tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 02

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 02


My second experience with Hiliad Fildri was far from pleasurable. Oh, no. Not in the least. And it was no one's fault but my own. It had been almost two months since Master Daniel and I had been to Naluchra, yet the two vampires were constantly on my mind. Hiliad in one way while Liza was in another.

We had talked about my experience once, and only once, the night we drove home. He wanted to know everything I was feeling while I was their submissive: Whether I liked kissing Liza and her touching me, what I thought of Hiliad tasting my blood, how his blood heightened my experience. I don't think he liked that very much. Master never shows his jealous side, but when he does, he knows exactly how to handle himself.

Hiliad's blood had stayed in my system for several days, whereas I cleaned the entire house, gardened, mowed the two-acre lawn, anything that involved movement to calm my restlessness. My senses were on hyper-drive, as they had been right after I had taken a drop of Hiliad's blood, but I was disappointed when the effects faded completely.

This particular evening as we drove to the club it was for punishment. Master never held out punishments this long; he liked to handle it right then and there so I'd not forget why I was being punished. But that time, I knew exactly what I had done wrong, and I would graciously accept my punishment, though I didn't know if I'd be walking out the club or lying on a gurney.

Then, he laid out the rules that I was to obey while I was with Hiliad, though I wasn't sure about Liza. "You are not to have his blood. He may have yours if he wishes and that includes him feeding on you," He specified.

I remained silent. He knew the way I felt about the vampires having me for their meal. He was surprised by my expression and simply said, "We'll see about that."

"Yes Master."

"I'll tell you this, not that I have to, but it was entirely my fault at not telling Hiliad about the Violet Wand. I should have stopped—I apologized to him, as I now apologize to you."

Master was there! He hadn't been with another woman! Though, I thought He was there because as I lay with Hiliad after our scene, I hadn't heard Liza return with Master. As a matter of fact, Liza didn't return at all. I thought I'd fallen asleep, but I had other little signs from Master that made me wonder if He was there. Mark off one Mystery of Life for me!

"Thank you, Master." Better late than never for an apology.

"Speaking of the Violet Wand, what are your thoughts on pushing your limits on that?"

"Oh, Master, you know how much it scares me." Even at the mention of it made my voice crack.

"A lot of things scared you that you are not afraid of now."

"Well, that's true, Sir."

"If it was on the lowest charge, would that be acceptable, not that it matters," He snickered.

No, not in the least, I thought sarcastically. I stared out the window blankly. I remembered the electrical feeling between Hiliad and me after I had his blood and I imagined it would be similar, but I was still skeptical.

"If it pleases you, Master." That was the only reply I could ever give Him when one of His ludicrous ideas seemed interesting.

"It will. Hiliad understands whips are out of the question. Is there anything you can think of now that I can warn him about with your boundaries?"

I thought long and hard on that one. That was punishment, not enjoyment for me. My ass was already starting to hurt, and it hadn't been spanked in weeks. In a way I deserved it, not that I wanted it. "No, Master," I replied. Then a second later something popped into my head. "May I ask a question, Sir?"

"Does it pertain to this evening?"

"Yes, Master."

"You may."

"Will you allow penetration, as You hadn't before?"

He smirked evilly, one that I always regretted seeing. "Did you mention that as your limit?" He asked sternly.

"No Sir, but I just thought of it."

"Did you want him to fuck you before?" He didn't use that word unless we were in the middle of heavy-duty sex, and that one word alone made my pussy tingle.

I had that answer ready in case He asked so He wouldn't be angry. "My body did, Master, but my heart didn't." I looked over His face, hoping to see that was as good a line as I could come up with to prevent His anger. It was no line. It was the truth.

He smiled and reached for my hand; I gave it to Him and He squeezed it lightly. "You do not disappoint, slave. We shall see when the time comes."

"May I speak freely?" Oh, I loved asking that. Rarely does He allow me to speak what's on my mind, and more often than not He does. But I still like to ask.


"I do not want him to glamour me."

"Why?" He asked curiously.

"Because I want everything that happens to be of my own free will."

He smiled again pleased. "I will inform him of that, although vampires erase memories similar to, but different than glamouring."

Master's knowledge of the unknown astounded me, as I would often go to bed alone while He searched the internet on vampires till the morning hours. He would occasionally enlighten me, but I knew there was so much more that I didn't understand about them, and I hung on every word.


