tagInterracial LoveHippies On The Beach Ch. 02

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 02


We walked from the shrubs to the restaurant in a haze.

After I had shot my juice into her mouth, I had collapsed on the grass, breathing heavily, my entire body shuddering in a series of uncontrollable spasms. I watched dully as Michael, having spurted out his cum rolled over onto his stomach and crawling, reached up to encircle her buttocks and pulled her down against his mouth. The guy really loved kissing and sucking on her pussy. He made loud smacking noises when he sucked her. I watched, as she supported the upper part of her body by resting on her palms, and ground her pussy on his face.

She grabbed her own tits, fondling them and squeezing alternately. Then, she began to move up and down, literally fucking his mouth.

She was very vocal when her orgasm hit her; she shrieked and wriggled, her hips locking his face between them, "Ahhhhh...ugghhh...god, yes, push your tongue inside, yes, yes, fuck my cunt, oh god, I'm cumming."

From where I was lying, I could see the front of her naked body and the top of his head sticking out from between her legs. I saw her suddenly slump down on his face.

Each one of us then continued to lie down on the grassy sand, breathing raggedly and heavily, listening to the noise that the group next to us was making. I didn't even have the strength to peep at the show; I didn't need to. Their bodies were visible in the lights that they had switched on.

There was a couple that was in the sixty-nine, she, lying below him. Next to them was the big girl, slurping on a cock, another in her hand, yet another in her cunt. The third girl was lying on her stomach, licking the big girl's tits as she was fucked from behind.

We took the scene in, strangely, not making any comment at all.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Michael said: "I feel like some more grass and maybe some serious fucking."

She giggled, but answered, "Same here."

I struggled to get up on my feet. "We better get back to the hotel."

"I was about to say that. I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry," she agreed, rising up, pulling her halter together to cover her beautiful tits.

"What's the matter? He did not give enough proteins?" he laughed.

She laughed this time. "It was an overdose," she replied, "He kept shooting and shooting and I'm afraid, I lost more than half of it."

This was making me uncomfortable. Agreed, I was equally stoned; but apart from the books, a solitary x-rated flick, a few youthful seemingly innocent encounters with my sisters and cousins, and the opportunities I had playing peeping Tom, I was still a virgin. The first blowjob I had received in my life, and that too from a white girl; something I had fantasized for years. With my prick deflated and lust temporarily satiated, I began to feel uneasy.

Perhaps, Michael sensed it, because he got up, pulling his jeans and zipping up. "Yeah, come on, let's get to the room and order some grub from there. I see no point in going to the restaurant."

Neither did I.

* * *

They ordered lobster and chicken. I felt like having some fried fish, so I added that to the list. Michael poured whisky for the three of us and I started to roll the joints with some help from Steffi.

I insisted on settling the check (if what Vijay had told me about their financial state of affairs was true, I thought that maybe by shelling out the cash, they'd be able to stay back for a few more days).

We finished the whisky around the same time we polished off the dinner. It's amazing how pot can make you hungry!

Before firing the first joint, we agreed to have a shower. Sand on your body can get very irritating. Steffi went first and when she came out of the bathroom, was looking pink and fresh, dressed up in just a short see through silk robe, which revealed her bra and panties. The sight of her coming out like that, blond hair still wet, the robe wrapped around her was so arousing, that I immediately felt my cock jerking up north. So, I rushed in next.

As I showered, I thought of the amazing blowjob she'd given me. Plus, the sight of Michael going down on her as she jerked him off was an absolute turn on. I masturbated with soapy fingers, coming almost immediately.

I pulled on the hotel's bathrobe over my body, nothing under it since my clothes needed to be rinsed off the sand. Michael went in next and I sat on one bed, rolling another joint to add to the stock, watching her as she sat on a chair doing the same.

She rose from the chair after pinching the top of the weed she'd just finished rolling and walked to the table where we had laid down the joints. Instead of returning to the chair, she sat on the bed beside me.

"So, did I make you happy?" she asked.

I managed to laugh. Incredibly, I felt my cock beginning to rise. "You bet!"

She tilted her head to one side. "Was it the first time a foreigner sucked your cock?"

"Yeah, it was. And believe me, it was really good."

"You have never fucked a white girl before?"

