tagErotic CouplingsHillary's First Stage Growth

Hillary's First Stage Growth


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"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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Toh was smiling angelically at us having finished the story of how she developed her massive bust and the effects that that growth had on her life.

"Toh, are you happy now with how things turned out?" Asked Hillary. "An "L" cup is really large! I'd thought of maybe an "F" cup but I may set my sights higher now that I've seen how you look so, well, radiant and serene and so, so , well, LARGE!"

"Not an "L" cup now. I grow more after that afternoon in the library." Her smile was still angelic but there was now a hint of pride and immense satisfaction as well. "I now wear "P" cup bra. That's what it would be if you measured by inches. I get bras custom made here in town now and seamstress say cup measurements don't really matter when you get to be this size."

"Can you, I mean would you..ah... I've never imagined..." Hillary was almost stuttering in her eagerness. "I'd like to see what your bra looks like."

Toh turned to Ms. LeFaye. "Is it alright? I like to show Hillary if you don't mind?"

At Ms. LeFaye's nod Toh unbuttoned her coat. As she turned around to place it on the chair behind her she slipped it off her shoulders.

She bent over to place it on the chair which pulled her skirt snug against her tight little bum. As she straightened up she reached up to release the bun that held her hair in place. With her arms up I was able to count each of the eight hooks that struggled to hold their burden in place. An expanse of shiny pink nylon described an arc from several inches below where the side panels disappeared around her rib cage to just below her armpits. The fabric I could see on either side would each comprise a normal "C" bra cup. At least.

As she turned to face us, it was obvious that the jacket had done an excellent job of hiding Toh's true size. Her projection was at least a foot from the sternum.

"My GOD!" Hillary sighed, in awe and wonderment as Toh completed her slow turn. I almost echoed her but I'd completely lost my voice. Toh's breasts were immense. There is no other word for it. Each bra cup used as much fabric as one of my t-shirts it seemed. Hundreds of flowerettes were sprinkled across the swaths of fabric that comprised each cup. There was a dusky, creamy cleavage of at least 6 inches that started four or five inches below her collar bone and disappeared into her bra almost half way to the juncture of her bra cups. Each bra strap was over an inch wide although they seemed not to dig into her shoulders as I would have expected given the mammoth load they were carrying. Toh's pride was evident as she gazed down at herself and then at our open mouthed astonishment.

The bra cups reached from the bottom of her rib cage to her arm pits, at least eight inches. The volume was easily larger than a basketball on each side.

"They look even larger when I take bra off!" stated Toh proudly. "I love attention Harvey gives me. I don't dress to show myself in public, but I love to dress for Harvey. And he loves to see me dress up. I wear outlandish costumes for him. Hillary, you come over and see them sometime, if you want to."

"I will! I want to!" Hillary said immediately.

Merle purred from the desk and Ms. LeFaye took her cue.

"Well, that's Toh's story although there are lots of others you could listen to." said Ms. LeFaye. "Are you still interested Hillary?"

"Oh, you bet! I can't wait to get started! What can I do? When can I start?"

"Right now if you like," replied Ms. LeFaye.

So saying, she once again picked up the pendant in front of her on the table. She removed the gold chain from around her neck and allowed the pendant and chain to rest in front of her in the sunlight that splashed on her desk.

Muttering something that I could not hear, she passed her hand over the pendant. A bright glow of light slowly grew from the crystal, becoming too bright to look at with in a few seconds. After the glow faded there were two pendants and chains where only one had been a few moments before.

At a gesture from Ms. LeFaye, Toh picked up the pendant and stood behind Hillary.

Toh slipped the pendant around Hillary's neck from behind and fastened the clasp in the back. She had to reach up over her head to do so. She did not even come up to Hillary's shoulder! However, despite the fact that Hillary was standing between Toh and me, I could see Toh's vast breasts to either side of Hillary slender frame.

Hillary had a happy little smile on her face as she looked down and patted the pendant where it lay under her blouse.

Merle let out a small yowl of approval from his perch on the desk.

"Now remember," admonished Ms. LeFaye," that the effects of this type of spell vary widely. It may take some time for any effects to be observed, it may happen very rapidly. But when you are satisfied with the results, all you have to do is slip the pendant off. If you put the pendant back on, the effects will continue to occur again.

