tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover

His Pregnant Lover

bymangrove jack©

Dave was happy as he strolled towards the local supermarket. He needed a few things to top up his stores and was trying to remember them all.

It had started to rain about an hour ago and the pavers in front of the supermarket were slippery especially those that lay on a slope.

As Dave took his time navigating through the shopping crowd he saw out of the corner of his eye a rather tall young woman slip and fall heavily.

She lay awkwardly struggling to get up. Dave moved to help; immediately noticing her large belly, she was pregnant.

“Can I help?” Dave asked, as he knelt beside her. She looked up and he saw tears in her eyes. “I think I may have hurt myself, my stomach is very sore.” she cried as she grabbed his out stretched hand. “I can’t see my groceries, what am I going to do.”

“Don’t worry,” Dave assured her, “I will get your groceries, let’s look after you first.” He lifted her up and helped her to a nearby bench. Sitting her down, he went and retrieved her groceries and brought them back.

“Now lets have a look at you, will I call an Ambulance?”

No, No, I don’t want an ambulance; they’re too expensive, I will be right if I sit here for a moment.” She cried.

Dave checked her over, she had grazed her elbow and her knee was bleeding. He took his handkerchief and wiped her arms and legs, as he did he studied her closely.

She was very young, and very pregnant, with big soft brown eyes, she had the warm sexy glow of motherhood, she was quite beautiful. His cock sat up and took an interest, when he noticed that the legs he was wiping were legs to die for.

Dave tried to hide the lump in his jeans.

“Now you just sit there, while I bring you a coffee. You’ll feel better after a rest.”

She smiled at him “you are very kind, you really are going to much trouble for a stranger.”

“I will be all right; I will just sit here for a while.”

Dave bought coffee and sat with her. “Do you want some help to your car?” He asked

“I don’t have a car, I will get the bus when I feel a little better.” she replied quietly.

Dave offered his hand “My names Dave, I will drive you home if you like? “Oh no that would be too much trouble and I don’t really know you.”

Then she blushed and said “I didn’t mean to be rude I’m Annabelle. I am sorry if I insulted you. I must thank you for your help. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

Dave sat for a while, and then said “you just rest here, while I do my shopping. When I come back, I will get you home.”

“Don’t worry” she whispered “I will be ok, thanks again for your help.”

Dave spent some time shopping. When he returned she was still there. He could tell she was in some pain from her strained appearance.

H e went and got his Jeep drove as close to her as possible then ignoring her objections picked her up and sat her in the jeep.

“Don’t argue with me, I’m taking you to the local hospital, it’s free,” he said as they drove away.

At the hospital, he again picked her up like a baby and carried her into emergency.

Once inside nurses rushed to help, they obviously thought he was her husband, telling him to sit outside and wait for his wife.

He was sitting dozing, when a nurse approached and called him Mr Johnson, “your wife is ok, more importantly the doctor says the babies ok, and your wife will be out in a moment.” A few minutes later Annabelle was escorted out to sit beside him. “Matron will be out in a moment” the nurse said as she left.

Dave smiled at Annabelle, “they think I’m your husband,” she grabbed his hand, “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell them you were.”

“Hey don’t get upset I would be proud to be the expectant father,” Dave exclaimed squeezing her fingers.

Just then matron arrived smiling when she saw them holding hands, “Bring you wife back tomorrow at 9am sharp, and look after her please, give her a good body massage tonight. You are both lucky she didn’t do real damage.”

Annabelle started to speak but Dave broke in “thank you for your help we will be here.”

When they were back in the jeep, Annabelle angrily asked “why did you promise for me to be there at 9 am tomorrow. I can’t get a bus before 9.30. Why didn’t we tell them you are not my husband?”

Dave replied “Look, it would have been embarrassing for you to try to explain to them, that I was a complete stranger especially when they saw us holding hands.”

“Any way there is no need for them to know.”

“Don’t worry about tomorrow I will get you there.”

Dave drove her home and carried her into the unit. The rooms were sparsely and poorly furnished. She was embarrassed and started to cry.” I don’t know what I am going to do; my husband has shifted here for work as a sub contractor. He works hard but doesn’t seem to be interested in me or the baby.”

“He comes home drunk after dark every night and leaves very early.”

“We haven’t made any friends.”

“I don’t have any relatives here.”

“We don’t have much money.”

“We fight all the time.”

Tears welled in her beautiful brown eyes.

“He hasn’t made love to me since I became pregnant. He says I am ugly with a fat belly.”

