hated it when I'd finally been certified to teach, I'd been thankful to leave midnight shifts behind - not to mention the need to arrange frequent 'supervision' for three, later two growing boys.

I shook off my funk and matched strides with Mike as he headed down the hall to the Maternity Waiting Room. Tim was standing by the window, hands in his pockets and bouncing on the balls of his feet as we walked in the room. Turning toward us he beamed hugely, announcing to the room at large -

"It's a boy! Jacob Ryan! You missed his arrival by about 30 minutes but they're cleaning him up now. He's little but he's fine - they're both fine!"

Mike pounded him on the back as several of the other expectant and waiting families crowded around to congratulate him. At Tim's smile and nod I went down the hall to check on Debbie and found her sleeping peacefully so I sat down in a chair and pulled a paperback I'd been reading from my purse, wishing I'd thought to grab the term papers to grade then realizing the disaster that would have been on Mike's 'crotch rocket'.

Debbie murmured and winced in her sleep as she rolled to one side and I winced with her, remembering well how 'uncomfortable' a process childbirth was. Tim poked his head in the door, waving me out into the hall. He and Mike were going for coffee, did I want anything? Did I want to go along? Reasoning Debbie would probably sleep more peacefully for not having anyone else in the room - at least until they brought the baby down from the Nursery - I decided I may as well tag along for coffee, it would probably be a long night, in one way or another.

Mike and Tim chatted happily on our way to the Cafeteria. Mike talking about his motorcycle and the trip home from the Base. Tim talking about what an amazing process labor and delivery were. At my question Mike relayed that Debbie's folks had dashed over to stay with Katie when they couldn't raise me by phone. I felt my face flush and Mike and I exchanged somewhat guilty glances, knowing how we'd been occupying ourselves while ignoring the outside world...

I went to get a table, not a difficult process at this time of night, while the boys went to get the coffees from the Convenience Store-type set-ups. Knowing my preferences Mike brought me back a Mocha Cappuccino, while Tim took coffee black with sugar and Mike's was cream only. Thankful for both the warmth and the caffeine I was suddenly reminded that neither Mike nor I had had anything to eat for dinner when my stomach rumbled and I thought about getting an apple from the large fruit basket on the counter. I was brought back to the present conversation when Mike reached for my hand under the table, squeezing it hard.

Tim was talking about waiting for us...

"...and the view from up there is TERRIFIC! You can see clear to the highway."

My hand went cold and damp with fear sweat, dreading what he might say next.

Grinning wickedly and dimpling, Tim turned to Mike and asked, "So, 'little brother' - how long you been bangin' Mom?"

I choked on a mouthful of cappuccino I was trying to swallow and Mike leaped to his feet to pound on my back.

Tim went on, "Not that I'm opposed mind you...should say we're opposed I guess..."

I turned haunted eyes to him and he laughed out loud, patting my hand.

"S'okay Mummy! Chris and I talked about it some time ago, Deb and I talked about it more recently. We knew you were involved with someone - just didn't know who but we all wanted to congratulate whoever it was for putting that smile on your face and the glow in your eyes. Haven't seen you look that happy in...well, a long time."

I felt my heart start to beat again though it still seemed to be skipping wildly in my chest and I drew a ragged breath. Mike sat back down next to me, lifting my hand to his lips and pressing a kiss against my knuckles.

Grinning boldly at Tim he announced, "Chris knows."

I turned my startled face to him now, probably looking much like a fish out of water as I gulped loudly. Mike laughed and chucked me under the chin until I closed my mouth again.

"Christ, Maggie, he's my 'brother'! He knows me better than anyone except maybe you. He knows I've loved you and wanted you since I was old enough to start jerking off..."

My eyes darted wildly around, trying to make sure there was no one seated close enough to hear this intimate family conversation.

"...and I couldn't keep hiding the fact that we were together now from him."

"And, he's okay with it?" I stammered.

"Well," Mike looked pensive for a minute, "he DID say that if you ever agreed to marry me he'd be damned if he ever called me 'Daddy'!" Both he and Tim broke into rich deep laughter.

I sagged against the chair for a minute, until the import of what Mike had said sank in, "Wait...WHAT?"

Mike kissed my knuckles again, "I sort of had a different venue planned for all this, but Maggie, the past few months I've been happier than I've ever been before in my life...You'd make me happier still if you'd agree to marry me."

Tim whooped causing several heads to turn and one older nurse scowled and shushed him. Jumping up he pounded Mike on his back and they shook solemnly....

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