"Please feel free to visit us here. I think I speak for both Toh and myself when I say that."

"Yes, please!" Toh concurred. "Like very much to get to know tall American girl. Love your hair! You grow big bosom like me! You already so pretty!"

"And try to confine your sexual activities to a more private place than a dorm room!" Ms. LeFaye added with a chuckle.

All the way back to the apartment Hillary kept touching at the pendant under her blouse.

"Just making sure it's real," she explained when she saw me watching her.

That night as we got ready for bed, Hillary stood in front of the mirror looking at herself and the pendant that nestled high up, just below where a line would be drawn between the very tops of her breasts. The look on her face was difficult to read.

"Honey, what are you thinking," I asked.

"I'm just wondering how I'm going to look with wonderfully large breasts! All my life I've really wanted them and now it's going to happen! I'm so excited I can't wait! Do you think I'm bigger yet?"

"I don't see any difference," I said. " It's only been a few hours! Give it some time!"

None the less, Hillary measured herself. As she entered the numbers in to a small notebook she said, "Day one. 36-26-39. 138 pounds, just like always."

The next few days were filled with anticipation. No change was evident although Hillary insisted that she felt fuller across the chest and reported tinglings and strange feelings shooting between her crotch and her breasts from time to time.

On the week anniversary of our conversation with Ms. LeFaye, Hillary had dinner with Toh and came back all excited.

"I had such a nice time with her, she's so sweet and warm. It's funny, you sit with her a while and you sort of forget how she looks and then some guy will walk into a wall or something and you suddenly realize just how big she is! She's so unaffected by all the looks she gets.

Of course, she can't sit in a regular booth because her boobs sort of rest on top of the table, or press against the table if she pushes them underneath the table. She showed me before we sat at the table. It was almost funny watching the waiter try not to stare at her! She's so in love with Harvey that the attention she gets from other men just doesn't seem to register on her. Although I do think she has a bit of the tease in her.

"She told me to be patient, that when it happens, it happens. She sounded so Zen! I want it to happen now! I can't wait to have larger breasts."

Two days later we were sitting at the food court in the mall finishing up lunch. All lunch long Hillary's head had been on a pivot, she was watching everyone who walked by.

"Hillary, what in the world are you doing? You are so distracted today. Every time I say something to you I have to repeat myself."

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm watching the girls."

"I thought that was my job."

"Oh, silly, I'm trying to decide how I'm going to look and how big I'm going to get. Now scoot over here for a minute."

I switched sides on the table so we were looking the same direction.

Hillary pointed to a couple of women walking past.

"Now there is a woman with a nice pair of tits. Do you think I should get that big? How about bigger? Like that lady, there! Those have got to be Double D's. Look how tight the sweater is on that young thing over there. She's not all that big, but she's proud of what she's got!

"I'm going to be proud too! Ohhh, look at her! See how she bounces! I bet she's not wearing a bra under that! Oh, honey. I'm so excited!" Her hand stole into my lap and cupped my crotch. "But I'm going to be really, really big. None of these women are nearly as big as I'm going to be! I'm going to be big and then bigger! Bigger than Toh! I'm taller than she is so I can carry a bigger load!" Her hand was patting and squeezing and pulling at me through my pants!

"Hey, watch it. If you get me all excited I'll never get out of here," I protested. "I can't walk through the mall with a hard on. People will point!"

"Well, I want you hard! So let's go home now! I'll get you hard and soft so fast you'll be dizzy from blood deprivation of the brain!" she hissed.

Back we went to Hillary's apartment. As usual Mrs. Murgatroyd's daughter was sitting on the front porch steps as we approached. And as usual, she beat a hasty retreat into the house when she saw us coming.

"That little girl is so shy!" said Hillary. "Sometimes I think she's spying on me but I've never really seen her? She just always seems to be around, is all. She doesn't have any friends that I know of. I can't figure out why she isn't in school, either. Oh well, I've got bigger things on my mind right now." She grinned as she gave my crotch a grab.

