tagErotic CouplingsHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 08

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 08


Chapter 08: Kay turns the table on Allen.

As Kay descended my sweaty body her nails teased my flesh reaching my sticky cum coated loins she softly kiss my flaccid cock laying against my abdomen.

"Hmmmm.... I love that taste." Kay remarked as her tongue moved over the shaft.

I relaxed thinking my awesome mature lover was about to slowly begin arousing me for round two using her warm mouth and soft lips to tease my cock back to a fully erect state. I closed my eyes and just let my body enjoy her incredible talents.

She continued her sensual descent licking and kissing her way down one thigh over my knee and down toward my foot. A moment later her warm mouth engulfed my big toe sucking softly on it as she dragged her sexy nails along the sole of my foot.

"Oh geez Kay!" I exclaimed resisting the urge to pull my foot away from the intense teasing caress of her nails and wet mouth.

Kay giggled knowing her oral pleasuring of my toe was driving me insane but only continued for a few more seconds. Then she slipped off the bed. I heard her moving around the foot board and imagined she was about to tease my other foot in the same way.

But Kay had other ideas and surprised me when she nearly jumped on the bed and straddled my body with her long supple legs.

I looked up at the lovely mature redhead sitting on my body. She had a devilish grin on the lips and lifted one hand to show me why. Draped over her fingers was a black scarf. "My turn Allen." She whispered.

I nodded my approval as she leaned forward and placed the scarf over my eyes and then twisted the fabric tight behind my head cutting off any possibility of me seeing what she was doing her full breasts and erect nipples softly touching my chest as she positioned my blind fold.

"Feel free to talk when ever you like Allen." Kay said.

I smiled at least knowing she wasn't planning on gagging me then whispered. "I think I'm going to enjoy this Kay."

As she grasped my right wrist she replied. "I guarantee you'll love this baby."

An instant later I felt something soft and furry surround my wrist and then a clicking sound as the lock on a fur lined handcuff tightened around my wrist. Kay leaned forward and stretched my arm toward the head board locking the other end of the handcuff to the corner post. Her breast dangled just over my mouth and I lifted my head so I could kiss one taut nipple as she bound my arm.

"You do have a key don't you Kay?" I asked.

"I think it's around here somewhere." She replied followed by a devilish giggle.

I lifted my other arm offering it for her to bind as she had the first wanting to get to the part she'd guaranteed a minute earlier.

She again positioned a tit over my lips so I could suckle the hard nipple as the second cuff locked my arm in a very submissive position.

Kay pressed her body against mine and reached up to my bound wrists. With cat like precision she clawed at the undersides of my arms dragging her nails down and through my arm pits and along my sides causing my flesh to twitch and goose bumps to rise. As she slithered down my body my cock slid between her soft tits and she paused for a moment there to slowly hump my cock in the wonderfully soft flesh of her cleavage.

"Hmmmmmm." I moaned in reaction to that awesome sensation.

"You like that dontcha Allen?" Kay whispered.

I replied. "I sure as hell do Kay."

Kay slowly continued down using her nails and finger tips to entice and pleasure me immensely. Each area she caressed responded by more goose bumps rising. When she finally almost mercifully reached my ankles I felt the same soft fur circle both ankles.

The she moved away and my legs were pulled tight bound to the foot board just as my arms had been bound earlier.

I heard her move up along side the bed and then felt her soft hand as it cupped my cheek.

"Relax Allen I'll be back as soon as I can." Kay whispered.

"Be back?" I thought. She wasn't going to leave me bound to the bed I hoped. Kay didn't say another word her hand slowly slid down my neck and over my chest. Then I heard her move away.

The bedroom door clicked closed and I was left alone handcuffed to my new bed and blindfolded stark raving naked. I listened intently hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't hear the front door to my apartment close.

I tried to tune my hearing in a vain hope that I could waylay my fears of being left bound to my bed by this incredible mature vixen. I was fairly certain Kay wouldn't do that but the concern was still in the back of my mind.

I definitely heard water running in the bath room, and I thought I faintly heard the sound of the microwave door close. I laughed to my self when I thought maybe Kay was making pop corn to feed me or use as some kinky sexual toy.

What seemed like hours but in actuality was more like five or six minutes passed when I heard the bed room door open. It's amazing how being deprived of your visual sense for such a short time causes the remaining senses to become more acute. The instant Kay moved through the open door the wonderful scent of her Vanilander perfume concoction wafted into my nostrils.

