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High Intensity Workout


Note: All characters in this story are 18 or older.


Caitlyn just couldn't concentrate on her workout. She went to the gym five days a week to work out and stay in shape. And even though the gym she frequented was always full of attractive men and women toning their bodies, it didn't typically distract her. Today though, this was not the case.

From her position on the treadmill, Caitlyn caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye; an absolutely gorgeous, fit woman working on the lat pull-down bar. Each time she exerted the force to pull the bar down and bring the weights up, Caitlyn could see the muscles of her shoulders and mostly-bare arms strain and bulge. Her skin was so perfectly tan and smooth, too. Caitlyn found herself staring, and shook her head, increasing the speed of her treadmill to try and give herself something else to concentrate on. Still her eyes wandered though.

Oh god, Caitlyn thought. Is she coming this way? Don't stare. Just focus on your workout. It's no big deal.

Sure enough, the woman stepped up onto the treadmill right next to Caitlyn and set it to the same speed she was currently jogging at. Their legs and arms began to move almost in unison as Caitlyn tried to watch the woman from the corner of her eye.

"Do you come here often?" The woman suddenly asked in a polite tone, her voice undulating slightly with each footfall on the treadmill.

Be cool, Caity. You've talked to plenty of women in this gym before. She's no different, Caitlyn told herself.

"Every week. You?" She asked, genuinely curious. She couldn't remember ever laying eyes on this beautiful creature before.

"I just moved to town, so it's my first day here. I like it though. I might get a year long membership."

Oh god yes. Please do that. Please.

"It's a great gym," Caitlyn said as calmly as possible. "We could be workout partners."

Workout partners? Why did you just say that? What are you thinking? You don't even know this woman. Get your head out of your ass, Caitlyn.

The woman flashed a smile though as she began slowing the pace of her treadmill, working it down to a comfortable walk, where she extended her hand across to shake Caitlyn's.

"I'm Lacey. It's nice to meet you," she offered politely.

Caitlyn likewise turned down the speed so her pace matched Lacey's, and gratefully shook her hand. She took the opportunity to finally get a good, solid look at Lacey. She was a very fit woman, dressed only in a pair of gray workout shorts that clung to her perfectly sculpted thighs and butt, and a matching sports bra that likewise covered her ample chest, yet revealed her toned abs. She had chocolate brown hair that was up in a ponytail, though some strands had come loose from the effort of the workout and hung haphazardly at the sides of her face. Her eyes were the same gentle shade of brown, though Caitlyn swore she saw a fierce fire burning in them.

She wasn't the only one getting an eyeful though. Lacey likewise took in her new friend's appearance. Caitlyn was only about an inch or so shorter than herself, about 5'7". She too had a carefully crafted body from constantly coming to the gym to work out, and was clad in a similar outfit; tight black workout shorts, and an equally well-fitting gray tank-top with a built in sports bra. Her hair was also tied up in a ponytail, though hers was a sandy blonde shade, though it was about the same length as Lacey's, just a few inches past her shoulders. Her own eyes are a steely blue-gray color, almost like the ocean during a storm.

As Lacey released her hand, she let her fingertips trail lightly over Caitlyn's palm. Caitlyn could swear she saw sparks and her cheeks flushed bright pink. She quickly turned her head, looking straight foward as she concentrated once again on the treadmill.

She did that on purpose. She knows what she's doing. She knows what you're thinking, Cait.

Silence fell over their corner of the gym. The place wasn't that packed to begin with, but now that they'd stopped conversing temporarily, it was even quieter than before. Thoughts raced through Caitlyn's brain as she tried to keep herself calm and push back the blush from her cheeks.

Breathe, Caity. Don't be a weirdo. She's clearly into you. No one ends a handshake like that. Or do they? Maybe it was just a friendly gesture. Gah! Stop overthinking!

Lacey pressed the button to bring the tread to a stop, and carefully stepped off the machine before placing her hands on her hips.

"It was lovely meeting you, Caitlyn. I'm headed to the locker room, now. Maybe I'll see you again sometime?" She said with a grin before turning on her heel and heading for the women's locker room.

