High School Hottie


Glenda was cuddled in tight against my side, her head on my shoulder. I was smelling her hair when she started to speak, in a quiet voice.

"I want to tell you something... something contrary to what you may have heard around school about me. I don't screw around," she smiled, "oh, I screw, obviously... you can see I like to have fun... but, I'm a one man woman." She turned a little in my arms, and I looked into her eyes.

"I know I have a reputation, mostly because of my appearance, but you always treated me with respect, even before we got together. Oh, sure... you were always staring at my tits," she giggled, "but, you're a man, not a Monk, so I don't hold that against you." She laughed again at the irony of that statement, as she was actually holding her tits against me.

"So, I just want you to know that I'm yours, exclusively," she whispered, looking at me with her big, brown, expressive eyes, "that is, if you want me to be." I was surprised, but happy.

Glenda was the 'it' girl in our school, the one every guy lusted after, but few even thought they had a chance with. I had always thought she was out of my league, as well, but now she was offering herself to me... to only me... for more than just a very physical roll in the hay.

"I don't know what to say, Glenda. Thank you, and I promise to be yours, exclusively, as well." It seemed like a good time to 'seal it with a kiss', and I did. She kissed back with equal dedication. When we finally pulled apart, she giggled softly.

"You're okay with giving up Terri? Should you talk to her before you make a commitment to me?"

Shit, they really did talk, didn't they? Terri and I were 'friends with benefits', but had no emotional involvement, other than friendship. She would be happy for me and Glenda, but there if I needed advice.

"Terri is a friend, nothing more, emotionally at least. I gather that you two have had a talk, and that you know the situation between her and I, so yes, we have slept together a few times, but we have an agreement. She won't be an issue."

"Good. So, could I interest you in round two?" she asked, smiling her provocative smile at me. "Now that we've taken the edge off, I'd really like a long, slow one."

"Is this the way it's going to be with you?" I laughed. "Fuck me hard... Fuck me slow... Fuck me now... Jeez, talk about demanding!"

"You forgot 'eat my pussy', 'cum in me', and 'let me suck your cock'," she giggled. "I know... I'm a difficult girlfriend to get along with. How will you ever deal with it?"

I shrugged. "I guess I'll just have to give in to your every desire," I replied, with equal humour, moving between her supple thighs. Just being around her was enough to get me hard most days. Having her proclaim herself my girlfriend guaranteed it, and I slid gently into her well lubricated snatch. She pulled my lips to hers and moulded her body to mine, wrapping her legs up around my waist and giving me maximum access to her pussy.

"Your cock feels soooooooooo good inside me, baby, and you grind on my big clit soooooooooo perfectly. Are you sure you don't mind?" she smiled, looking deep into my eyes again. She batted her lashes demurely, feigning as much innocence as she could, given that she was naked, with eight inches of hard cock buried willingly in her cunt.

I fucked her the same way we had done it our first time in the loft, slow and smooth, making sure to press hard against her clit at the bottom of each stroke. She didn't need to be quiet this time, which is good, because she wasn't.

"Oh yes, give it to me nice and slow... I love it like this, holding you close while you stuff my pussy full of that big, hard cock!" she said, kissing me yet again. She kept up a constant narration, letting me know she liked what I was doing, and gently suggesting a course of action she'd enjoy next.

Glenda's body felt so wonderful in my arms, I would do almost anything to keep her there. We made love, slow and gentle, for nearly an hour. Given I had cum inside her earlier, I was getting a little weak, but she was riding high, shuddering again and again, having several small orgasms. Finally, she ran out of gas too.

We cuddled together, me behind her, giving her the full spoon with a handful of breast on the side. She moaned, content, and soon we were both asleep.

At some point during the night, Glenda had turned in my arms, because I woke to find her facing me, her angelic countenance inches away from me. Her breasts pressed softly into my chest, the pressure increasing and waning with the rhythm of her breathing. It was still dark, but there was enough ambient light for me to see her beauty, and I watched her sleep for a few minutes.

She had hooked her left leg over my right hip when she turned, and her flat tummy was snugly in contact with my stomach. The combined touch of her breasts, tummy, and leg, along with my imagination, was having a predictable effect on my dick. Before long, I was fully ready for more action, and in extremely close proximity to the target.

I pulled my hips back, freeing my cock from its trapped position between us, and with my right hand, guided it to her opening. She was moist, warm, and her lips parted easily under minimal pressure. I gently wiggled my way in, deeper and deeper, until I was about halfway home.

I looked at Glenda's face, where there was no visible reaction to my intrusion. Her breathing was smooth, and even. It was time to announce my presence. I kissed her, and she stirred slightly, kissing back sleepily.

I pressed deeper, sliding another inch or two into her well lubricated snatch, and her eyes opened slowly. The kiss that came my way this time was wide awake, and passionately demanding. She moaned, and rolled back, pulling me over on top of her and spreading her legs wider. Her right leg joined her left, wrapping around my hips, and dragging me the rest of the way in. She undulated her hips, seating me fully, and then broke the kiss. Her hands were stroking my hair as she looked up at me, a mixture of lust and appreciation on her lovely face.

