tagNonHumanHis Cajun Moon Ch. 05

His Cajun Moon Ch. 05


Storms are brewing in the north and the south. Darrell, the Hansons, the LeRouxs and Lizzy.


Back in Chicago

Antonio Vega or as Evie Gorder knew him, Darrel Smith silently sat behind his imposing desk and watched the Chicago sky darken. This disrespectful bitch, Evangeline, was really starting to piss him off. He tried to play the nice guy but apparently she didn't like that. He immediately growled out his frustrations. She was the only source of frustration for him and she was beginning to become a major one. Vega had walked into the high end furniture/manufacturing business looking to make connects and maybe bribe someone that worked there to help him smuggle his drugs into the country from his native country Venezuela. As the head of the Vega Cartel family, he prided himself on a few things. The first was being able to get his product into the country without getting caught and the second was seizing any and every advantage when he saw one. Vega thought that he could easily pay any man off or seduce any woman that worked at the store to get what he needed.

His plans only solidified when his eyes first landed on her. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She had smooth brown skin and long hair, all he could imagine doing was pulling her hair until her scalp hurt. That thought made him instantly want to bend her over one of those ten thousand dollar couches and fuck her into submission. The way she sensually moved around the store drove his lust higher and her total unconsciousness of it fed it even more. He put on pleasantries and began to engage her. At first she was weary of him but that didn't detour him. Using one of his aliases he dropped a considerable amount of money on some furniture and on she began to get comfortable with him and he finally secured a date.

Once out of the store he had his men do a thorough background check on her. Vega always made sure that he had enough dirt on any of the people he proposed to get involved with beforehand. By the time their date had rolled around his men found almost nothing on her. She was as clean as freshly fallen snow. No record, no jail time, no DUIs, she didn't even have a damn speeding ticket. She had no family to speak of and the only people his men had saw her with were two other black women around her age. There records were just as plain as hers. The only thing that stood out to him was her bank accounts he had obtained through some connections. She was rich as hell. It showed that she had twenty million dollars sitting there in the bank, which was just sitting there accumulating interest. The back-story was that her father had built some company from the ground up and when he died, he left it to her and his wife. And when the mother died she sold the company and had the money put into bank accounts.

His fortune was vast on it's own but why use his money when he could steal hers. The plan was to seduce her; he was looking forward to doing that anyway, and then get his hands on her money. He had even thought about keeping her alive and having her as a mistress if the pussy was good. His men told him that she hadn't had any male companions in awhile so he didn't have to kill anyone yet. After there first date, he became obsessed with her. He quickly figured out that she would never help with the smuggling. She was so innocent and naïve it was laughable. Because of that he actually held off from bedding her, she was a like a damn frightened rabbit whenever he brought up sex. Fuck, he could have sworn she was a virgin.

Looking back, Vega thought that had been where he went wrong. In his abstaining from her, he genuinely became infatuated with her and thought everything was going well. To his utter surprise she felt differently. Three months, three fucking months his simple infatuation had turned into obsession. It wasn't just about the money anymore. No, it was so much more than that. She had the gall to deny him. HIM! Antonio Jose Vega! But that was soon to be remedied. The nice guy was gone instead the resident psychopath was now in the building. When his men found her he was going to teach her a thing or two about her grievous mistake. Maybe he would start with those two friends of hers, Michelle and Chelsea. He sneered in distain. Those two little slut whores had put there noses into his business and had him kicked up of a club. Those bitches would pay and pay dearly. Maybe he would let her watch as he had his crew rape and kill those sluts so she understood who really held the power in their relationship. That was when they had a relationship one that she would regret snubbing her nose at and she would regret it very soon.

