tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 05

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 05


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't worry, y'all! There's a reason Daniel "threw Connee away." You'll find out soon! She didn't bother retrieving anything of her things because she didn't care. She had nothing but clothes and knick knacks. It would be too hard for her to go back. It just wasn't explained, I don't think. I wrote this two years ago, so the quality will not slip.

Connee was a slave to Daniel. Regardless, she's still a submissive by nature. True, they are not the same. I am currently a sub yet I call Him Master, though I am not His slave. This is a fic, not an educational novel. There are so many levels to BDSM and this story reflects my view only.

Keep the comments coming so I can clarify if I need to. And please remember to vote. They make me smile.


For weeks that continued. He'd call on me then say he didn't want anything. I thought it was funny at first. It reminded me of Taming of the Shrew and I was Kate. I would wait ten minutes, the next time five minutes then found myself jumping up out of my chair and standing before him within seconds. Then when the mood struck him, he'd come into my office and ask for the income for the week, or for daily totals, or hourly drink totals if he really wanted to aggravate me, which was becoming more and more often.


On the last night of my 60-day trial period my desk phone rang. It was my private line, the one for business calls. I recognized the number as Hiliad's cell phone. Picking up the receiver I didn't even say hello; I just remained silent.

"Connee, can I have Steve Lawson's cell phone number?"

I immediately relaxed. Looking in the computer I read the number off to him. He didn't thank me but hung up. Guess two could play at that game.

But what bugged me was the fact that I'd paid several invoices to Lawson's Equipment Supply Company. I could never tell exactly what equipment was purchased, but Hiliad always approved payment so I'd pay it, no questions asked.

Five minutes later there was another knock on the door. "Tell Hiliad I'm busy!" I huffed.

"Hiliad doesn't care that you are busy," the man himself said as he sauntered into the room and sat on the arm rest of the chair across from my desk.

"Oh, sorry, Hiliad."

"You know what word I hate the most?"

"No," I said, humoring him, meaning the word 'no.'

"That's true. The other word is sorry."

"Hmm," I mocked, "I'm so sorry."

"You know, I don't think I like you anymore," he said seriously, but his eyes were light.

"Hey, you were the one that wanted me feisty."

"Again, true. How do you like things here?"

"Fine." And I really did. The people I spoke to on the phone were so intimidated by Hiliad, as if he were the King of the Vampires that I got anything I wanted and they were nice as pie. The work was easy and I completed all my tasks before I left for work every night.

"Daniel called me the other day," he stated.

"Really?" I asked, making sure my voice was not interested. My heart was.

"Do you miss him?"

"None of your business ... boss."

He grinned. "Liza and I have been talking."

"That's good. Communication is key." I snickered.

"Now I know I don't like you," he chortled. "What are your thoughts of perhaps doing a scene?"

"Absolutely not."

"That makes me sad. Liza is impressed with your strength, and we found a human that is curious about subbing."

"You're kidding me," I muttered.

"Far from it. We both think you could handle it."

"Tell you what—I'll let you know when pigs fly."

"Alright. and when they do, let me know how keen you are on the idea," he said as he stood and walked towards the door. "Midnight in the basement. Susie will be prepped."

"Prepped?" I asked, but he'd already walked out the door. I'd be damned if I'd step out of my professional boundaries with Mr. Hiliad Fildri.


Mr. Hiliad Fildri is nothing if not persistent.

Every single night for two weeks I'd get a call from him at exactly 11:58 p.m. I didn't need a clock to tell the time. First it started, "Your sub, Susie, is prepped now. Hope to see you in two minutes." I declined. Click on his end. That went on for a few days.

Then for a few nights it was, "The sub is prepped. You have two minutes." I declined.


Three days went by.

Then last night the phone rang right on the dot. "Now." Click. No refusal on my end, just click. Gotta love Hiliad's politeness.

And on every single one of those nights I made myself steer clear of Susie the sub. I had dreams of tearing the bitch's eyes out—did I say I have a jealous streak? But it was much more difficult keeping my emotions (and pussy) under control when Hiliad came into my office or I'd pass him in the hall. Getting a glimpse of his bare, tightly muscled forearms and his rear view just made me have to readjust my thong because it always ran up just the wrong way to cause serious pain, er, pleasure.

