tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 04

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 04

bymangrove jack©

Dave lay in bed watching Helen move around the houseboat in the nude. His prick stirred as he watched and remembered how hot she had been last night, their first night together.

He toyed with his prick as he studied her fit muscular legs and the round cheeks of her arse. As Matron of the Maternal and Child Welfare Clinic she was constantly on her feet giving her legs that athletic look he loved so much.

As his prick grew harder in his hand he thought back to how he had met Helen when he first took a frightened pregnant Annabelle to the clinic after seeing her fall at the mall.

That visit led him to his two other pregnant companions Donna and Betsy. Now Annabelle was in hospital after having her baby and he had spent the night in bed with Matron. He slipped out of bed and grabbed her as she stood in the houseboats galley. “Back to bed Matron” he cried “Put a smile on my face before we go back to the island.”

As they dressed much later in the morning she asked “do you get a kick out of calling me Matron when you’re fucking me, is this some Kinky turn on?”

“Oh shit no!” he cried. Then he stopped. “I’m sorry Helen I don’t know. You will always be Matron to me. You were so magnificent when I first met you. So calm, so composed, so cool but I could feel something about you that made me want to ruffle your feathers.” You loose that control when we fuck and become one hot lady, but I still like to think I’m fucking Matron.”

It was mid morning when Helen and Dave visited Annabelle and the baby at the hospital, before returning to the island.

Donna and Betsy met them on the beach excitedly seeking news of the baby and Annabelle. They questioned Helen at length showing their concern and worries about the pain of birth and the possibilities of complications.

Dave listened as Helen settled the girls down. She was so sensible, so knowledgeable and so calm that the girl’s worries quickly disappeared. “You’ll be right” she told them.

“You’re loved, you’re free of any stress you’re not drinking or smoking and you’re visiting me regularly at the clinic.” “Don’t worry, don’t be scared, you’ll love motherhood even if there are some scary moments, just think of how much better things are since you met Dave” she said as she kissed them both. Turning to Dave she told him, “You’ve got work to do.” “What work?” Dave asked in surprise.

Helen sat the three of them down. “Annabelle will be discharged from hospital in a couple of days.” “We need a nursery if Annabelle and the baby are to stay here. We need a cot; in fact with Donna and Betsy’s times drawing near we need three cots. We need baby clothes. We need laundry facilities. We need to finish off their rooms to make them more private. We need to finish off the major works so that our kitchen and bathrooms are comfortable for our mums and their babies.”

Dave looked up at Helen, “My god I’m glad you’re here he said, “We need someone like you to plan and think things through.”

“Now it’s my turn, I’ve been thinking also, let’s put the Billy on and have a cup of tea. I want everyone here to sit down with me, while we discuss a few things that I need to get settled.”

The girls bustled around making sandwiches and tea and coffee. “Go and get the boys, they should be here,” he said as he sat down at the head of the old net repair table.

When everyone had settled down Dave asked for quiet. There are a few things I want to talk about. First I want everyone to be partners in any major decisions. When they started to raise questions he waved them away.

“Look I own the island. I’m a bachelor; I am used to living alone and making my own decisions. I’m used to making the decisions without really thinking of anyone else.”

“This island is no longer just my fishing base. This big old barn is fast becoming a home for me and my three lovely mates. I have marvelled at the way we have all worked together. I’ve gained from it.” “Matron reminded me this morning that we all need family and support. I think we should extend our family. I propose that my family invite Charlie to join us.”

“Charlie lives alone in a little flat near the fish market. He could get a dinghy and run down from the island to work each day, he would add a male presence around this isolated camp at night while I’m away fishing.”

“Has anyone any objections?” When no one objected he went on. “If not, would you like to live here Charlie? We can build an extension on the back for you and you can shift in. what do you say?”

They were all slightly embarrassed when Charlie with tears in his eyes, hugged each of them in turn. “I’ve never had a family,” he said. “I was raised in an orphanage. I can’t really express what this means to me. I would love to join you. I won’t be a nuisance and I won’t let you down.”

Everyone was talking and laughing happy with their decision when Dave again asked them to be quiet. “Now we have another addition to consider.” “Are you moving in Matron?” Betsy asked with a laugh. Before Helen could answer Dave told Betsy to behave.

