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It was a long night of delivering pizza and I was tired. My knee was killing me from running up and down the dorm stairs all night, and I think I sweated through my shirt. I lived in the converted basement of my parent's house so that I could go to college. It helped a lot.

My dad worked for the military and my mom worked for a lawyer's office. I always thought she looked great in her power suits with her mid-length hair that was strawberry blonde and silky smooth. My mother's chest was a good size too. It wasn't too large, but not that small either. She had the ass of a twenty-year-old that looked like a heart.

My sister who was just a year and a half younger then I was lived in the dorms at NYU, so she was never home much. She received a full ride while I was stuck at the community college. She never had a boyfriend, but she always had a good time with the boys. She had the same color hair as my mom, and because she was a dancer she had the body of a goddess. I always loved her milky-white porcelain skin.

My dad worked a lot. He's an officer in the US Air Force, which means he works long hours and is always traveling so just my mom and me mostly. I loved him for serving. It was a job I could never do though. The air force has a height and weight requirement. I didn't make the weight. That was okay though. I was happy with who I was.

When I arrived home that night, I found the place dark. It wasn't that uncommon, but I was hoping that my mom was home so I could talk to her. Oh well, I thought, what could I do?

I entered the house and passed through the kitchen. When I got to my stairway door, I noticed it was open. That's odd, I thought, I never leave the door open. I walked down stairs slowly and quietly. Maybe my mom left it open after putting in some laundry, I thought to myself. I was almost to the bottom of the stairs when I could see that my TV was on, and the light coming off of it was illuminating someone.

My thoughts started to race. What did I leave in the DVD player? I love to masturbate, even though I have a girlfriend. There was something about it that really turned me on, watching porn and stroking my hard cock. I loved it.

Then my thoughts took a turn for the worst. I had been secretly recording my mom, and sometimes my sister when she was home. I had a hidden camera in their bedrooms. I slowly edged into the room to see my mother watching my worst nightmare! I could see the back of her head over the recliner, and I could see the image on the screen. It was of my mother in her room, changing into an Alice costume for Halloween.

I was scared because I knew what was coming next; I had masturbated to it like a dozen times. My mom in all her glory, dressed in an Alice in Wonderland costume was about to suck my father off. She was about to take a load of his cum down her throat like a pro. I had never seen someone suck cock like my mom. I had asked my girlfriend to suck me off, but Crystal always said no. She never wanted to. She would only suck my cock a little to get me hard, and then use her large tits to tit fuck me, or just fuck me. She never let me fuck her ass either. She said I was just too big.

We were coming to the part where my heart almost stopped. On the television my mom was sucking my father's cock like there was no tomorrow. She was using her hand to stroke his cock and another hand to rub her pussy with a fury. Her costume was pulled up around her waist and her hand was rubbing so fast on her pussy that I could almost see her shaking with her orgasm. Her white knee-highs were in full view of the camera.

I have to admit watching my mom, watching herself cumming on the screen sure made me horny in an instant. I couldn't help but reach down and feel my rock-hard cock pressing against my pants. I could feel the dome of my cock pressing, no, straining to be set free from its constraints.

I slowly unzipped my Dockers, and eased my throbbing member out. I was so damn hard; I thought I was going to shoot a load of cum right on my floor. I started to stroke my cock. I went slowly at first, just rubbing the base and working my way to the tip. My fingers would come up and over the soft spongy head of my cock, sending shockwaves over my body. Then I began to pick up the pace a little bit. I could feel the wetness start to form at the tip of my pulsating cock. Every time I rubbed the underside of my cock, just under the tip, I felt ready to cum. It was amazing.

I really wanted to see more of what my mom was doing, so I placed my cock back in my pants and started to sneak into the room more. I noticed my heart thumping and my breaths increased. I was even starting to sweat. I thought it was so loud that I could hear it over the television. I thought it was going to give me away. Then I moved closer, and again I thought I made too much noise. What was I going to do? I thought, how could I get into that room? My cock was on fire, and I really wanted to see what my mother was doing in there. I needed to see her. I moved again. This time it felt like ten minutes before I took a step, but I did.

I could see my mom's feet up on the table; her stockings were still on from work. They made her legs look like satin to me. The silk caught the light from the television and made a little outline of them. I could see her toes pointing and flexing in her stockings as I moved closer, I could see her legs. They were long and seemed to go on forever. The calf muscles were tightening and relaxing under the material. This helped to get me even harder.

As I moved around the chair, I could see more. I didn't think she could see me, so I was a little bolder then normal. I think the hormones were thinking for me at this point though. My mom's legs were spread apart, making an opening for what I could only imagine was her hand rubbing herself. I couldn't believe that my own mother was in my basement apartment pleasing herself, and I was watching it all! This must have been a dream.

My heart was racing even more now. I could really feel the strain of my cock as the moment took me. I wanted to just run in and fuck her so badly, but I couldn't. Something inside me made me think about what I was doing. I needed to get out of this room and the house before I was caught. I would be disowned.