We pulled into the parking lot, and it was the same as before. Even the crowd inside hadn't changed. There were the normal, stupidly naive humans buying lame-assed t-shirts and the more moronic ones that wore the damned fangs. God, who were they kidding?

This evening, Hiliad sat in a huge wooden throne, the only word I can compare it to. Liza was at his side looking over their domain. It was quite the sight, or should I say Hiliad was. The first night with them was so unusual, for lack of a better word that I hadn't really checked out his body. Then he was wearing a dark, Navy blue tank top that showed off his incredible broad shoulders and rippling muscles of his forearms. He had one elbow on the arm rest, his chin resting in his hand. And he looked utterly bored. That was until he saw us walk toward them and he smiled wide, sat up straight and beckoned us over. I nervously tugged at my dress, which I thought was too short but Master insisted I wear, which was proceeded with a smack on the ass.

"Didn't I tell you how beautiful you look?" Master asked as we stepped around the dancers on the floor, who, if they weren't dressed, may as well have been having sex.

"Yes, Master," I replied as I stopped fidgeting. "Good," He said as He bent and kissed my cheek.

My heart started to pound as we approached Hiliad and Liza, but I fought back my nervousness, like that would do any good. I'd only received punishment from Master; being given to another that I was unfamiliar with scary as hell.

Hiliad stepped towards us and shook Master's hand, but Hiliad kept his eyes on me. I was suddenly self-conscious and grew even more apprehensive about the evening. Hiliad turned to me, took my free hand (the other was clasping onto Master's), bowed slightly and kissed the back of my hand. I had a vision in my head of me swooning and fainting at this one act, but it quickly dissipated.

"Always a pleasure to see you again, slave Connee," he spoke softly, yet there was obvious menace to his voice.

"Thank you, Sir. It is my honor that you allow . . ." While I was rambling, Master squeezed my hand so hard it hurt, and I instantly knew I'd said too much. "My apologizes, Sir Hiliad."

"Forgiven," he said as he directed me to and empty chair beside his, while Master sat on my other side.

I looked at Liza, who hadn't said a word, and I wasn't too sure what that was about. But I couldn't ignore her skin-tightly black corset practically growing out of her skin and her breasts bulging for free themselves. But she looked more beautiful than I remembered her.

"Daniel tells me you have been a rather undisciplined slave," Hiliad directed at me.

Undisciplined? I wouldn't have chosen that word. Badly erred in my ways was more like it. "Yes, Sir."

"Tell me, what have you done that deserves your punishment this evening?"

I swallowed my tongue. I hate it when I do that. I sure hadn't expected his question as I assumed Master already told him. I had to fight back the urge to look at Master, but I didn't. Maintaining eye contact with Hiliad, I replied, "I ... moaned your name when Master and I were having sex."

Hiliad's eyebrows rose, yet there were no lines on his forehead. "Really? So, you wanted me that night, huh?"

This was complete torture. "May I speak freely, Sir?"

"Of course."

"My body was yours that night, as it was Liza's." I could then feel her eyes burning into the back of my neck, so I wanted to acknowledge her presence. "But my heart belongs to my Master." I said it more proudly and with more emotion than I had when I told Master.

He smiled and chuckled. Looking at Master, he said, "You have a very devoted slave."

"That I do," Master smiled. "Except when she's thinking of another while I'm fucking her."

Hiliad and Master burst out in laughter, drawing eyes from some people in the room. Apparently they hadn't heard Hiliad laugh too many times. I wanted to die.

"Oh, please," Liza spoke for the first time, "Let's get on with this."

"Hold your horses, Liza," Hiliad said irritated. All three snickered, but for the life of me I had no idea why. "And you understand the instruction from your Master Daniel so there won't be any ... misunderstandings?"

"No Sir, er, Yes Sir."

Hiliad turned to Master. "You will be with us?" Master only nodded, but I could tell Hiliad wasn't happy with Him being there. "Then," Hiliad said as he rose and put out his hand for mine, "Let the punishment commence."

Although I was petrified, I was also becoming a little turned on, if that's the right word for it. Getting my ass beat is not my idea of getting excited about.