"No, that I haven't, Steffi," I replied truthfully.

She nodded, looking satisfied in a strange kind of way. "You'll like it, I hope."

"Without exception, I will," I replied.

She leaned towards me and kissed me, her lips soft and yielding. I opened my mouth and explored her tongue. Her arms went around my shoulders and mine crept up to her tits.

I heard her moan into my mouth as I managed to shove one hand into her bra from the top of her silk robe. I squeezed the mound of flesh, delighted by its size and softness.

She pushed me away with a sigh. "I too have never been fucked by a colored man." She said it plaintively.

Michael came out of the bathroom, humming a tune, apparently in a very good mood now that we would be attacking the pot.

"Come on, Shyam, lets get things rolling," he yelled, sitting on the bed on the other side of Steffi.

Each one of us picked up a joint and set them up.

"Your pussy tastes real good," he muttered conversationally, blowing out a stream of smoke through his mouth.

"And my stud's cock was so sweet," she smiled seductively.

"Hey, pal, you ever make it with a white girl before?"

There was no point in telling them that I had never fucked, period.

"I already asked him, and he hasn't, not until now," she laughed, leaning to her side and sliding her hand up my robe till it curled around my cock.

"I hope that was good," he said, glancing at her sudden movement. "Why don't you take his cock out?"

She did. She just had to push my robe up over my thighs till they were bunched around my waist. My cock leaped out and she reached for it again. I watched it getting harder as she began to fondle it.

"You are not circumcised!" he was surprised that I wasn't.

I merely shook my head. To them, this kind of casual conversation under similar situations may not have been uncommon, to me it was. Try as hard as I could, I just couldn't keep my damned erection down. I stole a glance at Michael and found that he was remarkably cool, which considering the circumstances we were in, was quite commendable.

Or, maybe, I thought, it might have to do with the fact that I never had done this before. Damn it, this was my first real experience; I had never fucked a girl in my life before, and apart from those few clumsy times with sisters and cousins involving mutual jerking off and fondling of organs and genitals, my cock had never been inside a pussy. For that matter neither had it ever been inside a mouth.

"Why the hell are we dressed up anyway?" he roared and whipped off his robe, revealing his semi-turgid cock.

Steffi released my dick and keeping the weed firmly clenched between her lips, lifted her ass off the bed and pulled away her silk robe, emerging in her flimsy panties and bra. The thin material of the bra, I thought was doing a commendable job of containing her large heavy tits, which threatened to tumble out anytime. When she bent down to pull off her panties, those tits almost did spill out, but incredibly, the bra held.

"Keep that on," I was surprised to find myself telling her that. Somehow, the sight of her half naked tits seemed to be more erotic to the eye.

She smiled seductively, the weed dangling from her lips. "You like?"

I nodded dumbly, "Yes. I like"

They laughed as he sat back on the bed. She reached out again, this time with both her hands, taking hold of my cock with one and his with the other.

"Look how the skin covers his glans when you pull up, baby," he told her. For a moment afterwards, I became uncomfortable as the two of them inspected my cock as if it were a piece in an exhibition.

"I loved its taste," she declared finally, pushing down the skin to expose the glans, which were now dripping with my pre-cum.

For a while, none of said anything. I watched her fists moving gently, almost lazily up and down our shafts. She continued to drag in smoke and exhale with the weed still held between her red lips.

For the first time, I got a glimpse of her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to note that she had a completely shaven pussy. Since her legs were slightly parted, I could see the labia, the thick lips there and the hooded clitoris. This was the first time that I had the opportunity of examining a woman's cunt so close up, and I agreed to myself that it was exhilarating.

She was still smiling when she spread her legs further, aware that I was staring at it so closely. She crushed the weed in the ashtray, then slowly, tantalizingly ran a finger of the hand that had been fondling his cock, right over her slit, while continuing to fondle my dick with her other hand.

The two of us watched her intently, and then she was spreading her cunt lips apart, as if she wanted to display what lay inside it. I dropped one hand onto her smooth thigh, sliding up, fingers extended, till they reached the exotic spot.

As she spread those lips apart, I gently slid my middle finger inside her. It was wet and hot and I felt her cunt snapping at my finger. Almost in awe, I began to move my finger in and out of her pussy.