Her voice was getting louder and louder, “oh God, what are we going to do? What am I going to do?”

Dave took her in his arms and cuddled her close, “Don’t worry I will help, it will all work out.” She looked up at him with her tear stained eyes as he leant forward and kissed her.

She started to pull away, said “No” but kissed him back.

“Nothing is going to happen to you I will make sure it doesn’t” Dave reassured her.

“You’re beautiful; to my eyes you’re more beautiful because of your baby.”

“Mother Hood makes a woman sexier, more feminine. I love mothers and I am going to love you and I am going to make love to you.”

He kissed her, his tongue entering her mouth, his hands slowly massaging her back, and then her full breasts.

Annabelle returned his kisses, her tongue entered his mouth, as she surrendered; All of a sudden her juices flowed, she wanted sex, she had been deprived for too long.

Her brain was saying “this is cheating, beware.”

But her body was saying “Just do it!”

As she relaxed and gave in, Dave knew he could do anything he wanted with her, or to her.

Annabelle studied him closely. He was exactly what she needed, some one to love, someone who would love her,

“Bugger the consequences.” she moaned.

Dave was all fingers and thumbs as he unbuttoned the front of her dress. Opening her bra he stepped back to admire her body.

She was breath taking. Over six foot of succulent womanhood, ripe with her pregnancy.

Her bodily odours sent wonderful messages to his brain.

He sucked one ample breast into his mouth, running his tongue around and lapping under her milky nipple, his tongue circling her nipple until it started to leak.

“Mothers milk?” he asked. She nodded “yes.”

He sucked enthusiastically. His mind was full of wonder; this was nature at work creating food for the baby she was carrying.

She pulled his head down to her other breast “they’ve both been neglected” she whispered.

As he sucked, he ran his hands down over her backside; his finger teased her anus, “I `m going to fuck you” he whispered.

“Not there” she replied.

She was blushing, but her eyes could not hide her urgency, “I am seven months pregnant.”

“I want you in me, you can fill my pussy.”

“I need loving.

Please be gentle. Take your time.”

“I am going to take my time; I want to fuck you in every way. I have always dreamed of fucking a pregnant woman. Now I have the chance I will fuck you and fuck you, until you tell me you can take no more.” Dave answered.

He laid her gently on the bed and kissed down from her heavy tits, licking her firm belly, tonguing her belly button, then kissing and licking on and on until his tongue circled her pussy.

She moaned grabbing the hair on the back of his head grinding her pussy hard into his mouth.

Dave slipped his tongue in and out of her wet warm pussy, his hands stroking her ass cheeks, his finger rimming her arse

Her nub seemed to expand, he took it in his teeth nipping and sucking as she struggled and bucked, her moans of pleasure became louder and louder “oh! Oh! That’s so good so good” she screamed out loud.

Her screams startled Dave.

“For Christ sake, cut that out, remember the neighbours, they know your husband is not home. Come on we must be careful”

Annabelle took no notice.

After seven months celibacy, she was like a kid in a lolly shop, she was kissing and nipping his nipples; her hands were squeezing his balls and playing with his arse. She pushed her pussy into his face, grinding it around so that he was covered in her secretions.

He in turn couldn’t get enough of her hard firm belly; he stroked it, licked it, and kissed it. He laid his head down listening for the baby, and then taking his penis in his hand, he asked Annabelle to stroke and kiss it until he was ready to come.

When he did blow his bolt, he sprayed it over her, and then proceeded to massage her tits, and belly, with his cum. “That’s the massage matron told me to give you,” he laughed.

Annabelle rolled over on her knees pointing her brown rosebud at him and said “now try my arse, darling.”

David pushed forward and entered her from behind, “you were right before, why waste such a perfectly good opportunity to fuck your pussy, when I can do your arse later.”

“Yes fuck my pussy” she whispered looking back over her shoulder.

He leant on her back, like a rutting dog on a bitch. He had never even kissed a pregnant woman before, the experience was mind blowing. He wished the baby was his.

He fucked her vigorously, using his two hands to massage and milk her tits. When milk started to flow, he flipped her around, so he could drink from her natural mother’s formulae.

A low moan of delight escaped from Annabelle’s lips. He sucked and bit on her hardened nipple to keep milk flowing.

He slipped out of her, still sucking on her ample milky tits.

Annabelle looked around as she gathered her breath; she could not believe what she was doing.