“I am talking about Albert.” He turned to Albert, “listen mate,” he said. “I don’t know much about your circumstances so I might be out of turn.”

“You have worked as hard as anyone here, you stay on and work every night after your boss and the gang finish. Your here very early each morning and I get the idea you like it here.” “I want to ask Albert to live here, any objections?” Dave said as his arm went around Albert.

Helen spoke up above the murmur of approval. “Dave that’s wonderful, but I think Albert has some responsibilities that we might need to address so we can help him.”

“What do you mean?” Dave asked. “well there is a young aborigine girl with the same name as Albert who is pregnant and very shy. She won’t come in to the clinic while all of you are there. I’m worried for her. I think she may be dependent on Albert.”

Albert stood up, “that’s right, that’s my sister missus, she’s eighteen, she’s pregnant she’s got no one but me. I couldn’t leave her alone.”

“Could he bring her to live here too?” Helen asked as she looked around the group. “Its all right with me,” Betsy said “I’d love to have another young one.”

Donna said “we don’t need a vote, Dave took us all in, it’s up to him and I know he’ll say yes, so let’s talk about where to put her.”

“That’s easy” Dave said with a happy sigh. “We’ll just buy another cot for the baby when it arrives. Seriously, we can move my gear out from under what’s now becoming my bedroom and build in a couple of rooms.”

“Let’s start straight away. I don’t want to bring Annabelle and our baby back here until everything’s safe and sound. “Don’t worry” Albert said. We can have it done if you get Matron to take Annabelle and the baby to the clinic when she leaves hospital. That will give us the little extra time we need to complete all the jobs before you bring your first baby home.”

Dave watched them as they stood talking .He couldn’t believe his luck Instead of a lonely old age, he could look forward to a life full of sexy women and young kids. Who could ask for more?

“Fire up the Barbie and prepare lunch girls,” he called. “While you’re at it Albert can go and get his sister. Charlie and Helen can go buy more furniture.” “The junction furniture shop will open on Sunday afternoon if you give him a ring; I’ve already arranged an account.”

Dave sat back as Donna and Betsy started to prepare lunch. Donna noticing Dave sitting alone slipped over to him. “I love you Dave,” she said as she slipped down on the beach by his side.

“I’m so excited that we are all going to live together, I want to christen the new arrangements as soon as possible so don’t get too tired,” she said as she rubbed her tits against his arm.

Albert’s sister Ruby arrived at the camp in the middle of the afternoon; Betsy introduced her around telling Dave that they would share her room until the new room was put in place. She was very slim with the slightest of stomach, making it hard to realise she was pregnant.

Dave marvelled at the way the days flew by. With a row of solar panels on the roof and the wind generator working he agreed to install ceiling fans especially in the large area where a long table had been built to allow the whole family to eat together inside out of the weather.

Days later when Helen visited ninety percent of the work was finished. “My god it still looks like a big barn outside but its becoming quite civilised inside” she exclaimed, when Dave led her on an inspection tour.

“It’s the first week in December and Xmas is nearly here,” Helen reminded them that night as they sat out in the cool night air under the stars, talking and relaxing after another day of moving furniture painting and cleaning up.

As they talked Ruby came out of the dark down by the water and moved quietly over to Dave. “The cove is full of fish” she told him. “They are up in the shallows on the rising tide. I’m sure they are big summer whiting.” “If they are they’re worth a fortune” Dave exclaimed as he jumped to his feet.

Ruby again grabbed his arm and spoke quietly. Dave turned grinning “Ruby reckons we could all help run the nets and catch them.” “Are you game?” he asked. When they all jumped up noisily he hushed them quiet. “Be careful you’ll spook them,” he whispered.

Dave took charge. “Albert, Charlie and I will get the big net dinghy and run from the point up here near the hut out behind them across towards the other side of the cove. Some of you will have to wade out quietly to meet us as the net may be a bit short.”

“Ruby will be boss on that side. When you reach the dinghy grab the net keep the lead line down and start hauling towards the shore.” “Ok?” “So set off quietly, keep away from the water until you get there and they take your orders from Ruby.”

Leaving Charlie and Albert to handle the net on the barn point, Dave quickly rowed across with the net feeding out until the last rope tied to the boat pulled him up short. Diving over he went under, the water was over his head. When he came up he found Ruby swimming and hanging on to the boats rope.

