tagFetishHis New Panties Lead to New Things

His New Panties Lead to New Things


It was Friday afternoon and I had returned to the hotel suite after finishing with my best friends dress rehearsal for her wedding which was Saturday evening at 6 pm. I had about 4 hours to kill before my husband and I needed to be at the rehearsal dinner. Steve, my husband, was out playing golf with my dad and my brother and wouldn't be back for another at least two, maybe three hours. Dinner was being held at the resort we were staying at dress was to be "dressy casual," so I wouldn't need much time to get ready. We had flown in that morning unfortunately one of our two suitcases had either not made the flight, or more likely was "temporarily misplaced." I called the airline it turned out they had sent it to Philadelphia Pennsylvania by way of Denver. They assured me that our bag would be on the next flight back to LAX and then Phoenix and would be delivered to the resort in the morning before noon. We travel quite a bit and fly with Southwest often and this was the first time a bag had been lost and I was really okay with it. Everything that I needed for the next day was in the hanging bag that made it so I was not too concerned.

So I had three hours to myself and I decided to head out see what shopping was like in the area. I found a nice shopping area called Keirland Commons that had plenty of stores to keep me occupied. I was looking for clothes for tomorrow morning and something to sleep in tonight. I found myself a cute outfit at the Loft for myself and found shorts and tee shirt for Steve at Banana Republic, all of which were on sale and I had only spent $60 of the $250 I had in my purse. I strolled into Some Intimates but was really unimpressed by the bland colors and boring fabrics. I headed to Victoria's Secret knowing I'd find something a little more fun and flirty than usual because it was close to Valentines day. The first thing that caught my eye was a little pleated gartered slip. It was a pink satiny polyester with little leopard bows and black garters. It had a nice little matching pair of bikini, thong, and garter panties to choose from. The slip was on sale for $38 and all three pairs of panties were $30.

I also spotted a cute little ensemble that I had to get. It was a cute little black mesh and satin string bikini and matching garter belt with a cute print of little chocolate covered strawberries. I found the size I was looking for and two pairs of black thigh highs, one in medium and one in large.

I guess that this would be a good time to let you know about our sex life. You see, Steve is my little pantyboy. Several years ago our sex life went from run of the mill to mind blowing kinky kinky orgasms. I was doing things that I never dreamed of before I got married, including dressing Steve in pretty little panties everyday and some pretty sexy outfits at night. I guess tonight would be no different. Anyhow, I grabbed a sequin back pair of panties with a pair of lips on the back as well as red satin pair with a "Hello Cupcake" and a hot pink pair with "Hottie" on the back. I was already thinking about Steve trying these on and I could feel myself getting aroused.

I found my rental car and was heading back to the room but couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to have fun tonight after dinner. I could feel my heart beating a little faster and faster and my panties were beginning to moisten, and then I spotted a little place called Castle Megastore, it was perfect timing. I still had almost $100 and a little over an hour to get back.

The store was huge and very nice inside; I was immediately impressed by the selection. I already had an idea of what I wanted and where I would get the best bang for my buck. The dildo selection was no less impressive. I picked a nice pink jelly dildo that was large by my standards. It was 9 inches long and looked to be about 2 inches in diameter. I knew that it would fill me up nicely after dinner. I then found another slim 9 inch dildo that was maybe a little more than an inch in diameter. It was made out a blue jelly and had a flared base; perfect I thought to myself. The next isle over had a surprise that I had never used in the bedroom before, but I was sure that I could find a use for it without much difficulty. I grabbed a bottle of water based lubricant, paid and I made it back to the room with time to spare. Steve was still not back, much to my disappointment, I started to take my panties off to get in the shower and saw myself in the mirror. My panties were wet, to be more accurate, they were soaked. They were a royal blue satin with black lace around the waist and legs the cotton crotch was now a dark blue and my wetness had soaked though the outside of the fabric as well. I hadn't been this wet in months. I took them off and tossed them on the bed and hopped in the shower. On the way I could feel the cool air on my wet lips and clitoris was begging to swell. I was so tempted to touch myself, or get the large dildo and see just how good it would feel buried deep inside me, but I was a good girl and decided to save this pent up sexual frustration for a couple more hours.