“My god,” she moaned, “I am seven months pregnant. I’m about to be a mother, and her I am lying in the arms of a stranger after being fucked and fucked.”

She cried out loud, “I’m a cheating slut!”

“Christ the neighbours will see your jeep they’ll know.”

Dave took her in his arms, “You shouldn’t even think like that, you have been neglected and ignored. A mother carrying a baby should be entitled to care and respect.”

A pregnant mother needs to be loved” Dave added earnestly.

Time had flown. As they lay back in each others arms they looked at the clock. It was 6 pm. They had been making love for hours.

She kissed him, over and over again “Thank you that was marvellous; you have made me feel like a woman again.

She was clearly starting to cool down from their sexual frenzy, starting to worry and feel guilty. She rolled off the bed and stood looking down at him, she leant down kissing him.

“Move your car out of the driveway so the neighbours won’t see it when they come home.”

He slipped on his pants and shifted the car down the street. I didn’t see anyone, he reported when he returned.

She was moving around the room still in the nude.

He marvelled at her long legs, her ample firm tits, her great bum, her deep black shiny hair. He was more and more drawn to her extended mothering belly.

He was stunned by the sheer beauty that pregnancy brings to a woman.

He just couldn’t get enough of her “Come here sweetheart and sit on my lap so I can stroke that belly and play with your tits.”

She came and sat on his lap, then began wriggling on his growing erection. “I need to have your horn in me.” She whispered.

She stood up holding him in place and sat down again this time with him fully inside her.

With Annabelle bouncing on his lap, he started to tweak her nipples and massage her boobs. “Oh darling that’s beautiful” she moaned. “I love what you are doing to my tits and what your pricks doing to my pussy.”

I can’t believe I have gone with out sex for so long. I love to fuck and suck. I have missed it so. She kissed him “Now I have found me a lover, I can’t get enough.”

Dave was over the moon. “I don’t know why your husband hasn’t been fucking you every day.”

“I would.” He said

“You are beautiful; your tits are so sensitive. As soon as I touch them they grow hard. Your nipple extends, and you start to leak. I love to rub your milk and my cum on your baby filled tummy” he explained.

You’re a darling she whispered “I can’t begin to describe how your words turn me on.” I can’t get enough of you. I want to go with you; I wish it was your baby.

“Why didn’t I find you before?” Annabelle whispered

He grabbed her face in his two hands and said, “Being pregnant makes you sexier.”

“Move in with me and I will keep you pregnant all the time”

She sat up, looking at him, and said “You must think I’m a slut but I’m not!”

“When I went out this morning “I would never have believed that I would be sitting naked, with a complete strangers cock in my hands let alone happily being fucked silly in my lounge”

“Oh David, I really can’t get enough of you.”

He couldn’t control his emotions, he wanted more of her, in fact all of her. “There is far too much talk and not enough loving” he complained.

She rolled on to her back and spread her legs moaning “Yes you’re right, let’s fix that right now.

I want you in me now… come on put it in now”

“Oh! Yes! Yes!” she cried, as he struggled to overcome her belly and push into her.

Her legs came up and locked around him. She started easing him in, then riding him faster, until she could feel him build to a climax and cum inside her

As his dick gradually lost its stiffness and went limp, she let it slide out and cradled him to her breasts, placing a nipple in his mouth, and nursed him like a baby.

Within minutes Annabelle started to squirm as his sucking and nibbling on her nipple was turning her on again

“My goodness, I didn’t think I could be so horny,”she said thinking out loud.

She went on “As we made love this afternoon I have worked out what has been upsetting me recently. My pregnancy has made me extremely horny.”

My dork of a husband has refused to have sex when I need it most. He couldn’t see I really needed love.”

“Come here lover” she said rubbing her breasts as she reached to grab Dave’s cock

“My god you really are a randy bitch” Dave moaned as she fed him into her mouth and cupped his balls in her hands.

Time had sped by, and they were taken by surprise when

Headlights turned into the driveway.

“Christ it’s my husband, he’s home early, she cried rushing around pulling on her dress and tidying up “Quick grab your clothes and sneak out the front, he will come in the back.”

Dave propped “Why don’t I stay and tell him I `m taking you home with me”

“Oh god don’t make a scene” Annabelle cried,

As she pushed him towards the front door.

They heard his footsteps on the back stairs,

“Please get out. Quick, get out.” She urged.

Completely nude with his clothes over his arm he kissed her vigorously “I will see you in the morning.”

He meant it.

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