I started to back away when I was completely caught by surprise. I heard something. At first I wasn't sure what I heard. I froze in my spot. It felt like my legs just landed in quick-drying cement. Could I move now, even if I wanted to? Holy Shit, how did this happen to me?

Then it happened again. I heard it this time, didn't I? It was a moan. I heard it again and again. I realized that my mother was about to cum on my recliner, and I just had to watch. I stopped moving for the door, and now I was moving back for the chair. I wanted to watch my mother orgasm in front of me.

Think; Think, I thought, how could I pull off getting my mother to become my personal sex toy? I had to think fast. I did just that. It hit me! I had an idea of a lifetime but I had to act now to pull it off. I reached into my pocket and found it. I quietly pulled my cell phone out and raised it to get a view of my mother. I had it. Then I pushed the magic button on my phone and had her forever! I was now recording my mother masturbate. What a site. I loved it. I needed it, and now I had it.

I heard her moans getting louder and stronger. I knew because I had seen it many times before that, she was going to cum any second. I wasn't sure when I started to rub my cock. I never even took it out of my pants, but I was rubbing it nonetheless. Then, in the moment my mother's moans became those of an orgasm, I began to cum myself right in my pants. I held the camera steady with all my might. I was so excited that I came over and over again in my own pants. I could feel the hot cum as it flooded my pants, and I was overwhelmed with the feeling of complete satisfaction.

I finally stepped around the corner to see my mother, with a big dildo, cumming all over my chair. Her eyes were tightly shut, and I don't think she ever really saw me. She was to busy cumming. Her skirt was pulled up, and her stockings were in full view. She was wearing a garter belt that kept them in place. She was still in her suit that she wore to work this morning.

I quickly put away the phone, and tried to speak to her for the first time that night, but nothing came out. The words were all there, but no sound would resonate from my throat. I just couldn't speak.

My mom finished cumming, and then slowly allowed the dildo to slide out of her pussy. I could see cum catching the light as she removed the massive dildo. The long piece of plastic was a good eight inches and nice and thick. Her pussy made a sucking sound as the dildo slowly eased out. I was starting to feel my cock swell again. The cold sticky cum in my pants was starting to feel uncomfortable.

I could see my mom's eyes starting to loosen up and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before she saw me standing there. I think I was okay with that though. I stood there with everything in my hands just like I walked down the stairs. My pants had a giant cum stain in them and I wanted to get out of them. That's when it happened. My mom finally opened her eyes.

At first she didn't say anything. Maybe she thought it was a dream? Maybe she thought she was still in her fantasy state. The room was dark, with only the light from the television to see by. I was motionless. I just stood there watching my mother with a giant rubber cock covered in cum.

"Hi mom," I was finally able to whisper, "I see you found my DVD." I think it was more of an icebreaker then anything. I wasn't sure if she was going to kill me, or if she was going to be embarrassed.

She didn't say a word. She slid her shaky feet down from my coffee table and walked out of the room. Her skirt was still around her waist and her giant dildo was on the carpet. The tape was still playing.

I walked over to the recliner and removed my pants. My cock sprang to life on it's own. I was ready to jerk off to the site of my own mother, and I'm sure that I will be jerking off to this memory for a long time.

I sat down completely naked now. My hard cock reached up to about my belly button; the tip was nice and purple. I started to watch the tape. There was a new scene on the screen by now; it was of my mother undressing after work. She was taking off her blouse. I loved this scene because my mother was walking around with her tits out in nothing but stockings. I loved to watch her undress at night because she was so sensual.

I started to stroke my cock nice and slow. It was already aching to be relieved. I then let my hand ride up over the tip and back down to the base again. I slowly stroked my long hard shaft. I was gripping and pulling and working up momentum. The tip of my cock was turning purple from all the excitement.

I was thinking about my mom when I noticed the cum covered dildo on the carpet. I picked it up and placed it next to my cock. I was about the same. I never really thought of my cock as large, but it must have been. This dildo was huge in my hands and I could smell my mother on it. It was a great smell that drove me insane.

Dropping the dildo, I went back to stroking my throbbing cock. I could feel the hot blood pumping through my penis. I began to stroke faster and squeeze harder on my cock. I closed my eyes and started to think about my mom and her masturbation act that was put on right in front of my eyes. She was amazing with her stocking and beautiful pussy swallowing that long, hard dildo. I loved watching her fuck herself, and wished that it could have my cock inside her. I loved the way her pussy made a sucking sound as she pulled the giant dildo out of her freshly fucked pussy. I loved that she was so horny that she was masturbating. She must be so horny if she came down into my room to masturbate. I wonder if my dad wasn't doing his job.

At that moment I was stroking so hard that I could feel it happening, like little shocks of electricity firing from my toes to my cock. I could start to feel the muscles flexing and tightening up. I was going to blow my load all over my hand. I wanted to cum like never before and this was about to do it.

The first shot was so violent that it hit me in the chest. I didn't stop there. I shot again and again, cumming all over my head and my stomach. Then I collapsed into my favorite chair and soundly went to sleep.

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