Caitlyn watched Lacey disappear from sight, her eyes focusing on the woman's luscious butt as it swayed side to side. She gulped, staring down at the control panel of her treadmill.

What are you doing? Go with her, you idiot! What if she thinks I'm stalking her, though? I don't want to come off as desperate. Shut up shut up shut up! Just do it. You won't regret it.

Finally making up her mind, Caitlyn stopped her treadmill and hopped off, before heading into the locker room. She stopped near the entrance, peering around, but not seeing Lacey anywhere in sight.

Maybe she already got into one of the showers? Now there's a thought...

Caitlyn shuddered thinking of what Lacey must look like naked. She took a deep breath though, keeping herself calm. She rounded the corner and headed past the rows of lockers, to the one closest to the back wall. She always used the very first one, mostly out of habit. She let out a little sigh as she approached her locker and began to rotate the spinner on her lock.

Before she even made it to the second number, she felt herself pushed up against her locker and gasped. She tilted her head enough to see Lacey behind her. She could feel the other woman's body, perfect breasts and all pressing against her back, and her hands on her hips. She could feel Lacey's breath on the skin of her ear and neck as the woman whispered.

"You can tell me to stop any time," Lacey said simply.

Caitlyn remained frozen in shock. Though her toned body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, the feeling of the locker against her skin was cold, and it gave her such a strange mixed sensation. She made no effort to push Lacey away, though she couldn't bring herself to speak, either. At least not out loud. Her internal thoughts flared to life once again.

Oh my god. Is this really happening? Are you going to let this happen? You want this to happen, shut up, you slut. Take it and enjoy it.

Lacey waited only a moment longer, and upon neither hearing nor feeling any resistance from Caitlyn, she slid her hand into the woman's skintight workout shorts and panties, stretching them slightly as her fingers trailed over the pert cheeks within.

She's touching your ass. And you're liking it. Wait, is she going...

It was almost as if Lacey could read her thoughts. She tugged down the Caitlyn's shorts and underwear just enough to expose her perfectly rounded ass and then drove her hand between her legs. She began to run her fingers over Caitlyn's soft, moist outer lips. Caitlyn gasped, pressing her palms flat against the locker.

"You're wet already," Lacey said matter of factly, leaning so close her breath swept over Caitlyn's skin like a warm breeze. "You want me, don't you?"

She's so hot. Her body, her voice, her attitude. Fuck yes you want her.

"God yes," Caitlyn finally managed to say, her voice a hoarse whisper.

Lacey slid one arm around Caitlyn, between her body and the locker, sliding it beneath her tank top and groping her breast firmly. Her nipples were already hard, and she took the opportunity to pinch it between her thumb and forefinger, all while her other hand still worked diligently between Caitlyn's legs. She slid her fingers over the soft, warm folds, letting the edge of her perfectly-manicured nails tease her clit. This made Caitlyn moan, even as her cheek was still held firmly against the locker.

Wait. This is a public place! Shit shit SHIT. What if someone walks in on us? Oh god, I can't tell her to stop now though. I'm gonna cum so hard, and so soon at this rate.

Caitlyn bit her lip, trying not to moan too loudly. This task became more difficult as Lacey suddenly slid her middle and ring finger into her heated opening. Caitlyn's eyes suddenly went wide, realizing just how quickly everything was progressing.

She's inside you. Oh god, it feels so good, though. Caitlyn, remember, you just met this woman! But no one else has ever turned you on this way. There's something special about her.

Her internal monologue continued despite the sheer pleasure she was getting out of the situation. Lacey's digits slid into her tightness, curling and teasing her velvet-like inner walls, dripping with moisture.

"Nnnnnhhh, oh god," she moaned, still trying her best to keep her voice down.

Lacey continued to finger Caitlyn's wet slit. She pumped in and out rhythmically, at just the right tempo. Her fingers felt so perfectly hugged by the gorgeous blonde woman's pussy, helped along by the generous amount of nectar flowing within. As soon as she began to feel the silken inner muscles begin to contract around her working digits, she extended her forefinger, beginning to rub Caitlyn's sensitive clit in time with her pumping.

"Oh yes, mmmm, FUCK!" Caitlyn moaned loud enough for it to echo through the otherwise unoccupied locker room.