Thy Mystery of the Shy Girl, as I had thought of it, faded from my mind as we entered Hillary's apartment and headed for the bedroom. As always, I was fascinated to watch as Hillary's pussy, which felt so tight when I slipped a finger into it, was able to comfortably accommodate my girth and length. Thank God I'd found her, I thought as we wrestled in passion on the bed. Despite the rather unique way we had met the sex was always great! And Hillary was an enthusiastic and vocal lover!

I didn't hear from Hillary for two weeks after that day. When I did get a call from her, she sounded upset as she asked me to come over.

Mrs. M's daughter was keeping her usual vigil as I drove up and this time she gave me a half wave as she got up and disappeared.

"Must be my boyish charm," I muttered as I walked up the stairs to Hillary's apartment door in the rear of the building.

"Nothings happened" Hillary sobbed. She threw herself into my arms as I walked in.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Look at me! It's been weeks and nothing has happened. Every day I measure, every day it's the same! This pendant isn't doing a damn thing," she wept.

"Are you sure?" I asked, although from looking at her it didn't seem that her chest was any bigger at all.

"Yes I'm sure. I've measured 36-26-39 since high school! Nothings changed! I've felt all these weird tinglings and throbbings and so on! But nothing happens!" She picked up the notebook she'd been keeping and flung it across the room.

"Well Hillary," I consoled her, "I don't think you should be so upset. After all, look in the mirror!"

She turned with me as I wrapped my arm around her waist and led her to the full length mirror in the bedroom.

"Look at your hair," I pointed out. "It's beautiful. Long, natural blonde wavy hair like yours is a rarity. And it always looks great. I don't think you've ever had a bad hair day." I joked.

"You have legs that reach your neck. All the guys talk about your legs." I slipped her shorts off her as I spoke, leaving her in panties and a shirt. "When you wear these heels," I continued handing her my favorite of her many shoes, "your legs could be used in commercials for silk stockings!"

She was starting to brighten as I continued to pour on the compliments. And they were all true!

"And tell the truth," I told her as I unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. "How many women do you know that have the kind of tall, shapely figure that you have? You don't have any excess weight at all, you have a lovely long waist that is nicely toned and muscled. Your neck is elegant and graceful. Your face is drop dead gorgeous and you know it! So what if you don't have the biggest boobs in the world? You turn heads everywhere you go!"

She was smiling at her reflection now.

She turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth. "Richard you always know how to make me feel better! You're right. Maybe I'm just a little crazy. When you tell me those things I know you're right and I am proud of how I appear." A funny look passed over her face as she said this but cleared away as she continued. "Wanna fuck, honey?"

I laughed out loud at the sudden change of direction.

"Well, I better do something with this," I told her. Her gaze dropped to my groin and a smile crossed her face as she noticed the protrusion in my loose fitting pants.

"Did I do that?" she asked mischievously.

"Yeah," I replied. "Talking about how good looking you are and seeing you in nothing but bikini panties and a skimpy bra will do that to me."

"Well, lets take care of that!"

Hillary kissed me hotly and ground herself against me. My hardened dick reached up almost to her navel despite her height advantage and she hunched her moistening pussy along the length of my prick as we kissed.

Hillary slid to her knees in front of me and quickly undid my belt and zipper, pulling my pants down to my ankles. I stepped out of them as she gingerly pulled out the waist band of my shorts and reached in to grasp my dick.

"Well, I may not be growing," she smiled, "but I suspect that this thing may be bigger than ever! I can't get over how it starts out being so small and defenseless and then grows into such a behemoth!"

"God, I hope it's not getting any bigger!" I said. "I can't get a boner without having everyone within eyesight noticing it. Being the owner of an almost 15 inch dick is not the boy's fantasy I thought it might be!"

"Poor baby. Shall I kiss it and make it all better?" she asked as she proceeded to do just that. While it was true that Hillary could accommodate my cock in her amazingly elastic cunt, her mouth and jaws were not so able. Still, she did manage to get the head and about two inches of the shaft into her before having to admit defeat.

I groaned out loud as her lips and tongue went wild on my dick head.

She was panting slightly as she removed my dick from her mouth.

