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His Apartment


I had been seeing my current boyfriend (damn, I hate that term since I'm no longer a "girl," but a woman) for a few months now and I finally got a chance to spend some quality alone time with him in his apartment away from my kids. He was cooking me a meal and we were going to listen to some slow, romantic music, snuggling on the couch after. The meal was delicious and after we cleaned up we put the music on. We sat down on the couch holding each other, our eyes closed just enjoying the soft, slow music. It felt really good to have time with him, just us.

He squeezed me a little tighter and I looked up into his face. We smiled at each other and he lowered his lips to mine. We kissed gently at first, lingering on each others lips, we were in no rush tonight. Our kisses grew deeper, our tongues intertwined in our mouths. Our hands slowly caressing each others chests. I got an idea of something I'd wanted to try but never got around to it. I told him to undress as I did the same. I pulled him to his feet.

I moved into his arms, wrapping mine around him as well. I pressed myself tightly against him and told him to dance with me. As we swayed to the music, our bodies grinding against each other, I could feel myself becoming more aroused, (and by the feel of his shaft growing hard between us, he was too). I couldn't believe just how erotic nude dancing felt. We continued this for quite awhile until I told him to sit in his reclining chair. He did, reclining it fully and I straddled his hips, leaned my face to his and kissed him deeply. Then I remembered something else, this chair has a vibrator.

I told him to turn it on and I could feel the vibrations under my knees. I put my hands on his chest and was surprised that I could feel the vibration coming through his body. I kissed him again with his head resting against the back of the chair and could feel the vibrations in his mouth. By this time I'm totally turned on and my pussy was wet with anticipation.

I lowered myself onto his eight inch joy stick, taking all of it in and my crotch tight against his body. I gasped, I could feel the vibrations not only going through his body to my clit but also through his shaft deep inside me. While he sucked on my tits, I started slowly raising and lowering myself on him. The feel of the him inside me was intense. I started riding the hell out of him hard and fast. He couldn't hold it any longer and spewed his hot juices deep inside me. I continued to sit on him, kissing him, enjoying the vibrations still going through him into me. He didn't get soft, so we decided to take it to the couch.

I laid down and he immediately placed his face between my legs and shoved his tongue deep inside me, rubbing my clit with his nose. He licked every crevice of my pussy while finger fucking me. Lightly sucking my clit. My hips arch as a loud moan escapes my lips, I explode in a huge orgasm. Now it was my turn.

I start nibbling and sucking on his nipples. Slowly I work my way down his body. I grab his erect cock in one hand as I lower my watering mouth to his meat. I savor every lick. Up, down, around the rim of the head until I take the head in my mouth poking the small opening with my tongue. I suck lightly on just the head at first, then pull as much of his shaft in as well. He holds my head and fucks my mouth. I could tell by his breathing, I'd better stop.

He positions himself on top of me and thrusts his throbbing cock deep inside me. He pounds me so hard I thought he might hurt himself, his balls slapping against my ass. I pull him tightly against me, my fingers and nails digging into his back and arms, drawing a little blood. He erupts once again, filling my hole with his seeds. We stay in each others arms, our sweaty bodies tight together. As we allow our fast heartbeats and breathing to slow his juices start oozing out of me all over his couch. We hold each other what seemed like forever.

I open my eyes and glance at the clock. Shit, I have to head home to my kids now. This night went by way too fast. We get dressed and kiss tenderly at the door. "I love you," he said.

"I love you too," I say. We hug tightly and as I'm walking to my car, I vow to make more time for him and me alone real soon.

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