As I was getting out of the shower I heard the door close and walked out to see Steve picking up my soaked panties. "So....how do you explain this little treat?"

I answered with a smile on my face, "I went shopping and it got me thinking about what jobs I have in store for you tonight. Don't worry, I kept my hands to myself, my shower was just want I needed to cool down a little bit, but just a little bit. How did you do today?"

"Well, I kicked your brother's ass, but your dad was on fire, he beat me by 9 strokes and I am buying him lunch tomorrow afternoon wherever your mom wants to go, so now I guess we have lunch plans," he said with an apologetic smile on his face.

"Well, could be worse, could be drinks later tonight and I have plans for you already, so get in the shower and lets get down there before the good seats are all gone."

Steve began to get undressed and I could see he was a little sunburned on the top of his head, nose and neck. He took his shorts off and I could see the bulge of his hard on through his pink and white stripe bikini panties. His ass swayed back and forth in them as he walked to the bathroom oblivious to the fact I was watching him. He hoped I the shower and cleaned off and I could smell his cologne and aftershave when he was done. I loved the way he smelled after a shower. He came out of the bathroom wearing a nice heavy terrycloth robe and walked towards me, I could see the tip of his cock sticking out of the bathrobe. He walked right up to me and pressed the tip against my lips. I opened my mouth and took his length inside of it. I could taste his precum as it passed over my tongue deeper in my mouth. I pulled his bathrobe open and saw his freshly shaved balls. I teased him with a couple more seconds of this and then pushed him away. "You need to get dressed; we are not going to be late. Ashley has been my best friend for 25 years and I want to be on time. I promise you will not mind the wait when we get back here tonight. Now get dressed."

"Alright, but you are a tease and I can't wait to pay you back later for the blue balls that I am sure to have now," he said somewhat teasingly and somewhat serious.

"I want you to slip into these," I said dangling a pair of panties from my finger. "I bought them just for you." I put them in his hand. "You are going to love the way they feel. Maybe if you are good I will have some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. So, put them on now and lets see what you look like."

He smiled and began to pull his new panties up his firm legs. His cock was rock hard and his erection was almost bulging out of his panties. "I see my little pantyboy likes his new panties." He turned to grab his slacks, "Um, you are not done yet, these next." I held up the matching garter belt. He slid it up to his waist as I had him do numerous times before. Next it was the thigh high stockings. "Let me see your legs pantyboy," I instructed as he held out his right leg. I rolled the first stocking up his leg and then the second. I attached them to the garters and stepped back. "Nice," I said with a smile. "Turn for me. Let me see the back." He turned for me. I put my hand on my ass cheek and he squirmed. I extended my finger and it traveled up the crack of his ass. The satin and mesh intensified the act and he jumped.

"I like them," I said pleased. "Do you like the way they feel," I asked?

"Yes...I do the satin and mesh feel good and these thigh highs will keep me hard until I explode inside you tonight"

"Mmm hmm," I moaned. "Turn back around."

I continued to rub him through the cool satin. I saw the smile cross his face as his panties dampened from pre-cum leaking from his cock. I stepped closer and with my finger I reached into his panties and scooped his pre-cum with my finger. I did it once more making my finger glisten. I ran my finger across his lips and then licked his pre cum with my tongue off his lips. "Get dressed."

Dinner was nice and pretty informal. It was a barbeque with open bar and we both had a couple glasses of wine and I was feeling a little tipsy when I decided that it was time to start playing with Steve. I stroked his erection through his slacks. It was still hard as a rock. My fingers traveled over to his garter belt and playfully tugged on the front left one. "Looks like all this is making you pretty horny pantyboy! Do you like being dressed in your girly panties and stockings," I asked whispering in his ear. The next things I knew he had grabbed my arm and he was leading me back to the room. I looked down and saw why, there was a quarter size wet area in the front of his pants that was ... well.. pretty obvious what is was from.

