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His Awakening


It was the heat that surprised Alex most, how her body generated so much of it even in the cool water of her pool. He could feel it before his hands touched her skin, radiating from her almost like the shimmering waves that ripple in the distance off a July afternoon's steamy road.

The sense was heightened by a chill that nearly chattered his teeth. He was an 18-year-old whose entire knowledge of a woman's nude body had been gleaned from two by-chance glimpses of his sister, one year his senior, and from the half-dozen Playboys he buried among the car magazines in his messy closet.

Alex had always enjoyed the company of the woman he'd long known as Mrs. Tanner, one of his mother's best friends. She lived two streets over in their quiet suburban neighborhood, on her own since her divorce of two years ago. He was delighted that she hadn't moved, having kept the bungalow as part of the settlement, as he was clearly happy to often see her in his home, sharing coffee and laughing easily with his mother.

Mrs. Tanner – Jane, as she'd recently encouraged him to call her – had always made time for Alex. She'd watched over him when he was a young boy, though never once did he hear her say "babysit." She later put him to work cutting the lawn, raking the leaves, shovelling the walk and doing odd jobs inside, always paying him a few dollars more than the chores were worth.

Now, as he was about to start college, every one of these dollars was golden. It was easy money, casual fresh-air labor he enjoyed. But more precious to him was the woman who pressed the cash into his palm. He'd grown to see her in a different light, and now he appreciated her in an entirely new way.

She remained a mother figure in a fashion, and that was a curiously arousing thing. He knew only that Jane was a couple years younger than his mother, putting her in her mid-40s. She wore her age with ease and elegance, with a confidence that showed she liked both where she was and where she was going. He guessed her at about 5-foot-4, given that she came up to just below his chin.

He saw a lot of Jane, a nurse who worked nights. She took scrupulous care of herself, from her black hair that tumbled to her shoulders, tossed lightly in a shaggy mane, to the polished toenails in her sandals. On a hot day, like today, she wore a ponytail that swung rhythmically when she walked, each step baring her neck. Her blue-green eyes sparkled when she smiled, which seemed to be always, a smile that appeared to lift her high cheekbones and reveal two wonderful dimples, the left more pronounced than the right.

But there was more to her, too. Alex's adolescence was yielding to manhood, and with it came a sexual awakening, his hormones rushing off like a lead-footed teenage driver who thus far had found a red light awaiting him at every intersection.

He now took thorough note of her body and, when she was near enough, her scent. He felt an almost violent rush deep within himself when he did. Jane dressed for comfort in form-hugging jeans and T-shirts in summer, thick wool sweaters in the fall and winter. Both looks suited her equally.

But now it was the dead of July and she was keeping her house cool. Alex hadn't failed to notice that the central air had the most dramatic effect on them both – the coolness took his breath away, especially on those days when she wore a thin white cotton shirt that clung snugly to breasts that didn't need a bra, stretching tightly enough that in chilled air she made a pointed, obvious impression.

These thoughts, and more, were swirling in Alex's head as he mowed Jane's sprawling front yard. He was pushing the machine back into her garage when she came into view wearing sandals, a billowing patterned wrap around her waist and a modest aquamarine bikini top. Her stylish sunglasses did little to hide the smile in her eyes.

"I had no idea it was this hot, honey, or I'd not have asked you to work today," she said lightly, stepping into the garage behind him.

Jane had used casual terms of endearment in addressing Alex since he'd been a boy. It was an affection that sounded wholly natural, and now, more than ever, he enjoyed their sound.

"Better today than tomorrow," he replied. "They're calling for three days of rain."

"You look very hot. Come in for an iced tea, at least?"

"I'm pretty grungy," Alex said. He could feel the wetness down the back of his gray singlet, the product of his labor in the midday sun. He was fit, lean, nicely muscled, and he was growing, by the day, into a man's body and mind.

"No matter," Jane said, shaking her head. "I insist. Please, come inside."

Alex followed her into the foyer, kicking off his grassy sneakers in the garage. Her home was spotless, as usual, and the sunroom off the kitchen was opened onto the pool deck. She cherished the back yard, a supremely private little oasis that was guarded on all sides by 12-foot cedars. When she sunbathed topless, only the very fortunate birds were treated to the view.

"Here you've been working, and I've been lazing about, sitting in the sun," Jane said, scolding herself as she pushed her sunglasses to rest on the top of her head. She cracked a few cubes of ice into a chilled tumbler and filled it with iced tea from a pitcher in the fridge.

"Now... drink up."

She handed Alex the glass, and her fingers sent a current of electricity through his when they touched and lingered for just a moment.

"Thank you, Jane. You're very kind."

"And you are very welcome," she said, pouring herself a glass. "If you're not in a hurry, let's sit out in the shade and talk."

