tagIncest/TabooHigh School Days

High School Days


When I look back at those days I realize that the height of my most memorable high school sexual experiences started in one week. It was the week that would change the relationship between me, Mom, Karen, my girl friend, Brad my best friend and his girl friend Sasha, forever.

I was an 18 year old high school senior cross country runner at the time. Mom also ran she actually got me started in the sport. Mom had been running for years just to stay fit and it showed. Her 5'6" frame was gorgeous. Mom probably weighed about 125 lbs., had black hair and sparkly green eyes. She had a pretty face, a nice smile and a great sense of humor. Her legs and butt were nicely formed, due to the running, no doubt and her breasts were well proportioned for her frame. I'd be guessing but I'd say she was a B cup.

During the week I'm talking about I was preparing for a half marathon race. I had finished my high school cross country season two week previously and was eager to try out my running skills on a different platform. It was a Friday afternoon and school was out. I was going to race tomorrow so there was no running practice today. I simply came straight home.

Mom did accounting for several local small businesses and had an office at home. She was usually there when I got home. It really was just Mom and me. My Dad had divorced Mom about 3 years earlier. After Mom gave birth to me she wasn't able to have any more kids. My Dad wanted a big family, he connected with some young girl in her early 20's he met at an insurance convention and went for it.

Mom actually took it well she focused on what was most important to her, work, fitness and me. At home between us we talked about everything openly. Our doors were open literally. We dressed with our bedroom doors open we even showered with our bathroom doors open. We never snuck around spying on each other but over the years we had walked in on each other and saw each other naked a few times. It was a comfortable, relaxed environment.

On this particular Friday afternoon I was home early. I guess Mom must have forgotten about my schedule because as I came into the house I could hear what sounded like sexual moans coming from Mom's bedroom. I slowly approached. In seconds I found myself standing at Mom's open door. She was on the opposite wall with one leg wrapped around the waist of her lover and the other leg on her tip-toes barely touching the floor. I could see her muscular lover pound the shit out of Mom's pussy. Mom's pretty green eyes were closed and her mouth was partly open letting out the sweetest sex moans I've ever heard. That sexy sound would haunt me forever.

It took me a while to realize her lover was her divorced husband, my Dad. I just stood there in shock taking in this somewhat brutal but arousing sexual assault. Here was my mother, my sweet buddy, confidant and friend in the throes of a hot fuck session. It really twisted my mind.

All of a sudden Mom's eyes opened. She was looking straight at me. I didn't move. I couldn't move. She lipped to me, "It's OK." I didn't respond. Her right arm was wrapped around my father's shoulder and neck holding on for dear life as her pussy was taking a beating from my Dad's insistent thrusts. I could see Mom's hand giving me a back hand shooing motion, signaling me to leave. My response was a folding of my arms in a defiant stance. I have no idea why I did that. I should have left but I didn't.

I heard my father say, "I'm ready. Get on your knees."

Mom ignored me and in two seconds was on her knees with her mouth open. Dad's glistening cock was over her face as he quickly jerked it. It didn't take long before rope after rope of cum was splashing on Mom's pretty little face. Mom's mouth was partly open and I saw a few jets shoot directly in.

Dad was breathing like a horse with one hand on the wall as he leaned over Mom's open mouth. He guided his cock into Mom's mouth several times slowly, as her lips closed on it and in effect cleaned the cum, right off.

I heard Dad say, "Open your mouth let me see it." She did.

Dad smiled and said, "Now swallow it."

Mom stayed there looking up at him in a sweet submissive way. She closed her mouth and swallowed. She then opened her empty mouth as if it were ready for inspection. Dad softly laughed then said, "You still love eating cum, don't you?"

Mom smiled back and softly said, "Always."

At that point I slipped away to my bedroom. I laid back on my bed. I just fell in love with my Mom. She was sweet, pretty, fit, funny, could take a good fucking and loved to swallow cum, what was there not to like. I heard sweet goodbyes. A few quick kisses then the front door close. Dad had left. I could hear Mom walking to my room but I didn't care what was going to happen. I was in bliss.

Mom walked into my room, stood next to my bed with arms folded and said mockingly, "Did you like the show?"

