His Affair, Her Affair


Neither stirred until late morning. He was stretched out on the bed, his hands behind his head when she came out of the shower. She was wrapped only in a towel and he nodded approvingly.

"I see you're no longer a blonde. Good. I like you better as a redhead."

She laughed. "What was I going to do, shower with the wig on and wash it instead of my hair?"

"I guess not." He sat up, grasped her hand and pulled her down onto the bed. Her struggles were hampered by having to keep on hand at the top of the towel.

"Okay, geesshhhh." She added something in a language he didn't understand but probably wasn't complimentary. "Before you get any ideas there big boy, where's my money?"

He grinned. "I got a twenty dollar bill in my wallet in my pants pocket. That's it."

She sat bolt upright. "What do you mean 'That's it'? You owe me three hundred and fifty damn dollars."

"So sue me." He pulled her arm again and, caught off guard, she fell against him.

"Why you welcher! You MOOCHER! I earned that money." Her face tipped up towards his but the angry expression cracked and she giggled. "I've got a good mind to tell our kids what a cheapskate they have for a father. Or worse, tell your Mom and Dad." She shook her finger at him. "And where the heck did that 'Frigid Bitch' stuff come from? Its a darn good thing I love you Michael Gibson, Jr. or you'd wake up some morning soon tied to the bed and missing your hair. ALL of your hair."

He smothered any attempt to continue the protests with a long deep kiss. Leaning back against the pillows he had piled behind his back, he snuggled his redheaded wife's head on his shoulder.

"Oh, and you said you had a 'Worthless bum' as a husband. Besides, I bet telling Mom and Dad would be futile, Bridget my darlin'. Roger has probably spread the news through the whole family about the hooker and her john that he and his new trainee caught at the No-Tell Motel last night."

The couple shared a deep laugh. "Oh my Gosh, Mikie, I thought he was going to die when he recognized us. If he had not managed to turn those chuckles into 'Coughing Fits' he would have given the whole show away. How he managed to keep a straight face I'll never know."

"Him? I could feel you quaking behind me. And when you buried your face in my back! Don't try to tell me you weren't smothering a giggle fit."

"Oh I WAS. I came closer that he did to blowing it. And HER!" She ran her fingers over her husband's chest and laughed again. "What do you imagine she is going to think when she meets us officially at a Department picnic or the Christmas Ball?"

"Actually," smiled Mike. "No matter what she thinks it won't be as strange as the reality."

"Speaking of reality," Bridget looked at the clock by the bed. ""We're supposed to be at your parents' place for Sunday dinner at one. It's nearly ten now so we better start thinking of getting dressed.."

For an answer, Mike rolled Bridget over under her and commenced to nibbling the side of her neck. "The room's paid up until 11, we can stop by our house on the way and my folks will have taken the kids to Mass with them. So we have lots of time."

"So we do, replied his wife as she moaned a bit at the touch of his lips on her skin. "But can I ask a favor darling?"


"Can I get on top this time?"

(The End)

(Oh, like you've never picked up YOUR wife at a bar dressed as a hooker? Oh, you haven't. Well, *blush*, silly me. Okay, that outfit goes way in the back of the closet between the nurse's uniform and the Catholic schoolgirl outfit. Or maybe its with the WAC Sergeant's outfit with the really short skirt. Or one of my old Police uniforms. I KNOW the fishnets also go with the "French Maid" outfit. Hey there! No peeking!)

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