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His Hot Aunt


Authors note: This is my first offering of a story in this category so I hope you enjoy it. I'd like to thank my wonderful editor benevolentdcc for all the help with this story.


James looked up when the flight attendant asked him to bring his seat to an upright position as the plane was getting ready to land. The handsome youth complied, removing his ear buds and putting them in his pocket. He looked out the window to a familiar sight; the California coast on a bright Monday afternoon. It had been late August the previous year when he left for MIT but now he was going to be home again for the summer. Well, almost home. His parents had decided to remodel their entire Huntington Beach house while they took a month long vacation in Europe, visiting his father's Scottish family and friends. They had asked him if he would like to join them but James wanted to enjoy some time at the beach and catch up with his friends. With his home in disrepair, though, James was going to be spending the summer with his aunt Lisa.

Lisa was the youngest of five siblings on his mother's side of the family, whose parents immigrated from Japan in the 1950's. Unlike James' mom Laura, who was a corporate attorney, Lisa was a free spirit. She went to school to study art with an emphasis on photography. This made Lisa the black sheep of her family since all her siblings were doctors, engineers, or lawyers. She lived with James' parents for the first six years of his life because her own parents couldn't handle her. He knew how strict and traditional his grandparents were so it was no surprise his aunt would be a problem child. James had always gotten along well with Lisa and didn't mind too much having to spend a good portion of the summer with her.

James shouldered his backpack and disembarked the plane, heading for the baggage claim area. He was a unique mixture of Scottish and Japanese genes. His height he inherited from his dad, just under six feet with broad shoulders and a lean build. From his mother's side he received jet-black hair and finer facial features common with Asians. The combination made for a very handsome young man as many girls he's dated will attest.

Those same ladies should thank his aunt for the enhanced 'birds and bees' education that she had given James. His father covered the basics, but she gave him more of an 'in-depth' understanding of how a woman's anatomy worked, allowing him to be very skilled right out of the gate. He and his aunt never had sex or even touched each other inappropriately but Lisa showed him - using her own body while he watched - what and where to touch on a woman and how to touch to bring her the utmost pleasure possible.

The baggage carousel began to turn, followed shortly by bags sliding down the shoot for passengers to claim. With his attention focused on the dropping bags, James didn't notice the tiny Asian woman coming up behind him. Although Lisa hadn't seen her nephew in over a year, there was no mistaking the young man before her as anyone other than family. She had been like a second mother to him in his childhood and always made sure to see him on his birthday if nothing else. Lisa held a special place in her heart for James because he never talked down to her, like some of her other nieces and nephews. He always made her feel welcome whenever she was around.

"Jimmy!" she cried as she wrapped her arms around him from behind making him jump. She was the only one who ever called him Jimmy.

"Holy shit, Aunt Lisa, you scared the crap outta me!"

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. And can we please drop the 'Aunt Lisa' thing? It makes me feel old," she stated turning him to face her.

James got his first good look at his aunt since last Easter when she was over at his parents' house. She had made some changes in her appearance between then and now. Lisa was shorter than his mom by a couple inches, putting her around 5'-2" when she wasn't wearing her typical platform heels. Her long black hair still fell to her waist but now the bottom three inches were dyed neon-blue. She was also curvier than Laura, but was very well proportioned. Her C-cup breasts stood out proud in the tight cotton tank-top. Her thigh-length skirt showed off her toned legs as she perched on 6" platform sandals. Her makeup was bright with red and pink on her eye lids and black eye liner drawing back toward her temples. Lisa may have been 31 but her youthful appearance and bubbly personality never gave away that fact. James couldn't help but consider his aunt a hottie. His body was letting him know that fact by raising a bulge in his jeans which he hoped she hadn't notice.

"So what I'm I supposed to call you? You ARE my aunt after all," James questioned as he reached for one of his bags on the carousel.

"Just call me Lisa like everyone else and we won't have a problem."

"I just thought that would be a little disrespectful. You are my elder and I'm supposed to be-"

"Nonsense! I'm anything but traditional; you should know that by now. And like I said the whole aunt thing makes me feel old."

"But you are older than me," he responded with a grin, while retrieving his last bag.