I felt Michael's hand brushing mine and then, he was rubbing her protruding clit that had by now erected, his finger rotating teasingly.

With the first tokes inside us, we explored and probed her cunt as she laid back, her knees spreading and lifting up off the ground, sighing approvingly as she did so, moving her hips ever so slightly. Both her hands were engaged in slowly masturbating our cocks, mine at full mast, his, still semi-erect.

She turned her head to me. "Kiss my mouth."

I leaned toward her, bending from the waist. I kept my mouth open so that when I kissed her, all she had to do was shove her tongue in. She moaned as I crushed my mouth against hers, and without realizing it, the movement of my finger inside her became more insistent, more urgent.

"I think you better let him fuck you now," he told her, giving her clit a final hard rub and moving over to the end of the bed.

"So," she purred, after drawing her mouth away from mine and giving my cock a quick squeeze, "Are you ready to fuck?"

In reply, I stood up beside the bed, facing her. Bending down, I pushed the straps of her bra down over her shoulders, watching her tits tumble out. I let the bra hang there just below her tits. I grabbed her by the tits, leaning further to kiss her mouth, groaning when I felt her hands taking hold of my swollen cock, rubbing the tip against the soft flesh of her tits.

The pot must have helped because I had never believed that I could manage to hold my juice under such circumstances. At other times, just a vision of a naked girl taking hold of my cock would be enough to make me come.

I pushed her back so that she fell across the bed, her knees still over the edge, feet planted on the floor. Her blond hair framing her face, tits heaving and legs apart, she sure was one hell of a sexy sight.

Clumsily, I lay down on top of her, my hands clutching her tits. She put her arms around my neck so that I could kiss her mouth again. The lower part of my body was now between her legs and I had to push my hands from the side to get to her tits, which were mashed against my chest.

Michael pulled his feet off the ground and rested his heels on the bed, one hand on one bent knee, the other idly stroking his tumescent prick. He was watching us intently, a bemused expression on his face.

I thrust my hips towards her not wanting to let go of her mouth. I felt her hands traveling down my back and then sliding between our bodies, searching, obviously for my cock. I lifted slightly off her body so that she could find it. I gasped when she rubbed the glans against her cunt lips.

I was sort of bent over the bed and therefore my heels were still firmly on the ground. I felt her legs wrapping around my waist and realized that she had lifted her legs.

I thrust forward again and she drew her head back from mine and whispered, "Easy, easy...here, let me put you in"

I bent down to take one rosy nipple into my mouth, squeezing both her tits now. It was as if I just couldn't let go of her even for a second. I felt like devouring her.

"Now, baby, now, push your cock inside," she whispered.

I slammed my hips down. "Ahhhhh...oh god, you are so hot!" I shouted when I felt my cock enter her wet cunt. It was like dipping into a tub of boiling oil; she wasn't very tight, at least not as tight as her mouth or fist had been, but god, was she hot! I felt like my balls were on fire.

"Now, now, fuck me, oh yes, fuck, fuck, fuck me," she began to lift her hips even as I started to slam into her. Her legs dug into my ass and her nails clawed into my skin of my back. I threw my head back, tightening my hold on her tits, as I fucked her, hard, fast and furious.

I felt the skin of my cock sliding to and fro against the wall of her cunt and when I plunged down, I could hear my balls slap against her inner thighs. I felt her cunt squeeze and suck at me.

She began to move up and down incredibly against me. I jerked convulsively, unable to resist the power of her muscular strokes along my cock.

I knew I couldn't last, the temporary anesthesia of the cock surface caused by the pot and the booze were gone and suddenly, I wanted to let go. I wanted to last longer, but her extraordinary skill in sucking my cock with her cunt muscle made me feel light-headed and I tingled with pleasure.

She drew up her knees and opened her legs further apart.

"C'mon, you fucker, fuck my cunt, harder, oh god, yes, fuck me now," she said through clenched teeth.

"Oh god, Steffi, I can't hold it back, oh, god," I told her in a voice I couldn't recognize myself.

"Don't, don't hold back, stud, just fuck like this till you come," she panted.

I was gone, that, I knew. But strangely, I wasn't gone far enough not to have realized that I shouldn't maybe come in her cunt. So when I felt my juice reach the boiling point, I suddenly pulled back to completely withdraw my cock from her cunt.

