tagMind ControlHidden Talent Ch. 04

Hidden Talent Ch. 04


"I don't think we'll be alone this afternoon," Elizabeth said to me as we walked home from school. "Paige talked to me at lunch; I'm supposed to tutor her again."

I could sense Elizabeth's slight disappointment that Paige would be waiting at Elizabeth's door when we got there, and we wouldn't be alone together. However, I was full of anticipation and I pushed that feeling onto Elizabeth.

Just about every afternoon, I went to Elizabeth's and had sex with her before her mother got home. Most of the time I didn't have to influence Elizabeth, but there were a few times here and there when she hadn't in the mood.

We both continued to do well in school in spite of the amount of time we spent in our sex play. We acknowledged each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, which I liked. We went out on dates, which was easier now that we had our driver's licenses. I gave her flowers, cards, and candy periodically. We even spent time together without sex every once in a great while. However, when we did play, whether it was in her room after school or out on a date Elizabeth always seemed to want to go farther than we had before.

I loved it and was addicted to her exhibitionist nature. She often wore no bra or panties when we went out and liked to strip down to nothing as I drove her around in my car. I loved gazing upon the beautiful curves on her body from her cute little feet, to her shaved pussy, to her dark pointy nipples, all the way up to her face. I loved the way she was completely open about her body even though I could still sense the she didn't think she was the sex goddess I thought she was. She figured she had to look like some ballooned titted playmate.

Both Elizabeth's and Paige's mothers were good friends and had arranged for Elizabeth to tutor Paige in math. Of course, Elizabeth would be paid. Paige had been struggling in math and so, about two days a week, Paige would come over to Elizabeth's after school to be tutored. At first I left the two girls alone, but at Elizabeth's insistence I started joining them. I would work on my homework while Elizabeth tutored Paige, and sometimes Elizabeth and I would get in a quickie after Paige left and before her mother got home.

Paige was a cheerleader and one of the more popular girls in school. She was an all-American looking blond with blue eyes and freckled skin. She was shorter than Elizabeth, about 5'3" and more filled out. Paige had a more voluptuous figure with wider hips and larger breasts. Elizabeth was a very attractive girl, but I still found Elizabeth sexier even if most other people didn't. However, I really wanted Paige, and, even more, I wanted to see Elizabeth with Paige. I set myself on a mission to make it happen.

As I got to spend more time in Paige's presence, I started probing into her mind. Paige acted like a good natured, nice girl, and she wasn't faking it. Paige wasn't your typical stuck-up type cheerleader. I was astonished when I realized she was a virgin.

She wasn't that bad in math either even though she thought she was. It took a great deal of effort, but I was finally able to eliminate the idea that Paige couldn't do math from her thoughts. This along with forcing her to relax when she got frustrated really seemed to help her math skills. Paige had done really well on her last exam and it made the tutoring sessions that much more pleasant.

As we approached Elizabeth's house we saw Paige sitting on the front porch. It was Friday and there was a football game that night, so Paige had on her cheerleading outfit. As we walked up to Elizabeth's front door, Paige stood up and I took in her beautiful full lips painted with a rust colored lipstick, round luscious breasts, and squeezable plump ass.

"Hi guys," she said. "How's it going?"

"Fine," Elizabeth answered. "Big game tonight?"

"Yeah," Paige answered giving a shrug.

I could sense that Paige wasn't really thinking about the game, her mind was on Elizabeth and me. She seemed to enjoy hanging with us and I got the impression she felt really comfortable around us. This was an opening for me, so I took it. I gently started to make Paige feel aroused. I had to be careful, since the more aroused she became, the more I sensed her growing confusion about her feelings.

I could also sense Elizabeth's mood. My influence was having a good effect on her. She was very aroused and wound up with sexual tension although it was mostly unfocused.

"I don't have much to work on," Paige said. "I...I was hoping we could just hang out for a while. Would you mind?"

"Not at all Paige," Elizabeth said. "Do you mind Michael?"

"Heck no!" I said enthusiastically.