I hear the door click closed and her soft foot steps as she approached the bed where she'd bound and blindfolded me earlier.

"I'm back Allen." Kay whispered.

"And smelling so very sexy." I added.

Kay sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down so her lips were a miniscule distance from my ear.

Her hot breath bathed my ear as she whispered. "Allen I'm glad you noticed my perfume. Since you can't see or touch I want you to understand that the next hour or so is going to be all about your sense of taste and smell."

"I think I'm going to enjoy myself immensely." I replied.

Still whispering in my ear Kay added. "I know you will."

I felt her weight shift next to me and a delicate hand lifted my flaccid cock off my abdomen. An instant later a warm cloth touched my cock and Kay proceeded to give my loins a most wonderful cleansing.

"Do you like that Allen?" She asked.

"I absolutely love it Kay!" I exclaimed.

Her soft hands and the warmth of the cloth moved over my cock balls and between my spread thighs. A soothing sensation to say the least.

Once Kay was satisfied that my loins were again squeaky clean she applied a soft terry cloth towel to dry the area.

"Kay that felt so good." I said as she again shifted her weight.

"Allen I want you to totally relax let your mind take in all the sensations you feel." Kay remarked.

"Okay Kay." I replied anticipating that what she had planned would be something I was really going to enjoy.

Kay lifted my cock again and held it in one hand at the very base of the shaft her soft delicate fingers circling the swelling flesh.

An instant later I felt a very warm fluid dribbling over my cock head. It was almost too hot but as if flowed over my flaring corona and down the shaft toward her hand I became accustomed to the warmth.

I felt her fingers open slightly allowing the fluid to seep around and under them just as she began slowly sliding her hand up.

"Do you like the feel of my massage oil on your cock Allen?" Kay asked.

"Love it!" I exclaimed.

Kay's soft hand slid up over my cock head and then cupped over the tip as she tilted it back toward my abdomen and squirted another stream of warm massage oil along the shaft and onto my scrotum. I heard the cap click closed and felt the tube of oil land beside my thigh on the bed as her other hand gently cupped my balls and began smearing that wonderful hot oil all over my loins.

"God Kay that feels so good!" I exclaimed.

My cock slowly sprang to life under her soft sensual massage growing harder and harder with every movement of her delicate fingers and soothing hands. She gently massaged the oil into the flesh of my scrotum softly cupping one ball and then the other as her second hand stroked sensually along my growing erection.

"Hmmmmmmmmm." I softly moaned as Kay's wonderful fingers performed their sexual magic on my cock.

My cock hardened as one hand slowly slid up and down the slippery shaft while the other gently rolled my balls in a delicate palm.

"How does that feel Allen?" Kay whispered quietly.

"Beautiful." I replied.

Kay's warm massage oil and soothing fingers had the desired effect. I was certain my cock now totally erect and pulsing in her hand shimmered in the dim light of the room as she released my balls and slid her other hand around the shaft just above the base.

She tightened her grip with that hand and pressed down stretching the flesh along my cock shaft taut as the delicate fingertips and nails teased my corona at the bottom of my cock head.

"It's so hard Allen." Kay remarked while she teased the sensitive flesh.

I smiled but doubted she noticed as I whispered. "Your hands are so soft Kay."

Kay continued slowly stroking my throbbing cock teasing the head every time her fingers slid up over it. She used one finger to circle the head tracing smaller and smaller circles around the flaring corona and then up to the very tip.

I moaned almost continuously as her sensual massage increased in intensity and my entire pelvic region began tingling as she slowly urged me toward orgasm.

I again felt Kay shift her weight beside me and realized she had moved between my thighs. I wished I could have looked down at her kneeling there knowing I'd be watching her sexy expression around the rock hard cock she was so expertly pleasing.

"Allen?" Kay whispered.

"Yes Kay." I replied as she paused before continuing.

"May I take you in my mouth baby?" She asked.

My broad smile preceded my reply. "Oh god yes Kay!" An obvious answer to a question she already knew the answer too.

The tips of her hair tickled my thighs as she lowered her mouth toward me. Hot breath bathed my erect cock just before her even hotter lips surrounded my shaft letting the throbbing head of my cock slid along her wet tongue.

"Hmmmmmm." Kay moaned as she tasted oiled throbbing cock.