The night that I accepted—or was tricked into, if truth be told—being Domme Connee, I got the call at the designated time. I picked up the phone and said, "No, Hiliad and stop—"

"I need you to pull the invoices from June ..." Blah. Blah. Blah.

"Those are in the base ... oh, nice try, Hiliad. You're not gonna get me down there."

"The Auditor is coming in in two days, and I'm sure you know the consequ—" He may have sounded serious but I could just hear the grin on his face through the phone.

But he was right. With Hiliad's head games I'd forgotten that the 2nd quarter reports were due, and I needed to pull a lot of files. "Fine. But I'm only grabbing the files!" I hung up the phone before he could say anything further.

When I opened the door to the basement, my ears were assaulted with Enigma before me and Moon Dance behind me from the club. I took a deep breath and descended the stairs, keeping my eyes on the next step. I heard a woman whimper from the right of the room and almost tripped. Hitting the concrete floor, I turned left to the storage room door and went in. Even in the small space I could still hear the cries of an obviously ecstatic woman, obviously Susie, who was obviously getting flogged and enjoying it. Obviously. Finally finding the box I was looking for, although my mind was elsewhere—on my ass, actually—I headed back out the door to the bottom of the stairs.

SMACK. Female moan. Don't look, don't look I kept telling myself as I headed up. FWAP! Female gasp. Four more steps ... three more steps ... don't look.

On the last step, I made the worst mistake—I looked in the direction of the woman's moans. She, Susie I assumed, was lying on her back on the slate table, blindfolded, naked and tied up with her arms and legs spread apart. Hiliad had the flogger in one hand and the leather straps in the other, looking directly at me with his damned mischievous grin. Dickhead.

Hiliad nodded his head to his side, indicating I join him. I stood frozen. Keeping his eyes on me, he pulled back on the flogger and flicked it hard on Susie's stomach that made her squirm her hips and moan loudly. My pussy felt the impact. Double dickhead!

I shook my head and ran up the last steps, almost running into Doug as I ran through the hall back to my office. I made it but my thong had repositioned itself against my clit. I tore them off from under my sundress. I sure as shit didn't need any more friction on that spot. I hadn't had sex since Daniel kicked me out. But let's just say I should have bought stock in the Energizer Battery Company.

Pacing back and forth for five minutes trying to calm my nerves and to breathe normally, I concluded that there was no way Hiliad would ever leave me alone regarding Susie the sub. He didn't force me. He didn't tie me up. He didn't threaten me. He didn't fire me. What it boiled down to was that it was my choice, all my choice. Mr. Fildri would keep asking me, and I would keep rejecting his offer. Night after night. Week after week. Month after month. But it was still my choice.

"Bastard!" I screamed to an empty room. I picked up the phone and called Hiliad's cell phone number.

I heard one crack of the flogger then an evil "Yes, Mistress Connee."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "What am I supposed to do?" I tried to disguise the fear I felt from my voice, not positive I succeeded.

"Take the files out of the box. Put them on your desk—"

"You know what I mean."

"You'll know, Connee. Does that mean you're coming down?"

I hesitated. "I can stop if it's too much for me?"

"Uh-huh, yes, dear," he said a little condescending.

"You owe me, Hiliad." I sighed.

"Anything you want."

Hiliad was gonna owe me and owe me big!

As I walked back down the stairs, my heart started to pound, and my hands were shaking badly. It only then dawned on me that I hadn't put my thong back on. When I walked towards Hiliad, he was smiling at me with the biggest smile that really touched my heart. It touched something else, too. I think I returned his smile, but I don't remember. He stepped away from the table and leaned against the wall waiting for me to take the lead.

I looked at Susie, who had the most perfect body I had ever seen. I was right. I would have clawed her eyes out for having that killer body.

I stared for I don't know how long when I heard Hiliad whisper into my ear from behind me, his body pressed against my back slightly. "You like?" I nodded. "Touch her." His voice was so soft and velvety that I briefly closed my eyes.