"Only twelve years. I'm not even old enough to be your mother," playfully punching him in the arm.

Lisa took the backpack from his shoulder as he reached for his luggage then motioned him to follow her to the parking structure. They rode the elevator to the top level. When the doors opened, James began looking for the beat up VW van she'd been driving ever since she got her license. Lisa suddenly stopped behind a BMW convertible and popped the trunk for him. The blue M4 was a big jump from that old van.

"This doesn't look like that beater van you've been driving for as long as I can remember?" James said as he loaded his bags and closed the trunk.

"A lot of things have changed since you last saw me," she replied with a smile as she started the car and lowered the top.

Lisa left the airport and headed for the coast highway. Turning south she raced down the road like a teenager who had just gotten the keys to their parents' car for the first time. The pair made idle chatter on the way toward Lisa's home. When she drove past the street James remembered her living off, she smiled at the nineteen year old and kept driving. Obviously she no longer lived in that tiny condo in Newport Beach. They continued south until entering Laguna Beach where Lisa turned to her youthful passenger with a smile.

"Do you mind if we make a quick stop before I take you to my place? It won't take long."

"Sure, no problem. You're driving," James replied with a smile of his own.

He enjoyed the ride down the coast with his beautiful aunt. He especially liked how her skirt fluttered in the open air of the convertible, threatening to show off her panties to him. He knew it was wrong to look but he couldn't help it, she was just so sexy. Fortunately his dark sunglasses hid his downward glances whenever he looked her way (or so he hoped). The car came to a stop in front of one of the many galleries lining Coast Highway as it wound through Laguna. Lisa hopped out motioning for James to follow. She stopped right in front of the main entrance.

"Well...what do ya think?" she asked spreading her arms wide.

"It's a gallery...So?"James was puzzled.

"It's not just a gallery, it's MY gallery!" pointing at her name on the sign.

His mouth hung open as he looked from his aunt to the sign with her name under it then back to his aunt. He lunged forward, picking her up in his arms and spinning her around.

"You finally did it!" he exclaimed, "You have a gallery of your own. How did you manage it? It has to be expensive having a gallery down here."

"Slow down, I'll explain later. Let's go in so I can show you around," she giggled as he set her on the ground once more.

It wasn't a huge place but it had a nice frontage. The twenty-foot-by-forty-foot space had several wall panels displaying many pictures, paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art. Some of the photographs James recognized as his aunt's work and he was proud to see she had made her dream of having a gallery come true. He followed Lisa to the back where there was a young woman behind a desk, speaking to someone on the phone.

"Yeah, can I call you right back? She just walked in...Sure twenty minutes, bye."

"Jimmy...this is Sandy. She helps me run the place," Lisa gestured to the young woman.

"Nice to meet you. Lisa's talked a lot about you," the woman extended her hand as she stepped from behind the desk.

Sandy was tall and lean, standing eye level with James in her three inch pumps. Her hair was short; sporting what best could be described as a modernized 'Dorothy Hamill' cut. She wore a white silk blouse, a tan pencil skirt that matched her heels and sheer nude pantyhose. James was surprised by such a young woman in nylons these days but he loved seeing women in pantyhose and thusly enjoyed the view. Sandy had small breasts but he could see her nipples poking into the delicate material of her blouse. Either she wasn't wearing a bra or it was very thin as well.

James took her hand and gave it a light shake, "Nice to meet you, too."

"Why don't you take a look around while I have a quick chat with Sandy," Lisa said and turned to her assistant before James could answer.

He turned and walked toward one of the framed works he didn't recognize and gave it the once over. It was a picture of a woman wearing a traditional pearl diver outfit, sitting on the gunwale of a boat, looking out to sea at an ominous storm cloud. James knew Lisa had been a world traveler on a shoestring budget for many years as she pursued her love of art and photography; this must have been one she took while in Asia. He was about to move on when he heard the two women talking.

"God he's cute," Sandy whispered, eyeing James lustfully.

"That's my nephew you're drooling over," Lisa replied in a hushed voice, "Besides I don't think Nic would like you getting your panties all wet over another guy. You remember what happened last time?"

"OK...ok...But he's still cute."

"I know," Lisa agreed as they both giggled.