Once we were inside things got kind of awkward. I had pushed both Elizabeth and Paige to be excited and full of anticipation, but I hadn't thought out how things would go after that. I knew influencing Paige to participate in what I wanted would be difficult. She hadn't a strong sex drive until I started influencing her, and she was confused and unsure what these suddenly strong feelings meant or what she could do about them. It would be hard enough just to get her to have regular one-on-one sex, and trying to get her to participate in a two-girl threesome might be too much to accomplish with my mind influencing skills. Although, I could influence both women's feelings and desires I couldn't make them do anything they didn't really want to do. I had to gently push and prod their thoughts slowly over a long period of time. I couldn't just will them to take off their clothes and go at it.

"Too bad the weather's so bad," I said. It was dark and cloudy with light drizzle coming down. "I would have loved to go swimming."

Both girls looked at me kind of odd at the suggestion of swimming.

"What about your hot tub, Elizabeth?" I asked. "After a long week of school that sure would be relaxing."

I felt like I couldn't make a totally blatant suggestion like, "Let's take off our clothes and crawl into bed together." I tried a more neutral suggestion and hoped somehow the girls would catch on. I was doing things on the fly and made a mental note to think things through more carefully next time. I sensed Elizabeth's mind going through the logistics of warming up the hot tub, and what it would be like with all three of us in it. I immediately flooded Elizabeth's mind full of feelings of pleasure and arousal as she imagined us in the hot tub.

"I'll heat up the water," Elizabeth said and left.

"I don't know about this," Paige said. "I don't have a swimsuit with me."

"Maybe you could borrow one of Elizabeth's," I suggested.

"I don't think I would fit," Paige said. "She's so skinny. Even if it did fit me, I have a game tonight and don't want to mess up my make-up or hair."

"Maybe we could go without, swimsuits that is."

Paige looked at me, shocked. I immediately calmed her down and eased her anxiety. I knew I was pushing her limits and thought I might have pushed her too far. I also made her forget about ruining her make-up and hair in the water. I input onto Paige an image of all of us in the hot tub with the same feelings of pleasure and arousal I had input into Elizabeth, but also a sense of companionship. I suddenly realized that Paige was really lonely. I should have recognized it a long time ago, but since I had been hanging out with Elizabeth, I hadn't felt that way at all. It just wasn't on my radar screen. I had been working on Paige's attraction toward me and Elizabeth for a long time, but it had been our friendship that Paige really desired and that she felt she could be herself around us. It had been difficult because she hadn't been that attracted to me and not attracted women in the least. I really started to focus the bond we would form if we were all naked in the tub together.

I also began to put the idea into her that she could explore her new sexual feelings in a safe way with friends who care about her and who she could trust. I really played up the trust idea in Paige's mind. This seemed to have the best effect. Interestingly, she seemed to think that nothing would happen except us just getting naked in the hot tub. This also seem to make the idea much more acceptable in her mind. After that, I was surprised how quickly she began to warm to the idea of getting in the hot tub naked with Elizabeth and me. I also kept pushing Paige's arousal along until Elizabeth returned, which also helped sway her decision.

"The water should be warm enough in about 20 minutes or so," Elizabeth announced as she walked back in the room.

When I sensed Elizabeth thinking about the swimsuit situation I began morphing her thoughts.

"I think we should go naked," Elizabeth said suddenly.

"We were just talking about that," Paige said. "I'm up for it."

"How about you Michael?" Elizabeth asked me.

"Yeah!" was all I said. I couldn't have hoped for more. Now the thought of getting in the tub naked was their idea.

"Then lets get out of these dreadful clothes," Elizabeth said.

Immediately Elizabeth began pulling down her jeans. Paige and I followed her lead. I suddenly found myself naked along with these two gorgeous women. I was beside myself. I felt like a sultan surrounded by this sexy array of beauty and naked flesh. I figured I had died and gone to heaven.

I tried to read each of them. Elizabeth was aroused and ready for whatever was going to happen. She could tell that I was pleased, and that seemed to satisfy her. She was a little jealous, so I suppressed that feeling and increased her desire for Paige. I couldn't push things too much further with Elizabeth, but she was where I wanted her to be. Paige, on the other hand, was nervous, scared and self-conscious. Her arousal had diminished quite a bit since we had removed our clothes. I increased her level of arousal, pushing as hard as I could, at the same time I made her feel more relaxed and like she was really bonding with us. Furthermore, I tried to increase her exhibitionist tendencies and pride in her body as much as I could. Paige was beautiful, but she didn't think she was. I was trying to undo that perception, but it was slow going and not something that would happen in a few minutes.