"Ahhhhh...ugghhh...g-g-od, oh shit, here it comes, oh my god, Steffi, here, here," I chanted idiotically.

Her hands flew up and I felt her clutch the base of my cock in one fist and jerking off the rest of the shaft with her other hand. I clutched her big tits and opened my eyes, looking down at the sight of her hand moving rapidly back and forth over my cock. And then, with a loud scream, I erupted.

I saw my cream spurting out of my cock, landing on her belly. She moved my cock around to let the stuff plaster her thighs and her slit. My body jerked and my breath whistled in sharply every time my cock convulsed to ooze out the spray.

Though I must have squirted about four or five times, I thought I was unloading by the buckets. The amount of juice that I ultimately deposited on various parts of her body wasn't all that much.

She pulled on my cock, coaxing out as much of the sperm as she could, and then, I fell down on the bed on top of her, absolutely drained and thoroughly exhausted.

"Oh my," she murmured, running her hand, which was smeared with a bit of my sticky juice, over my back. "You really needed that! It must have been ages since you last fucked!"

If only she knew! I thought tiredly, rolling over so that I was lying beside her. We lay side by side on the bed. From waist down, we were technically on the floor since our heels rested on the carpet.

"Hey, it's not over yet," I heard Michael yelling from the corner. "What a damn good performance! Its my turn, baby, I want to fuck you from behind"

I rolled over and over till I was at one corner of the bed and watched him get off the bed. Even as he approached her, (I could see that his cock had assumed enormous proportions) she simply rolled over too, lying on her stomach now.

I watched him arrange himself behind her. Her legs separated again and he reached down to pull her ass cheeks apart. One of her hand appeared from between her legs and I saw her fingers spread her cunt lips. I could also see beads of my juice dripping from her body.

He bent down, adjusting his height to get his cock in line with her cunt, his hands holding her ass cheeks firmly. Satisfied that the height was correct, he grasped his tool and pushing his hips forward, let his dickhead rub her cunt lips.

"Oh god, don't play around, fuck me now," she exclaimed.

She sort of semi-knelt on the bed, her tits hanging down with great sensuous weight, her knees apart, blond hair all over her face

He chuckled, but instead of penetrating her, kept the agony going. He reached down and pulled her shoulders. She raised that part of her body to allow him to take hold of her hanging tits and knead them. He pulled, squeezed and pinched on them till she began to groan with pleasure, wriggling her hips, thrusting herself back toward him.

"Oh god, please, Michael, don't just fuck around with your cock, fuck it in me, please," she implored.

Finally, he grunted as he slammed forward. I saw his cock disappear inside her cunt to the hilt, pushing her body down against the bed. His hands left her tits and clamped the sides of her hips. He held this position till she began to push her hips back towards him. He waited till only his cock head remained in, then, swiftly and brutally, he lunged forward and down again, making her gasp.

I watched them twist and struggle and squirm; and then, she was on her fours on the bed and he was kneeling behind her, still holding her hips, plunging in and out in long swift strokes.

They were facing me and I could see her face contorted with pleasure. Her eyes were open and she was staring at me sightlessly. Her mouth was open too. He looked at me from above her writhing body and winked at me, smiling at the same time.

"Come on stud," he called out without interrupting the rhythm he had set, "I see you are getting hard again. No point in jerking off, huh?"

This was getting better and better, I thought. My fantasy of fucking a white girl had come true. I had received one hell of a blowjob from her earlier. And now, as I got to watch this girl getting rammed from behind by her boyfriend, I was being invited to join them!

She suddenly seemed to realize I was there, not a couple of feet away from her. Her tits jiggling and swaying under his onslaught, she managed to smile at me.

"C'mon, you fucker, come here and stick that lovely black cock into my mouth. I want to taste you again."

Still on my knees, I crept to them, holding my now partially erect dick in my hands. She put the flats of her palms on the bed and straightened up so that when I reached her, my cock was almost in level with her mouth.

I put one hand around her head to steady her (it was tricky as he never for one moment slowed down) and with my other hand I brushed the glans across her lips. I made as if I wanted to shove my cock up her nostrils, and then, rubbed it over her ears. I laid the length of the cock against her cheek and rubbed there.

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