Kay's nails slid along my thigh tickling the flesh and raising goose bumps as her other hand grasped my cock shaft at the very base. Again she pressed down stretching the flesh taut and began circling the sensitive corona with the tip of her tongue.

"That feels so good Kay." I whispered.

Her tongue circled the taut flesh several times before she opened her lips wide and exhaled hot breath over the head of my raging cock.

Her second hand joined the first and Kay started slowly stroking my pulsing cock with the head loosely within her warm lips. As she stroked me my cock made contact with her lips and tongue for only a moment at a time. The sensation drove me insane!

"I love how you stroke me while barely touching it with your mouth." I exclaimed. "Keep doing it like that Kay!" I pleaded.

Kay continued pleasuring me that way softly caressing my cock head and shaft with her soft warm lips and wet tongue. As she continued giving me an incredible blow job Kay began taking more and more of my cock inside her mouth letting the head slide across the wet surface of her tongue and bump into the back of her throat.

As her oral pleasures grew in intensity my moans and groans also grew more intense and I pleaded with her saying. "Suck that cock baby!" "Take it deeper Kay!" "Shove that hard cock down your throat!"

Sucking and lapping sounds were all that came from her as she worked her magical oral talents on my swelling cock. Kay's saliva streamed down the shaft bathing my balls with warm fluids. Finally she let my aching cock slip from her oral grasp.

"Do you want me to make you cum in my mouth baby?" Kay asked in a sensual whisper.

I replied with a sense of urgency. "YES!" As my quivering cock swelled with the approach of my orgasm.

Kay's hand moved a little faster along the slippery length of my shaft and she flicked the tip of her tongue against my cock head eliciting my balls to pump the salty cum she craved so much.

"Cum for me Allen give me that wonderful cock juice now baby." Kay said almost begging.

That incredible numbness spread from my scrotum up along my cock as my balls pumped hot cum toward the tip.

"Arrrrrgh!" I exclaimed as the hot sticky cum finally made it to the tiny slit and began oozing from me covering her tongue lips and hand.

Kay lapped at my cock and smeared my hot cum over her lips as her hand continued stroking my oozing cock.

"I love the taste of your cum!" Kay exclaimed between licks.

"I wish I could see how sexy you look with it smeared all over you lips Kay." I said.

Kay reached up and pulled the blindfold from my eyes allowing me to watch her as she sucked licked and lapped every drop of cum from my cock and her fingers.

"Sometimes the visual sense is important too Allen." She whispered as I stared at the cum covered smile on her lips.

Being the exhibitionist that she is Kay was enjoying having me watch as she played with my load collecting it with her tongue and then using my cock head to again smear it over her lips and chin.

"I feel so sexy having your sticky cum covering my mouth Allen." Kay whispered quickly adding, "And it tastes so good baby."

"C'mere and share the taste with me Kay." I suggested. Kay grinned and licked her lips as she slithered up my body letting my now flaccid cock slide between her sexy tits. Our mouths met in a passionate tongue probing kiss as we shared the taste of my cum. Its salty taste mixed with her mouth watering salvia.

Had my hands not been bound above my head I surely would have pulled her mouth tighter to mine and let them explore her soft sensual tits.

"I love how you kiss me Allen." Kay whispered between kisses.

A sliver of salvia cum mixture trailed from her lips to mine which Kay instantly lapped clean with her tongue.

"Sit on my face Kay." I said almost pleadingly.

The smile that came across her lips confirmed that she had been thinking of doing exactly that.

"Ouuuuuu Allen I love face sitting." Kay whispered.

Kay stood up on the bed using the top of the head board to steady her self as she did. She placed her feet on either side of my out stretched arms and slowly started bending at the knees.

I watched intently as her sweet dripping wet pussy descended toward my face. Its swollen outer lips begging to be sucked. The steamy moist depths begging to be tongued the hard nub of her clit begging to be licked and bitten. Even in the dimly lit room her pussy glistened with moisture.

Kay's slow descent toward my face finally ended as she settled on my extended tongue. Her sensual moan acknowledging that she'd expected my tongue to slip inside and she began rocking to and fro using my tongue to pleasure ever part of her trembling loins.

"Oh god Allen that feels so good!" Kay exclaimed as my tongue slipped over her hard clitoris.