"Well, shall we?" Elizabeth said and started heading toward the backyard.

I pushed Paige to follow Elizabeth and I followed the two girls from behind. My eyes were glued to Paige's pale white ass bouncing as she walked. Once covered by the water Paige felt more comfortable. We just kind of sat there for awhile enjoying the sensations of the warm water moving over our naked bodies. As Paige became a little more relaxed it became easier to increase her level of arousal. Paige seemed to coming around until Elizabeth jumped in my lap and started kissing me.

"Um...should I go?" Paige said. "You two look like you want to be alone."

"No, don't go," Elizabeth said. I made her want Paige to stay. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"That's okay," Paige said. "I just don't want to get in the way."

"You're not in the way at all," Elizabeth said giggling. "I know Michael doesn't want you to go."

"Elizabeth!" I said.

"What do you mean?" Paige asked looking back and forth between us.

"I think Michael has the hots for you," Elizabeth said.

"But aren't you two going out?" Paige said.

"Yeah," Elizabeth said. "But I wouldn't mind. I like you too Paige."

I saw Paige's eyes get wide as she began to understand the implication of Elizabeth's words. My influence on Elizabeth had suddenly reached new levels. She had felt exactly like I wanted her to feel. I didn't even have to coax her into saying those words to Paige, those were Elizabeth's own doing. Paige on the other was about to bolt from the tub, get dressed, and run home. I hadn't considered that Elizabeth would push Paige over the edge.

I concentrated as hard as I could trying to get Paige used to the idea of being with me. I had to back off a little, almost losing myself in Paige's mind. I attacked her strong inhibitions first, then tried my best to increase her attraction toward me, and I also continued increasing her feelings of sexual arousal. Even better, I managed to induce a state of mild euphoria. She kept resisting, feeling it wasn't proper, but eventually I could feel her give in to the desires I was inducing into her.

When I finally thought Paige might go for it, I pushed Elizabeth to approach Paige. I couldn't afford to be distracted at that moment, so I figured I could just watch Paige and Elizabeth at first.

Paige saw her approach and felt Elizabeth's hands on her shoulders. Paige tried to back up and escape Elizabeth, but in her attempt to elude Elizabeth, Paige backed into me.

I felt her delightful bottom press against my erect penis. When she felt it against her I sent a sharp impulse of pleasure through. It was almost as powerful as an orgasm. She didn't move unsure of what had happened. I pounced on her confusion by inputting the idea that the cause of her pleasure stemmed from being next to my naked body in the warm water. I reached around her and cupped her healthy sized breasts in my hands, making her nipples rigid as I rolled them between my fingers sending tiny jolts of concentrated pleasure through Paige's body.

Elizabeth's hands joined mine on Paige's body. I could sense feelings of excitement and revulsion swirling in Paige's mind. She had never thought about being with a woman before. Her conservative leanings, thinking lesbians as sick and perverted, were powerful. I couldn't fight them head on, so I kept heightening her feelings of sexual arousal as euphoria.

"Come on Paige," I heard Elizabeth say. "Michael and I want to make-love to you."

"Noooo!" Paige moaned. "Please don't. I can't."

"Why not?" Elizabeth whispered.

"I just can't," Paige said. "It...it isn't right."

I pushed Elizabeth on as I held Paige. I knew Paige was really turned on, but she was strong. I pushed Elizabeth's feelings of love and friendship for Paige and she kept touching her. Paige could sense Elizabeth's feelings I think by the expression on her face. After enough time I had Elizabeth reach down between Paige's legs and began caressing the folds on her sex. I enhanced Paige's sensations of Elizabeth's touch between her legs and my touch on her breasts while suppressing her sense of doing something immoral as best I could.

"Why can't you Paige?" Elizabeth asked. "I can tell you like what we're doing to you. Just relax and let us love you."

"Elizabeth's hands kept working between Paige's legs. I could feel her trembling in my arms. The battle for Paige's desires was at it's peak, but I could sense her resistence was beginning to wear down.

"Oh, God!" Paige moaned. "Please don't do this! It's...it's so wrong!"

"It feels good, doesn't it, Paige?" Elizabeth whispered.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes, it does," Paige moaned. She was beginning to realize that she was going to give in to temptation to stop this horrible, yet wonderful thing she was being drawn into.

"Is showing our love for you so wrong?" Elizabeth said and then kissed Paige.

