tagIncest/TabooHis First Time with Mom

His First Time with Mom


The evening started out innocent enough. Mom and I dropped off my sisters at the Grandparents. Then we stopped by the liquor store and picked up some dinner on the way home. We got home, I made Mom and I a drink. Drinking was allowed for me, as long as I didn't leave the house afterwards. We then settled in, watching tv for the evening, like any other night. Mom had a few more drinks and then before we knew it, late night movies were coming on cable. She had been laying with her head on my lap like she often did and I thought she had fallen asleep. Till she looked up at me and said: "Do you want to watch this one DJ? If not we can change it".

"No it's fine Mom,"

As we watched the first movie, it was called Lady Chatterley's Lovers, I began getting a hard on, which I didn't realize was growing against the back of her head, until she started moving her head against it. Then she grabbed my arm and pulled it across her, with my hand on one of her breasts. I could feel her hardening nipple under the fabric in the palm of my hand, so I started to massage and squeeze it, hearing her softly moan, as we watched the young couple thrash about on the screen.

I felt her hand sliding up the leg of my shorts. First feeling the size of my balls, then moving on to the growing monster that had been trapped behind her head. Wrapping her hand around it, she softly squeezed me. I gasped, as it began twitching and exploded in her hand.

Mom then excused herself to go to bed and I did as well. I didn't get much sleep dreaming about what had happened between us. I even masturbated a couple of times, dreaming it was her mouth that I had cum in.

The next day was full of errands and we were quiet most of the day, not saying much. At dinner Mom asked if something was bothering me. I said, "No. Just a little confused more than anything, about what happened between us last night. I've always thought incest was wrong."

She began to apologize for what had happened, but I stopped her. Telling her I was fine with it, and wished we had gone further. It was then that she smiled, saying, "Oh son I'm so relieved. I've had been worried all day that I had went too far, too soon." We then talked about how long she had been thinking about it. Come to find out, ever since seeing me splash around at the lake with my cousins, over the summer. I told her I had been thinking about her too. But was unsure if I should even ask. I also told her that, she was as beautiful as any woman I could think of.

With dinner over, we cleaned the dishes, and talked some more about what had happened the night before, and what it might be like if we were to continue. We continued to talk until bedtime. She excused herself to take a shower and when she got done, I went to take mine. She told me when I was done to come to her room, she wanted me to put lotion on her back. That was the fastest shower I have ever taken.

On entering her room, wearing my usual night clothes, a pair of gym shorts and nothing else, I found Mom naked, laying on her tummy. She said "Oh good you're finally here. I need you to rub some lotion on my back. It's really dry today. Do you want to?"

The sight of her naked body had me becoming aroused and my throat became dry, as I managed to say, "Sure Mom". She said it felt so good getting massaged while I was rubbing it in and would I mind doing her butt and backs of her legs? I said, "I may as well".

I heard little moans from her as I was doing it, so I just figured it felt really comforting to her. I had given her a massage before, but never with her naked like this. I could feel my hard cock swinging back and forth inside my shorts and occasionally rubbing against the back of her legs. Then to my pleasant surprise, she rolled onto her back and the full beautiful view of her 34D breasts, and red triangle of pubic hair came into view. I tried to control myself, but my cock jerked to life, I felt the precum I was leaking in my shorts.

She said, "Could you finish putting lotion on my front side too?"

I was like "Umm okay". With shaking hands I started with her legs, working my way up, trying not to touch places that I didn't think I should. When I got to her tummy, she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts.

Saying, "You can touch them, they aren't going to bite." she giggled. A soft moan escaped her lips as I began to rub the soft flesh. I felt her bare nipples harden for the first time in my hands. She looked longingly into my eyes, pulled me to her and we shared our first passionate kiss.

She started shifting her legs around, when finally, she took one of my hands and put it between her legs on her now soaking wet pussy. An even longer, deeper moan came from her, as she arched her back and squeezed my hand tightly against her wet sex. Saying, "Forgive me son. It's been so long since I have been touched like this. I'll understand if you want me to stop."

I gave her my answer by taking her hand, and placing it down the top of my shorts. Finding my cock, she pulled it out purring, "Oh god, you are as big as your father." Freeing my cock, she pulled me into her mouth. Swallowing me all the way, until her tongue was licking my balls purring the whole time. I nearly came right there, but her being experienced she could tell I was close, and paused.

Then she pulled me down beside her on the bed, laying me on my back. She looked lovingly into my eyes as she said. "Baby just lay right there, Mom is going to teach you how to make women very, very happy. Something all men should learn." She then placed her leg across my head and began to lower her pussy onto my waiting mouth Reaching down and spreading her pussy open, pointing, touching, and telling me just what to do.

As I began to explore her labia with my tongue. She encouraged me, as she started riding my face, rocking back and forth. Moaning saying, "Oh that's it baby, suck Mommy's pussy, just like that!". She began to grind herself harder onto my probing tongue, forcing it deeper into her pussy, my nose was pounding her clit without mercy. Then she froze and started to shake like she was having a seizure. Her pussy opened up and flooded my waiting mouth with her sweet nectar. Screaming "OHHH FUCK, BABY. Your making MOMMY CUMMMMM. Don't stop BABY OH fuckkkk!!" She groaned, as she grabbed my hair and ground her pussy hard in too my face. Finally collapsing on top of me, gasping for breath.