We got back to the room and he closed and locked the door. "See what you did! I was having enough of a hard time keeping my boner from sticking out the top of my panties, the front of which are soaked thanks to you and then when you grabbed my garter, it popped out and this happened." He took off his shoes and then dropped his pants in front of me and pushed me back on the bed. He was right, his panties were wet, I was truly surprised by how wet they were. I leaned forward and he pulled off my blouse. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down on top of me and then rolled over so I was on top of him. "Wait here."

I got off the bed and went to the bathroom with the bag from Victoria's Secret. I stripped down and put on the cute pink garter skirt that I bought that afternoon and picked the matching g-string out of the bag. The fabric barely covered the sided of my pussy as I looked in the mirror, and a small string disappeared up the middle of my ass cheeks when I turned around. I slid up the thigh highs that matched his and attached them to the clips. I was sure to tuck the straps through my panties to avoid and trouble getting my panties off later. I could already feel my panties getting wet. I also removed the two dildos and his surprise from the plastic and took the seal off the lubricant, put is all back in the bag and marched back to the bedroom. Steve was laying back on the bed and was stroking his cock through his panties. "Turn over and spread your legs," I said very matter of fact. He rolled over on his knees facing away from me. "Take off your shirt." He undid his buttons and tossed his shirt off the side of the bed. There he was with his firm ass toward me encased in his little strawberry panties. His thigh highs made his legs very smooth and the garters finished off my view perfectly. I moved up behind him and pulled his head back by his hair. I then took his new collar and leash out the bag and attached them to his neck. The collar was a black leather, about an inch wide and padded on the inside, the leash clipped onto the collar I could tell he was surprised. I reached around the front and his cock was rock hard. I pulled the back of his panties down until they rested at the back of his garter straps, I grabbed the lubricant and let a drop hit his ass and slide down his crack, he jumped as the cool liquid slid down towards his ass. I pulled his leash which forced his head down into the pillows and his ass up in the air.

"You are not to say anything unless I ask you a question and you will be a good pantyboy and you will do everything I tell you, do you understand!"


"Good." With that I grabbed the slim blue dildo and began to run it up the length of his ass. I grabbed the lubricant and placed a little more over the length of the dildo. I began to press the head of it against his tight hole. Steve buried his face in the pillow and he tried to relax, but he had no idea what was about to fuck him from behind. I planted my left hand on his left cheek spreading his cheeks apart. He groaned in anticipation, he was ready. I grabbed the slippery tip of the shaft and gently slid in the first inch of the bulbous head.

"I'm going to fuck you now, but you are NOT to cum until I tell you it's time!"

I gently began pressing the dildo in his ass inch by inch. I would pull it out a little and then press with a little more pressure. I was amazed how turned on I was again. The power of taking him from behind still gave me a rush that I can't describe. Before I knew it I had worked about half of the dildo in his ass. I watched the blue dildo disappear inside his asshole. When I had worked 7 or 8 inches inside him, I backed it out slowly and this time pushed it in faster. He arched his back to meet my thrusts. "I love fucking you, take it all inside of you."

He did just that, all 9 inches were inside him and the front of his panties were soaked even more. It looked like he had cum, but the fluid was still clear and slippery. I slipped a pillow between his legs and he instinctively began to rub his cock on it as I continued to gently work the dildo in and out of his ass. I paused when I noticed that he was really beginning to fuck his pillow forcefully. I pressed the dildo in up to the flared base and pulled his panties back up over his ass which would help to keep it in place while he began to satisfy me.

I then stood up and walked around to the side of the bed and crawled on the bed in front of him. I had to scoot him back in the bed a little to make room for me.

"Eat me baby," I said as I pulled his leach down towards my panty covered pussy. The little g-string was barely covering anything at this point, The light pink was now dark pink from my juices and one side of my panties had worked its way inside the lip of my swelling pussy.

He slowly began working his tongue over my soaked panties and within a minute the small fabric of the g-string was now between my lips, blocking the little area I really wanted to feel his tongue on. "Take my panties off with your mouth pantyboy." I was amazed that they were almost off before I could finish the sentence. His tongue immediately found its way into my wet pussy. "Give me a good licking; you are such a good pussy licker. I know that you like to tongue me, stick that tongue deep inside me."