Paige didn't answer returning Elizabth's kiss.

"You want to go someplace more comfortable Paige?" Elizabeth asked. "This would be a lot more fun if we were doing this in my bedroom, wouldn't it?"

"Yesss!" Paige moaned as she ground her ass into my cock.

We quickly got out of the hot tup, rapidly drying ourselves off, and walked upstairs to Elizabeth's bedroom. As we made our way upstairs I kept Paige so turned on that she could barely think. When we got into the bedroom, Elizabeth took Paige's hand and pulled her toward the bed. The two women fell onto the sheets and rolled into each other's arms. Their lips met and their hands began moving over their bodies.

I stood in the doorway watching. I had won the battle for now, but I could feel Paige still resisting, just a little. She mostly felt resigned to giving into her desires, but I least I was putting off her guilt until later.

I continued to watch the two women make love at the same time making Paige more confortable with the experience. Watching them together was the most erotic sight of my young life so far.

Elizabeth pressed Paige onto her back and planted kisses all along Paige's ripe flesh. The slender brunette indulged in Paige's protuberant nipples, then suckling them, and bringing gasps of pleasure from the quivering blonde. Then Elizabeth accorded Paige's other breast the same treatment. Paige's body moved sinuously as Elizabeth contintued to explore it with her hands and mouth. Elizabeth was beyond herself, intoxicated by the idea of being with a women and being able to share the experience with me.

Eventually Elizabeth moved between Paige's outspread legs and planted her lips on Paige's engorged sex. Paige's body jolted and she moaned loudly as Elizabeth's tongue explored the folds of the other woman's vagina.

"Oh God! That feels so good!" Paige moaned loudly when Elizabeth found her clitoris. I could sense that Paige was astonished that another woman could make her feel so fabulous. She began to care less and less that is was a woman who was making her feel that wonderful.

I was getting increasingly turned on and tiring of being a spectator. I climbed on the bed behind Elizabeth who was still going down on Paige. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled them up. Then I put the tip of my cock at Elizabeth's entrance, then rammed it into her.

"Oh, God! Oh, Goddddd! I think...Oh God!" I heard Paige moan loudly. "Oh God! I think I'm gonna orgasm!...Oh God!"

I could feel that Elizabeth was on the edge of climaxing too. I concentrated on my own orgasm while projecting my feeling onto each of the girls.

Then I groaned loudly, adding my cries of ecstasy to Paige's. I exploded in Elizabeth, whose lithe body was convulsing as wildly as Paige's, and we all came at the same time. The compounding of all our orgasms was overwhelming. However, I was able keep up the intense pleasure for a few minutes. Afterward we all collapsed in a sweaty, exhausted heap on the bed.

I laid on the bed with each gorgeous woman on each side of me basking in the afterglow. I could feel the heat of their feminine forms as they pressed their bodies against me. Paige was a still a little freaked out by the experience. Mostly she felt guilty, so I filled her with feelings of peace and contentment. She was mentally exhausted so it was much easier for me to influence her.

After a half an hour or so of laying there I was ready to go at it again. I began filling both Elizabeth and Paige with an overwhelming desire to pleasure me. Paige was becoming much easier to influence with her mental exhaustion. A few minutes later I felt four hands softly caressing my thighs, my balls, and my cock. I knew I had died and gone to heaven.

The touch of their hands was like an electric shock starting from my penis and then coursing through my whole body. My hard cock pulsated in hungry anticipation.

I closed my eyes and felt their breasts move along up and down my body. I loved the sensation. The feeling of their hardened nipples against my skin suddenly disappeared only to be replaced by the feeling of two mouths licking and kissing my body all over. For whatever reason, this was reinforcing the bond Paige had for us. It made her feel much more comfortable. I intensified that feeling inside her.

I quivered in pleasure as their mouths found my rock hard shaft. I moaned in pleasure as they took turns kissing and licking the swollen head of my cock. They brought me to brink, holding me there in exquisite torment. I looked down to see first Elizabeth, then Paige swallow my rod. Paige kept sucking me, her head bobbing up and down, while Elizabeth caressed and licked my balls.

I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer. "I'm gonna cum," I said moaning. Paige responded by sucking even harder, her implanted desire to please was strong. She swallowed me again and again until my body convulsed and my cock sent my hot cum pouring her willing mouth.

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