He was so mad that night that he ended up personally killing the bodyguards that threw him out that night. Putting two bullets each in those two jackasses only did so much to appease his temper. Yes, they would be back with her any minute now. He would then show her who was running things and to whom she belonged. His dick was getting hard at the thought of what he was going to do to her once she got here. Vega's sex drive had been on over load and he had his men bring him women that looked like Evangeline to appease his appetite. That wasn't working anymore and the last one they brought him... he killed. He fucked her from behind because he didn't want to see her face and as he came he roared out Evangeline's name. After collapsing on the bed next to the woman his thought never left Evangeline. The woman rolled over and in her lust filled haze and mumbled something about her name not being Evangeline. It was Kim, she had said. And that's when he snapped. He pounced on her and choked the life out of her before she could even put up a struggle.

The thought of that actually turned him on. That's what he was going to do to her when she got there. He was going to have her spread eagle on his desk fucking her while he choked her. No, he wasn't going to kill her but the thought of having her life in his hands made his dick twitch. She was going to be around for a long time. He even liked the idea of fucking her every chance he got until she became pregnant. Vega was 35, a perfect time as any to start have a family he thought twistedly. Picturing her round with his child had his dick throbbing. Life was looking up for him all of a sudden and he couldn't help but smile as he absently adjusted him self, he slacks were becoming unbearably tight. But he would have them off in a minute so it was ok for the moment.

Antonio was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't hear when his top man Carlos came into his office. Carlos came in with two other top lieutenants and cleared his throat letting Vega know that they were back. Vega was smiling when he turned around in the chair and Carlos and the other two men took a step back. He knew that his boss was about to unleash hell. That's why he asked the other two to accompany him in the office to face Vega because once he found out that Evangeline was gone his boss was going to loose it.

Personally he couldn't understand why his boss was obsessed with the timid black women. Yeah she was beautiful but her doe eye innocence and all around boringness turned him off. His boss could do better. He thought Vega was a very powerful man standing at six three, handsome looks and was in perfect shape. All he had to do was snap his fingers and women would fall at his feet. He really hoped that his boss didn't kill the messenger, especially since HE was the messenger. Vega was smiling and looking around them to see where Evangeline was.

"Well where is she?" he asked expectantly. The men behind him immediately began to fidget.

"Boss, she's gone." Carlos said to Vega. No sugar coating shit. Vega's smile fell instantly and he stood up.

"What do you mean she's gone? How could that even be god damned possible?! I thought I told you to have someone watching her at all times!" Vega yelled.

"I did and the man was at his post when we arrived to her place. I was told there hadn't been any activity so far. I knocked on the door but no one answered so I let myself in. By the looks of it she packed a suitcase or two and had left earlier in the morning when the guard was sleep. Her car was still in it's spot so I made some calls and found out that a cab came to pick her up around five this morning." Carlos said. He was just waiting for the explosion to come. But all he was getting was cold stares and silence and that sent chills racing down his spine.

"I had people go to her office and rumor is that she went on a month long vacation but they don't know where. So I immediately had our people trail her two friends. One was at work and the other one was buying traveling luggage. I'm guessing that they are going to meet up with her. There hasn't been any activity yet on her credit cards so if we follow them they will lead us to her. And-" Carlos was cut off.

"Kill the guard and watch those two sluts closely. Once they lead you to her, rape and kill them in front of her then bring her to me. I don't want any fuck ups this time. Get it done now." Vega said with a quiet eerie calmness. He turned away from them effectively dismissing them. His thoughts racing about what he was going to do when got his hands on her. Chain her to his bed, beat her then fuck her. And start it all over again. That was all I could think about to keep calm.

Carlos turned away from Vega and quickly walked out of the room. He sighed in relief once the door was closed. Thank God he didn't pull out this gun a shoot them. Something that is boss was doing a lot of lately. His boss was racking up a serious body count over this woman. Vega's jealously and temper had him on a killing spree. First, it was a man that tried to go after Evangeline aggressively at a coffee shop one day. Carlos had mistaking told his boss every detail about how then man had followed her out of the coffee shop and almost attacked her but was interrupted.

