"Come here baby. Give me what's mine." he said. So I did. I straddled him, nothing but my thin panties between us. He clawed at my thighs and hips before digging his fingers into my back and shoulders as I kissed him. His kisses were needy and urgent and so so passionate. I felt him stir between us as we kissed and as the kisses got longer and more urgent, he hardened against my clit. I wanted him right then, but this had to be done his way. So, I just enjoyed that feeling. The feeling that he needed and wanted me more than anything or anyone else in that moment.

Then something changed in his kisses. Something was coming, I just didn't know what.

He picked me up and laid me down on my back as if I weighed nothing. Still kissing. Still needing. I felt him on my throbbing pussy... pushing, but never entering. And we kissed. Those few moments seemed to last forever and are seared into my brain. Every touch. Every taste. His smell. He guided my legs around his waist and I held on as he loved me. Biting at my neck and nipping my lips as his hands roamed my body from my thighs to my face and finally fisting in my hair to pull me closer, his dick pushing and rubbing against my aching pussy. Finally he pulled back and pushed my legs up, but just when I thought he was going to fuck me, he didn't enter me. He started on one calf...biting...on to my thigh and over to the other leg to repeat. He looked so incredibly sexy with my pale flesh in his beautiful mouth and I couldn't help but wrap my other leg around his shoulders. When he let go I shed my panties. I couldn't wait any longer to feel him against me and he didn't disappoint.

He was so hard and smooth between my legs and as he kissed me he pushed inside...slowly. I felt him inch by inch in a way I don't think I ever had before. Once he was buried inside me his kisses continued. I was so wrapped up in his lips and his eyes that when he pulled out and shoved himself inside me hard and as deep as possible I wasn't ready and it sent spikes of heat from low in my belly through my whole body, everything tingled, and I literally saw stars. I gasped into his mouth and whispered "yeeees Daddy" against his lips as he continued to fuck me and kiss me and love me all at the same time.

Every thrust sent me to the moon and every kiss brought me back to earth. I didn't think it could possibly get any better than this...then he tucked a leg under him and pulled the other up onto his shoulder and drove his dick deeper than I thought possible. I cried out and gripped his chest with one hand and his thigh with the other, urging him to keep his pace. He fucked me with so much need and determination and raw lust. Every thrust sent a shot of pain through me and warmed my entire body. I could hear my pussy, greedily clinging to him, pop when he pulled back. I pouted. I needed him inside me. He grinned wickedly and simply said "Bend over. Now."

I scrambled to assume the position. My favorite position. The second I bent over he was inside me. Gripping my ass and waist and fucking me harder than ever before. All I could do was scream and push back, meeting every thrust of his with one of my own. The pain was so intense as he slammed into my pussy over and over that I lost all sense of any and everything. My words were a garbled mess, each "Oh Daddy" running into the next "Fuck!" until nothing I said came out as anything other than a feral cry of pure ecstasy. Suddenly his pace changed and I felt his hands clamp down on my ass as he let out a guttural growl and thrust harder, emptying himself into me. He stilled and I pushed back, grinding, making sure every drop was emptied into my pussy...his pussy. As I pushed up onto my hands, he leaned forward and bit my shoulder, hard, leaving his mark as he pulled himself from deep inside me and said "Come here baby. Clean him off."

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