"Mmmm, that's what I call a great way to wake up!" she whispered, pulling my lips down to meet hers again. Glenda was a spectacularly expressive kisser, and we were immediately locked in a scorching embrace, tongues tangling, our breathing becoming more ragged and urgent. I started to fuck her with equal urgency.

"Oh yes, baby... That's it! I love your cock in my hot pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she urged, grabbing my ass to pull me into her with each furious thrust.

Glenda kissed me again, moaning into my mouth while I pounded her juicy cunt with long, hard strokes. She kicked the covers off, and spread her legs wider, extending them up, and grabbing her ankles. She pulled her legs higher, demonstrating flexibility I didn't know she had. She finally broke away from my lips. She saw the surprise on my face at her ability to contort her body like that.

"Several years of ballet classes," she laughed. "Then, I, uh... developed... and that ended that. You've probably noticed that ballerinas with boobs like mine are pretty rare, but I've still got a dancer's legs and ass!" Her legs were now up around her ears. "I love getting fucked like this. So deep, so tight... it always makes me cum huge!"

From my own point of view, it made her pussy lips grip me more snugly, and let me plough her to maximum effect, crashing had against her clit every stroke.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" she screamed, "YES! POUND ME! HAMMER MY CLIT! OHHHH GODDDD YESSSSS!" She managed to hold on to her ankles, even though her body was being wracked by pleasure, as she came, as she had described it. Huge. I kept spearing her feverishly, and she kept shrieking, no longer making sentences, or even words, but there was no mistaking her intended message. Her pussy twitched and clutched my shaft as she tripped through multiple orgasms, and it was bringing me closer as well. Finally, the circuit clicked.

Glenda's shrieks changed pitch when she felt me gushing into her blistering hot cunt, and she released her ankles, wrapping her legs around my waist while she twisted her torso in bliss. She pulled me close to her heaving chest, crushing the full, firm, volume of her breasts against me, trying desperately to connect her lips with mine.

We both melted into each other's arms, panting sharply, exhausted by our mutual orgasms.

"Like I... said... Huge!" she hissed, smiling through the sweaty hair that had fallen in her face. "Fucking huge!"

When I felt able, I pulled out, allowing Glenda to wobble towards the bathroom. I was still awake but just barely, when she returned, crawling in beside me.

"Hey, boyfriend?" she whispered. I smiled, still giddy over that designation. She kissed me, then continued, "You make me feel wonderful. Your cock does things to me that I can't describe. Thank you." I felt her sexy body press closer to mine, and we fell asleep again.

I woke to the feeling of Glenda's lips on my cock, in the pre-dawn light, as she sucked me to attention again, leading to a fourth coupling of the night, another long, gentle session that left us both wasted.

In the two weeks of school that remained, Glenda and I repeated our gymnasium loft routine four times, almost getting caught the last time, when someone came in to get something out of storage. Only the intervening racks of supplies hid our naked bodies from discovery, but the orgasm Glenda had after the person left made it clear that getting caught was part of the appeal for her.

During the summer, we continued our torrid relationship, fucking each other senseless. One day, we went for a hike, on a local trail that led up into the mountains, and across to the top of a huge waterfall.

I had no question that we would be having some al fresco sex that day, especially when I saw what Glenda was wearing. Hiking boots. Oh, and snug fitting, stretchy black shorts, like volleyball players wear, that barely covered her incredible ass, making her legs look even longer than usual. Up top, a skin tight yellow t-shirt, and that's it. No bra. With her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and her shoulders pulled back by the straps of her day pack, it was going to be a long hike.

The trail was well marked, so I let her lead, which gave me the chance to watch her ass wiggle ahead of me. As fantastic as her chest was, her ass was nearly equally mind-blowing. She, of course, knew I was watching, and had dressed accordingly. I was content to follow her.

We arrived at the fork in the trail, as good a place as any to take a break. It was a very warm day, so she had a good glow of sweat going, soaking her shirt and making it more transparent. When she turned and dropped her pack, I could see just how transparent the front was. Her nipples were clearly visible, and I couldn't help licking my lips at the sight. Glenda stepped over into my arms.

"I see you like my outfit," she laughed, pressing her lips to mine, and her beautiful breasts into my chest. We were alone, so I made no attempt to curb my wandering hands, grabbing her tight, muscular ass with one, and fondling her massive boobs with the other. Her lips never left mine, and I found myself being speared by her passionate tongue. Our breathing ramped up, matched by our level of arousal. She moaned, finally breaking away.

"We'd better get moving, or I'll fuck you right here," she said, smiling at me. "There's got to be somewhere more comfortable... and less steep... to have sex along here."

"Yes there is, at the top of the falls," I replied. "Go right, across the bridge, and then just follow the trail. There's a spot about twenty minutes from here that's good for lunch." Glenda nodded, grabbed her pack, and led off.

For a girl with tastes that ran more in the urban vein, she was a great hiker. Those long 'dancers legs', so long, strong and lean, covered the terrain easily. I was so busy watching her ass, I hadn't noticed that she had pulled the front of her shirt up over her head, resting it behind her neck, so that she was essentially topless.