He had the man followed to make sure that the man wouldn't try to come after her again. Once Vega found out he demanded that Carlos give him the man's address. Vega went to the man's mechanic shop one night and killed him. Second were the bodyguards at the club and last was the woman he had picked up at a bar for him. He was really starting to think that his boss was losing it. His normal cold and calculated demeanor was becoming deadlier than usual. Vega was starting to draw attention to himself, which was never good. This had Carlos really worried.


In Mississippi- Hanson Pack

"God damned son of a whore!" Alpha Tobias Hanson shouted to his betas that were sitting at the round table. They had the decency not to look scared by the roar but it sent the omegas that were serving drinks scurrying from the room.

"Just look at what he did to my boy!" He boomed while pointing at his son who was trying his best to look dignified and like he hadn't gotten his ass handed to him. It only underlined the fact that the young Alpha to be was all bark and no bite. His face was still kind of swollen and the vicious looking bite marks were as clear as day on his neck.

Every time Tobias looked at his son his anger inched up that much higher. His plans for becoming the biggest pack in the south were quickly falling apart. And his children incompetence was the cause of it. All they had to do what he said and they would have been well on their way to being one of the most powerful packs in America. Tobias wanted to be just like the Calhouns and the Romanovs.

But, the problems kept mounting first, his daughter couldn't keep Raymond interested enough until the mating ceremony. The little bitch was too busy whoring around here to go and stay with her betrothed. Tobias knew he should have made it a stipulation that Raymond kept her there instead of with her own pack. He knew now that just having one of the beta bitches on LeRoux land was not enough. Now Raymond was claiming that he suddenly found his real mate and had called off the mating with his daughter. He wasn't about to just roll over in defeat. Unlike his worthless son he was going to fight and he was going to win.

When Tobias had got the call from the Baptiste and Eddie he thought for sure that it was hogwash. So he sent his son to go check out the situation and get LeRoux to meet with him. But, that went horribly wrong when his son tried to challenge Raymond. Well Tommy got his ass handed to him and then banned from LeRoux land. FUCK!

Wheels started to turn in his head on how to repair the fucked up situation. Trey his second had been talking about the fight but Tobias hadn't been listening. He interrupted him.

"I don't believe for one second that he his suddenly found his mate. I think that he is just stalling." He said while sitting back.

"One of you omegas go fetch my daughter and tell her I want her here right now " he added to with a flick of the wrist.

"I am too close to my goal to have the wool pulled over my eyes now. I will see these packs joined together and I will be the ruling Alpha of the south."

"Alpha I was just trying to tell you how even though we had them outnumbered two to one they still took down our best betas without so much as breaking a sweat. Rob is still in the infirmary because of his injuries." Trey said almost pleadingly.

"That's why I told you jackasses not to engage them." Tobias bellowed.

"Now Im'ma have to change my plans because of this fuck up" he was about to continue but his daughter walked in.

"You called for me Pa?" Marieanne said not bothering to wait for her father to stop talking to announce herself.

"Yeah, I want you to get some of the females together and go to Raymond's. He is claiming to have found his mate. I don't believe him, so go there and make sure that he know for certain that he mates with you" he said.

"Wait, when did he start claiming this? Why? And what happen to Tommy?" She asked while looking at her brother. Mariette blue eyes took in the sight of her brother, he looked like he had the hell beat out of him and she could only imagine what happened. She looked back at her father announcing that she would be leaving tomorrow and that she would have Ray eating out of her hands amongst other things, and she told her father not to worry and sauntered out of the room to fetch her best betas.


I got more and more nervous every step that we took toward his family. What if they didn't like me? What if they didn't accept me being with Ray?

"Don't start worry now catin. They will like you, how can they not? Besides you are my true mate so they can't deny our right to be together. Not that they would even try that though." He chuckled a little and leaned in and kissed me passionately but briefly.

"Now let's go get this over with so I can get you back in bed." He quickly led the way back down the steps to the front porch. When we got to the porch, I suddenly stopped in shock. There had to be a least 200 people and wolves about 20 feet in front of the porch talking and softly howling amongst themselves. My mouth fell open at the sight. I had never seen anything like it. Ray looked back to see what had stopped me and smiled.