Her inner walls clenched around Lacey's exploring fingers as an orgasm shook her body to the very core. Her fingernails curled against the locker as her toes did the same within her sneakers as Lacey gave her the most intense orgasm from her life. The combination of being suddenly dominated by a beautiful stranger combined with her expert handiwork was just the right mixture of feelings for her to cum, and quite powerfully at that.

Lacey slowed the tempo or her fingers, until finally withdrawing them from between Caitlyn's thighs. She brought her ring finger to her lips, suckling every last ounce of nectar from it, moaning around her soaked digit.

"You taste exquisite. Try it," Lacey suddenly demanded, bringing her middle finger around to Caitlyn's lips.

She obeyed without hesitation, wrapping her lips around Lacey's finger and excitedly cleaning it of her own warm, bittersweet fluids.

How did she know I liked tasting myself after I cum? Because she can read you like a book, you horny idiot!

Lacey suddenly spun Caitlyn around, pushing her back against the locker this time and placing a hand on it on each side of her head.

"You can still tell me stop whenever you want," Lacey reminded her, peering into Caitlyn's stormy eyes.

Caitlyn stared right back into into Lacey's umber hues. She said nothing however. As much as her mind was raging, she couldn't bring herself to speak. Lacey took this silence as permission to move forward, and so she leaned in, pressing her lips to Caitlyn's.

Caitlyn melted into the kiss. Lacey's lips were unbelievably soft, and she parted her own out of instinct, letting the other woman's tongue slide across hers. There was still a hint of her own unique taste on the wriggling pink muscle, and it just kept her warm and wet as the pair shared the passionate kiss together.

It seemed almost as if it went on for eternity. Caitlyn never wanted those beautiful, soft pink lips to break from hers, but eventually they did. Lacey stared into her eyes for a moment longer, before taking Caitlyn's hand and leading her up the row of lockers. Caitlyn gasped, realizing her shorts were still pulled down, and struggled to slip them back into place as she tried to keep pace with her newfound friend.

This action proved to be for naught as Lacey led her to the showers. She released her hand and kicked off her sneakers. Caitlyn watched slack-jawed as Lacey stripped in front of her. She was used to seeing women walk through the locker room naked, but there was something so different about this. She couldn't wait to see Lacey's body. She wanted to feast on every last inch of it with eyes and hands alike.

Lacey didn't disappoint. She peeled off her sports bra, letting her flawless C-cup breasts bounce into view. They were roughly the same size as Caitlyn's, with copper, already-hardened nipples at the centers. Dropping the garment on the floor on top of her sneakers, she then slid down her shorts and panties together, stepping out of them. Caitlyn's eyes traveled down Lacey's body, still shimmery with sweat from her workout. They gazed across those beautiful breasts, down lower across her defined abs and toned stomach, and finally to the small patch of neatly trimmed brown hair just above the treasure between her thighs. Caitlyn licked her lips without even thinking, and Lacey took notice.

Lacey stepped into the shower, turning the water on and getting it nice and steamy. Caitlyn watched as the water cascaded over her perfect body, and decided to join without any further thought or hesitation. She quickly shed her tank top and shorts, stepping into the shower cubicle and pulling the curtain closed behind her.

Now it was Lacey's turn to get an eyefull again. Though Caitlyn's chest resembled her own in size, her nipples were slightly larger, and were a light shade of pink. They stood out erect, as if begging to be touched. Caitlyn herself was perfectly shaven between her thighs, though the rest of her body, much like Lacey's, was slim and fit from countless hours in the gym.

Lacey stepped close to Caitlyn's naked form, coiling her fingers in her sandy blond hair, now slick and wet from the shower, and kissed her again. She roughly groped her chest with her other hand, fondling the soft orbs of flesh as she slid her tongue between the other's lips.

Caitlyn wrapped her arms around Lacey's waist, finally getting to lay her hands on the gorgeous woman of her desires, the architect responsible for the best orgasm she'd ever had. She realized as she let her tongue waltz with Lacey's that she wanted to please her. She felt an intense sense of duty to make this woman cum just as hard as she had.