This section of the trail wound up and down, traversing the ridge through the heavily treed area. It was cooler here, in the shade, and the trail was wider, letting us walk side-by-side more often. She had a smirk on her face, feeling my eyes on her bare, bouncy breasts, and tall, erect nipples. The pack straps pulled her shoulders back more, providing more lift and separation than the designers of the Wonder bra could have dreamed of. Then again, Glenda's huge tits were more than I could have dreamed of.

We reached the overlook, where I had thought we'd have lunch, peeling off the trail, and going down the cliff face a few feet. I went down first sliding the final six feet to the shelf. I turned to help her down, watching her wonderful boobs jiggle as she slipped down into my arms. She dropped her pack, and pulled her shirt off over her head.

"Wow!" she gasped, stepping out onto the ledge. The view was breathtaking.

"Wow!" I laughed, taking in the equally breathtaking view of her curvaceous figure, silhouetted against the bright sunshine. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and blushed. "Oh, you mean that view? Yes, something else, isn't it? Wait until you see it from the top."

It was beautiful. About eight hundred feet above the trees and sea below, with mountains looming on the other side of the inlet, the vista was remarkable. I had been looking out over the water, so it wasn't until she stepped up beside me that I noticed she was now naked, save for her hiking boots. She had laid out her shirt and shorts in the sun to dry, or so she said, but I knew of her fondness for public nudity.

The ledge was about twenty five feet wide, and projected about fifteen feet from the face. It was tilted out a little, not quite level, with thick carpets of moss closer to the back edge.

"So, what's it going to be? Lunch or... Lunch?" she asked, cocking her hips sideways.

"Hmmm," I toyed, pursing my lips in feigned consternation, "perhaps the latter, if that's okay with you?"

As if to confirm her stance on the matter, she perched her pretty rump on a cushion of moss and laid back, spreading her legs wide. She crooked her finger at me, beckoning me closer.

"I'm hungry," she giggled.

When I was within range, Glenda reached out, pulling my hard cock free of my shorts, and engulfing it in her wet, drooling mouth. I'd never had my cock sucked on a ledge, eight hundred feet up a rock face before, and I'm sure it was a premiere performance for her as well. Her enjoyment of public nudity, and sex with the risk of being caught, had been joined by the excitement of sex with a true measure of physical danger. This was no place to be unsure of one's footing, and the compromised coordination that often accompanied orgasm could prove more than just embarrassing here.

She was satisfied that my cock was ready for action, and sufficiently lubricated, so she released me and resumed her lounging position on the soft, spongy moss, lifting her legs again in my new favourite position, her 'ballerina's V', which had been a standard for us since our first overnight together. Her pussy was slick with sweat and ambrosia, glistening in the sunshine that beat down on us. She gave me her best seductive smile.

I carefully knelt on the moss, positioning my saliva coated erection at her thick lipped vestibule, poised to spear her yet again. Our sex life had become the stuff of legend, at least among my friends, and even Terri had thrown her hands up in surrender, no longer even asking what we were up to. Given the exploits we had shared, that spoke volumes.

I leaned in, parting her tightly stretched lips slowly, and feeling the muscular sheath glide smoothly down the full length of my shaft until our pubic bones met. Glenda had recently shaved me to match her, a process I had been reluctant to let her complete at first. Now, I was thrilled at the sensual skin-to-skin contact it allowed... and it made my dick look even bigger!

With my cock buried balls deep in her delectable snatch, she released her ankles, leaving them resting against my shoulders, and wrapped her arms around my neck, dragging my lips toward her own for a passionate kiss. I gave her pussy a couple of short, grinding stabs, pressing hard against her clit.

"Fuck, that's good!" I grunted, probing her pussy gently. She had much more to say.

We've all seen shows on TV, or movies, where a loud noise makes people whip their heads around. I imagine that's what was happening to every man, woman, child... bear, deer, bird and woodchuck... within earshot, as Glenda's screams of glee bounced off the cliff face and projected out across the valley below. Loud doesn't begin to describe it. She came quickly, as did I, probably because of the potential death factor.

We did have lunch, of the food consumption variety, afterward, with Glenda sitting nude on the moss while we ate, letting my cum drip slowly out of her pussy.

"I'm sorry I was so loud," she said sheepishly. "The situation just got to me, and I lost control."

All I could do is laugh.

There were several more adventures in our future, but I began to feel less emotionally attached to her. There's no doubt the sex was remarkable, but it wasn't enough.

They say that sex is like oxygen ; it's importance increases as you get less of it. Well, I was getting an abundance of it, so despite Glenda's incredible body, and willingness to share it with me, I started to look for the things that weren't abundant in our relationship. There was plenty of lust, but no love, and that's what I was craving. We drifted apart.

There were a few very notable reunions, but we parted friends, with enough hot, sweaty, cum soaked memories to last a lifetime. She set the benchmark for all my subsequent relationships, and it took me years to find a partner that surpassed her.

When I did, I married that woman.

Maybe someday, I'll tell you about her.

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