I started, "In all fairness Mom, when I came in I thought you might be in trouble. Once I saw the scene I just couldn't stop looking. I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't know you and dad were still..." I paused for a moment then continued, "...were still that close."

She said, "As you know I don't have a boy friend and every so often I need this kind of friendship. To me it's better to do it like this with your father then it is to strike up a relationship with all the other stuff that goes with those kinds of relationships."

Mom looked a little lost. I got up and hugged her and said, "You can do whatever you want. You work hard, handle all the bills and are always there for me. You should be able to have a little fun."

Mom looked at me strangely and said, "You sound like you're feeding me a line of crap but I'll take it."

I came back with, "Its better then feeding you a mouth full of cum."

Mom snapped back, "Now, hold it right there mister. In the middle of a hot sex act lots of things get said and done that out of context could be embarrassing. I'm sure your sweet little girl friend Karen has said or done a few things she wouldn't want others to know."

I replied, "Yeap, you are right there." I continued. "Are you asking for details?" I said, in a humorous way.

"I wasn't." She replied, "But now that you are offering, I'll say, yes, just not right now. I want to shower and make us some dinner." She turned and started to leave. Once she got to the door she stopped, turned and said, "Now, don't you go jacking off into a pair of my panties while I'm gone?" She smiled.

I was mortified. How did she know I would do that every so often?

She saw the surprised look on my face and said, "Oh, you didn't think I knew that. Remember, I clean up your room sometimes and make your bed. I found a pair of my panties Wednesday under your pillow with what looked and smelled like cum." She gave me one of those "gotcha" smiles, turned and left.

I was so embarrassed.

About an hour or so later I hear our dinner bell. We ate quietly until we were about half done when Mom said, "Oh, you were going to tell me about one of your little sexy play sessions with Karen, weren't you?"

She was so smug about it. I thought to myself, "So, she wants to hear about my sex life. OK, I'll give her a nice little story." I laughed to myself.

I began, "Well Mom, last weekend Karen and me double dated with Brad and his girl friend Sasha. We went to the drive-in movies. Once there it wasn't long before we started to "play". By the way Mom, Sasha is technically a virgin but she does everything else for Brad. That is her mouth and butts are open for business, so to speak"

Mom was looking down at her plate but her pretty green eyes quickly looked up when I said this. I knew I had already gone beyond what she expected but I could also see she was making no attempt to stop me.

I continued, "I was all over Karen playing with her big tits and all." I stopped and asked, "I know we watch our language at home but is it OK if I say stuff like "tits, pussy and cock"? Just for the sake of the story, of course."

Mom looked at me recognizing my under tone of sarcasm and silently nodded, yes.

I continued, "Anyway, Karen was getting turned-on. I could hear Sasha noisily sucking Brad's cock when I heard Sasha stop and say to Karen, "Sit up Karen, I want to see those big tits of yours." I had Karen part way laying down in the back seat with her tight t-shirt pulled up over her tits. Her tits were out over her bra. The bra was holding them up and out. They looked great. I moved out of the way so Sasha could see them. Of course Brad was looking too. Sasha said, "Come here Karen let me feel them."

Karen looked at me and I gave her an approving smile. Karen sat up and moved her 5'3" frame closer to Sasha. Sasha reached out between the front bucket seats and roughly grabbed Karen's tits. Karen let out an involuntary moan but didn't pull away. Sasha pulled on them, pinched Karen's nipples, stretched and twisted them. Sasha said, "Let Jack fuck your pussy while I suck on your tits."

Karen looked at me her pretty blonde hair framing her puppy dog blue eyes with a lost look on her face. Sasha looked at me and said, "Lift her up and make her ride that big dick of yours while I suck the shit out of her tits." Sasha continued to play with Karen's tits then put her face on Karen's cheek and whispered loud enough for me to hear in Karen's ear, "Come on Karen, lift up that cute little ass of yours and let Jack fuck your wet pussy."

I could see Karen slowly squat up. I quickly slipped down her shorts and panties and positioned myself under her. In no time, I unzipped my pants and positioned my cock at Karen's pussy. She felt it and started to sit down on me letting my cock push its way in. Karen let out a gasp as my cock opened her up. I heard Sasha whisper, "That it slut take it all." Karen was too far gone to react to the name calling. Then Sasha looked at me and said, "Grab her hips and fuck her. Fuck her hard." I began slowly but in about a minute I was fucking her pretty hard.