As she started coming down from her orgasmic high, she raised up and said, "Baby Mommy is going to take care of you now. Just lay back and do what comes natural to you." She bent over with her pussy in my face, pulling my shorts the rest of the way off, and took my cock fully in her warm mouth.

I reach down and grabbed her tits with both hands, and began to squeeze, and tweak her hard nipples. As she began sucking on my cock, I buried my face in her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit. She started bouncing her ass up and down and next thing I know I was licking her puckered asshole too. Which she responded to by grinding it onto my nose.

Time slowed, and what seemed like hours, was only a few minutes before we both reached our orgasm. I flooded her sucking mouth and throat with a huge load of my cum. The first of many in our relationship. As she flooded my face with more of her delectable nectar, only it sprayed out this time all over me, she was shaking like crazy as she convulsed on top of me. Then she managed to get turned around, and laid her head on my arm. As we both shivered, we cuddled, without talking.

Finally she asked if I would like a drink. I said "Sure, sounds great, I could use one." She said she could too.

"Since no one is home but us we can walk around naked, so while I get our drinks, come to the living room, so we can talk."

When she returned, I was sitting in my usual place on the sofa, with my feet up on the coffee table, she handed me my drink, pushed my feet off the table, and took a seat cross legged next to me. Lit a smoke and offered me some of it, I told her I didn't smoke. She said, "Liar, my smokes have been disappearing for months." We both laughed, as I took it.

We began to talk about what had happened. We both agreed that once the Genie had been let out of the bottle, there was no re-corking it. But we did have to have rules about when and where our behavior could happen. Most important dad could never find out, this much was for sure. Even though in a few years I would catch him and my sister coming out of the shed looking guilty, but that's another story. We continued our small talk about sex and how it was safe for me to fuck her without a condom, because she had her tubes tied, after my baby sister had been born. The more we talked the harder my cock got.

When we finally finished our drinks, she grabbed me by my now steel hard cock and led me into the bedroom. Saying "Come on baby we're not done with that thing tonight, maybe not done for the whole weekend. Mother has gone without a young cock like yours for far too long." We got beside the bed. She sat down, and turned her head up to face me, slowly pumping my hard cock, throbbing against her hand with each pump. She pulled me down to her, giving me a long passionate kiss, shoving her tongue deep in my mouth, our tongues dancing around together, as we panted in each other's mouths. She broke our kiss long enough to say, "God I'm going to hell for this." Then pulled me back on to the bed, on top of her. We moved back up onto the bed and she put her legs up on my shoulders, as she guided my cock to the entrance of her wet pussy, and said "We can't turn back after this baby."

"Mom, don't worry. I don't want to turn back."

"Put it in baby, and fuck Mommy. Oh god please fuck me before I change my mind son. Mommy needs to feel that cock of yours deep in her." Every fiber of my body was tingling, thinking about the gift she was giving me. The gift of her body, and that of her sexual knowledge. I slowly shoved my cock into her inch by inch till it was all the way in, pushing hard against her cervix, with still an inch to go. The feeling of being inside my Mom for the first time felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Her tight wetness, wrapping my cock like a glove. Feeling every inch of the vagina that had given birth to me.

She reached around, grabbed my ass and drove me in the rest of the way. She gasped as I felt her pussy start to spasm and her juices start flowing down my balls onto the bed. She started calling me by my nickname DJ, instead of Son, from then on. She had me pound her pussy hard and fast. Being my first time with her and the fact it was my own mother, it wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten.

I drove in hard one last thrust, shooting my hot load of incestuous cum deep inside her. She bucked and bounced against me, with the first warm feeling of my cum flooding her core, sending her over the edge. Digging her fingernails into my ass, screaming "Oh god DJ, Yessssss, give mommy all of your cummm!!" As her pussy spasmed, she ground it against me. I felt her experienced pussy milking me, soaking up my seed, wanting more. I let her legs fall off of my shoulders and lay on top of her.

We cuddled for a minute, catching our breath. I realized I was still hard and hadn't had enough, and began slowly thrusting into her again. She moaned into my ear. "Oh my god I had forgotten what it was like to go more than once", she purred. She wrapped her legs around me, pushing me into the correct angle. So that with each thrust, I was rubbing the head of my cock against her g-spot. Moaning deeply and digging her nails into my back each time I rubbed against it, she showed me how much she liked it.

Reaching out I grabbed her titties in my hands and began sucking on them. Licking and teasing her hard nipples with my tongue. She arched her upper back pushing them at me. Moaning, "Oh god yes baby, like that, nibble softly on them too, Ohhhh god DJ." I felt her tense up, and her pussy start to spasm as another orgasm washed over her. I just continued feeding her hungry pussy my hard cock. While she kept squeezing my cock, she dug her heels into my back, driving me deep inside her, screaming "Ohhh god yessss baby. Fuck mommy harder. FUCKKKKK I'm cumming. OHHH MY GODDDDDD". She thrashed about as I drove my cock into her with long hard strokes.