Stepping to the table I took another deep breath and tentatively put my hand on her stomach, which felt surprisingly hot. But then I noticed the marks and figured it was from the flogger. I slowly rubbed my hand over her stomach, legs, arms, shoulders, everything except for the parts I was afraid of. Her skin was so soft that I surprised myself how much I liked it. Something got a firm hold of my wrist temporarily and placed my hand over her breast, her nipples hard and erect. Knowing Hiliad was beside me gave me some small comfort. I began to massage it and mold it, circling my palm over her nipples. Susie didn't move or moan. I thought for sure Hiliad had killed her.

"Here," Hiliad said and nodded to a smaller table with the inevitable toys of affection. Among other things were a wooden paddle, a leather fly-swatter shaped wand, a gag, a smaller flogger with thinner strips of leather, a pizza cutter. "Use whatever suits your mood. But just to let you know, she doesn't like pain, either."

What I was feeling surprised me. It wasn't the Domme issue that caught me off guard but the reaction of my body. So I sucked up my pride, gained as much courage as I could and dove right in—figuratively speaking. My thought at that moment was I wanted to wake Susie up. I wanted to hear her moan and cry out. I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. I assumed Hiliad told her how to address me, and I'd go with that.

I began to explore her body again, sometimes with both hands. I knew I was doing something right when she began to gurgle from the back of her throat. I have an oral fixation that I just had to curb. After bending down, I placed my lips around a swollen nipple and just barely brushed my tongue across the top of it. I felt it pulse, resulting in my clit pulsing in response. Gaining confidence, I lapped and licked and sucked, taking the entire nob into my mouth. Then little Ms. Susie the sub moaned. I looked up into her face.

Her teeth were clenched and her head was back.

Continuing to suckle her breast, I slid my hand down her stomach to her pussy, letting my fingers run up and around her clit and entrance but never touching them. I switched breasts and worked on that for a moment, my hand then covering her crotch completely. My mind had instantly switched over to a world I never thought existed. I felt my pussy getting just as moist as the sub's was. Leaving her nipple, I licked between her breasts and she moaned once more—no, that time it was me.

I felt Hiliad beside me again, to my left, right beside her hips. He leaned over and whispered, "Do you want to taste her sweet juices?" His voice was deeper this time and it was sexy as hell.

Looking up at him I nodded. His hand moved to her pussy, beside my hand which hadn't moved, and I watched as he roughly, I thought, ran his fingers all over her entrance. Subbie cried out and tried to buck her hips as his fingers moved in all sorts of directions. But with the restraints, she couldn't move an inch.

I looked into Hiliad's eyes hungrily, as if he was offering his blood to revive my lifeless body. Had he glamoured me? I had every bit of control of my mind and my body. All I knew was that I was doing this. It was me. Not Hiliad. Me. I didn't know what the hell had gotten into me.

"Open your mouth," Hiliad said. His tone was not an order, yet I obeyed.

He brought his middle finger to my bottom lip and traced it one way then the other. Her scent flooded my nose. Did I smell that sweet? Opening my mouth wider, I slid my tongue out and lapped at his moist finger quickly, as if it were acid that was going to burn my tongue. It didn't. Keeping eye contact with Hiliad, he put his finger in my mouth, and I wrapped my lips around it, sucking in our sub's essence. "Hmm, leave some for me," Hiliad warned.

But before I could stop, he pressed his lips against mine, his finger still in my mouth. I completely lost my mind at that moment but regained it rather quickly. I pulled back and shook my head. "She's mine," I barked, surprised at the tone of my voice.

Hiliad laughed wickedly before stepping back to the wall. I looked back at the sub's face and knew I wanted more. I wanted more of her. I wanted more control. I wanted more—power. And I knew how to get it—well, one way to get it. I removed my hand from her pussy and stepped to the table with the toys, trying to imagine how each one would feel the best.

"The leather swatter," Hiliad said, not moving.

Without looking at him I grabbed the thin handle and smacked it against my palm with a certain degree of weight. Then I know why those stupid German interrogators would threaten the victim by smacking their palm: They had to figure out how hard to hit them.

I turned to the girl, looked over her body first to determine where I wanted to start. Picking a spot on her stomach, I smacked at her skin once. She moaned softly, enough to tell me she could take more. So that's what I did. I started hitting her stomach as fast as I could and with varying degrees of hardness, depending on her reactions.