Sasha repositioned herself with her face right in front of Karen's tits then started to suck on them while Karen bounced up and down on my cock. I could tell all of this was getting to Karen she was almost ready to cum. Sasha could tell too. Sasha moved off Karen's tits and looked at me and said, "Don't cum. Make her cum but don't cum." Sasha started to kiss Karen on the mouth while Sasha jacked off Brad. Then Sasha started to suck Brad's cock while she played with Karen's tits. Then she kissed Karen again deeply. She broke the kiss looked at Karen and said, "Did you taste it? Did you taste Brad pre-cum?"

Karen struggled to answer but I could hear her say, yes. Sasha smiled and asked, "Do you want more?"

Karen was barely able to think while I continued fucking her but managed to softly say, "Yes." Sasha said, "Of course you do."

Sasha looked at me and asked, "Jack is it OK if Karen sucks off Brad?"

The whole scene for me was too hot and kinky, I wasn't going to say, no. I looked at Sasha and said, "Sure."

Sasha put a hand behind Karen's head and pulled her down to Brad's cock. In no time, Sasha had Karen's head bobbing up and down on Brad's cock. Sasha was directing Karen saying, "That's it slut suck him good while you bounce on Jack's big cock. Play with his balls. Open your throat and take it all in, bitch."

Sasha slipped off her jeans and panties. She then shifted her position and put her own pussy in Karen's face. She grabbed Karen by her hair and shoved Karen's face into her pussy. Sasha made Karen eat her virgin pussy, jack-off Brad and bounce on my cock all at the same time. Karen was now starting to cum but Sasha wouldn't let her stop. I could feel Karen's body shutter as she came but I held back, I didn't cum. A moment later Sasha came while holding Karen's face down hard on her pussy. Sasha finally let Karen go.

Karen looked like she was building up to cum again when Brad grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair and push her sweet little face onto his cock. He was handling her kind of rough but I didn't stop him, the whole scene was such a turn-on. I was driven by my sexual desire and didn't care that I was sacrificing Karen in the process. I could tell that Brad was getting ready to cum in Karen's pretty little mouth. Karen was close and I was fucking Karen really hard by now. I heard Sasha saying, "That's it you little slut make them both cum that's what a good whore does."

Karen was now bouncing on my dick like a girl possessed while she seriously suck off Brad. Brad came first, I heard him groan real loud as he filled Karen's mouth with cum. I could see Karen working hard to swallow as her body convulsed. She was at another climax. I was there too. I felt my cock explode with stream after stream of cum deep in Karen's pussy."

I stopped tell my story to Mom and just watched her expression. She was completely engrossed in the adventure and had to recompose herself before she could say anything but then said, "The phrase, 'be careful what you wish', comes to mind. I thought I was going to hear an embarrassing sex story about Karen but I never thought I'd learn so much about you and your friend's sex life."

I replied, "I'm sorry Mom. I wasn't sure how far to go. After letting me seeing you in action with dad I thought you'd want to hear something hot."

Mom said, "I guess we never discussed any limits."

I came back with, "You should have stopped me Mom. I could have told you another story."

"No, baby it's OK. In some way I'm glad you feel comfortable enough with me to share such details. I doubt your friends have a close enough relationship with their parents to have these kind of talks."

I replied, "I'm happy to hear that. Well Mom, you know that the next time we talk like this it will be your turn to share a sexy adventure from your high school days."

Mom looked at me and said, "Oh? I didn't know this was a pro-quo exchange."

I shot back, "Of course it is. These aren't simple bed-time stories, Mom. These are guarded secrets. My friends would kick my ass if they knew I shared these events with you."

Mom looked at me trying to see if I was being truthful. I just stare back at her. Finally, she said, "OK but you have to promise to keep what I tell you a secret as well, understood?"

"Yes, of course I will." I said, than I got up and hugged her. We both got up and went to bed.

The next morning we were hurrying around getting our running gear and trying to get out of the door so we wouldn't be late for our races, me in my first half marathon and mom in a 5K run. As we drove there I couldn't stop talking about how nervous I was and how afraid I was of starting too fast and then not being able to finish the 13 mile race.