It seemed like time stood still as I neared my own orgasm. Finally I groaned out loud, "Oh god Mom, I'm cumming, Ohhhhh, fuckkkk!!", as my balls exploded deep in her for a second time. She started having another orgasmic release of her own, driving me in deep, as we felt each pulse of my cock right against her cervix. Throbbing and twitching inside her, our combined cum spilling out onto the bed under us. I collapsed on top of her, as we both panted, softly moaning and caressing each other. I felt like I was rooted in heaven, my still hard cock deep inside her, with no desire to pull out at all.

She was the first one to be able to talk. "Oh god DJ, mommy has been needing that. I can't believe I waited this long. I should have done this months ago, but I knew I had to wait until you were 18."

I remember all I could manage to get out was, "Well as you say Mom, better late than never. And with Dad gone for another month, We can make up for lost time."

She purred into my ear, pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. Only breaking it long enough to say, "Mmmmm, you are so right DJ. So good to me, this is so perfect." Then she realized I was still hard inside her. She pulled her head back and with wide eyes, said. "OHH my god you're still hard??".

I was like "UMM yes I am". This was new to me, I had never jerked off more than twice before it went down. Mom squealed and giggled, as I made it twitch inside of her.

She rolled me off her, saying "Let's try another position.", as she got up on her knees. "It's called Doggie Style. Now get behind me and put that awesome cock of yours back into me. Where it belongs from now on." I took my place behind her, sliding the tip of my hard cock up and down through her soaking wet slit, rubbing it against the hard nub of her clit. Teasing it before I sank my cock into her. My balls thumped against her clit as I slid all the way in. She gasped and moaned loudly. I asked if I had hurt her. She was like, "Oh my god, fuck no. Now grab my hair, and fuck me hard, like you did the first time. I will tell you, when you're too rough."

I felt her reach below, and softly start squeezing my balls, kneading them as I began pounding my cock into her. It seemed like an eternity, though I'm sure it wasn't, as I fucked her through two more orgasms. Her moaning, screaming, ripping at the sheets each time she did. Before I knew it my cock was about to empty into her for a third time. My pace quickened, as I felt her starting to orgasm around my pulsing cock. That was more than I could take, I shoved in deep one more time, as I groaned loudly. My nuts erupted inside her, seeding her hungry pussy for the third time.

We both collapsed on the bed, on our side spooned together. My softening cock still inside her. Her expert muscles continued to milk every last drop out of my cock. There we dozed off to a sleep in each other's arms.

In the early morning, still dark. I woke to Mom softly sucking on my cock, making me hard. I moaned, as she took it down her throat, humming as she did. I reached out in the darkness, running my fingers through her hair. She pulled her mouth off me and said, "Good morning my lover. Just lay back, relax and enjoy." I did just that. She climbed on top of me, straddling my cock, as she slid it back and forth through her wet slit before she slowly sat down on it. Like a sheath on a sword, her velvet glove of a pussy enclosed me.

She rocked forward and back, slowly riding me and grinding her clit against me. Driving herself to the first of two orgasms. Tensing up, I felt her pussy sucking on my cock as each wave of pleasure went through her body. Finally we both came together again. My cock pumping even more of my cum inside her. Then she moaned and collapsed on top of me. Our bodies spent again, we again drifted off to sleep.

I woke late that morning to the smell of coffee and a smoke, and the sight of my Mom propped up on one arm running her fingers through my hair, asking; "Is my man gonna stay in bed all day, or is he hungry for breakfast?" I laid there, took the smoke she offered and the cup of coffee. Seeing the happy smile that was on my mother's face. the smile I hadn't seen for quite some time. I knew we had made the right choice. And so did she.

After our smoke, coffee, and some naughty small talk over breakfast we both hit the shower. After our steamy shower together, we decided to stay naked all day since we were home alone. Giving each other easy free access for whatever came to mind. The whole day we were like young lovers, who had just discovered sex and couldn't keep our hands off each other.

I forget how many times we had sex that first weekend. Just that we had lots of it, in every way possible. My Mom was such a gentle slow teacher after the first night. She taught me how to make proper love to a woman, not just hurried fuck, get myself off and be gone.

That was the start of a multiyear relationship, that lasted even after I got married. No, my wife had no idea. Even though on a few occasions my cock was still coated in Mom's cream when I slid it into her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/16/17

Oh mommy I love you

Thank you so much for writing beautiful & sexy story

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by Sex4lf5712/10/17

The sex was hot but a little backstory regarding the dad would have been good.

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by Anonymous12/08/17


Continue with a part 2 and maybe about Daddy and sister too.

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by Delftsejongen12/07/17

Very good start

A 5 star start! Hope to see more and curious about what mom and DJ did further. It has a true ring to it. I hope so!

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