I wished I could have reached up and pulled her harder against my face wanting to drive my tongue deep inside that beautiful wet pussy.

Her moans grew more intense as she rocked back and forth sliding her slit over my lips tongue and occasionally my nose. And as those moans grew in intensity so did the weight of her loins against my face.

"Fuck my face Kay!" I was barely able to mumble as her steamy pussy slide along my mouth.

"Suck it baby!" Kay moaned as she offered her rock hard clit to me. As I drew the nub between my lips I sucked hard on it pulling it between my teeth so I could bite the sensitive swollen flesh.

Kay groaned deeply as my lips tongue and teeth began to drive her toward the sexual gratification she desired.

Her weight now almost totally on my face spread the swollen lips on either side of my mouth and they slid along my cheeks as my nose and tongue pleasured the wet flesh between.

Kay's sensual moans acknowledged that my tongue was hitting the right spots. Her breathing became more rapid and she started exclaiming "Oh god yes Allen." over and over again.

I wanted her to climax. I wanted her to experience the same kind of awesome orgasm she had given me earlier and I worked my tongue as fast as I could over her sopping wet pussy.

She grasped the head board with both hands and ground her loins against my face as she began to cum screaming at the top of her lungs. "I'm cumming Allen!"

I lapped every drop of sex juice from her drinking the sweet flow of her incredible pussy as she twitched and bucked against my mouth.

"Oh god baby!" Kay exclaimed as her orgasm peaked and the flood of wetness her pussy provided streamed over my already soaking wet face.

I drove my tongue deep inside her as she slowly began to slide down the climatic mountain we'd just climbed together. Her twitching loins still oozing sex juice into my mouth.

Kay moaned softly as she lifted her pussy from my face and moved back so she could look down at me between her swaying breasts. Her lovely face framed by red hair was covered with tiny beads of sweat.

Releasing her death grip on the head board Kay slid down enough to lean over and kiss me deeply on the mouth. Kay's tongue dancing over mine for a moment and then moving about my lips cheeks and chin as she lapped up the residual sex juice from my face.

"What an incredible orgasm Allen." Kay remarked adding, "I can't remember the last time I came that hard."

I grinned at her and remarked. "Kay I can't remember ever drinking that much pussy juice."

"I'm sorry Allen. I get so wet when someone tongue fucks me like that." Kay said.

I quickly replied. "Don't apologize Kay I loved every drop."

I wanted to touch her I wanted to run my fingers through her hair and caress her soft ass and even softer tits. "Kay please un-cuff me baby?" I asked.

Kay smiled and replied. "I'm not sure I wanna do that Allen. I may just keep you bound here for the rest of the night. I may want to try 69'ing you so I can drive that wonderful hard cock of yours deep down my throat again."

"But Kay I want to caress you. I wanna touch your soft flesh and fondle your beautiful tits and ass." I replied in a pleading tone of voice.

"Ouuuu baby" Kay moaned quickly asking "If I release you Allen will you promise to make love to me all night?"

I smiled and said. "Deal lover!"

Kay's sexy long fingers quickly unclasped my right hand. As she moved toward the left I slid my free hand up to cup her soft breast and let my fingers slip over the taut nipple.

"Ouuuu baby." Kay groaned again as my left hand captured the other soft mound of tit flesh.

I slid both hands up over her shoulders and around her neck. Kay's eyes stared intently at mind as I slowly drew her head toward mine. Her lips parted and the tip of her pink tongue appeared a moment before our mouths touched.

I sucked her tongue between my lips then opened my mouth to begin a long soul searching passionate kiss. Kay's fingers streaked through my hair as my own held her head firmly against my mouth.

A sensual moan escaped her throat as our lips and tongues danced over one another. Kay loves being kissed and I love kissing her. I began slowly massaging her shoulders and upper back as our French love making continued.

Breaking our oral contact for only a moment Kay said. "Let me undo your legs baby."

As I drew her mouth to mind again I moaned. "Hmm Huh."

Kay began moving her shoulders from side to side rubbing her sensitive nipples through my chest hair. Her sensual lips delicate fingers and probing tongue continued making love to my mouth as I again slowly stroked her upper back and shoulders with my own hands.

Muffled soulful moans escaped her throat as we continued kissing for several moments. Kay finally broke our kiss and quickly moved down to unclasp my ankles, then just as quickly moved back up to lay beside me and cuddle into my side.

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