"Now catin, please don't tell me your getting scared on me?" He asked in a quiet voice with a smile on his face. I snapped my mouth shut and looked at him.

"Of course not, but I certainly never seen a sight like this." I said looking back at the sight before me. Now that I had a closer look, I saw women, children and men. Some of the men and women were naked just standing there casually talking. I could feel my cheeks heating up. Then there were the wolves, some were lying on the ground and some were sitting. As I looked closer they were of all different colors and sizes. The smaller baby wolves were the closest to the porch and doing various things. A few looked to be sleeping in a pile, some were scuffling in another pile letting out little growls and yelps and one was actually wrestling with a little boy who looked to be about five. I was about to say something when he started to laugh at what the little wolf was doing to him and I smiled at the joyous sound.

They were the cutest things that I had ever seen. Then I noticed a little girl standing off to the side away from everyone. She was looking at me curiously. The little girl could not have been any older than three or maybe four. Looking at her, something inside me shifted. Her posture was kind of closed like she was trying not to be noticed. She had her arms and hands twisted in front of her and her long black wavy hair was like a cloak around her and she was gently rocking back and forth on her feet. When she noticed me noticing her she immediately looked at the ground. But a couple seconds later she peeked up to see if I was still looking. I smiled at her reassuringly and she returned a small timid smile. After a couple of seconds her smile got bigger and she slowly untangled her arms and steadied her feet. I wanted to know her name so I crooked my finger at her. She looked unsure for a second then slowly started to walk toward me.

As she was getting closer Ray let out a loud whistle to draw everyone's attention. I looked back at him and noticed that John Paul came to join us on the stairs while Lila and Maggie were standing at the base of them. They were smiling at me, Lila even gave me the thumbs up and I laughed a little. Ray had begun his speech.

"Family, friends, I have found my mate." Mentally Ray projected to the pack "I know that Mariette from the Hanson pack was my announced betrothed, this betrothal has been officially broken and the Hanson's have been banned from pack land". He said as he pulled to closer to him giving me a dazzling smile before turning back to the crowd.

"It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to your new Alpha Bitch and my mate, Evangeline." His voice held so much pride and love; I stared at him in awe. This man was my husband and I loved him from the depths of my soul. Then there was suddenly thunderous cheer with loud howls mixed in, that snapped me out of my reverie. I ducked my head in embarrassment at the title and cheers. After awhile they quieted down and Ray began to speak again.

"We have already begun the mating process and we will complete this on the Cajun Moon." He got more cheers with that announcement. The crowd moved closer to the steps and was staring at me in open curiosity now.

"I believe this is the beginning of happiness and prosperity for all." Everyone let out another boisterous cheer at his declaration and he led us down the stairs. The first ones to surround us were his sisters and John Paul.

"Welcome to the family Evie, hope you'll be able to keep up." John Paul said while flashing a devastatingly handsome smile. He got pushed out the way by Lila and Maggie. They engulfed me in a group huge and can you say thunder grip. Lila started talking about how glad she was the Ray had finally found me. And how now she could settle down and finally have some puppies instead of worrying about the mean pack of bitches. It even looked like she was about to cry but I could really tell because it was becoming hard to concentrate with oxygen not being able to go to my lungs and all. Then there was Maggie. She was talking about how she could wait to raid my closet and go to Chicago to catch up on the new fashion trends. So I was pretty sure that they were too busy talking to hear me when I mumbled that I could barely breathe.

Thank god Ray heard me because I didn't think that I would be able to last much longer. He peeled them away from me and I immediately gulped down fresh air. Then I noticed John Paul laughing and got the distinct impression that he was laughing at me. Ray was telling Lila and Maggie that they couldn't touch me if they wanted their arms to remain on their bodies and I was still human which meant I could be hurt from their strength. John Paul was laughing harder by now.

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