When we established a bit of understanding, I gradually moved the swatter down to the inside of her thighs and worked that area for a while. She moaned and whined and whimpered and made every sound a woman in ecstasy could muster. When she'd move her hips just a little to avoid a smack, I'd hit an area near it but not on it. That got her crying out every time.

But within minutes I was bored. Blame it on my Scorpio trait. Hmm, what else could I use? The pizza cutter looked interesting. I grinned as I grabbed it and heard Hiliad chortle through his nose. At least I was keeping his interest, as well. Without thinking, I said, "Sub?"

"Yes, Mistress," my subbie replied, her breathing shallow.

I turned to Hiliad and grinned pleased. He winked. I smiled then turned back. "Has Hiliad fucked you?" What? Who the hell said that? Oh, it was me.

"No, Mistress," she said, shaking her head back and forth in a panic, based on the pout on her lips. I knew she wasn't lying.

"No, sub, don't be afraid," I said softly. I put the pizza cutter down by her head and told her, "I'm not going to hurt you. Be honest with me and I won't have to hurt you."

She seemed to relax a little. "Thank you, Mistress."

I grinned. "Susie, let's lay down some ground rules."

There was a swoosh around me and Hiliad stepped to the other side of the table. I laughed to myself at the expression on his face. It was like a German Shepard begging for bacon.

I continued. "You may cum when you choose—need to, but you must tell me."

She nodded emphatically. "Yes, Mistress."

"Ma'am. You will address me as ma'am."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good girl. What are your limits?"

She turned her head to look at me—well, she was still blindfolded so she couldn't look at me. "No pain, ma'am."

"Your definition of pain I'm sure is different than my definition of pain." It is? Really? When exactly had I come to that conclusion? "What's your safe word?" I asked, softening my voice. That, by the way, was beginning to get annoying—the softening of my voice. It no longer sounded natural.

"Heidelberg, ma'am."

She had tensed again. There was only one thing I could think of to calm her down. I bent down towards her face and licked her bottom lip. Just as I hoped, she opened her mouth and I kissed her, softly at first then with a passion that surprised me. She groaned in the back of her throat as our kiss grew. That was the first time I allowed myself to relax and indulge in my fantasy of having a woman under my power. I wanted to get myself going as much as I was hoping to make the sub. I brought my face to her cheek and swept mine against hers softly. She let out a sigh and tilted her head towards me. With my cheek or nose or lips, I always kept contact with her skin, closing my eyes to concentrate on what I was feeling. I liked the feel of our contact. It stirred something in me that started my embers burning. My lips went in search for hers and I think we both sighed when they met. It was so different from kissing a man. New territory was being explored between us, and a door was opened that I never knew existed. There are no expectation, no rules. Just do what feels right.

She suddenly whimpered as if in pain, so I opened my eyes and saw that Hiliad had his mouth encased over her nipple and from what I could tell, sucking pretty hard. It turned me on even more when I saw a trickle of blood fall between her breasts, knowing that was Hiliad's power he had over her.

When he saw me, he pulled back from her breast. His fangs were covered in blood and there was also blood in the corners of his mouth. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more turned on. "May I ... kiss you, Sir?" Once a sub, always a sub!

He smiled, his lips curving up and back over his fangs. He leaned forward just enough to meet my lips, and the first thing I noticed was the metallic taste of Susie's blood. I wondered if it tasted the same to Hiliad. I didn't remember Hiliad ever kissing me like this before. Just as I wanted more from him, I knew it wasn't the time or the place.

So, I bent down, kissed Susie a quick goodbye then turned and practically ran up the stairs, seemingly slamming the door behind me. My heart was pounding so fast, my head spinning from what I had done I couldn't even walk straight from my knees being so weak. I headed straight for the single-person bathroom to wash my hands and face.

Five minutes later I opened the door, looking in my purse for my office key when I saw something standing in my way. It wasn't a person, really. It was a crotch, with a thick, huge bulge tucked painfully inside a pair of jeans. The same pair that ... I looked up and saw Hiliad staring down on me with hunger in his eyes.

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