He was two steps behind her out onto the deck, watching her ponytail swing, and she beckoned him into a lounge chaise, sitting across from him. The sun was at Jane's back, as she settled and took a long sip of her iced tea.

"So you start school in a few weeks?" she asked him, and Alex outlined in great detail his plans to become an engineer. All the while he struggled to maintain eye contact. There was so much of Jane he wanted to study, and she knew it.

She knew she was at least partly responsible for his shortness of breath, and she also knew this: Alex wasn't the only one now with a need to explore.

Before her sat a young man with his entire life in front of him; a young man whose body had a mind of its own. She relished the idea that he was turning uncomfortably in his chair, crossing his legs in a vain attempt to disguise his interest, even as she felt a growing ache inside herself.

"Honey, I think I'm going go for a dip," Jane said at last. "Want to join me?"

She interrupted him before he could reply.

"Don't worry about a suit. Your shorts are fine."

Jane stood and stretched languidly, pulling the wrap from around her waist and shaking out her ponytail. Her aqua bikini set off her sun-kissed skin perfectly, and she politely pretended not to hear the short gasp a few feet away on the deck.

Alex rose from the chaise, giving silent thanks he was wearing his baggiest shorts as he pulled his singlet up and over his head. He followed Jane down the steps into the pool and with a few efficient pulls of his arms was at the wall in the deep end, awaiting her.

"I remember when you needed water-wings," Jane said, laughing softly, pulling her wet hair back when she reached him. "You should go out for the swim team."

He laughed at her praise. The fact is, in a two-length race, she'd easily kick his behind. He was as buoyant as a rock.

Their hips touched beneath the water, and neither moved to break the contact.

From her lacquered toes, the words rose in Jane until they escaped her lips.

"Honey," she said, "you've become quite a young man. All these years, getting to know you, and now here you are, off to university, girls in your back pocket."

Alex swallowed hard and cleared his throat.

"The truth?" he replied. "I don't have a girlfriend, Jane. Not now. And never anyone serious enough to have, well..."

His words trailed off as Jane slowly paddled out in front of him, sculling her arms just hard enough to keep her head above the surface. Her feet touched his, and then she reached out and took his shoulders for support.

"Alex," she began. "Not well enough to have..."

He shook his head wordlessly, embarrassed and ashamed in equal measure, his expression conveying a meaning she surely understood. She moved to wipe this look away.

Jane pulled herself toward him and let her hands slide down until her fingers were linked behind his back.

"Honey, my heavens, this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you must know, I think it's kind of sweet."


"Yes. Sweet. Any girl would be truly lucky to enjoy you – to please you first."

She paused, wondering if she'd let the rest of the thought be heard. And then she did.

"Alex, I know I would."

She felt him shivering in her arms, and pulled him closer still. There was no mistaking his arousal. Jane felt it full and hard, bulging in his athletic shorts. She was impressed, flattered. And now she wanted more. She didn't merely want Alex. She wanted him first.

She touched her lips to the sparse hair that matted at his sternum, feathering kisses on his chest as she took one of his hands and slipped it down behind her back, cupping her behind. His hand froze, and she patted it. Jane was almost weightless in the deep water, and it took no effort to support her.

"Honey, I almost never wear this when I swim," she said playfully. "Do you mind?"

With a twist of her wrists behind her back, almost floating on his hand, Jane unhooked her top and let it slide off her breasts. They looked down together to see it floating on the surface in front of them, slowly being pushed away by a circulation jet.

"Yes, that's better," she said, reaching down and squeezing his hand on her behind.

Alex was mesmerized, speechless at the suddenness of what was happening. He had also not been more aroused in his young life. His gaze had become a wanton stare, locked on Jane's bare breasts. They were more gorgeous than anything he'd seen in any magazine.

Tiny waves rose and fell around her as their bodies moved together, cresting just below her areolae that were contracted in the cool water. They were a dusty rose, the size of silver dollars, a pebbled platform for her nipples which pushed sharply outward toward him, distended.

"Jane," Alex began, almost in a whisper.

"Honey, shhh," she said, towing him slowly in her arms back to the shallow end. "No one can see. We're completely alone." They reached the other end.

"Here. Up. Sit up on the edge of the deck." Her lips brushed his almost before he puckered.

Jane marvelled at the cut of Alex's triceps as he pushed himself out of the water. He had the strength and insecurity of youth, two splendid qualities, and he was quite obviously erect in his shorts, Jane's wide, admiring eyes giving him a courage to obey her every word. She was standing now, no longer needing to tread water, and her body was out of the pool from just above her navel. He thought he was going to faint as she pushed his thighs gently apart and moved closer.

"Alex, I want to make you feel very good. I want you to relax. Trust me, honey. Just relax. And trust."