She called quietly to Donna Betsy and Helen to wade out and help. The girls came out squealing and jumping most of it in fun but half in fright. Dave quickly realised why when he felt fish brushing his legs.

Dozens of fish were swimming to escape through the area where there was no net to stop them. When his feet hit the bottom he was able to haul the wing of the net up on to dry land and cut off their escape.

“Right oh,” he said “were around them, now we have the job of pulling them in. We have to haul and make along the sand until we can see Charlie and Albert who will be coming the other way.

“By the weight of the net there is a lot of fish. If there’s a lot here and they average over fifteen bucks a kilo at the market, tonight’s work will pay for a great Xmas.”

It was a long time before the net was in shallow water with most of the fish beached. The girls stood in the water holding the cork line while the men scooped box after box of fish and carried them up to the cold room.

As the work went on Betsy and Donna decided to swim, gradually stripping off their wet clothes as they splashed and played. Dave looked up as he let the last few fish go, to find four nude swimmers standing up to their knees in water watching.

“Join us” Donna cried as Matron blushed and tried to cover up. “You’re dirty and sweaty, so strip off and dive in we won’t bite,” Donna giggled. “Well not too hard,” Betsy laughed as the men accepted the challenge and joined them.

The aches and pains of the last few hours work slipped away, as Dave was groped and kissed by at least two and maybe three eager females. It was dark but not to dark for him to see that the main two culprits were Donna and Betsy. Not just those two he thought when on more than one occasion more the four hands were dealing with him.

He laid in Donnas arms as he watched Ruby lead Charlie by the hand out of the water, her slim black body shining in the moonlight. “We’ll put the Billy on and throw some fresh whiting on our Barbie.” “The tanks full so you can use the fresh water shower directly under the tank stand” Ruby called quietly.

“Charlies fallen under her spell” he whispered to Donna who was clinging to him like a leach. “Yes he’s in love” Donna said as she lifted her mouth away from his now highly excited prick. “Ruby’s a natural little leader, Charlie needs leading, and they will be good for each other.”

She pulled him back out into the water “I remember that scene from an old movie about pearl harbour when Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr made love on the beach.” “Let’s do it” she said.

Dave was struggling under Donna’s onslaught when Charlie called, “over forty boxes of large whiting boss.” Dave was buffeted by the waves as Donna tried to find his prick and slip it into her sopping cunt.

“They generally average twenty kilos a box so that’s over eight hundred kilos at maybe 15 to 20 dollars a kilo at auction.” Charlie called excitedly. Donna was now coupled to Dave and riding him as a wave washed over them. She came up spluttering “Christ that’s over ten thousand dollars.” “I thought you were doing him” Betsy cried, “not doing your sums.”

“I’m doing both,” Donna cried as another wave crashed into them rolling her off and leaving Dave`s prick standing in the receding water like a periscope.

The next morning the market was short of fish, and with the hot weather and Xmas preparations underway fish brought premium prices. Dave’s 42 boxes weighed in at 842 kilos and averaged eighteen dollars a kilo.

They cheered when Dave and Albert returned to camp to announce that after paying for ice, auction fees and a few incidentals they would clear at least fourteen and a half thousand dollars for the nights work.

That night as Betsy and Donna caressed him; he lay on his big new queen sized bed and whispered, “We’ll spend the lot on luxuries for our family and our home.” “If we all agree, we’ll go in to town to pick up Annabelle and then go shopping.”

“Can we make a whole day of it?” Donna asked. “That’s right the Houseboats still down there, we can use it as a base,” Betsy said as she sucked on his nipple.

Donna was bubbling over with excitement “Let’s get good silk sheets for our beds.” “All your current bed clothes are old and from cheap discount houses. “I want to make love in satin and silk,” she whispered as she breathed heavy in Dave`s ear.

“I don’t care what you buy,” Dave told them. “Work it out between you.” “I would like each of you to get a nice outfit for Xmas and some nice feminine things to give each of your rooms a personal touch.”

Dave sat up quickly I’ve got an idea,” Why don’t we agree to give everyone fifteen hundred dollars each and what’s left over I’ll use to supplement our Xmas supplies?”

“I’ll buy Xmas decorations, Xmas cakes and puddings hams and turkeys etc I want a big family feast. If you have friends from the hostel or the clinic invite them. I want you all to remember your first Xmas with me.”