James had to move toward the front of the gallery or his aunt would figure out he was eavesdropping and possibly see the large bulge in his pants. He saw many more pictures with Lisa's name on them but there were others with unfamiliar names. He also noticed that all the paintings, sculptures and other things had different artist's names on them. James wondered who they might be and how they were related to this gallery. As he was admiring a unique glass sculpture of a dolphin and mermaid, Lisa stepped up to his side.

"You like this one?" she asked.

"It's beautiful. How much is it?"

"I think that one is twenty two-"

"Twenty-two hundred dollars?"

"No, twenty-two thousand."

James took a step back.

Lisa laughed; taking him by the hand she led him to the car, "Ready to see my new place?"

He just nodded, still in awe of the huge price tag on that piece of art. They were only in the car for a couple minutes before Lisa pulled into the driveway of a moderately sized house on the slopes above Pacific Coast Highway. The three bedroom two bath home nestled into the hillside and had a narrow view of the ocean to the west. Lisa opened the door and James followed her in carrying his bags.

The living room had a sofa and love seat in earth-tone fabrics. There was a wrought-iron coffee table and matching end tables that had glass tops with small vases or sculptures decorating them. The kitchen was small but set up very efficient for the size of the house. James could tell it was completely upgraded with all new appliances. There was a breakfast bar and a nook with an oak table custom made for the space. The family room, right off the kitchen, was fully decked out including a 60" flat screen on the wall and high tech stereo system in a modern wood and glass media cabinet. The backyard wasn't big due to the slope of the lot but it was beautiful. It had two tiers covered with planters and pots filled with blooming flowers. The main one off the house was under a lattice patio cover with a barbeque, table and chairs. The lower tier held an enclosed gazebo hiding a large hot tub inside.

"This place is amazing," James said taking in all the details.

"Thanks, it's small, but it's mine, and I love it. Let me show you your room."

James followed Lisa down the hall to a door on the left. The room housed a queen sized bed, dresser, and two night stands. The closet had full mirrored-doors and spanned one whole wall. The one large window looked out onto the enclosed front courtyard. The blue and green colors of the paint and linens gave the room a cool, inviting feel. James set his bags on the bed and looked out at the view.

"This is great! It's almost as big as my room at home."

"So you think it'll do for the time you'll be staying with me?"

James took Lisa in his arms, holding her off the ground, "It's going to be great!"

He leaned in to kiss her cheek as she turned to reply to him and their lips met for a brief moment. Both pulled back and James lowered his aunt to the floor. Her groin brushed against his lingering hard-on that had yet to subside from the gallery. He was blushing and Lisa could tell he was embarrassed. She felt a strange tingle in her stomach and warmth growing between her legs. 'I'm getting turned on by my nephew,' she thought, hoping James didn't notice her rock hard nipples. He, too, was feeling uncomfortable as his now throbbing cock began to dampen his pants.

"Well...Ok...I'm gonna let you get settled," she stammered nervously as she backed into the hall, "Make yourself at home. Oh, my room is here at the end of the hall, and your bathroom is right there across the hall. I'm gonna change and then start dinner in about an hour, ok?" She pointed at each door in turn then quickly disappeared into her room, shutting the door behind her. Her heart was racing and she seemed short of breath. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" she muttered to herself as she removed her skirt.

James was still standing where he had been when he set Lisa down. His mind was a maelstrom of conflicting thoughts and emotions. He had an epic hard-on and it was because of his aunt. He wanted to kiss her, fondle her...fuck her. 'STOP!' his rational mind screamed. Guilt crashed in on him like a tidal wave. 'What's wrong with me?' he thought, closing the door to his room.

He sat on the edge of the bed trying to sort out what was happening. James could tell Lisa was embarrassed by what had happened, but he saw how hard her nipples had become. 'Was she turned on too?' he wondered. That just fueled more erotic thoughts followed by more guilt and shame. He wanted to get unpacked but his nagging cock was too much of a distraction. He decided to head to the bathroom and relieve the pressure. As he opened the door to his room, he heard the water turn on in his aunt's bathroom.