I pulled forcefully on his leash and felt his tongue spread my lips apart as it slid inside of me. "That's what you want, isn't it. That's it, lick me. Lick my pussy, now. You know you love it. Find my clit and suck it hard now!" He was up to the task and began working the full length of his tongue over my clitoris before sucking on it making it even more engorged. "Tongue in all the way, as deep as you can," it was a blunt command now.

That lasted about 10 seconds, I was on the verge of an orgasm and this was not how I wanted to cum. I was determined to cum with my new dildo buried inside of me. Steve was still rubbing his panty encased cock over the pillow I had placed there earlier and the pillowcase was now wet as well.

"I think your new toy is hitting your prostate, you are making quite a wet spot there." I let go of his leash and he looked down between his legs, looked at me and smiled without saying a word. I reached up and pulled the waistband of his bikini panties over his cock and tucked them under his balls. I moved his pillow and pulled him towards me I reached between his legs and guided his slick penis to my slit. His cock head entered me, stretching my hole. He would press his cock in and them pull back allowing me to stretch around him. After five or six strokes, he was buried inside of me and I loved the sensation of being filled up. I reached around to hid sdd and grabbed the base of the dildo and began to slowly fuck him again with it. It didn't last long before I felt him explode inside of me without warning.

"Yes, cum in me. Fill me with your cum."

I felt him thrust at least a dozen times as he unloaded deep inside of me. I tried to cum with him but the angle was just not there to hit my clitoris. We laid together for a minute and I told him to go clean up. He was in the bathroom for what seemed like and hour but it was really 2 or 3 minutes. When he walked back in the bedroom he was wearing his new pink "Hottie" panties and I was still laying on the bed with my legs open.

"You may be done, but I'm not there yet. Get back over here and finish what you started." He looked a little puzzled but when I pulled the 9 inch dildo out from under the sheets he was more than happy to help get me there.

I had never used a dildo quite this long or thick and I was a little nervous, "Just go slow." He took the dildo from my hands and slowly rubbed the head against my clit. He spent several minutes working the dildo between my legs, gently pressing it slightly into me, and then pulling it out. Every second or third stroke he pushed just a bit farther on the dildo. Two, three, four, five inches. I was so wet and the farther he worked this monster inside of me, the easier it became because his cum was still in me giving it plenty of lubricant. "Oh god, its sooooo thick" was all I could say. Six, seven inches, were inside of me and I couldn't take my eyes off the dildo as he slid it in and out of my pussy a few more times, my swollen pussy lips stretched around the shaft. He slowly started rubbing my clit and at the same time he was sliding the dildo about half of the way in and out. 'Its soooo thick, I am so full".

I was so close to having an orgasm for so long I was begging to worry that I may have missed my opportunity. I grabbed his leash again and pulled his head forcefully down to my pussy. I was not going to miss this one. He knew what I needed without me asking and began to lick and suck my clit vigorously. I grabbed the pillow with my free hand that was minutes ago between Steve's legs and quickly placed it under my hips trying to give him a better angle. When I readjusted the dildo popped out of pussy for a brief second and it was totally coated with his cum and my wetness. I think for the first time he realized he was eating my pussy that was full of his cum and he hesitated momentarily. "Don't even think about it, you will get down there and finish this one no matter what."

He took the slippery pink dildo and pressed it against my pussy lips. I was so wet at this point I grabbed his hand and the base of the 9 inch dildo and pressed it back in to the base in one quick move. I was so wet it slid right back inside and I was pleasantly full again. I tugged on the leash again and when his tongue hit my clitoris I instinctively grabbed his collar at the neck and pulled tightly. I could feel the individual taste buds as they passed over my swollen clit.

"That's it, now fuck me with that huge cock." He began a nice steady pace and I could feel my climax building again. I was so full, my clitoris was so swollen and sensitive and Steve is sucking and licking my cum coated pussy. Then it began, I had a thirty to forty second orgasm. I could feel my muscles grabbing the huge shaft and contracting as he continued to fuck me and lick me. After about fifteen seconds I couldn't tell if I was still having an orgasm but it still felt so wonderful. I reached down and grabbed the dildo from Steve but didn't let go of his collar. His tongue still felt incredible, like I was still having a clitoral orgasm after the big one.

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