Again, it was as if Lacey could read her like a book. The woman's fingers were still tightly coiled in Caitlyn's hair, and she used this to begin pushing downward. Caitlyn took the hint and sunk to her knees. She looked up, watching the warm water flow over Lacey's tan skin, before letting her eyes trail down to the object of her desire. She felt Lacey's fingers loosen just slightly, giving her more mobility. She seized upon this opportunity immediately.

Licking her lips again, Caitlyn shuffled forward on her knees and pressed her face between Lacey's muscular thighs. She rested her nose upon her clit and inhaled deeply. The sweet scent sent a shiver down Caitlyn's spine and she could wait no longer to have a taste. She extended her tongue, running it from the very bottom of Lacey's slit to the top in a slow, precise trail, causing Lacey to let loose a little moan.

"Mmmm. Good girl," Lacey cooed.

Fuck. She called me a good girl. Why does that make me so hot?

Spurred on by this comment, Caitlyn let her tongue explore every inch of Lacey's outer lips. She savored the flavor as it washed over probing muscle. She sighed happily as she delved further, pushing it past her inner lips, into Lacey's tight tunnel. Here the heat was much more intense, as was the flavor that coated her tastebuds. She groaned into Lacey's dripping slit, the vibrations carrying throughout the woman's center, causing her to moan likewise in response.

Caitlyn began to feel dizzy. The steam of the shower, the feel, aroma, and taste of Lacey's flower, and the warm water trickling over them both were taking their toll. Regardless, she continued her work. She slid her tongue back up along Lacey's slit, wrapping her lips around her clit and suckling on it gently. Lacey's knees buckled, and she reached her free hand out for balance on the wall of the shower cubicle, while the other remained locked in Caitlyn's hair.

"You're going to make me cum for you, my good girl," Lacey said in a voice soaked with lust.

My good girl. Fuck. So hot.

As Caitlyn continued to suckle and lick Lacey's clit, she inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy. Though Lacey was exceedingly tight, they slid in easily due to her plentiful nectar and the saliva left behind by Caitlyn's tongue-lashing. She shifted her wrist, pushing her fingers in deeply time and again, loving how Lacey's muscles gripped them snugly.

"Fuck, don't stop!" Lacey said loudly, the echo carrying through the locker room.

Caitlyn no longer cared if someone heard. She wasn't about to leave this beautiful woman high and dry. Her fingers, tongue, and lips worked in unison to bring Lacey to an earth-shaking orgasm. The woman clenched Caitlyn's sopping hair tightly between her fingers as she came, letting out a long, low groan.

As Lacey leaned against the shower wall, staring down at her new lover appreciatively, Caitlyn brought her fingers to her lips, suckling the remaining flavor from them, enjoying one last taste of Lacey's honey.

Lacey extended her hand, helping Caitlyn stand, before kissing her passionately, cupping her face with both hands. Caitlyn melted into the kiss, her legs shaking from everything she'd just done. It was so unlike her, regardless of how badly she wanted something, to go for it so directly. But the thought still turned her on regardless, and she had no regrets.

Lacey finally broke from the kiss, tucking wet strands of hair behind her ears, looking deeply into Caitlyn's eyes for a moment. Without another word, she turned off the flow of water and pulled back the curtain, taking two towels from the hooks just outside the shower cubicles and handing one to Caitlyn.

The two women dried themselves off and went about getting dressed in relative silence. When they'd both gotten into their normal clothes however, Lacey grabbed Caitlyn's hair and pulled her head close, giving her another passionate kiss. Once it was over, Lacey released her grip and gave a little wink, before trotting out of the locker room with her bag slung over her shoulder.

Caitlyn slowly walked to her locker, still in disbelief over what had just happened.

You just fucked a complete stranger you slut. And you liked it, too.

Shaking her head, she opened her locker, and found that a small piece of paper had been slipped through one of the cracks. She quickly picked it up and read:

'I want to do this again, I think you do too. Call me.'

Beneath the note was a phone number and a little heart. Caitlyn stood staring at it for the longest time before finally tucking it into her pocket and grabbing her bag.

She left the gym the happiest she'd ever been, and wondered if she'd be able to work up the courage to call and continue her newfound steamy relationship with the dominating woman she'd just met.


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