He nodded meekly as Jane's hands reached to the waistband of his shorts, pulling the drawstring until the bow popped open. He'd fantasized about this woman for a long time. The thought of her had kept him up more than one night, in more ways than one. And now, her hands were busy at his waist, and he felt as though the blood in his body was near a boil.

There was no need for words now. Alex groaned as Jane reached to the legs of his shorts, tugging them gently in a signal he understood. He pressed himself up enough for her to pull them down his thighs, wet nylon on a wet body not moving easily. She was making progress when she was startled by the loud smack of hard skin on hard skin, and her eyes moved up to see Alex leaning back, holding his breath, as his shorts slipped past his knees to his calves.

The smile that lit up Jane's face erased any inhibitions Alex might have had. He was entirely new at baring himself before a woman, no less one he worshipped... no less with his body in this excited, even frantic state.

"Oh, baby," Jane murmured, rubbing her hands up and down his firm thighs. "You are gorgeous."

Alex was as hard as freshly milled steel, his engorged cock having slapped loudly free of his shorts onto his stomach. It seemed a swollen compass needle pointing as though his navel were his magnetic north pole, and it was twitching involuntarily, throbbing with every rapid beat of his heart.

He tried to speak, but words would not come. Jane said nothing in reply, having been taught as a girl that it's impolite to speak when her mouth was full. She was voracious, a very oral woman who was now being offered a feast, and she took one long, tantalizing lick from his balls, almost smooth and contracting tight to his body from the cool water, to the bloated crown of his exquisitely cut cock, following one prominent vein that meandered the full length of his shaft.

Alex trembled in delicious near-seizure, reaching forward with one hand, pushing his fingers through Jane's wet hair. She looked up his flat stomach, over a broadening chest, past his quivering lower lip to his gray eyes that spoke with an urgency no word could convey.

Yes, she thought, I will be the first to please this young man.

"Relax," she repeated softly. "Trust."

His eyes rolled as his head slumped back, and Jane exhaled a warm, moist breath on his manhood. She took him in her hand, wrapping her fingers incompletely around his girth, and began a slow stroking motion, opening her mouth at the tip, lapping at the plump head.

Jane heard Alex's whimpers, a soft cry of unspeakable bliss, and responded with a busier hand, knowing he had neither the experience nor likely the desire to prolong his pleasure. She reached to his balls and kneaded them, rolling them in her palm, and eased the length of his cock over her tongue and deep into her mouth, almost swallowing him whole.

Already Jane could sense his end was near, his cock swollen fat behind the head, and she increased the pressure, her lips forming almost a vacuum seal as she drew him in. Her loose fist worked in perfect rhythm, pushing down to his base, feeling the brush of his wet blond hair on the heel of her hand with each downstroke.

Surely Alex heard her arousal by now, the low growl deep inside her as brought him nearer his climax. Jane wanted it all: to see his orgasm, to taste it, to feel the heat of his yield on her body.

"That's it, honey, let yourself go," she encouraged him. "Cum for me now... let me see you. Let me feel you." Her hand was pistoning over his length, slick with her saliva, his balls slapping up with each full stroke.

And Alex reached his end not with a slow, inexorable buildup, but an explosion whose timing he could not control. Its sudden fury caught Jane by surprise, his first spurt arcing to her collarbone, just beyond the reach of her tongue.

But she was ready for the second, and felt it splash at the cleft of her chin, to her lower lip. She aimed lower as she stroked, targeting a creamy pulse just above her right nipple. Soon it was an opaque river, curling around the erect nub and tracing down the soft skin, a few thick drops falling into the pool.

Alex saw none of it, his eyes squeezed shut, chewing on a knuckle so he wouldn't wake the dead. Jane devoured him, pushing her mouth onto him, digging her nails into his thigh. He continued to throb, more weakly, the last of his orgasm oozing onto her tongue. She savored his thick consistency, his bittersweet taste, and inside her body raged, an overwhelming affection for the young man she had just taken to another place for the first time in his life.

Like liquid, Alex slipped off the edge of the deck, trembling, and into Jane's embrace. His strong arms enveloped her, pulling her tight, and he felt her nude torso pressed to his. He was sobbing quietly, every emotion drained.

'Honey," Jane said, finally, stroking his cheek, her own breath still short, "you are incredible."

She took his hand and placed it on her left breast and said, "Feel me."

Her heart was pounding wildly, its machine-gun beat keeping pace with his own.

"Feel you," Alex repeated. "Yes. Yes."

He spread his fingers and closed them, looking down to see a protruding nipple. And then he leaned in and kissed Jane long and full on the lips, her head in his other hand. He would never forget this moment, and now, he needed this woman more than life itself.

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