Hiliad led me to the same door we had come to two months earlier, with Master behind me and Liza in the rear. As we descended the stairs, my heart started to pound inside my chest. I just knew it would explode any minute. What a treat that would be for Hiliad and Liza with my blood all over! Then there was music echoing in the room below, Enigma, I believed. I always loved it when Master allowed music while we did a scene, but never for punishment. I guess it had the opposite effect for Hiliad. The lighting was as low as it had been before, yet I could see all the equipment Hiliad had in his little pleasure dungeon.

There was a cross (Master owns one which we have in our basement), the bar hanging from the center of the room (the one I was attached to earlier), a sex swing (not my thing), a gyno table (might be interesting), a simple flat table (for dissecting humans, I thought then laughed to myself), and ... shit! Then I realized what the three were laughing at. It was a Pommel horse that was almost identical to the one men use in gymnastics, except this one was a little shorter in length with no bars on top, only one hook underneath on the end and two hooks for the ankles.

I silently followed Hiliad, wanting desperately to get a glance at Master for comfort, but I didn't. Hiliad suddenly stopped by the same rug that I was on after we were done. Then I could see that it was white and in the shape of . . . a polar bear. I thought it might have been a prize token on one of Hiliad's hunts, but I didn't think they hunted animals.

My thoughts were redirected when Hiliad stepped to me and put his hands on my shoulders, looking me directly and hard into my eyes. I inhaled through my nose sharply when I noticed how much bluer his eyes were, but they were also a little ... off. Hungry, maybe? I hoped not.

"Do you trust me, slave?" Master cleared his throat loudly as he took a seat beside the Pommel horse. "Sub," he quickly corrected, but rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, nodding quickly.

I wasn't even paying attention to what Liza was doing until she snickered, "That's your first mistake, honey." Liza had taken off my heels and had been securing shackles around my ankles. She then proceeded to take my wrists and tied soft leather cuffs on each, each with a loop for tying me to the apparatus.

"When and why would you even trust a creature like me?" Hiliad asked curiously.

"When I lost ... control of myself with the Violet wand and you hugged me. That told me I could trust you."

"You are wise, except for your little faux pas." Those were the truest words I had ever heard in my life. "Daniel, would you kindly prepare your slave for us?"

"Slave, come," Master ordered.

I quickly went to Him, the metal chains clanging around my feet. I stopped a foot away from Him waiting for further instruction. He then padded His knee, indicating that I sit down and I straddled His leg. He looked over my face for some clue as to how I was feeling—Master can always read me very well.

"All the rules have been clarified," He said as He raised His hand, which held something I was very familiar with. My collar, the very collar He had given me on our two year anniversary of being together. He spoke as He put it on me. "You are to obey Hiliad and Liza, and I will make sure they do not cross the line." His eyes diverted to the two vampires as they stood beside the horse.

"Yes, Master," I said, surprised at the fear in my voice. I hesitated a moment. "Master?" "Yes?"

"Have you instructed Dom Hiliad to use a condom if ..." I sure didn't need to finish that sentence.

"Yes, he didn't like it, but tough shit. Thank you for mentioning it," He said with a warm smile.

"I won't enjoy it, Master," I said weakly.

He took my face in His hands. "If you do, I want you to tell me all about it, every detail. You will receive no punishment."

That surprised the crap out of me. "Yes, Master."

"Now, remove your dress," He commanded.

I slid off of Him and slowly, as I know He likes me to do pulled the thin cotton dress up from the bottom hem up and over my head. He told me not to wear any underwear, so I was instantly bare in front of Him. I handed Him my dress as He stood and set it on the chair.

Grabbing me unprepared, he held me tightly and kissed me hard, yet passionately. "This will hurt me more than it will hurt you," Master told me.

That is the one thing a Master/Dom should never say to a slave/sub because all they hear is, 'It's gonna hurt like a son of a bitch but you deserve it!'

He took my head and walked to my doom, as I like to refer to it, His arm lovingly and protectively around my waist. When we stopped in front of Hiliad and Liza, Master told them, "She is all yours."

I stood with my hands behind me as I nervously waited for what Hiliad wanted me to do, looking at his neck, not his eyes. He looked me up and down like I was a piece of meat, but I wasn't offended. Not tonight; any other night I would have been. Knowing Master's punishments is one thing, but another giving it to me? The unknown scared the hell out of me, yet excited me at the same time.