Lisa had stripped off her clothes and tossed them on her large, four poster bed. She needed a shower to help wash away...what? The inappropriate thoughts? The guilt of getting turned on by her nephew? A shower couldn't do that but maybe, in her mind, the act of cleaning herself would help calm her down. She reached into the shower stall and turned on the water. Normally she would soak for an hour or so in the sunken tub but she didn't have time for that now, besides a bath was for the end of the day before climbing into bed. Lisa gathered her long mane into a jumbled pile on top of her head, before stepping under the cool flow and letting out a long satisfied moan.

James was sitting on the toilet, slowly stroking his thick member. He was picturing his aunt, on the other side of the wall with water flowing over her naked body. The image made him increase his speed, driving him toward an explosive finish, then he thought he heard a moan. The two bathrooms shared a common wall so he knew she was just a few feet away from where he sat. He froze. 'Did she just moan?' He listened closely for a few moments, afraid she might hear what he was doing. He was about to continue when the sound of the shower changed. It went from a steady stream to a pulsating sound.

Lisa let the cool water roll down her body. She massaged her breasts and pinched her erect nipples. She wasn't sure if they were still hard from arousal or the water cascading over them. She squeezed her breasts harder, twisting the sensitive nubs. A shiver ran down her spine and her pussy became very hot. 'Damn it! I got in here to cool down and now I'm worse off than I was!' she scolded herself as she reached for the shower wand. She turned it to the massage setting in preparation for what she had to do.

Lisa knew she had to relieve her tension or she'd be a wreck, especially around Jimmy. She held one breast up and aimed the pulsating jets at her tender nipple. Another moan escaped her lips. She moved it to her other boob, carefully circling her areola this time. She teased herself like this for a minute or two then targeted her neglected pussy. The powerful streams pummeled her aching clit, making her whimper. She moved the head to just the right angle and distance from her needy sex and let it work its magic as she had done many times in the past. The first thing that popped into her mind was Jimmy and his throbbing cock.

He thought he heard a second moan, quieter this time but he was sure he heard it. James resumed his stroking. He was all but positive his aunt was masturbating in the shower. He then heard the sound of the water go from splashing to a more muffled sound followed by a long groan. 'She IS masturbating!' he nearly said that out loud. Now he wondered what she was thinking about as she played with herself. 'Was it a boyfriend? A girlfriend?' He had a feeling Lisa was bi but had no real evidence to back up his speculation. 'Maybe she was thinking of Sandy? That would be hot,' the erotic images of his aunt and her assistant making love was really stoking his fire. He pumped his slick shaft faster as the porno playing in his mind got even more graphic. He could hear her moaning on the other side of the wall and wondered if she was about to cum as well.

Lisa sat on the low bench in the shower with the shower-wand resting on her thigh to keep the streams on target. Her hips made small thrusts as she drew ever closer to orgasm. She tried to think of anyone other than her nephew but he kept pushing his way back into her mind. She wanted to see his cock, to feel it in her hand, in her mouth. She wanted it in her pussy. That was the last straw. The thought of Jimmy's cock buried in her tight pussy sent her over the edge. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming but she couldn't stifle her blissful moans. Her hips bucked into the relentless, pulsating flow while she was consumed by pleasure. The tension finally began to leave and she sank back down onto the stone bench with one last sigh.

James could hear the soft moans of his aunt in the throes of orgasm and it was all he needed. The first of many pearly ropes splashed against the wall in front of him. He kept stroking his cock as long as the contractions in his groin continued. It was very hard for him not to moan but he managed not to give himself away. The remnants of his powerful load leaked from his cock and onto the floor at his feet. Panting and covered in sweat, he was going to need a shower now too. The water shut off in the next room and that brought him back to the present. He had to clean up this mess...fast.

Lisa dried off while looking at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Her silky smooth skin was bronzed from lying out in her backyard, tanning. She admired her womanly curves, tracing them with her hands from her full breasts down to her flared hips. She turned sideways and inspected her firm round butt, giving it a slap. She was sexy and she knew it but did Jimmy see her that way? She couldn't help but wonder. Even if it was wrong, she wanted to know. Lisa unclipped her hair and put on a black silk kimono, tying the sash loosely at her narrow waist. She returned to the bathroom to hang her towel and touch up her makeup. After applying a bright pink lip stick, she puckered her lips and turned for her bedroom door.

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