Just before my race started Mom came over and said, "Let me give you a kiss for luck."

"A kiss for luck?" What was she talking about? My mind was not on some childish gesture when I felt mom pull my head to her face and give me an open mouth kiss while she put her other hand on my cock and balls and squeezed them a few times. I immediately pulled back and looked at her with a shocked expression.

She said, "Have a nice race, Tiger." Mom turned a walked away in a somewhat sexy manner.

I heard the starter's command, using a bull-horn, "Runners to your marks."

My mind was in a daze as I automatically took my place on the starting line. A moment later the gun went off and we were running. I must have run 8 or 9 miles in this stupor before I realized I was in a race. I just couldn't understand why my Mom had done what she did before my race.

I looked around to assess how I felt and where I was in the race. It looked like I was in the top 20 and my energy level was good. I started to engage myself into the race. I slowly picked up the pace and started to move up on the field. With 2 miles to go I was in 6th but these runners were good and I was barely able to close on them. With about half a mile I was in 4th. I push hard at the end and finished 3rd. I found out later I was 1st in my age group.

Mom ran the women's 5K run and was 2nd in her age group but bested her PR (personal record) by 13 seconds. We were both very happy with our results. On the drive back home I asked, "So Mom, what was that "kiss for luck" all about?"

She laughed then said, "You were so stressed about starting too fast that I thought I'd try something to take your mind off the race. Did it work?" She then laughed out loud.

Once we got home I headed straight for the shower. Mom went to the kitchen, took a casserole out of the refrigerator and put it in the oven then she hit the shower.

I was done first. I came out to the living room just wearing a pair of pajama bottoms with no underwear. It was just starting to get dark. I turned on the light switch for the overhead light in the living room when the light bulb flashed and went out. I walk to the kitchen got a chair, put it under the light fixture, went to the closet got a new light bulb then stepped up on the chair to swap out the burned out bulb with the new one. Once done I simply jumped down to the floor. As soon as I hit the floor both my thighs cramped up. I was in real pain and let out a loud yell.

I could hear my Mom running to see what happened. She arrived wearing a short white terry cloth robe very loosely tied. I quickly told her my thighs had cramped and I literally could not move. She grabbed my pajama pants and quickly pulled them down to my ankles. She immediately dug in her thumbs into my thighs and began to rub them into the muscles. After a little while I was barely able to walk. Mom helped me to the couch leaving my pajama pants behind. She had me lay down on my back as she continued to work on my thighs. I was completely naked. My legs started feeling better but I let mom continue to work my legs. Her robe was almost completely open. I was staring at her B cup breasts when she looked up at me and asked, "How are you doing?"

She noticed where I was looking and gave me a small smile. I didn't say anything. She continued to massage my thighs moving up and inside and occasionally brushing against my balls. I involuntarily started to get hard. I was too embarrassed to speak and Mom just continued. She stopped, looked at my growing cock then at me and gave me the smallest of smiles.

I said, "Sorry Mom."

She said, "Don't be. You are a young man and it probably feels good to be massaged like this." Then she added, "But I must say you are big."

I had heard every girl I had sex with tell me this but since they were girls I didn't think much about it. But this was different, this was a beautiful mature, probably experienced woman telling me this now. Maybe I was "big".

Mom was sitting on the couch next to me as she continued to massage my thighs. Her beautiful shapely legs were partly open. I could see her pussy. The dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed. The more she moved around the more open the robe became. I could see the nipples of either one of her breasts. My cock was getting real hard. By now Mom was rubbing the inside of my thighs and the back of her hand was rubbing my balls with each stroke.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I put one of my large hands over her hand and guided it to my cock. Mom immediately looked up at me but didn't stop me. I rubbed her hand up and down my stiff cock. I felt Mom's hand grip my cock. I was in effect jacking off using Mom's hand. I slowly took my hand away and Mom continued, she jacked me off with no help from me. She continued to look into my eyes the whole time.

I reached inside of Mom's robe and gently put one hand on her breast. Mom offered no resistance. We were still looking at each other when I started to fondle her breast. Mom closed her eyes and slightly opened her mouth and small moan escaped. It's sounded like beautiful music to my sexed up mind.

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