Instead of a pep talk, smile or a hug, he displayed his arm out towards the horse, and I stepped to it, but didn't bend over. It has been my experience that you follow one instruction at a time. Waiting anxiously, Hiliad stood behind me, his body pressed solidly against mine, his erection pressing against the small of my back. Although his fangs weren't out, his action told me what I wanted to know.

I was tense, but not tense enough because when he pushed me forward by the shoulders I went down on the horse like I was a rag. Luckily I placed my hands on the horse before my face would've smashed into it. He leaned down close to my face, which was turned slightly to the right but not looking at him and he said, "You know why you are here."

Hmm, that was a trick question—actually, it wasn't a question at all. "Yes Sir."

SMACK on the ass cheek. I sure as shit didn't see that one coming. That damned Liza!

"Have you readied yourself for your punishment?" Hiliad asked.

"Yes, Sir," I answered quickly.

SMACK again on the exact same spot. That one stung like hell.

"You must redeem yourself; show Master Daniel how sorry you are for your indiscretion."

"Yes, Sir." I waited for the hand on the ass. Nothing happened.

"Look at me, submissive," he ordered, his voice now pure evil. I peered into his eyes. "You will get no protection from a blindfold. I want you to see what is coming at you."

"Yes—" SMACK SMACK, one on each cheek, "—Siirr." That time I grunted loudly.

"I want to see the look of fear in your eyes, the pain, the ecstasy. I want to hear you scream, beg for mercy as loud as you can. No one will hear you. No one will protect you." His voice had turned demonic and I was terribly frightened—okay, that doesn't explain it well enough. I was scared shitless.

"Liza," Hiliad said then stepped back.

I laid my head back on the horse and prayed as hard as I could. I know—what a hypocrite I am. Sue me. Liza meticulously and slowly, making sure I watched her every move, tied my wrists to the hook underneath the horse while Hiliad hooked up my ankles. I was then laying on the horse, bent over at my waist, my arms circling the circumference with hardly enough room to move, much less having something to grab on to. My ass was now theirs, and they knew it. Closing my eyes, I prepared myself for my punishment, but that's not how it started.

Something soft brushed against my ass cheeks with barely any pressure at all, and the intermittent scrapes sent chills down my legs. The touch was so light that I thought for sure I was imagining it. After all, I was expecting to get the hell beat out of me. But the tip of the feather, or so I assumed, continued over my ass, thighs, back, between my shoulder blades and the nape of my neck. That did it for me. Shivers coursed through my body, and I gasped with pleasure.

"Oh, don't get too excited, little girl," Liza huffed in my ear.

No, of course not. Forgive me, Mistress, I forgot my place and all that bullshit. Right then, all I wanted was to enjoy the feeling.

Then it started. I didn't know how in the hell their hands moved as fast as they did, but one hand smacked one cheek while another cracked the other cheek. Again it was in perfect sync, and the two must have practiced this quite a few times to get it down so perfectly. Whenever there was a softer impact, it was replaced with a much harder one. There was no lapse of a calming, cool hand in between beating, as Master often did with me. And I didn't know how much more I could endure.

My legs began to shake, unable to withstand the pounding that continued; the hot, searing pain surged up through my body. I cried. I groaned. I tried to stay as still as I could. I cried some more. My body shook with my sobs, but not once did I cry out in pain or call for Master. To do that would be the end of me, for sure. I was holding on to the horse so tightly that my forearms tightened up on me. I was going out of my mind with the pain but I took my punishment, praying it would end soon.

I heard Master say something, but I couldn't understand what He said. As quickly as it started it stopped. I couldn't even think straight to realize that they had stopped for several minutes. Tears poured out of my eyes as I continued to cry. I'd never felt that much pain before, and hoped to never again. Lesson learned very well.

I felt a pair of warm, soft hands caress my back that I immediately recognized as Master's and was grateful to feel His touch. His hot breath blew onto my ear but I couldn't speak. I was afraid to even open my eyes, but He ordered me to. When I did, He was blurry through the tears and I blinked several times fast the clear my vision, sniffling and trying to control my breathing.

"Slave Connee, dear one, you are forgiven," Master said, His voice softer than I'd ever heard Him speak to me.

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