The next morning Ruby announced that she and Charlie would take over duties as cooks. “Leave the Xmas dinner to us,” she urged as she stood proudly arm in arm with Charlie.

Annabelle and the baby were waiting when they arrived at the clinic. Dave thanked matron for caring for Annabelle until things were ready at the camp. Matron reacted by hugging Dave and telling anyone who would listen how wonderful he was.

When she was given fifteen hundred dollars to spend, Matron said she wouldn’t take it. When told it was her share of the catch, she said “I’ll spend it fitting out a luxury guest room for visitors especially me to use at the camp on weekends.”

With fifteen hundred in cash in her hands for the first time Annabelle burst into tears. “I was worried what I was going to do about Xmas,” she sobbed.

“I knew Dave would look after us but you need some money of your own.” “Oh Dave you seem to solve all our problems, you’re just too wonderful,” she said as Donna held the baby so she could hug and kiss him.

“Right oh lets take the baby back to the houseboat and relax before we hit the shops,” Dave called over the babble of excited voices.

At the houseboat the women fussed over the baby while the men sat out on the deck. Matron arrived with a bag of baby clothes, “These clothes were given to me at the clinic by a manufacturer’s rep some time ago. I thought they would come in handy” she explained as Annabelle sorted them out in to boys and girls outfits.

On the deck Charlie stuttered, “Ruby and I are going to move in together, is that OK.” Dave looked at Albert who grinned. “You’ll be sorry she likes to be boss.” He went on “I’m only kidding mate, I’m happy for you both. Having you, will give her some sense of security; she’s only young but she’s had a hard life.”

Dave turned to Albert “what about you mate do you have a girl.” Albert became flustered, “not a girl but there is an older lady that I would like to invite along for Xmas if it’s all right with you.”

The baby went off to sleep and the shoppers gradually drifted away to do their shopping leaving Dave and Annabelle on the house boat. “I missed you Dave” Annabelle whispered as she led him to the bedroom. “I missed your tongue it’s so gentle and so loving.”

“My tongue?” he asked with a nervous laugh. “Yes your tongue licking me is the thing I most remember about the day you stole me,” Annabelle replied with a girlish giggle. “That tongue licking my nipples and your mouth milking my tits were part of my dreams every night, as I lay in hospital and then in the clinic waiting to be discharged.”

“Oh yes!” she moaned as Dave undressed her and knelt beside the bed to hold her hips and lap her juices. “Your tongue is so gentle it makes me weak as soon as it touches me there” she cried as her hands went to the back of his head to hold him.

Annabelle was in seventh heaven, she could feel Dave`s hands as they roamed touching her ever so lightly, moving back and forwards over her full backside. She moaned out loud as his fingers teased her tight arse rimming it and then pushing in, but pulling back before really entering.

She stood trembling as he wet his fingers in his spit and her juices. She held her breath as he ran his fingers down to insert first one, then two into her warm sloppy cunt.

She moaned, automatically moving her legs apart when he started to kiss and finger fuck her. Annabelle could feel her body shaking. She could feel herself starting to come as Dave`s mouth and tongue massaged her clit while his fingers joined them in her cunt and fucked her.

“That’s wonderful” she whispered as her legs trembled. She felt as though she was going to fall. She was just about to ask him to let her lie down when the other hand travelled on. Its finger wormed its way into her tight back passage. “Oh My god” she cried as she felt her juices flow, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Fuck me darling, please fuck me now!” Annabelle moaned. I can’t wait any longer. I want you in me just like you were before the baby was born,” she whispered as she let her body slip down forcing him to hold her and ease her on to the bed.

Dave loved Annabelle’s lush warm body. It never failed to turn him on. He stood beside the bed looking down at her milk filled tits and her long legs flung wide apart beckoning him home.

He gently lowered himself down until he could rub the head of his leaking prick up and down in the lips of her hot smelly cunt. “My god I can smell you.” He licked his lips “I can taste you! Now I’m going to fuck you.”

His voice strong and firm he went on, “No precautions, no condoms, I want to make that belly full of my baby.”

Annabelle couldn’t stand the suspense; he was to her mind taking too long. She reached up and pulled his head down so they could kiss. Slowly she swung her long legs up to hold him around the waist. Then looking him straight in the eye she groaned “Yes, oh yes, fill me up lover fill me up.”

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