"I just love trying to stuff this sausage down my throat. Some time I may just be able to!"

"I don't really care one way or the other," I told her. "As long as we can make love and you and I enjoy it it's aces with me!"

"Well, lets play cards then," she said as she dragged me to the couch. "I'm too horney now to go all the way to the bed room. Sit down here and brace yourself!"

Standing over me as I slouched on the couch she continued to run a hand up and down my shaft while she slipped off her panties. Her excitement was dribbling down her leg as she positioned my cock head at the lips of her cunt.

"It always feels so good!" she moaned as she began a slow decent down my cock lance. "I love the feeling of being filled by this huge cock!"

She shifted her weight from her feet on the floor to her knees on either side of me as she slid down and down. Finally she was pressed tight to my groin, not a fraction of an inch was outside her as she shuffled her hips left and right.

"God you fill me up so good! I've never been so full!"

Because of her height my head was pressed to her chest as her arms tightened around my neck. Reaching behind her I undid the single hook of her bra and she let it fall to the floor.

They may not be very big, I thought as I gazed at her breasts so close in front of me, but they sure are pretty. Smallish nipples were perched jauntily on top of amazingly wide mounds that projected only slightly from her chest. The flesh of her boobs appeared to start almost immediately below her collarbone and ended even with bottom of her sternum.

I licked and nipped at them as Hillary's talented pussy did amazing things to my dick without her even seeming to move. She had more action going on inside her while sitting still on my lap than some girls had when they were bouncing all over the place!

"I just can't seem to get enough of you," she moaned as she began a slight up and down movement. "It always feel so good." She picked up the pace.

"Feels good to me, too." I said as I continued to kiss and suckle her breasts. "Want me to get on top?" I asked.

"No. This feels too good. Let me cum this way, then we'll see," she smiled into my eyes. She was always able to have multiple orgasms. Some times her energy was almost frightening.

Then her eyes drifted close as the feelings rose in her. Her pussy was moving up and down in short, five inch strokes and I was occasionally hitting her cervix with the head of my dick. This seemed not to hurt her, but rather, to spur her on to harder and faster efforts. She was moaning with each down stroke and breathing in with each up stroke.

Finally, after several more minutes of this she came down hard and clutched at me with her arms and legs as she had her first orgasm. Hillary was almost never one to stop with the first one and today was no exception.

After regaining her breath and spending several moments kissing me thoroughly she climbed off and positioned herself doggie style on the couch and wagged her butt at my face.

"Climb on stud! I'm going to wear you out today! I haven't felt this horney in a long time," she grinned. "You have to earn your keep!"

"Fine with me," I told her as I positioned myself behind her.

Looking down I was again struck by how dainty her pussy looked. Neatly trimmed hair surrounded pussy lips that gripped my exploring finger as I teased her in preparation of trying to fuck her lights out! How she could grip my single finger and then open up to easily accept my oversized schlong was something I had never understood. But I'd never complained about it either! Even though we had just made love for almost ten minutes her pussy managed to look and feel fresh and tight!

"Oh, honey, don't tease me! I want you back inside me now!"

"Hold your horses," I told her as I moved up behind her. Bracing myself with one hand on her back I used the other to swipe the head of my dick over the entrance to her cunt. Each time I wiped from top to bottom she moaned and moved back to try to engulf me.

"Teasing bastard!" She moaned. "I need it now! Quit fucking around and start fucking!"

I loved to hear her beg! But I was ready to give her what we both wanted. Without warning I pushed into her my full length. Not stopping until I was completely embedded in her, my hips crushed against her butt and my balls bounced against her thighs.

Her head snapped up, a long, loud moan of ecstasy coming from deep inside her! Her head sank back onto her folded forearms braced on the couch arm as she squirmed her butt back against me to make sure that she had every bit of me!

Gripping her hips I proceeded to give her what I knew she wanted. There was a time when I would have been more gentle and sensitive. Not today. Somehow I knew that what Hillary wanted was to be taken as hard and as often as I could!

Drawing back from her until only the tip of the head of my cock was still in her I gave her two very short strokes just popping the dick head in and out, and then I started to slam into her, using every fraction of an inch that I had. And every bit of strength as well!

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